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Hot topic—Self-introduction
① Volunteer wanted( 招 募 自 愿 者 ) for an International English Summer Camp: As a boy of 17, I am outgoing, good at English and have the experience of working well with children aged from 7 to 12. I think it is a kind of win-win activity. For one thing, I can help take care of the children. For another thing, I can improve my English, make my friends, and enrich my life during the summer vacation. ② Apply for the position of a part-time assistant I am a student of No.12 Secondary School, which is only five minutes’ walk from your company. According to the advertisement, you need a multi-lingual (会说多国语言的) person with some experience. Chinese is my mother tongue, and I have a good command of English. What’s more, I can communicate in French. As for experience, I worked part time as a waiter in a pizza hut. Therefore, I am confident that you will find my service satisfactory. ③ Apply for the position of a secretary Dear sir, Please consider me as an applicant for the position of the secretary which you describe in your advertisement in the newspaper of July 5. I’ve just graduated from Shanghai Commercial College in which I majored in (主修) Import and Export Trading. English happened to be my

favorite and best subject at school. My English scores were always on the top ten of my class of fifty. I have learned to operate telex machine and computer and I can type either in English or in Chinese. Although I have no other work experience than a two-year part-time job in an export company in summer, I am willing to work hard and learn. I’d very much appreciate the chance to talk with you and to get your opinion on whether I am qualified for the job you offer. 敬启者: 本人欲申请贵公司 7 月 5 日在报上刊登招聘秘书一职。 请予以考 虑。 本人刚从上海商学院毕业,所学专业是进出口贸易。在学校,我 喜欢英语,成绩总在全班五十人中前十名之内。我会操作电传机及电 脑,擅长中英文打字,虽然除了暑假在一家出口公司兼职工作两年之 外无其他工作经验,但我极愿努力工作、不断学习。 如有机会与你面谈,我将十分感谢。希望能知道我是否适合担任 你们所要求的工作。 ④ Apply for the position of a tour guide (A=Applicant I=Interviewer) I: It says here that you graduated from Beijing Normal University with a major in English Language and Literature. A: Right. Then you may think that I am not fit for this job according to my educational background.

I: Yes. A葝2*5E}aE葝2*5Eguide very much because I like traveling and meeting various kinds of people. So I took an evening course at the Tourism School of Beijing after graduation and I have gotten a qualification certificate. I: So you must be an extravert? A: Yes, I always enjoy being with a group of people and chatting with them. I: What do you think are the responsibilities of a tourist guide? A: A tourist guide must be responsible for arranging and coordinating tour activities, and offering service of transportation, accommodation, sightseeing, shopping and entertainment. I: Don’t you consider it a hard work? A: Hard but interesting, I think. I: Have you any experience as a tourist guide? A: Yes, I usually guided foreign tourists around Beijing when I was in University. I: Have you ever learned any other foreign languages other than English? A: Yes, I have learned a little French and Japanese as well. I: 上面说你毕业于北京师范大学英语语言文学专业。 A: 对。你可能认为我的教育背景并不适合这份工作。

I: 是的。 A: 但是我很想当一名导游,因为我喜欢旅游,也喜欢和各种各 样的人打交道,所以毕业后我参加了北京旅游学院的夜校,而且已经 获得了资格证书。 I: 看来你是个外向的人? A: 对,我喜欢和大家一起畅谈。 I: 你认为导游的职责是什么? A: 作为一名导游要安排和协调旅游活动,并为游客提供交通、 膳宿、观光、购物和娱乐服务。 I: 你不认为这是一份非常辛苦的工作吗? A: 虽然艰苦但很有趣。 I: 你有做导游的工作经验吗? A: 有,在大学期间我经常带领外国游客游览北京。 I: 除了英语,你还学过别的外国语吗? A:也学过一些法语和日语。 ⑤◆I hope you can give me a definite answer as soon as possible. 我希望你能尽快给我一个明确的答复。 ◆Are there still any vacancies? 还有空缺吗? ◆ I will make an announcement to remind them that they should check their belongings. 我会提醒他们检查他们的携带物品。

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