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山东省2014届高三外研版英语单元测试Book5 Module2Word版含解析

山东省外研版英语 2014 高三单元测试必修 5 Module 2
(时间:40 分钟 满分:55 分) Ⅰ.单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 1.The plan ________ just because the two countries were not willing to cooperate. A.broke down C.turn

ed down B.pulled down D.put down

2.—You can't take the book out of the reading room. —It doesn't matter.I just want to ________ it for some figures. A.refer to C.look up B.prefer to D.return to

3. In many American universities,the total work for a degree________ thirtysix courses,each ________ for one semester(学期). A.is consisted of; lasts C.is made up of; lasts B.consists of; lasting D.make up of; lasting

4. When you rewrite the paragraph,I advise you to________the last sentence as it is rather misleading. A.point out B.make out C.leave out D.put out

5.— I hear that you will be on travel again. — Yeah.My boss ________for me to discuss business details with someone from another company. A.asked B.arranged C.sent D.called

6.Overheating development might have a bad________ on the national economy. A.cause C.result 7.________ to have a picnic here! A.What great delight C.What a great delight B.How great delight D.How a great delight B.influence D.factor

8.________the stress and pressure from her job,she bore the burden of caring for her sick mother. A.As well as C.As far as 9. —How could I thank you enough? —Don't mention it.Any other may________ that. A.must do C.would have done B.could do D.should have done B.As long as D.As soon as

10.The natural beauty of Jiuzhaigou ________ millions of tourists from all over the world every year. A.catches B.attracts C.reminds D.seizes

11.This kind of material can be used to ________ plastics.

A.taking the place of C.taking place

B. take place D.take the place of

12.As we joined the big crowd,I got ________ from my friends. A.separated B.spread C.lost D.divided

13.He was disappointed to find his suggestions ________. A.been turned down C.to be turned down 14.— Could you turn the TV down a little bit? —________.Is it disturbing you? A.Take it easy C.Not a bit B.I'm sorry D.It depends B.turned down D.to turn down

15.It is reported that a bus went out of ________control on a highway________south of the city last night. A./;/ C.the;/ B./;the D.the;the

Ⅱ.阅读理解(共 10 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 20 分) A Just 25 years ago,the top three career hopes for young people in Britain were teacher,banker and doctor.Now, they want to be sports star,pop star and actor,according to a survey by the Guardian newspaper. Rachel,a character in the popular TV show Glee,may be said to speak for British teenagers.“Nowadays being nobody is worse than being poor.”he said. Emma Brockes,a reporter with the Guardian,believes it is“the bad influence of celebrity(名人)culture”that is to blame.“When children wanted to be doctor,it wasn't because they were really more interested in the functions of human organs than they are now;you go where the respect is.”she wrote. It could explain why there has been such an increase in levels of anxiety and depression.Dr Carlo Strenger,of Tel Aviv University,studied the sense of self for his new book The Fear of Insigni ficance:Searching for Meaning in the 21st Century.He told the Daily Mail that young people now are“affected by the close connection to the global entertainment network,which has turned ranking and rating people according to wealth and celebrity into an obsession(痴迷).” “As humans,we naturally measure ourselves to those around us,but now we live in a global village.We are comparing ourselves with the most ‘important' people in the world and finding ourselves wanting,”he said.Today,even high achievers constantly fear that they are insignificant when they compare themselves to success stories in the media. The way out?Simply stop measuring your achievement through a fantasy of wealth and celebrity.Dr Strenger said that it is a process called“active selfacceptance through a constant search for selfknowledge through life”. “The fear of insignificance can only be overcome through strong individual and cultural identity over and above measurable achievement,”he said.

16.Nowadays,young people in Britain want to ________. A.choose jobs based on interests B.become famous C.be teacher,banker and doctor D.earn more money 17.According to Emma Brockes,what causes the increasing level of anxiety? A.Choices of future careers. B.Access to the global network. C.Bad influences of celebrities. D.Endless comparison with others. 18.Which of the following is TRUE of Dr Carlo Strenger? A.He is a newspaper reporter. B.He is the spokesman of teenagers. C.He tells success stories on TV. D.He is against ranking people with wealth. 19.Dr Carlo Strenger suggests that young people should________. A.seek active selfacceptance B.stick to their own dreams C.make great achievements D.search for the secret of wealth 20.The text is mainly written to ________. A.talk about job choices B.analyse a social phenomenon C.encourage celebrity culture D.introduce three famous people B At 4: 53 p. m on January 12, United Nations aid worker Jens Kristensen was at his desk reading documents on the third floor of the Christopher Hotel,which served as UN headquarters in PortauPrince,when he felt a tremor.Four seconds later,the earthquake hit. “In a split second, I considered whether to run for the door or hide under my desk, ”says Kristensen,48.“The door was closed, and I thought that maybe it was too far and I would be caught under falling debris, so I hid under the table.”A bookshelf toppled onto his desk,protecting him from being crushed by rubble and trapping him in a tiny pocket.“I was confined as if in a small coffin,” he says.It was so dark,and it didn't matter if his eyes were open or closed.He used the light from his mobile phone to see around him.He found,among other items,a jar of instant coffee.“I had no food or water,only the coffee to suck on if I needed it.”

At about 6: 30 a. m on January 17, an oil leak silenced the building's generators, and Kristensen was able to hear muffled voices above where he was buried.“I thought, I was too tired to bang and shout.But then I realised, I had to take every chance.This could be one.”So he called out.Six hours later,Kristensen saw his rescuers' faces.“It was so amazing.I felt I had received a second birthday,”he recalls. Dehydration and pains but with only a bruise and a scratch,Kristensen took three days to recover.The UN lost more than 90 people in Haiti.But Kristensen says that the outpouring of love helps heal the pain:“The genuine happiness of people toward me here has been wonderful.You feel part of a larger family.” 21.When the earthquake struck,Jens Kristensen decided to ________. A.read documents in the office B.stay under the desk C.run out of the room quickly D.catch the falling debris 22.What protected Jens Kristensen from being injured by falling bricks? A.The bookshelf. C.The door. B.The desk. D.The pocket.

23.When Jens Kristensen heard the voices,he came to know that ________. A.he couldn't have the chance to survive the earthquake B.his parents arrived here to save him at once C.he was able to ask for help from rescuers D.he was so tired and he couldn't say anything at all 24.According to the last paragraph we can know that Jens Kristensen felt ________. A.fortunate C.popular B.grateful D.courageous

25.Which of the following would be the best title for this passage? A.The rescuer's day B.An aid worker's life C.A dangerous adventure D.Kristensen's experience in an earthquake Ⅲ.书面表达 假设你是李华,你的美国老师 Miss Morgan 要求你们明天下午去听一个美国历史的讲座。你因故不能 参加。请你根据以下要点,写一封短信向 Miss Morgan 请假。 内容要点: 1. 表示歉意; 2. 理由:去机场接从法国回来的舅舅; 3. 询问:是否有录音,以便补听讲座。 注意:1. 词数:100 词左右;

2. 可根据内容要点适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 Miss Morgan, ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Yours, Li Hua


答案与解析 1.A [break down 用作不及物动词, 表示“(计划)受挫; 失败”; pull down“推倒”; turn down“拒绝”; put down“放 下;取缔”。A 项符合句意。] 2.A [考查短语动词的辨析。短语 refer to 的意思为“参考”。] 3.B [考查动词及词组。consist of“由……构成”,为不及物动词词组,因此没有被动语态,而 make up 为及

物动词,此处应用被动语态。第二个空考查独立主格结构作状语的情况,last“持续”,为不及物动词,且与 主语 each 为主动关系,因此应用现在分词的形式作状语。] 4.C [考查短语动词的用法。 根据句子意思, 尤其是后面的“misleading 误导”判断, 此处应该使用 leave out,

表示“删除”的意思。] 5.B [arrange for sb to do 是固定用法,表示“安排某人做某事”。其它三项均无此用法。]

6. B [经济过热可能会对国家的经济带来坏的影响。have...influence on=have...effect on“对……有影响”。] 7.C 8.A [在表示“令人愉快的事情”的意思时,delight 为可数名词。] [句意:除了来自于工作的紧张和压力外,她还承受着照顾生病的母亲的重担。 as well as 相当于

besides。] 9.C [根据语境,是对过去了的事情表示感谢。情态动词+have done,表示过去。would 意为“会,将”。]

10.B [attract 在此表示“吸引”的意思,符合句意要求。] 11.D [句意:这种材料可以用来替代塑料。be used to 在表示“被用来做某事”的时候,后面跟动词不定式,

take the place of“替代”;take place“发生”。] 12.A [get separated from“与……分开”, 符合题意。 get lost“迷路”; spread“传播, 蔓延”; divide...into“把…… 分成(份)”。] 13.B [从句子结构分析,此处应该是“find +宾语+宾补”结构中的宾补部分。从该词和宾语 suggestions

之间的逻辑关系分析,应该表示被动。find 的宾补一般用过去分词和现在分词。] 14.B [解本题的关键在于正确理解句意特别是在答语中的 Is it disturbing you? “这打扰你了吗?”所以应选 B 项 I'm sorry.Take it easy“别紧张”;Not a bit“一点也不”;It depends“依情况而定”均不符合上下文语境。] 15.A [冠词。out of control“失控”;表示方位时,如果不用介词,则不用冠词。] 【解题导语】 在这个网络和媒体高度发达的时代,大众娱乐越来越普及,产生了许许多多的大众名人,如 歌星、演员、体育明星等。名人效应使得许多英国年轻人盲目崇拜,并以成名为追求目标。 16.B [根据第一、 二段的描述, 特别是“being nobody is worse than being poor(无名小卒比贫穷更糟糕)”可知, 目前的年轻人都想成名。] 17.C [根据第三段中的“Emma Brockes...believes it is ?the bad influence of celebrity(名人)culture'that is to blame.”可知答案为 C。] 18.D [根据第四段的介绍可知 A、B、C 三项都是错误的,根据该段的最后一句可知,他强烈反对按照知 名度和财富来衡量和评价一个人。] 19.A [ 根 据 第 六 段 中 的 “Dr Strenger said that...?active selfacceptance through a constant search for

selfknowledge through life,”可知,目前年轻人最重要的是要积极主动地接受自己,找回自我。] 20.B [文章一开始交代了目前英国年轻人不愿去当受人尊敬的教师、医生或银行家,而是想成名,当明星 之类的,然后分析了这些现象产生的原因,接着提出了自己的看法和建议,因此,答案为 B 项。] 【解题导语】 本文是一篇记叙文。联合国援救人员 Jens Kristensen 正在三楼的办公室里阅读文件,这时一 场突如其来的大地震发生了。本文介绍了他在地震中躲避、逃生直至被援救的全过程,也包括他经历地震 的感受,以及重生后的感动。 21.B [细节理解题。根据文章第二段中的“The door was closed,and I thought that maybe it was too far and I would be caught under falling debris,so I hid under the table.”可知,Kristensen 决定躲在桌子下面。] 22.A [细节理解题。根据文章第二段中的“A bookshelf toppled onto his desk,protecting him from being

crushed by rubble and trapping him in a tiny pocket.”可知,书架保护了他,使他免受瓦砾的伤害。] 23.C [推理判断题。根据第三段中的“But then I realised,I had to take every chance.This could be one.”可以 推知,他意识到他要抓住这次机会。] 24.B [推理判断题。根据文章最后一段中的“But Kristensen says that the outpouring of love helps heal the pain:?The genuine happiness of people toward me here has been wonderful.You feel part of a larger family.'”可以 推知,Kristensen 对自己获救,包括身体恢复过程中所受到的照顾而感到很感激。] 25.D [标题归纳题。根据全文的内容可知,文章描述了 Jens Kristensen 经历地震的全过程,故 D 项能很好 地概括文章主旨。] 范文: Miss Morgan,

I am so sorry that I won't be able to attend the lecture on American history tomorrow afternoon. My uncle is returning home from France, and I have promised to meet him at the airport at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. I am very much interested in American society and history. I wonder if it is possible for the talk to be recorded, and if so, could I borrow the tape? It would mean a great deal to me to listen to the tape and make up for what is covered in the talk. I would appreciate it if you could allow me to ask for a leave of absence. Thank you. Yours, Li Hua

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