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Five million people visit Grand Canyon in the US every year. For the purpose of helping project Grand Canyon for your fellow visitors and future generations, p

lease follow the guidelines below. Camping To protect the park, camping is allowed only within permitted campgrounds. Permits are required for overnight camping at the North Rim. Advance booking can be received by mail. Please write: Information Center, P. O. Box 129, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023 Fires Because of the extreme fire danger, campfires are not allowed except at Mather and Desert View campgrounds. Collection of firewood is not allowed either. Hiking(远足) Please stay on permitted paths.Otherwise you may destroy desert plants. Pack_out_what_you_pack_in,_so you leave no signs of your visit. It is important to keep in mind that you are in a national park where wildlife exists. Weather The weather at Grand Canyon can change very quickly.With so much rock,lightning(闪电) causes a particular danger during sudden summer storms. These storms also frequently bring floods inside valleys,a danger to hikers. Watch the skies and check daily weather reports. Wildlife Do not feed park wildlife. There have been a few cases at Grand Canyon National Park where deer(鹿) were purposely shot because they are plastic bags that left them sick and weak. Hungry deer can be a danger and have kicked and bitten visitors at Grand Canyon. Some other animals will also beg and bite. For your own safety and the well ? being of the animals,please do not feed wildlife, no matter how gentle they may appear. 1. What can you do first if you want to go camping? A. Know the permitted paths. B. Book campgrounds in advance. C. Make sure not to make a fire. D. Stop at Mather and Desert View. 2. What do the underlined words “pack out what you pack in” in Paragraph 4 probably mean? A. keep everything out of campgrounds B. take away everything you bring in C. carry all the necessary food D. look after your personal belongings 3. Why were some deer killed on purpose at Grand Canyon? A. They ate wrong things and became very ill. B. They were a danger to other gentle animals. C. They begged food from visitors. D. They kicked and bit visitors. 4. What is the main purpose of the text? A. To provide travel information. B. To report some recent news. C. To teach tourists hiking skills. D. To introduce the wild life. B Three years ago,five parrots were set free in a wild place of Arizona,thousands of miles from the Channel Islands in Jersey where they had been looked after by zookeepers. No evolutionary strategies informed them how to behave in this new landscape of mountainous pine forest unoccupied by their kind for 50 years. To the researchers? surprise, they failed to make contact with a group of wild parrots imported from Mexico and set free at the same time. Within 24 hours the reintroducing ended in failure, and the poor birds were back in cages, on their way to the safety of the Arizona reintroduction programme. Ever since then, the programme has enjoyed great success, mainly because the birds now being set free are Mexican birds illegally caught in the wild, confiscated (没收)on arrival north of the border, and raised by their parents in the safety of the programme.The experience shows how little we know about the behaviour and psychology( 心理) of parrots, as Peter Bennett, a bird researcher,points out: “Reintroducing species of high intelligence like parrots is a lot more difficult. People like parrots, always treating them as nothing more than pets or valuable ?collectables?.” Now that many species of parrot are in immediate danger of dying out, biologists are working together to study the natural history and the behaviour of this family of birds. Last year was an important turning point:conservationists founded the World Parrot Trust, based at Hayle in Cornwall, to support research into both wild and caged birds. Research on parrots is vital for two reasons. First, as the Arizona programme showed, when reintroducing parrots to the wild, we need to be aware of what the birds must know if they are to survive in their natural home. We also need to learn more about the needs of parrots kept as pets, particularly as

the Trust?s campaign does not attempt to discourage the practice, but rather urges people who buy parrots as pets to choose birds raised by humans. 5.What do we know about the area where the five parrots were reintroduced? A. Its landscape is new to parrots of their kind. B. It used to be home to parrots of their kind. C. It is close to where they had been kept. D. Pine trees were planted to attract birds. 6.The reintroducing experience three years ago shows that manraised parrots________. A. can find their way back home in Jersey B. are unable to recognize their parents C. are unable to adapt to the wild D. can produce a new species 7.Why are researches on parrots important according to the passage? A. The Trust shows great concern for the programme. B. We need to know more about how to preserve parrots. C. Many people are interested in collecting parrots. D. Parrots? intelligence may some day benefit people. 8.According to the passage, people are advised________. A. to treat wild and caged parrots equally B. to set up comfortable homes for parrots C. not to keep wild parrots as pets D. not to let more parrots go to the wild 任务型阅读 The Chinese are very generous when it comes to educating their children. Some parents send their children to the best schools or even abroad to England, the US or Australia, regardless of how much this costs. Many also want their children to take extra-curriculum activities where they either learn a musical instrument or ballet, or other classes that will give them a head start in life. The Chinese believe that the more expensive an education is, the better it is, so parents often spend unreasonable amount of money on education. Even poor couples buy a computer for their son or daughter. However, what most parents fail to see is that the best education they can give their children is usually very cheap. Parents can see that their children's skills vary; they will usually be skilled in some areas while poor in others. What most parents fail to realize though, is that today's children lack self-respect and self-confidence. The problem is that parents are only educating their children on how to take multiple-choice tests and how to study effectively. They are not teaching them the most important skills they need to be confident, happy and clever. Parents can help achieve this by teaching their children practical skills like cooking, sewing and other housework. Teaching a child to cook will improve many of the skills that he will need later in life. Cooking demands patience and time. It is an enjoyable but difficult experience. A good cook always tries to improve his cooking, so he will learn to work hard and gradually finish his job successfully. The result, a well--cooked dinner, will give a child a lot of satisfaction and confidence. An old machine such as a broken radio or TV set that you give your child as a toy may make him curious and arouse his interest. If he will spend hours looking at it, and try to mend it; your child might become an engineer when he grows up. Such activities do more than teach a child to read a book; but rather they teach them to think, and to use their minds. This is much more important than learning by reading a book. Title ? ? Common practice ? ? Bad results Suggested (6) _____ ? ? How Chinese Parents Should (1) _____ Their Children Being (2) _____ with money when it comes to education. Sending them to the best schools or (3) _____ Taking extra-curriculum activities so as to (4) _____ a head start in life. Spending more money than they can (5) ____ on education. Children's lacking in self-respect and self-confidence Teaching their children practical skills, which are of the greatest(7) _______ Cooking.

? ? ? (9) _______ results ? ?

Sewing. Other housework. (8) _______ a broken radio or TV. To make the children hardworking and confident. To enable them to (10) _______ and to use their minds.



1.[解析] 细节理解题。 根据文章第二段“Advance booking can be received by mail”能看出要想出去夏 令营首先做的就是 book campgrounds in advance. [答案] B 2.[解析] 推理判断题。根据“you leave no signs of your visit.”来推断带走你所带来的东西,不要留下 任何的东西。B 3.[解析] 细节理解题。根据“purposely shot because they are plastic bags that left them sick and weak”可知它们吃错了东西而变得有病。[答案] A 4.[解析] 主旨大意题。根据第一段“For the purpose of helping project Grand Canyon for your fellow visitors and future generations, please follow the guidelines below.”可知道整篇文章都是为旅游提供信息。 [答案] A B篇 [语篇解读] 本文通过在亚利桑那州五只鹦鹉被释放的故事, 说明了鹦鹉引入计划的重要性以及对鹦鹉 生活习性等各方面进行研究的重要性和对鹦鹉进行研究的重要原因。 5.[解析] 事实细节题。根据第一段第二句:这五只鹦鹉未被教过如何在这个新地方生活;这片松林山 区 50 年来未被这种鹦鹉占据过(50 年前有过)。 可知, 五只鹦鹉被引入的地方曾经是鹦鹉的家园或繁衍之地。 [答案] B 6.[解析] 推理判断题。根据第一、二段,特别是信息句 Ever since then,the programme has enjoyed great success,mainly because the birds now being set free are Mexican birds illegally caught in the wild. 可以推测出,人工喂养的鹦鹉不能适应野外的生存环境。 [答案] C 7.[解析] 推理判断题。最后一段就是信息提示。主要表达了对鹦鹉进行研究的重要性,主要表现在两 个方面:我们必须了解鹦鹉在自然条件下如何生存;其次,我们需要更多地了解宠物鹦鹉的需要,督促那 些买鹦鹉当宠物的人选择人工培育的鹦鹉。从而判断,本题主要表达我们如何保护鹦鹉的问题。 [答案] B 8.[解析] 推理判断题。由最后一段特别是最后一句 We also need to learn more about the needs of parrots kept as pets,particularly as the Trust?s campaign does not attempt to discourage the practice, but rather urges people who buy parrots as pets to choose birds raised by humans.可以推出,作者建议 我们不要把野鹦鹉当作宠物。 [答案] C [长难句解读] We also need to learn more about the needs of parrots kept as pets,particularly as the Trust?s campaign does not attempt to discourage the practice,but rather urges people who buy parrots as pets to choose birds raised by humans.我们也需要更多了解宠物鹦鹉的需要,尤其因为信托基 金运动并不旨在劝阻这一做法,而是督促买鹦鹉作宠物的人选择人工培育的鹦鹉。 句中的 not...but...表示“不是……而是……”。连接两个并列的句子 attempt to discourage the practice 和 rather urges people who buy parrots...。其中 urge sb.to do sth.表示“督促某人做某事”。

1. Educate 2. generous 3. abroad 4. have/ get/ enjoy 5. afford6. methods/ ways/ measures 7. importance 8. Fixing/ Mending/ Repairing 9. Good 10. think

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