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Unit 1 定语从句:20

1.We'll never forget the days _______ we spent together last year. A.when B.that C.how D.on which 2.The high yellow building over there, _______ was set up last year, is our office building. A.it B.that C.where D.which 3.It is the best TV play _______ I've seen. A.that B.which C.since D.and 4.I often hear from my sister, _______ works as an engineer. A.that B.who C.he D.whom 5.Last month I visited the house _______ I used to live in my twenties. A.which B.who C.in that D.where 6.The day _______ I was to start arrived at last. A.that B.which C.on which D.in that 7.The old woman has two sons, _______ are teachers. A.two of whom B.both of whom C.all of them D.neither of them 8.Is that the reason _______ you don't agree with them? A.what B.which C.why D.that 9.Air, _______ we breathe every day,is necessary to life. A./ B.which C.what D.that 10.I, _______ your friend,will try my best to help you out. A.who is B.that is C.who am D.who are 11.Li Ying is one of the girls _______ to college in the village. A.who goes B.who go C.which went D.that goes 12.He is the only one of the boys of his class who _______ the piano well. A.plays B.play C.playing D.are playing 13.Those _______ not only from books but also through practice will succeed. A.learn B.who C.that learns D.who learn 14.Is this the factory _______ you visited the other day? A.in which B.which C.where D.the one 15.He must be from Africa, _______ can be seen from his skin. A.that B.as C.it D.what 16.Washington was father of America, _______ is known to all. A.which B.that C.who D.it 17.I don't think the number of people _______ this happens is very large. A.whom B.to whom C.on which D.which 18.Mount Blanc, ___ we visited last summer,is the highest mountain in Europe. A.where B.that C.which D.what 19.The young singer _____voice sounds _____ is good at singing popular songs. A.who;wide B.whose;sweat C.which;high D.whose;beautiful 20.Tom said the work would be done by October, _______ personally I doubt very much. A.it B.that C.when D.which

Unit 2 动名词 20

21.This sentence needs _______. A.improvement B.improve C.improving D.improved 22.I can't imagine _______ that with them. A.do B.to do C.being done D.doing 23.The squirrel was lucky that it just missed _______. A.catching B.to be caught C.being caught D.to catch 24.They would not allow him _______ across the enemy line. A.to risk going B.risking to go C.for risk to go D.risk going

25.She didn't remember _______ him before. A.having met B.have met C.to meet D.to having met 26.I can hardly imagine Peter _____across the Atlantic Ocean in five days. A.sail B.to sail C.sailing D.to have sailed 27.The library needs _______, but it'll have to wait until Saturday. A.cleaning B.be cleaned C.clean D.being cleaned 28.—I usually go there by train. —Why not _______ by boat for a change? A.to try going B.trying to go C.to try and go D.try going 29.I would appreciate _______ back this afternoon. A.you to call B.you call C.your calling D.you're calling 30. _______ is a good form of exercise for both young and old. A.The walk B.Walking C.To walk D.Walk 31.He has always insisted on _______ Dr.Turner instead of Mr.Turner. A.been called B.called C.having called D.being called 32.How about the two of us _______ a walk down the garden? A.to take B.take C.taking D.to be taking 33.He now regrets _______ harder when he was at school. A.not study B.not studied C.not studying D.not to study 34.—I must apologize for _______ ahead of time. —That's all right. A.letting you not know B.not letting you know C.letting you know not D.letting you not know 35.I've got a terrible headache.I tried __ some medicine but it didn't help. A.to take B.having taken C.taking D.to have taken 36.Do you mind _______ alone at home? A.Jane leaving B.Jane having left C.Jane's being left D.Jane to be left 37.Once your business becomes international, _______ constantly will be part of your life. A.you fly B.your flight C.flight D.flying 38.—You were brave enough to raise objections at the meeting. —Well, now I regret _______ that. A.to do B.to be doing C.to have done D.having done 39.While shopping,people sometimes can't help _____ into buying something they really don't need. A.to persuade B.persuading C.being persuaded D.be persuaded 40.—What do you think made Mary so upset? —_______ her new bicycle. A.As the lost B.Lost C.Losing D.Because of losing

Unit 3 分词 50

41. the house on fire, he dialed 119. A.To see B.Seeing C.Having seen D.Being seen 42.I fell down and broke three of my teeth. I wonder how many times I have to come here and get my false teeth . A.fix B.fixing C.fixed D.to fix 43.--We're to listen to her voice. --It's to hear her sing. A.pleased; pleasing; pleasure B.pleased; pleasant; a pleasure C.pleasing; pleased; a pleasure D.pleasing; pleasant; pleasure 44. a post office, I stopped some stamps. A.Passed, buying B.Passing, to buy C.Having passed, buy D.Pass,to buy 45. with the size of the whole earth, the highest mountain does not seem high at all. A.Comparing B.To compare C.Compared D.Having compared 46.Here are some new computer programs for home buildings.

A.designing B.design C.designed D.to design 47. a little money, Jimmy was able to buy his mother a lovely new lamp. A.To save B.Saving C.Saved D.Having saved 48.The teacher came into the classroom by his students. A.following B.to be following C.followed D.having followed. 49.With the money , he couldn't buy any ticket. A.to lose B.losing C.lost D.has lost 50.There was so much noise in the room that the speaker couldn't make himself . A.being heard B.hearing C.heard D.hear 51.The result of the test was rather . A.disappointed B.disappointing C.being disappointed D.disappoint 52.I've never heard the word in spoken English. A.use B.used C.using D.useing 53. how to do the homework, I went to ask my teacher for help. A.Not to know B.Not knowing C.Knowing not D.Not known 54.Deeply , I thanked her again and again. A.being moving B.moved C.moving D.to be moved 55.With winter on, it's time to buy warm clothes. A.came B.comes C.come D.coming 56. the office, the foreign visitors were shown round the teaching building. A.Having shown B.Showing C.Has shown D.Having been shown 57.He went from door to door, waste papers and magazines. A.gathering B.gathered C.gather D.being gathered 58.The student corrected his paper carefally, the professor's suggestions. A.follow B.following C.followed D.being followed 59.The price will save you one dollar for each dozen. A.reduce B.reducing C.reduced D.reduces 60.People in the city do not know the pleasure of country life. A.live B.to live C.lived D.living 61.The foreigner tried his best, but he still couldn't make his point . A.understand B.understanding C.to understand D.understood 62.The scientists were waiting to see the problem . A.settle B.settled C.to settle D.settling 63.The library's study room is full of students for the exam. A.busily prepared B.busy preparing C.busyly prepare D.are busily preparing 64.The ground is with leaves. A.covering, falling B.covered, falling C.covered, fallen D.covering, fallen 65.Lessons easily were soon forgotten. A.to learn B.learn C.learned D.learning 66.The wallet several days ago was found in the dustbin outside the building. A.stolen, hidden B.stealing, hiding C.stealing, hidden D.stolen, hiding 67.A person a foreign language must be able to use the foreign language all about his own. A.to learn, to forget B.learning, to forget C.to learn, forgetting D.learning, forgetting 68. different kinds of pianos, the workers farther improved their quality. A.To produce B.Being produced C.Produced D.Having produced

69.The students in the university are all taking courses a degree. A.coming to B.going to C.leading to D.turning to 70.Many things impossible in the past are very common today. A.consider B.considering C.considered D.be considered 71. many times, he still couldn't understand. A.Having been told B.Having told C.He having been told D.telling 72.The old sick lady entered the hospital, her two sons. A.to support B.supporting C.supported by D.having supported 73.China is one of the largest countries in the world, 9.6 million square (平方) kilometres. A.to cover B.covered C.covers D.covering 74."We must keep a secret of the things here", the general said, at the man in charge of the information office. A.discussed, stared seriously B.being discussed, seriously staring C.to be discussed, seriously stared D.discussed, stared 75.The visiting Minister expressed his satisfaction with the talks, that he had enjoyed his stay here. A.having added B.to add C.adding D.added 76."Can you read?" Mary said to the notice. A.angrily pointing B.and point angrily C.angrily pointed D.and angrily pointing 77. the composition, John handed it to the teacher and went out of the room. A.Writing B.Having written C.Written D.Being written 78.Were you when you saw that wild animal? A.fright B.frightening C.frightened D.frighten 79.Properly with numbers, the books can be easily found. A.marked B.mark C.to mark D.marking 80.The child sat in the dentist's chair . A.tremble B.trembling C.trembled D.to trembled 81.At this moment the bell rang the end of class. A.announce B.announcing C.announced D.to announce 82.He walked down the hills, softly to himself. A.sing B.singing C.sung D.to sing 83.I had to shout to make myself above the noise. A.heard B.hearing C.heard D.to hear 84.The graduating students are busy material for their reports. A.collect B.to collect C.collected D.collecting 85.The cars in Beijing are as good as those in Shanghai. A.produce, produce B.produced, produced C.produced, producing D.producing, producing 86.When I came in, I saw Dr. Li a patient. A.examine B.examining C.to examine D.examined 87. a satisfactory operation, the patient recovered from illness very quickly. A.Having been given B.Having given C.Giving D.Being given 88. a satisfactory operation, the doctor believed the patient would recover from his illness very soon. A.Having been given B.Having given C.Giving D.Being given 89.He wrote a letter to me that his trip to Japan had been put off because of the bad weather. A.inform B.informing C.informed D.being imformed 90.He reads newspapers every day to keep himself about what's going on in the world. A.inform B.informing C.informed D.being informed

Unit 4 名词性从句 20

91.Go and get your coat. It's you left it. A.there B.where C.there where D.where there 92.It worried her a bit her hair was turning grey. A.while B.that C.if D.for 93.The questions is the film is worth seeing. A.if B.what C.whether D.how 94.One of the men held the view the book said was right. A.that what B.what that C.that D.whether 95.They received orders the work be done at once. A.which B.when C./ D.that 96.He comes from either Oxford or Cambridge,I can't remember . A.where B.there C.which D.that 97.—I drove to Zhuhai for the air show last week. —Is that you had a few days off? A.why B.when C.what D.where 98.The step-mother was punishing the poor girl,but she insisted that she ___ the flower vase. A.didn't break B.not break C.doesn't break D.shouldn't break 99.Can you make sure the gold ring? A.where she had put B.where had she put C.where she has put D.where has she put 100.Rose looks pale.What do you think to her? A.that has happened B.to have happened C.that has been happened D.has happened 101.I wish it fine tomorrow. A.would be B.will be C.is D.to being 102.He has come,but I didn't know that he until yesterday. A.is coming B.will come C.was coming D.wasn't coming 103.Energy is makes things work. A.what B.everything C.something D.that 104.The reason I have to go is my mother is ill in bed. A.why;why B.why;because C.why;that D.that;because 105.He often thinks of he can do more for his country. A.what B.how C.that D.which 106.He does not think the questions of they are men or women is important. A.whether B.if C.which D.why 107.It was ordered that all the soldiers to the front. A.should send B.must be sent C.should be sent D.must go 108.I wish I that mistake in my examination. A.did not make B.have not make C.do not make D.had not made 109.This museum is not it was ten years ago. A.that B.when C.which D.what 120. we'll go camping tomorrow depends on the weather. A.If B.Whether C.That D.Where

Unit 5 分词 20

121.What's the language in Germany? A.speak B.spoke C.speaking D.spoken 122.Do you often practise speaking English? A.speak B.spoke C.speaking D.spoken 123.Can you name some Englishcountries? A.speak B.spoke C.speaking D.spoken 124.She had her wallet on the bus yesterday. A.stole B.to be stolen C.stealing D.stolen 125.The teacher raised his voice so as to make himself . A.hearing B.to be hearing C.heard D.to be heard

126.I saw two boys under a tree. A.sitted B.seating C.seated D.be sitting 127. He in the snowstorm and delayed for 2 hours. A.caught B.was catching C.was caught D.got catching 128.The scientist entered the lecture hall some experts. A.following B. was following C.followed by D. followed 129.The computer center, last autumn is very popular among the students and teachers. A.built B.being built C.to be built D.was built 130.The conference tomorrow is of great importance. A.held B.being held C.to be held D.was to be held 131.Who is the student now by the teacher in the teacher's office? A.criticized B.being criticized C.to be criticized D.was being criticized 132.The thief was brought in,with his hands behind his back. A.tied B.tying C.being tied D.were tied 133 With everything she needed ,she left the shop and drove home. A.buying B.to buy C.bought D.to be bought 134.When we woke up in the morning,we found the outside world . A.changing completely B.completely changing C.changed completely D.completely changed 135.Please get away the leaves on the ground. A.falling B.fallen C.fall D.fell 136. in thought,the woman didn't notice her bag . A.Lost; stolen B.Losing; stealing C.Lost; stealing D.Losing; stolen 137. by the spirit of comrade Lei Feng, more and more people try their best to do good deeds. A.Inspired B.Being inspired C.To being inspired D.Inspiring 138. a rainy day,we decided not to go out for a walk as usual. A.Being B.It being C.It was D.To be 139. many times,but he still couldn't understand it. A.Having been told B.He was told C.Though he had been told D.Told 140.I've never heard such a beautiful song before. A.singing B.sing C.sung D.sang

Unit 6 时态、语态专练

一、Multiple choice 单项选择 1.“I don’t like to travel. ”“Have you ever _____ in an airplane?” a. flying b. flew c. flowed d. flown 2.The center of gravity of the human body ______ behind his joint. a. located b. locating c. to locate d. is located 3.“Today is very cold, isn’t it?” “Yes, the river is _____ over.” a. freezed b. freeze c. frozen d. freezing 4.“What happened in that new area?” “New houses _____recently over there.” a. are built b. build c. have built d. have been built 5.“When did you go to work?” “As soon as they came, we ______ to work.” a. went b. were going c. had gone d. go 6.“Did you wait for him very long?” “Yes, I ______ to bed until five in the morning.” a. did go b. didn’t go c. had gone d. went 7.Perhaps it will be a long time ______ from abroad. a. when Tom comes back b. when Tom will come back c. before Tom comes back d. that Tom comes back 8.Tom ______ mathematics throughout his college life.

a. bored b. bored with c. was bored d. was bored with 9.______ that dress when I first saw you at the station? a. Were you wearing b. Have you worn c. Did you wear d. do you wear 10.Mr Wu ______ to work by bus every day. a. has been traveling b. has traveled c. travels d. is traveling 11.Don’t disturb him. He ______ to the weather forecast. a. listens b. is being listened c. has listened d. is listening 12.My English teacher ______ my test. a. has not yet graded b. has not yet been graded c. is not yet to be graded d. is not yet graded 13.We ______ on it for many hours, but we have not yet reached any conclusion. a. are being worked b. are working c. have been working d. have been worked 14.Shanghai ______ on the Huangpu River. a. stand b. stands c. is being stand d. has stood 15.“Tell the students to stop shouting. We ______ our essays now.” a. write b. have been writing c. are writing d. have written 16.“______ your best? It’s not satisfactory. I’m afraid you will have to do it again.” a. Do you try b. Have you tried c. Are you trying d. Have you been trying 17.Chinese married couple __ red packets to children and the unmarried during the Chinese new Year. a. give b. have been giving c. are giving d. have given 18.My uncle, Sam,______ manager of the firm. a. has just made b. is just being made c. has just been made d. is just made 19.This is the first time the students ______ to Hyde Park. a. have gone b. have been gone c. have been going d. are being gone 20.She ______ her mother’s work since she was admitted into hospital. a. is doing b. has been doing c. has done d. has been done 21.I ______ the incident as if it were yesterday. a. am still to remember b. have still been remembering c. am being still remembered d. still remember 22.I ______ swimming in the river and I always _____ to swim when I can. a. am liking/have gone b. am being liked/am going c. like/go d. have liked/have been going 23.We have sometimes accidents on this line, but no accidents ______ since last winter. a. occur b. have occurred c. have been occurring d.are occurring 24.He ___on this essay for twenty minutes but he _____only a hundred words. a. has been working/has written b. is working/writes c. has worked/has been writing d. works/is writing 25.Elections _______ every four years and Congress meets once a year. a. are taken place b. are to be taken place c. took place d. take place 26.______ careless, or you will make mistakes. a.Be not b. Not be c. Don’t d. Don’t be 27.The No.8 bus ______ to Chengdu college of Geology, and not to Sichuan University. a. are gone b. is being gone c. goes d. are going 28.Oil _____, exported from Iran to Europe, _____ by tankers. a. used to be transported/have been built up b. used to being transported/have built up c. was used to be transported/had been built up

d. was used to being transported/will be built up 29.If it ______,the match will be postponed. a. has been rained b. does rain c. rains d. is rained 30.As soon as I ______ the tools, I shall begin with the work. a. have b. am having c. have been having d. have been had 31.Once you ______ the knack of it, you will have no further difficulty. a. shall have b. had had c. are having d. have 32.Every time he ______ me, he is rude to me. a. will see b. sees c. is seeing d. is seen 33.John told Mary that he ______ what he was doing during the vacation. a. was just asked b. was just asking c. had just been asked d. had just asked 34.Now that you _______ , what are you going to do? a. are bing returned b. have been returning c. have been returned d. have returned 35.I started my teaching career at the school. That was more than twenty years ago, and I ______ there ever since. a. was b. had been c. will be d. have been 36.Everything on the earth ______ all the time. a. is changing b. is changed c. has changed d.has been changed 37.We ______ fine weather for the past few days. a. have b. are having c. have been had d. have been having 38.It ______ every day so far this month. a. is raining b. rains c. has rained d. has been rained 39.no one can prove that the earth ______ not round. a. is being b. is to be c. is d. has been 40.“There she ______!We needn’t wait any longer.” a. comes b. has been come c. has been coming d. is to come 41.The little girl ____by the drug-pusher to carry drugs into the country. a. was made use b. was made used c. was made use of d. was made used of 42.I shall tell you what he ______ at three o’clock yesterday afternoon. a. had done b. would do c. was doing d. had been done 43.By the end of last year they ______ 1,000 machines. a. turned out b. had turned out c. would turn out d. had been turned out 44.He was sixty-eight. In two years he ______ seventy. a. would be b. was c. had been d. was being 45.How long ago ______ playing football? a. had you stopped b. would you stop c. did you stop d. were you stopping 46.Up till then we ______ half the distance. a. had only covered b. covered c. would only cover d. would be only covered 47.While I ______ television, the door bell ______. a. watched/would ring b. would watch/had rung c. was watching/rang d. had been watched/was ringing 48.They ______ with us for the time being. a. would stay b. will stay c. have been staying d. will be staying 49.I never dreamed I ______ here discussing state affairs with the other deputies. a. will be sitting b. would be sitting c. will have been sitting d. would have been sitting 50.John told us that by the end of the year they ____together for thirty years. a. would have been living b. would have lived c. would have been lived d. will have been living

51.The new type of machine ______ the year after next. a. is going to turn out b. is going to being turned out c. is going to have turned out d. is going to be turned out 52.Large sums of money ______ each year in painting the steelwork of bridges, and other exposed structures. a. have spent b. have to be spent c. have to spend d. spend 53.The police ______ in what the informer reported. a. interested b. had interested c. were interesting d. were interested 54.A candidate for the post ______ at the moment. a. is interviewing b. being interviewing c. interviewing d. is being interviewed 55.By the end of last year the railway ______. a. was being completed b. would be completed c. had been completed d. had completed 56.I ______ to visit their country before long. a. have been invited b. am being invited c. had been invited d. shall be invited 57.Theory ______ with practice. a. must be combining b. must combine c. must have been combined d. must be combined 58.He said such a thing ______ to happen. a. ought to be not allowed b. ought not to be allowing c. ought not to have allowed d. ought not to be allowed 59.She told me that her proposal ______. a. needed to take into consideration b. needed to be taken into consideration c. needed to be taking into consideration d. needed to have taken into consideration 60.The school authorities and the teachers ______ over the advantages of the demerit system. a. were always argued b. were always arguing c. had always had argued d. had always been argued 61.He fulfilled the plan earlier than he ______. a. had expected b. expecting c. should expect d.would expect 62.______ when the bell rang. a. Hardly would he reach school b. Hardly had he reached school c.Hardly he reached school d. Hardly he was reaching school 63.We were determined not to do it unless Julie ______ it, too. a. had done b. was doing c. was done d. did 64.They were sure they ______ final victory. a. were won b. would be won c. would win d. had been won 65.When ______ to give us an answer? a. will you be able b. will you have been able c. will you able d. will you have abled 66.We ______ on the project by the end of next week. a. shall have finished to work b. shall finish to work c. shall have finished working d. shall finish working 67.He ______ for six years by the time he takes his examination. a. shall have finished to work b. shall finish to work c. shall have finished working d. shall finish working 68.I promise you that I ______ you a present next week. a. will give b. will have given c. shall give d. shall have given 69.I hope that she ______ to the demands of the naughty boys. a.will not have agreed b. will not be agreed c. will not agree d. will not have been agreed 70.In the long run your money ______ in bonds. a. was more safely invested b. is more safely invested

c. will be more safely invested d. are more safely invested 71.Mr.Wilson asked me if these islands ______ to Japan. a. belong b. are belonging c. are belonged d. have been belonged 72.Before the end of the nineties, air pollution ______ a serious problem that endangers the health of the human race. a. will be become b. will become c. will have become d. will have been become 73.The train ______ at eight tonight. a. will be started b. will have started c. shall be started d. starts 74.We ______ an English evening tonight. a. are being having b. are having c. will be had d. shall be had 75.They ______ for Beijing for practice. a. are leaving b. are being left c. will have left d. will be left 76._____ me or aren’t you? a. Will you help b. Shall you help c. Are you going to help d. Will you have helped 77.A new power station ______ there. a. will be going to build b. is going to be built c. will be gone to build d. is gone to be built 78.______ a meeting this afternoon. a. There going to be b. There will be going to be c. There is going to be d. There will going to be 79.We ______ a new experiment this afternoon. a. shall be to perform b. will be to perform c. are to be performed d. are to perform 80.The government _____ to approve the use of widespread surveillance when the Justice Department took objections. a. is going b. had been c. was about d. is coming 81.You ought to _____ a test in physics the day before, I think. a. have taken b. take c. be taken d. be taking 82.Kepler proved that the sun ______ the center of the solar system. a. is b. was c. had been d. would be 83.This is one of the best novels that ______ this year. a. appears b. is appearing c. has appeared d.have appeared 84.My friend ______ here last week, but he couldn’t. a. was to have come b. must have come c. came d. had to come 85.He did not arrive until the meeting was nearly over, for the simple reason is that he _____ asleep while watching television. a. had fallen b. has fallen c. fell d. was falling 86.We had hardly sat down when she ______ plates of food for us. a. brought b. has brought c. had brought d. was bringing 87.A friend of mine returned to his house after a holiday ,only to find it ______. a. be broken into b. was broken into c. had broken into d. had been broken into 88.“What were you doing when Anna phoned you?”“I had just finished my work and _ to take a bath.” a. starting b. to start c. have started d. was starting 89.“Have you gone to see the doctor?” “No, but ______.” a. I go b. I am going to see c. I go to see d. I’m going to 90.Each time you look at an object, you ______ a picture. a. took b. are taking c. take d. have taken 91.Water pipes ______ rusty after a period of use. a. become b. is becoming c. are become d. were become 92.This foreign scientist ______ in our college for fifteen years and does

not want to leave. a. worked b. is working c. works d. has been working 93.______ to have dinner with us tonight? a. Will you like b. Do you like c. Wouldn’t you like d. Won’t you like 94.What I was uncertain about ______ whether they could overcome the difficulties. a. is b. will be c. had been d. was 95.“Certainly,______ him about something else in any case, so it won’t be any bother.” a. I’ll see b. I see c. I can see d. I’ll be seeing 96.By the time the course ends,______ a lot about Britain. a. we’ll learnt b. we are learning c. we have learnt d. we’ll have learnt 97.All the machines ______ by the end of the following week. a. were repaired b. would be repaired c. will have been repaired d. were being repair 98.He will come to call on you the moment he ______ his work. a. will finish b. finishes c. had finished d. finished 99.I don’t think she’ll be upset, but I’ll see her in case ________. a. she’ll b. she is c. she does d. she would 100.“I wish that your sister would come to visit me.” “Well, I’ll tell her when I ______ her.” a. see b. saw c. well see d. would see 101. On his way home he ___ on the head by something hard. A. struck B. was struck C. had struck D. would struck 102. The match ___ put off because of the weather. A. had to B. was had to C. had to be D. had 103. Who ___ it that ___ to make a welcome speech? A. is, is invited B. were, were invited C. was, invited D. is, has invited 104. I promise that the matter will ___. A. be taken care B. be taken care of C. take care D.take care of 105. You can see the house ___ for years. A. isn’t painted B. hasn’t painted C. hasn’t been painted D.hasn’t painted 106. The new-born baby ___ Sue after its mother. A. will name B. named C. was named D. has named 107. School boys ___ not to smoke. A. tell always B. always told C. always are told D. are always told 108. No permission has ___ for anybody to enter the building. A. been given B. given C. was giving D. had given 109. This is a photo of the power station that ___ in my hometown. A. has set up B. has been set up C. was set up D. is set up 110. -- ___ the sports meet might be put off. -- ___ Yes. it all depends on the weather. A. I’ve been told B. I’ve told C. I’m told D. I told 111. In some parts of the world, tea ___ with milk and sugar. A. is serving B. is served C. serves D. served 112. Probably, the agreement ___ tomorrow. A. will be reached B.is going to reach C. is to be reached at D.is arriving 113.—Have you moved into the new house? – Not yet, the rooms ___. A. are being painted B. are painting C. are painted D. are being painting 113. I need one more stamp before my collection ___. A. had completed B. completes

C. has been completed D. is completed 114. Some new oil fields ___ since 1976. A. were opened up B.has opened up C. have been opened up D.had been opened up 115. The police found that the house ___ and a lot of things ___. A. has broken into, has been stolen B. had broken into, had been stolen C. has been broken into, stolen D. had been broken into, stolen 116. The old houses ___. A. pulled down B.are pull down C.are going to be pulled down D.are pulling down 117. All the prisoners ___. A. would set free B. set free C. is set free D. would be set free 118. We ___ use these materials in the exam. A.are not allowed to B.don’t allow to C. are not allowed D.don’t allow 119. The waiter was made ___ to the guest. A. apologize B. apologizing C. to apologize D.to be apologizing 120. Lincoln ___ president twice. A. elected B. was electing C.will be elected D. had been elected Unit 9. 主谓一致 1.When and where to go for the on-salary holiday ______yet. (03 上海春) A.are not decided B.have not been decided C.is not being decided D.has not been decided 2.Mary is one of the girls who________by the headmaster at the meeting. A.is praised B.are praised C.was praised D.were praised 3.Mary is the only one of the girls who________by the headmaster at the meeting. A.is praised B.are praised C.was praised D.were praised 4.To tell you the truth, I, as well as the students, ________ hungry. A.sure am B.am sure C.sure are D.are sure 5.All life on our planet ________,in one way or another,upon the sun. A.depend B.depending C.depends D.depended 6.Whisky and soda________always my favorite drink. A.is B.was C.are D.were 7.Kate as well as her sister________interest in studying Chinese. A.are B.take C.takes D.is 8.More than one graduate________sent to the hardest place since 1979. A.is B.are C.has been D.have been 9.The secretary of the Party branch and director of that factory often____with the workers. A.works B.work C.is working D.are working 10.Most of the artists will go to the United States next week.The rest________to visit Japan. A.has B.have C.are D.is 11. His family________always quarrelling among ________. A.is;itself B.are;themselves C.is;themselves D.are;itself 12.Some folk________never________with the present situation. A.is;satisfying B.are;satisfied C.are;satisfying D.is;satisfied 13.On the wall________two large portraits of his parents. A.hangs B.hanged C.hanging D.hang 14.As the proverb says,failure________the mother of success. A.are B.is C.was D.were 15.Each of the students in our class______great interest in English and they each _______ a copy of A New English-Chinese Dictionary. A.shows;have B.have;has C.is;have D.takes;has

16.I don’t like very hot weather.Thirty degrees________too warm for me. A.is B.are C.was D.were 17.A number of people____for the delegation , but the number of economists____to three. A.were selected;were limited B.selected;limited C.were selected;limited D.were selected;was limited 18.—________ your clothes? —No,mine________hanging over there. A.Is it;is B.Are these;are C.Is it;are D.Are these;is 19.The factory,including its machines and buildings,______burnt last night. A.is B.are C.were D.was 20.John and Mary,________ sure to come to our party this evening. A.be B.are C.is D.who are 21.Either you or the headmaster________the prizes to these gifted students at the meeting. A.is not decided B.are to hand out C.are handing out D.is to hand out 22.—Where________my scissors? —________ right on the desk. A.are; It’s B.is; It’s C.are; They are D.is; They are 23.The White family________very large. All the family________animal lovers. A.is;are B.is;is C.are;is D.are;are 24.Three-fourth of the surface of the earth________sea. A.is B.are C.were D.has been 25.All but one________here just now. A.is B.was C.has been D.were 26.A library with five thousand books________to the nation as a gift. A.is offered B.has offered C.are offered D.have offered 27.The number of the people invited______ fifty, a number of them______ but absent for different reasons. A.were;was B.was;was C.was;were D.were;were 28.Light and heat________often sent out together with heavy smoke. A.is B.was C.are D.being 29.There________a needle and thread.You can do the sewing and mending yourself. A.have B.has C.is D.are 30.No chair and no desk______permitted to be taken away from the reading room. A.are B.were C.is D.be 31.Half of the fruit________gone bad. A.is B.are C.has D.have 32.The youth of China today___trying their best to study modern science and technology. A.is B.was C.were D.are 33.Dr.White,together with his assistant and family,________ arrive in Beijing tomorrow. A.are to B.are going to C.is to D.will be to 34.All that can be done________done. A.has been B.have been C.has D.have 35.Strangely enough,a pair of new trousers________among the rubbish. A.were found B.was found C.found D.had found 36.His “Selected Poems”________first published in 1970. A.was B.were C.had been D.have been 37.Large quantities of fruit________all over the world from China today.

A.is shipped B.are shipped C.has shipped D.have shipped 38.All possible means________to save the wounded soldier. A.has been tried B.have been tried C.is to be tried D.are trying 39.The two sisters are forced to play the piano.In fact ,neither of them________to play it. A.like B.liked C.likes D.liking 40.Sixty percent of the milk________horrible. A.tasted B.taste C.was tasted D.were tasted 41.One thousand dollars________a large sum of money in her eye. A.are B.is C.should be D.seem to be 42.Many a father__ learnt to his sorrow what it is to have a son who tells lies. A.have B.is C.are D.has 43.There________a pen, a pencil-box, some books and a lot of money in the drawer. A.seem to be B.seems to be C.seem to have D.seems to have 44.It________William and Carol who helped me the other day. A.has been B.are C.was D.were 45.Nobody but his family________the secret. A.know B.are known C.have known D.knew 46.The Chinese________a brave and hard-working people. A.are B.is C.has been D.can be 47.In our country each boy and each girl________the right to receive education. A.is B.are C.has D.have 48.Growing around the lake________wild flowers of different colors. A.is B.are C.has D.have 49.________ this pair of trousers fit him well? A.Are B.Is C.Do D.Does 50.Not only I but also Jane and Mary______tired of having one examination after another. A.is B.are C.am D.be Unit 10 直接引语和间接引语 51. He asked _____. A. where is the railway station. B. where the railway station is C. where was the railway station D. where the railway station was 52. The inspector said, “This machine is the worst I’ve ever seen.” A. The inspector said that machine was the worst I’d ever seen. B. The inspector said that machine was the worst I’ve ever seen. C. The inspector said that machine was the worst he ever saw. D. The inspector said that that machine was the worst he had ever seen. 53. She told me this morning _____. A. how had the accident happened B. how did the accident happened C. how happened the accident D. how the accident had happened 54. The policeman asked him _____. A. what was his name B. what his name was C. which was his name D. who was his name 55. He told us he _____ a concert _____ . A. had attended ...three days before B. attended ... three days ago C. would attend ...since three days D. was attending ..for three days 56. The biology teacher said, “The leaves come out in spring.” A. The biology teacher said that the leaves come out in spring. B. The biology teacher said that the leaves came out in spring. C. The biology teacher said that the leaves would come out in spring. D. The biology teacher said that the leaves should come out in spring. 57. Do you know _____

A. what the population of China is B. how much is the population of China C. what is the population of China D.how many the population of china is 58. The teacher asked, “Where are you going, John” A. The teacher asked where was John going B. The teacher asked him where John was going. C. The teacher asked John where he was going. D. The teacher asked John where he went. 59. “My sister is coming here with us tonight.” Ann said. A. Ann said that her sister is coming here with us tonight. B. Ann said that her sister was coming here with them tonight. C. Ann said that her sister was coming there that night. D. Ann said that her sister was going there with them that night. 60. The young policeman told the boys _____ . A. never to play with fire B. not to play the fire C. not to play fire D. don’t play with the fire Units 11-12 不定式 61. Would you please tell me next? A.how to do B.what to do C.what do I do D.how I should do 62. The girl wasn't to lift that bookcase. A.too strong B.enough strong C.strong enough D.so strong 63. For a time his grandmother found accept his new idea. A.hard B.it hard C.it hard to D.it is hard to 64. As she has never been there before, I'll have someone her the way. A.show B.to show C.showing D.showed 65. You drive slowly. The roads are wet. A.had rather B.would rather C.had better D.would better 66. Nothing can make the brave soldier his country. A.turn against B.to turn against C.to turn to D.turn to 67. In the old days it was difficult for the poor a job. A.find B.to find C.look D.to look for 68. When learning a foreign language, try our best the spirit of it. A.master B.hold C.take hold of D.to master 69. It was foolish his car unlocked. A.for him to leave B.of him to leave C.for him leave D.him to leave 70.Remember the newspaper when you have finished it. A.putting back B.put back C.to put back D.will put back 71.Napoleon spoke so loudly as to in front of his soldiers. A.hear B.be heard C.listen D.be listened to 72.Television and radio to know what is going on all over the world. A. made it possible of us B. have made us possible C. have made it possible for us D. have made it be possible for us 73.I have enjoyed my visit here. I'll be very sorry . A.for leaving B.to leave C.if leaving D.to have left 74.I don't see how I could possible manage the work without . A.to finish; helping B.to finish; being helped C.finishing; helping D.finishing; being helped 75.We all think it most foolish this mistake. A.for you making B.of you to make C.you to make D.for you to make 76.Because of air pollution being greatly reduced, this city is still . A.a good place which to be lived in B.a good place to live C.a good place to live in D.a good place to live for 77.—You were lost on your way to the lake, weren't you? —Yes, we were and had to stop the way.

A.asking B.to ask C.asked D.to be asked 78.She felt it a great shame so severely in the presence of her boy friend. A.to criticize B.to have criticized C.to be criticized D.to have been criticized 79.The advertisements are trying people to buy things they don't really need. A.persuade B.persuading C.be persuading D.to persuade 80.If you were much younger, I would arrange as the general manager, for all your colleagues speak highly of your work. A.for you to work B.of you to work C.for you work D.you work 81.On our way back home, we lunch because we felt hungry. A.stopped to have B.stop to have C.stopped having D.stoped to have 82.I did nothing but my lessons last Sunday. A.go over B.to go over C.went over D.go on 83.I'd prefer home rather than a walk. A.to stay; to take B.stay; to take C.to stay; take D.stay; take 84.He was so follish his car unlocked. A.to leave B.that leave C.as to leave D.for him to leave 85.Your flat needs . Do you want me it for you? A.to clean; to do B.cleaning; doing C.cleaning; to do D.to be cleaned; doing 86.What the scientist said greatly encouraged us the experiment again, but his secretary's words discouraged us the experiment any more. A.to try; to do B.to try; from doing C.for trying; from doing D.trying; to do 87. water before breakfast seemed to them a rule never . A.To get; breaks B.To get; to break C.Getting; breaks D.Get; to break 88.The patient was warned oily food after operation. A.to eat not B.eating not C.not to eat D.not eating 89."Do you have any clothes today, Sir?" asked the maid politely. A.wash B.to be washed C.to wash D.to be washing 90.Mr. Green has never smoked any more since his wife him . A.suggested; to give it up B.persuaded; to give up it C.advised; to give it up D.persuaded; to give it up 91.I ____ you off yesterday, but I didn’t have time. (2000 年上海高考, A. hope to have seen B. hope to see C. hoped to have seen D. hoped to see 92. Do let your mother know all the truth. She appears _____ everything. (2001 上海,29’) A. to tell B. to be told C. to be telling D. to have been told 93.She pretended me when I passed by.(MET89) A. not to see B. not seeing C.to not see D. having not seen 94. Paul doesn't have to be made . He always works hard. (NMET95) A.learn B. to learn C. learned D. learning 95. late in the morning, Bob turned off the alarm. (2001 春 招,21’) A.To sleep B.Sleeping C. Sleep D. Having slept 96. An army spokesman stressed that all the soldiers had been ordered _____ clear warnings before firing any shots. (2003 上海高考,43’) A. to issue B. being issued C. to have issued D. to be issued 97. In order to gain a bigger share in the international market, many state-run companies are striving their products more competitive. (2002 年上海高考,25’)

A. to make B. making C. to have made D. having made 98. --How do you deal with the disagreement between the company and the customers? --The key ___ the problem is to meet the demand ____ by the customers. (2002 北京, 34’) A. to solving; making B. to solving; made C. to solve; making D. to solve; made 99. The patient was warned oily food after the operation.(NMET96) A.to eat not B.eating not C.not to eat D.not eating 100. ---- What did you hear last night? ---- I seemed someone knock at the door. A. to be heard B. to be hearing C. to have heard D. having heard 101. Every minutes must be made full use of our lesson, for the college entrance examination is coming. A. going over B. to go over C. go over D. our going over 102. a possible accident, Harry drove his car to the new building, _____ straight to the project manager’s office. A. To prevent; and rushed B. Having prevented; and rushed C. Preventing; rushing D. Prevent; rush 103. It is worth much is worth doing. A. doing it B. what to do c. do what D. to do what 104. -----He is considered SARS for three weeks. ----- Really? No wonder he hasn’t been seen for days. A. to have had B. having had C. to have D. having 105. I have no one me, for I am a new comer here. A. help B. helping C. to help D. to have helped 106. ---- Would you do me a favour? -----I regret I’m busy just now. A. to say B. saying C. having said D. to have said 107. We agreed here but so far they hasn’t turned up yet. A. having met B. meeting C. to meet D. to have met 108.---- Will the two companies merge? ---- It remains . A. to see B. seeing C. seen D. to be seen 109. A middle-aged woman came to the bus stop only the bus had gone. A. to run; to find B. running ; to find C. and ran; finding D. running; finding 110.Wang Hua is said a new computer programme recently, but I don’t know when she will finish it. A. to design B. to be designing C. to have been designing D. to have designed chapter 1. 名词 1. The manager has got a good business________so the company is doing well. (2003 北京春季高考题) A.idea B.sense C.thought D.thinking 2. The collapse of the World Trade Centre has put US economy in a difficult________. (2003 上海春季高考题) A.occasion B.case C.situation D.background 3. More and more people choose to shop in a supermarket as it offers a great ________ of goods. (2003 上海春季高考题) A.variety B.mixture C.extension D.combination 4.It won’t make much ________ whether you agree or not. A.difficulty B.trouble C.difference D.matter 5.If by chance someone comes to see me, ask him to leave a ________. A.message B.letter C.sentence D.notice 6.No one has yet succeeded in explaining the ________ of how life began.

A.cause B.problem C.reason D.puzzle 7.You must get there within an hour. There should be no ______ in sending this information to him. A.question B.problem C.quarrel D.delay 8.I can’t give you the card without Smith’s ________. A.agreement B.allowing C.permission D.perfomance 9.What impressed me most was that they never lost ________. A.hearts B.heart C.their heart D.their hearts 10.—Where is the new dictionary? —It’s on the top shelf, out of ________. A.reach B.sight C.touch D.order 11.Though I spoke to him many times, he never took any _______ of what I said. A.remark B.observation C.attention D.notice 12.—Where’s your sister? —At ________. A.the Smith’s B.doctor’s C.Mr.Green’s D.house of Mr.Green 13.Have a ________ of these apples.They are sweet and delicious. A.look B.taste C.smell D.appear 14.Each man explained the pains that he had felt and they agreed that they A.road B.street C.way D.direction 15.Many countries are increasing their use of natural gas, wind and other forms of ______. A.energy B.source C.power D.material 16.I went to buy a ________ of China Daily. A.piece B.sheet C.lot D.copy 17.Shelly had prepared carefully for her English examination so that she could be sure of passing it on her first ________. A.intention B.purpose C.attempt D.desire 18.This is not a match.We’re playing chess just for ________. A.habit B.hobby C.fun D.game 19.There are usually at least two ________ of looking at every question. A.means B.directions C.views D.ways 20.We have worked out the plan and now we must put it into ________. A.fact B.reality C.practice D.deed 21.She is young for the job, but on the other ________,she is well trained. A.way B.situation C.chance D.hand 22.We’ve missed the last bus.I’m afraid we have no ______but to take a taxi. A.selection B.choice C.possibility D.way 23.The football players had no strict ________ until they joined our club. A.practice B.education C.exercise D.training 24.I’ll look into the matter as soon as possible.Just have a little ________. A.wait B.time C.patience D.rest 25.The most important________ of his speech was that we should all work whole-heartedly for the people. A.point B.sense C.spot D.view 26.—I’d like _______information about the management of your hotel, please. —Well, you could have ________ word with the manager. He might be helpful. A.some;a B.an;some C.some;some D.an;a 27.He told me he had been offered a very well-paid ________. A.business B.service C.work D.position 28.Each player must obey ________, who is the leader of the team. A.captain B.a captain C.the captain D.captains 29.It was ________ that he had to ask for help.

A.such big a work B.a so big job C.a so big work D.such a big job 30.He dropped the ________ and broke it. A.cup of coffee B.coffee’s cup C.cup for coffee D.coffee cup 31.He gained his ________by printing ________ of famous writers. A.wealth;work B.wealths;works C.wealths;work D.wealth;works 32.The policeman is offering a ________ to anyone who can give information about the lost children. A.prize B.reward C.price D.money 33.What ________! Where did you get them? A.big fish B.a big fish C.a piece of big fish D.big a fish 34.Here’s my card.Let’s keep in ________. A.touch B.relation C.connection D.friendship 35.He left ________ with my secretary that he would call again in the afternoon. He said he would keep ________. A.words;his words B.word;his word C.word;word D.the word;his words 36.You’ll find this map of great ________ in helping you to get round London. A.price B.cost C.value D.usefulness 37.Father went to his doctor for ________ about his ________ trouble. A.advice;heart B.advices;hearts C.advices;heart D.advice;hearts 38.We held a party in ________ of our Australian teacher, Meggi. A.prize B.honor C.praise D.pride 39.When I give up work I shall take a long sea ________. A. trip B. voyage C. travel D. journey 40.—How can I use this washing machine? —Well, just refer to the ________. A.directions B.explanations C.expressions D.introductions 41.The new law will come into ________ on the day it is passed. A.effect B.use C.service D.existence 42.Although I like the appearance of the house, what really made me decide to buy it was the beautiful ________ through the window. A.scene B.look C.view D.picture 43.Everybody thinks little of the film. In fact, there is no ________ of it being tried out in the film festival. A.possibility B.sign C.use D.doubt 44.—Tom,will you boys play soldiers outside? There’s not enough _____ for you boys here. —But we can play in the next ________,can’t we? A.places;place B.room;room C.rooms;space D.house;rooms 45.The doctor didn’t tell me how many ______ I should pay for having my tooth pulled out. A.money B.dollars C.price D.cost 46.—Is this bridge made of ________? —Yes, it is made of 2300 huge ________. A.stone;stone B.stones;stones C.stone;stones D.stones;stone 47.He stays at home every day without a job, but he gets good ________. A.salary B.wage C.pay D.income 48.—Mum, I’m going to visit my aunt. What about a week? —A week is too long.Try to be back in a ________ of days. A.number B.dozen C.few D.couple 49.As a writer, he succeeded in calling________to many of the terrible wrongs that existed at that time. A.attention B.interest C.notice D.strength 50.If you don’t take away all your things from the desk, there won’t

be enough ________ for my dictionary. A.area B.place C.space D.surface 51.Mrs.Green tried hard to find a job but she had no ________. A.luck B.time C.hope D.chance 52.His daughter is always shy in ______ and she never dares to make a speech to ______. A.the public; the public B.public; the public C.the public; public D.public; public 53.I should like to try that coat on, for I don’ know if it is my ________. t A.shape B.model C.design D.size 54.The need for an operation,especially an immediate operation,almost always comes as a ________ to the patient and his family. A.surprise B.happiness C.disappointment D.shock 55.Fast-food restaurants are ________ to us all. A.of many helps B.a great help C.great helps D.much help 56.This plan has its weak point, that is to say, it has its ________, but on the whole we are satisfied with it. A.question B.shortcoming C.condition D.progress 57.—What you like may not be what I like. —Yes,one man’s meal is another man’s ________. A.poison B.medicine C.meal D.food 58.He said that two ________ would come to our school the next day. A.woman scientist B.women scientist C.woman scientists D.women scientists 59.It is true that parents often find it difficult to win their children’ s ________. A.honour B.trust C.respect D.money 60.These young people are now making an active ________ to beautify (美 化) our city. A.part B.effort C.decision D.plan chapter 2. 冠词和数词 (1) 冠词 1. Jumping out of ________ airplane at ten thousand feet is quite ________ exciting experience. (2002 全国高考题) A./; the B./; an C.an; an D.the; the 2. There’s ________ dictionary on ________ desk by your side. A.a; the B.a; a C.the; a D.the; the 3. An accident happened at ______ crossroads a few meters away from ____ bank. A.a; a B./; a C./; the D.the; / 4.The warmth of ________ sweater will of course be determined by the sort of ________ wool used. A.the; the B.the; / C./; the D./; / 5.Mr.Li will give us ________ talk.________ talk will begin at 8:00. A.a; The B.the; A C./; / D.a; A 6.The sun gives us ________ heat and ________ light. A.the; the B.a; a C.a; the D./; / 7.—What do you need in dinner? —I need ________. A.a knife and a fork B.a knife and fork C.the knife and fork D.the knife and the fork 8.________ Mrs.Smith is waiting for you in your office. A.The B.A C.One D./ 9.She’s on ________ People’s Daily. A.the B.an C.a D./ 10._____ Einsteins could not pay for _____ advanced education that young Albert needed.

A.The; the B.A; a C.An; the D.The; an 11.She is ________ newcomer to ________ chemistry but she has already made some important discoveries. A.the; the B.the; a C.a; / D.a; the 12.—Where is Jack? —I think he is still in ________ bed,but he might be in ________ bathroom. A./; / B.the; the C.the; / D./; the 13.I don’t like talkin letters. A.a; the B.a; / C.the; the D.the; / 14.Many people are still in ________ habit of writing silly things in ________ public places. A.the; the B./; / C.the; / D./; the 15.—If you don’t like the red coat,take the blue one. —OK,but do you have ___size in blue? This one is a bit tight for me. A.a big B.a bigger C.the big D.the bigger 16.I heard somebody playing ________ piano in ________ next room. A.a; a B.the; the C.a; the D.the; an 17.________ Pacific Ocean is ________ largest of all. A.the; a B./; the C.the; the D.a; / 18.Great changes have taken place in ________ 1990’s. A./ B.a C.the D.an 19.Wouldn’t it be ____ wonderful world if all nations lived in _____ peace with one another? A.a; / B.the; / C.a; the D.the; the 20.Alexander Graham Bell invented ________ telephone in 1876. A./ B.a C.the D.one 21.In 1864,Lincoln was elected _____ President of ____ United States for the second time. A.the; the B.a; a C./; the D./; / 22.John is ________ university student. A./ B.any C.a D.an 23.The table is made of ________. A.a wood B.some wood C.the wood D.wood 24.We are going to learn ________ next week. A.Twelfth Lesson B.The Twelfth Lesson C.Twelve Lesson D.The Twelve Lesson 25.—I’d like _______ information about the management of your hotel, please. —Well,you could have ________ word with the manager. He might be helpful. A.some; a B.an; some C.some; some D.an; a 26.Paper money was in _______ use in China when Marco Polo visited the country in ______ thirteenth century. A.the; / B.the; the C./; the D./; / 27.Most animals have little connection with ________ animals of ________ different kind unless they kill them for food. A.the; a B./; a C.the; the D./; the 28.Alice is fond of playing _____ piano while Henry is interested in listening to _____ music. A./; the B./; / C.the; / D.the; the 29.Oh,John.________ you gave us! A.How a pleasant surprise B.How pleasant surprise C.What a pleasant surprise D.What pleasant surprise 30.________ terrible weather we’ve been having these days! A.How a B.What a C.How D.What 31.Many people agree that _____ knowledge of English is a must in ____ international trade today.

A.a; / B.the; an C.the; the D./; the 32.Beyond ________ stars,the astronaut saw nothing but ________ space. A.the; / B./; the C./; / D.the; the 33.—Have you seen ________ pen? I left it here this morning. —Is it ________ black one? I think I saw it some where. A.a; the B.the; the C.a; a D.the; a 34.After watching ________ TV,she played ________ violin for an hour. A./; / B.the; the C.the; / D./; the 35.—Are you sure to help me find ________ bed for my new house? —Sure,but not now. I’m heading for ________ bed and a good sleep. A.a; / B.a; a C.the; a D.the; / 36.Charlie Chaplin was considered one of the greatest actors in ___ history of ___ cinema. A./; / B.a; the C.the; the D.the; a 37.—What about ________ book? —It’s too difficult ________ book. A.a; a B.a; the C.the; the D.the; a 38.Towards ________ evening ________ cold rain began to fall. A.an; the B.the; a C.the; / D./; a 39.She always plays ________ football after ________ school. A.a; the B.the; the C./; a D./; / 40._____ wheel is thought to be _____ invention of _____ first importance in human history. A.A; the; the B.The; an; the C.A; an; the D.A; an; / 41.I felt someone patted me on ________ shoulder. A.a B.the C.my D./ 42.—So you are running ________ restaurant? —Yes,but I don’t want to make it ________ restaurant only for rich people. A.the; / B.the; the C.a; the D.a; a 43.Xi’ was ________ starting point of ________ world famous an “Silk Road” . A./;/ B.a; a C.the; / D.the; the 44.It is ten o’clock in the morning but he is still ________. A.in the bed B.at the bed C.in bed D.on bed 45.More than half of ________ water used for drinking , washing and irrigating crops comes from under ________ ground. A.the; / B./; the C./; / D.the; the 46.At noon we reached _____small village _____ east of _______ Summer Palace. A.the; the; the B.a; /; the C.a; the; the D.a; /; / 47.The child had only ________ slight temperature,but the doctor regarded ________ illness as serious enough for ________ hospital treatment. A./; /; the B.a; /; / C.a; the; / D./; the; the 48.I had ________ lunch at a friend’s house yesterday.________ food was good. A.the; / B./; / C.the; the D./; The 49.—What is Jack going to do with all his money? —He says he has always dreamed of taking ______ trip around ________ world. A.a; the B.the; the C.a; / D.a; a 50.Qingdao is ________ most beautiful city in summer. A.the B./ C.a D.one 51.Just now you said you always got to work on _______ 8 o’clock train. But would _______ later train get you to work on time? A.a; a B.a; the C.the; the D.the; a 52.The building was completed in ______ September of 1956 not in ______ October,1955. A./; the B.the; the C./;/ D.the; /

53.I would like to have _____ room , _____ window of which opens to _______south. A.a; the; a B.a; the; the C.a; /; / D.a; the; / 54.There is _______ house in the picture.There is _______ old woman near _______ house. A.an; a; the B.a; an; the C.the; a; an D.a; the; an 55.________ Europe and _______ America are separated by _____ Atlantic Ocean. A./; /; the B.the; the; the C./; /; / D.the; the; / 56.There is ________“h” in the word“honest”. A.a B.the C./ D.an 57.________ terrible life people in the small island lived at that time! A.What B.How C.What a D.How a 58.Father often says to me,“Be _____ honest boy today and _____ useful man tomorrow.” A.a; a B.an; an C.a; an D.an; a 59.Things of ______ kind come together; people of _____ kind fall into _____ same group. A.the; the; the B.a; a; the C.the; the; a D.a; the; the 60.________ Suez Canal brought ________ east and ________ west closer. A.The; the; the B./; the; the C.The; /; / D./; /; / (2) 数词 1. 265 is ____________. A.two hundreds and sixty five B.two hundred and sixty five C.two and sixty – five D.two hundreds sixty five 2. ______ , there will be _______ on the streets, taking part in the celebration. A.October1; millions people B.In October first; millions people C.On October the first; millions of people D.On October one; million people 3. He has been here for _______. A.one and a half months B.one and the half months C.one and a half month D.one and a half of month 4. The red shoes cost ___________. A.one pound and a half of pound B.one and a half pound C.one pound and a half D.one pound and half a pound 5. This took place in ______. A. a 1030’s B. 1930s C. the 1930s’ D. the 1930s 6. The hero of the story is an artist in his ______. A. thirtieth B. thirty C. thirty’s D. thirties 7. After the new technique was introduced, the factory produced _______ tractors in 1988 as the year before. A.as twice many B.as many twice C.twice as many D.twice many as 8. This river is _____ that one. A.as three times long as B.the third time as C.three times the length of D.three times longer 9. We arrived in London on _____. A.June seventeen B.June the seventeen C.The seventeenth of June D.seventeenth of June 10. We are to take up (开始学习) ______ to day. A.the Eleventh Lesson B.Eleventh Lesson C.The Lesson Eleven D.Lesson the Eleven 11. We are going to learn ________ next week. A.Lesson Twelve B.Lesson Twelfth C.Twelfth Lesson D.The Lesson Twelfth 12. _______ were blown down in the storm. A.Score of tree B Scores of trees

C.Score of trees D.Scores of tree 13. He sold _____ of the magazine this afternoon. A.three dozen copy B.three dozens copy C.three dozen copies D.three dozens copies 14. The librarian asked him to return the book _______. A.in one day or two B.for one or two days C.within one day or two days D.in a day or two 15. We heard that he could swim ______ under the water. A.one minute or two B.one or two minutes C.two minutes or one D.two or one minute 16. Two _____ died of cold last winter. A.hundreds old people B.hundred old people C.hundreds old peoples D.hundred old peoples 17. --“How many chairs are there in the room?” --“_______” A.Are four B.Are five chairs there C.There’s one D.There’s a chair 18. “Eighth” is pronounced _______. A. [eitΘ ] B. [eiΘ ] C. [eit?] D. [ei?] 19. He is a student of _______. A.Class First B.the Class One C.Class One D.First Class 20. About ______ of the workers in the steel workers are young people. A.third – fifths B.three – fifths C.three – fives D.three – fifth 21. “The ______ Night” is a well – known play by Shakespeare. A.Twelve B.Twelveth C.Twelfth D.Twelvth 22. Oct.1,1989 is ______ anniversary (周年纪念) of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. A.the forth B.the fourtieth C.the fortieth D.fourty 23. One – fourth of an hour is ______. A.25. minutes B.15 minute C.30 minutes D.a quarter 24. Three – fourths of the surface of the earth ______ sea. A. is B. are C.were D. has been 25. About eleven percent of the population in the United States _____ black. A. is B. are C. were D. will be 26. Several ______ ago, our country was covered by thick forestes. A.million of year B.million year C.millions years D.millions of telephone; 27. There were seven ______ Negroes working on the farm. A.hundreds B.hundred of C.hundreds of D.hundred 28. A new ____ building will be completed soon. A.twenty – storey’s B.twenty – storeys’ C.twenty – stories D.twenty – storeyed 29. My grandpa is studying Japanese, though he is ______. A.in his eighty B.over eighty C.more than eighties D.in eighties 30. Are there seats for us ____? A. the third B. three C. third D. the three 31. I suppose you’ll have to do it a ______ time. A. three B. the third C. third D. three 32. Have you ever been to that ______ book- store? A.a second – hand B.two – hand C.the second – hand D.second – hand 33. Beijing is ____ largest city in China. A. the second B. a second C. second D. the two 34. This is a ____ factory. A.five – hundred – worker B.five – hundred – workers C.five – hundreds – workers D.five – hundred – worker’s 35. My son’s birthday is in ______ time.

A.three – weeds B.three week’s C.three-week D.three weeks’ 36. He made a _____ table. A.four leg’s B.four – leg C.four – legged D.four – leggs 37. I don’t know _______ number of his house is. A. how much B. how many C. how D. what 38. ______ is five times four? A.How much B.How many C.What D.How 39. If you want to go to the post office, take _______. A.Bus Number the Six B.Bus Number Six C.Number Six Bus D.Six Number Bus 40. I’ve seen it _______. A.hundred times B.hundreds of time C.hundreds of times D.hundred of times 41. 1/18 written in English is ________. A.one eighteens B.one eighteenth C.eighteenths one D.one- eighteenths 42. There are ______ students in our class. A.fortieth B.fourty C.fiftieth D.fifty 43. Choose the wrong one: A.a four – hour trip B.two five – year plan C.a four – act play D.a million – pound note 44. Choose the wrong one: A.every two days B.every second days C.every few days D.every other day 45. ______ work has been done to improve the people’s living standard. A.Many B.A great many C.A large number of D.A great deal of 46. We’ve ______ of time to do the work. A. very much B. enough C. great deal D. plenty 47. Squirrels have _____ secret food for the winter. They hide ______ nuts inside trees. A.lots of ; plenty of B.a large number of; many C.a large amount of ; a great deal of D.quantities of ; much 48. You can’t have him go to the party with you. He has ______things to do. A. good many B. a lot C. many a D. a good many 49. I’ve acquired (获得) ______ knowledge from this reference book. A.much B.many C.a great number of D.lot of 50. He has been waiting for his mother for _______. A. an hour and a half B. one and a half hour C. one and half an hour D. one and half hours chapter 3. 代词 1.—Your coffee smells great! —It’s from Mexico.Would you like ________?(2003 全国春季高考题) A.it B.some C.this D.little 2.—I’m sorry I’m calling you so late. —________ okay. (2003 北京春季高考题) A.This is B.You’re C.That’s D.I’m 3. Equipped with modern facilities,today’ libraries differ greatly from s ________. (2003 上海春季高考题) A.those of the past B.the past C.which of the past D.these past 4.—Who broke the glass? —I suppose ________ must be one of the children. A.the one B.he C.it D.who 5.She hasn’t brought ________ pen with her.Will you lend her ________? A.hers; your B.her; your C.hers; yours D.her; yours 6.—I’ve forgotten my bread. —Never mind.You can have ________.

A.some of us B.some of ours C.some ours D.some us 7.I don’t think these jackets are John’s and Tom’s.________ must be in the next room. A.Theirs B.They C.Their D.Ours 8.I don’t think ________ possible to master a foreign language without much memory work. A.this B.that C.its D.it 9.Everybody is doing ________ best for the four modernizations. A.their B.our C.one’s D.your 10.The remark of ________ is quite correct. A.myself B.him C.her D.yours 11.In our class ________ given an English name by the teacher. A.we each was B.each of us has C.each we have D.we each were 12.You should do all your homework ________. A.by oneself B.by yourself C.at your own D.by you 13.If your children would like some fish,do help ________. A.yourself B.yourselves C.themselves D.itself 14.I was disappointed with the film.I had expected ________ to be much better. A.that B.this C.one D.it 15.—Is your camera like Bill’s and Ann’s? —No,but it’s almost the same as ________. A.her B.yours C.them D.their 16.The boy promised ________ mother never to lie to ________ again. A.his;him B.her;her C.her;him D.his;her 17.Tom felt that he knew everybody’s business better and they knew it ________. A.themselves B.oneself C.itself D.himself 18.—Why don’t we take a little break? —Didn’t we just have________? A.it B.that C.one D.this 19.________ is a fact that English is being accepted as international language. A.There B.As C.That D.It 20.They were all very tired,but _______ of them would stop to take a rest. A.any B.some C.none D.neither 21.—Is ________ here? -No.Bob and Tim have asked for leave. A.anybody B.everybody C.somebody D.nobody 22.If you want to change for a double room,you’ll have to pay _____ $15. A.another B.other C.more D.each 23.________ writer is better known in China, Charles Dickens or Mark Twain? A.Which B.What C.Either D.Whether 24.Nobody but ________ and ________ went to see the film last night. A.he; Tom B.Tom; he C.she; Jane D.Jane; her 25.The writer goes to the library every ____ days and he’ll finish the novel within ____ days. A.a few; a few B.few; few C.few; a few D.a few; few 26.Please come in and make ________ at home,boys! A.you B.yourself C.yourselves D.yours 27.Won’t you let ________ help you? A.I and my friend B.my friend and I C.my friend and me D.my friend and I to 28.Teacher had told him again and again not to read such books, ________ but didn’t help. A.he B.they C.she D.it 29.—Shall I talk to Miss Jane in English or Chinese? —Do as you please.She knows ________.

A.any B.neither C.all D.both 30.—Which do you prefer,classic music or pop music? — ________.I prefer light music. A.None B.Either C.Neither D.Both 31.Put these stamps in the cupboard by ____.Do not mix them with other stamps. A.ourselves B.itself C.oneself D.themselves 32.He is one of these men who,I am sure,always do ___ best even in the worst condition. A.his B.your C.their D.one’s 33.Kate and her sister went on holiday with a cousin of ________. A.their B.theirs C.her D.hers 34.I hate ________ when people talk with their mouths full. A.it B.that C.these D.them 35.—We weren’t the only students on the sports ground that day. —There were ________,you mean. A.another ones B.some others C.some other ones D.the other ones 36.Few pleasures can equal ________ of a cool drink on a hot day. A.some B.any C.that D.those 37.—Did a letter come for me? —Yes,________ came for you this morning. A.that B.it C.one D.the letter 38.The climate of Shanghai is as good as ________ of Beijing. A.this B.that C.it D.those 39.The students in our class work much harder at English than ________ in their class. A.those B.these C.that D.this 40.The TV sets made in Shanghai are much better than ________ made in Beijing. A.that B.those C.ones D.they 41.What I want to tell you is ________: the meeting is put off till Friday. A.this B.it C.that D.its 42.I hope there are enough glasses for each guest to have ________. A.it B.those C.them D.one 43.______friends Betty had made there were all invited to her birthday party. A.The few B.Few of C.Few D.A few 44.They were ________ very tired,but ________ of them would stop to rest. A.all; neither B.both; none C.all; both D.both; neither 45.—When shall we meet again? —Make it ________ day you like; it’s all the same to me. A.one B.any C.another D.some 46.We couldn’t eat in a restaurant because ___ of us had ___money on us. A.all; no B.any; no C.none; any D.no one; any 47.Mr.Zhang gave the textbooks to all the pupils except ___ who had already taken them. A.the ones B.ones C.some D.the others 48.—Are the two answers correct? —No,________ correct. A.no one is B.both are not C.neither is D.anything is 49.As we were asleep,________ of us heard the sound. A.both B.none C.all D.any 50.—Shall I sit at this end of the boat or the other end? —If you keep still,you can sit at ________ end. A.neither B.each C.either D.any 51.Don’t speak all at once! ________,please. A.Each at one time B.One by one time

C.One for each time D.One at a time 52.Let’s be honest with each other.You’ve never cared ____ about me, and you know ___. A.something; it B.anything; it C.everything; it D.nothing; that 53.—Could you give me some paper? —Sorry.I haven’t ________ left myself. A.few B.little C.many D.much 54.Don’t laugh at t laughed at. A.others; nobody B.other; everyone C.the other; anyone D.others; someone 55.________ of the workers in the factory knew him,so we had no trouble finding him. A.Everybody B.Every body C.Everyone D.Every one 56.—Have you traveled much? —No,I’ve done ________ traveling. A.few B.little C.small D.less 57.His suggestion was that we ________ change our minds. A.didn’t B.wouldn’t C.shouldn’t D.were not to 58.He lent me a few books,but ________ of them are easy to read. A.both B.none C.all D.neither 59.He left alone,with ________ to look after him. A.someone B.anyone C.no one D.not one 60.A lot of people have tried,but ________ have succeeded. A.few B.some C.many D.a few 61.Mr.White is free this week and ready to meet you.You can visit him ___ during the week. A.some day B.any day C.every day D.one day 62.I like this kind of computer very much and I decide to buy ________. A.this B.that C.it D.one 63.Is this factory___ you once carried out the scientific research together with the workers? A.the one B.where C.which D.that 64.No bread eaten by man is so sweet as ________ got by his own labor. A.one B.that C.such D.what 65.After a whole day’s hard work,he was too tired to do ________. A.anything B.something C.nothing D.everything 66.---Can you come on Monday or Tuesday? ---I'm afraid ______ day is possible. A. either B. neither C. some D. any 67. The traffic was______that nobody could move. A. so B. such C. such heavy D. so many 68. In our class ______ given an English name by the teacher. A. we each was B. each of us has C. each we have D. we each were


高三英语(上) 语法复习专练(一) Units1—6 参考答案

1.B that 指代 the days,在从句中作动词 spent 的宾语。 2.D which 指代 the high yellow building,在从句中作主语,引导非限 定性定语从句。 3.A that 指代 the TV play,在从句中作宾语, 且先行词中含有最高级。 4.B who 指代 my sister,在从句中作主语,且本题是非限定性定语从 句(因为书写有逗号,that 不引导非限定性定语从句。) 5.D where 指代 the house,在从句中作状语(live 是不及物动词)。 6.C on which 相当于 when,表时间,作状语。 7.B 本题是非限定性定语从句(书写有逗号),故 C、D 错误,A 应改 为 the two of whom,故 B 正确。 8.C why 指代 the course,在从句中作状语。 9.B which 引导非限定性定语从句, 指代 air,在从句中作动词 “breathe” 的宾语。 10.C that 不引导非限定性定语从句,who 指代 I,谓语动词应用 am。 11.B who 指代 the girls,在从句中作主语,如果 one of?结构变为 the(only)one of?应改 A。 12.A 先行词是 the only one 是单数, 故选 A。 若去掉 the only 则选 B。 13.D who 指代 those,在从句中作主语,谓语动词是 learn。 14.B 解题技巧:先将句子转换为陈述句语序。 This is the factory ________________ you visit the other day. which 指代 the factory,在从句中作动词 visit 的宾语。 15.B as 意为“正如” ,在从句中作主语。 16.A which 指代上文一句话。 17.B happen?to 18.C which 引导非限定性定语从句,在从句中作宾语。 19.D whose 表所属关系 20.D 动名词的考查 1.C need doing 主动表被动。2.D imagine doing 3.C miss doing 且用被动。 4.A allow sb.to do;risk doing 5.A remember doing 记住做过某事。6.C imagine sb.doing 动名词 的复合结构。 7.A 8.D try doing 试着做某事。 9.C appreciate doing 10.B 动名词表示习惯性动作。 11.D insist on doing 且需被动语义。 12.C how about doing 13.C 动名词的否定;not doing 14.B 15.C 16.C mind one's doing 且需被动。 17.D flying 被 constantly 所修饰,且作主语。 18.D regret doing 后 悔做过某事。 19.C can't help being persuaded 禁不住被说服。 20.C losing her new bicycle 作主语。 1.B 2.C 3.B 4.B 5.C 6.C 7.D 8.C 9.C 10.C 11.B 12.B 13.B 14.B 15.D 16.D 17.A 18.B 19.C 20.D 21.D 22.B 23.B 24.C 25.C 26.A 27.D 28.D 29.C 30.C 31.A 32.C 33.D 34.B 35.C 36.A 37.B 38.C 39.A 40.B 41.B 42.B 43.C 44.D 45.B 46.B 47.A 48.B 49.B 50.C 1.B 表语从句。 2.B 主语从句。 3.C whether 引导表语从句。 4.A that 引导同位语从句;what 引导主语从句。 5.D that 引导同位 语从句。 6.C 7.A why 引导表语从句。 8.A 9.C 宾语从句用陈述句语序。 10.D do you think 是插入语。 11.A wish 引导的宾语从句用虚拟语气,本题对将来虚拟。 12.C 13.A what 引导表语从句,what 在从句中作主语。 14.C 15.B 宾语从句。 16.A 介词后用 whether 不用 if。 17.C 虚拟语气。 18.D wish 引导宾语从句,对过去虚拟。

19.D 20.B whether 引导主语从句。 1.D 作定语,表被动。 2.D 口语英语。 3.C English-speaking 形容词, “说英语的” 。 4.D have sth.done 。 5.C make oneself heard 6.C see sb.sitting/seated。 7.C be caught in。 8.C 过去分词作状语,表被动。 9.A 过去分词作定语,表被动及完成双层含义。 10.C to be done 作定语, “将要被??” 。11.B being done 作定 语, “现在正在被??” 。 12.A with+宾+过去分词作状语。 13.C with 复合结构,she needed 作定语。 14.D find sth.changed。 15.B fallen leaves 落叶。 16.A lose oneself in thought 陷入沉思中; have sth.done。 17.A 过去分词作原因状语。 18.B 独立主格结构,前后主语不一 致。 19.B but 连接两个并列分句。 20.C hear sth.done。 高三英语(上) 语法复习专练(二) Units7—8 参考答案 Answers: 1-10 ddcda bcdac 11-20 dacbc bacab 21-30 dcbad dcaca 31-40 dbcdd adcca 41-50 ccbac acdba 51-60 dbddc dddbb 61-70 abdca cdacc 71-80 acdba cbcdc 81-90 aadaa adddb 91-100 adcdd dcbba 101-105 BCABC 106-110 CDABA 111-115 BAADCD 116-120 CDACD 高三英语(上) 语法复习专练(三) Units 9—12 参考答案: Ⅰ. 1~5 DDCBC 6~10 ACCAC 11~15 BBDBA 16~20 ADBDA 21~25 DCAAD 26~30 ACCCC 31~35 CDCAB 36~40 ABBCA 41~45 BDBCD 46~50 ACBDB 51~55 DDDBA 56~60 AACDA 61~65 BCCAC 66~70 ABDBC 71~75 BCBBB 76~80 CBCDA 81~85 AACCC 86~90 BBCBD 91~95 ADABA 96~100 AABCB 101~105 BADAC 106~110 ACDBD 高三英语高考 语法复习专练(四) 参考答案: 名词 1~5 BCACA 6~10 ADCBA 11~15 DCBCA 16~20 DCCDC 21~25 DBDCA 26~30 ADCDD 31~35 DBAAB 36~40 CABCA 41~45 ACABB 46~50 CDDAC 51~55 ABDDB 56~60 BADCB 【解析】 1.a good business sense 是“(有)经济头脑”的意思。 2.全句意为“世贸中心的倒塌使美国经济处于困难的境地”。 3.variety 在这里指可供选择的商品“种类/品种”之多。 4.全句意为“你同不同意没有什么区别”。 9.lost heart 是固定短语,不能加冠词,也不能有复数。 11.take…notice of“注意”。 13.根据下文可知空格处应是“尝一尝”的意思。 23.training 在这里表示“训练”之意。 25.point 在这里是“要点”之意。 27.position 在这里是“职业工作”的意思。 28.此题源自 1998 年“短文改错”第 84 小题。 根据句意, 此处 captain 是单数表特指,故应加定冠词。 35.leave word (with)意为“留言;留下口信”;keep one’s word 意为“遵守诺言”。 39.directions 在这里是“使用说明”的意思。

41.come into effect 意为“开始生效”。 46.第一个 stone 是物质名词,不可数;第二个 stone 表示一块块具 体的“石头”,属可数名词。 49.call attention to 意为“促使某人注意……”。 52.in public 意为“在公共场合”;the public 意为“公众”。 57.make an active effort to do sth.意为“积极努力做某事”。 58.shortcoming 是“缺点”的意思。 冠词 1~5 CAABA 6~10 DBBAA 11~15 CDDCB 16~20 BCCAC 21~25 CCDBA 26~30 CBCCD 31~35 AACDA 36~40 CDDDB 41~45 BDDCD 46~50 BCDAC 51~55 DDBBA 56~60 DCDBA 【解析】 1.全句意为“在一万英尺的高空从飞机上跳下来真是一种激动人心的 经历” 。 2.全句意为“你旁边的桌上有一本词典” 。 3.两个空都是表示泛指。 4.第一空用定冠词表示类别;第二空后的名词 wool 是不可数名词, 故前面用零冠词。 7.a knife and fork 是“一副刀叉”的意思。 10.姓的复数前加定冠词可表示“某某一家人或某某夫妇” ;第二空是 特指小 Albert 需要的高等教育。 12.第一空泛指“一个美妙的世界” ,第二空的 in peace 是固定短语。 16.in the habit of 意为“有??的习惯”,in public places 意为“在公共 场合” 。 17.泛指“一件尺码更大的” 。 25. information 是不可数名词, have a word with 意为 “和??说句话” 。 31.a knowledge of 意为“知道/懂得一点??” ,international trade 泛指 “国际贸易”,前面不用冠词。 35.find a bed 意为“找到一张床”,第二空后的 bed 为抽象名词,意为 “就寝、睡觉” ,故不用冠词。 37.根据上下文的语气,第一空显然是表示特指(双方都知道指的是那 一本书);第二空则是说“这是一本很难的书” ,因为与 too 连用,故 将形容词提前。 41.接触到某人的某个部位,英语中习惯上在部位名词前用定冠词, 不用人称代词。 42.两空都是表示特指。 46.第一空表示泛指,第三空表示特指,第二空是一个名词结构作状 语,故其前面不用冠词。 50.各人观点不同, 谁也无法断定青岛就是夏天最美的地方, 故在 most beautiful 前用不定冠词,这时的 a most 相当于 very 的含义。 57.live a?life 是“过着??的生活”的意思。 59.此句为一谚语, “物以类聚,人以群分” 。 数词 1~5 BCACD 6~10 DCCCA 11~15 ABCDB 16~20 BCACB 21~25 CCDAB 26~30 DDDBB 31~35 CDAAD 36~40 CDABC 41~45 BDBBD 46~50 DADAA 代词 1~5 BCACD 6~10 BADAD 11~15 DBBDB 16~20 DACDC 21~25 BAADC 26~30 CCDDC 31~35 DCBAB 36~40 CCBAB 41~45 ADADB 46~50 CACBC 51~55 DBDAD 56~60 BCBCA

61~65 BDABA 66~68 BAD 【解析】 1.此处是征求对方意见,期望得到肯定回答。 2.That’s okay 为一习惯说法,意为“没关系”。 3.those 在这里代替 libraries,以避免重复。 4.it 在这里代指打破玻璃的人。 8.本句为了避免头重脚轻,用 it 作形式宾语,不定式短语作真正的宾 语。 11.此句的主语是 we,each 是它的同位语,故谓语应用复数。 14.it 为人称代词,代替前面的 film,避免重复。 19.本句中 it 为引导词,作形式主语,代替 that 引导的主语从句。 23.在后面有明确所指对象的前提下,which 可用于对人提问。 24.but 是介词,后面的代词当然要用宾格。 34.it 在这里指下文谈到的满嘴含饭说话这件事。 36.that 意为 the pleasure,避免重复。 37.one 在这里表示泛指,意为 a letter。 39.those 在这里的意思是 the students,是一种复数形式的替代。 41.this 指代下文要提到的事情。 43.本句中的 Betty had made there 是一个定语从句,修饰先行词 friends。The few 和 friends 连用,特指 Betty 为数不多的几个朋友。 66.解析:either 表示两者中的任何一个, neither 则表示两者中没有 哪一个;从句意来看,neither 是正确的。I'm afraid neither day is possible.“恐怕两天中哪天都不可以。 ”若用 either,则与 I'm afraid 相矛盾;any 是指三者或三者以上中的任意一个,而前面只出 现了 Monday 和 Tuesday,与之不符。答案:B 67.解析:such that,such? that 有“如此(??)竟至”的意思, 如:His behavior was such that everyone disliked him(他的行为 使人人都厌恶他。);此句当然可以表达为:The traffic was so heavy that nobody could move.答案:B 68.解析:此题的谓语动词应该是被动态,因此排除 B、C;each 在句 子中可以充当定语、主语、宾语和同位语,在此句中是作 we 的同位 语,应该放在 we 的后面,谓语动词的数与 we 一致。答案:D


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