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Ⅰ.选词填空 in time;cheer up;watch out;prevent...from;now that;come into existence 1.____________for his temper!He’s not easy to deal with. 答案:Watch out 2.Whenever I’m upset,she always has a good

idea to make me____________. 答案:cheer up 3.The first modern robot____________in 1954,created by George Davel and operated digitally. 答案:came into existence 4.____________you have finished your article,why not have a rest? 答案:Now that 5.If you don’t devote yourself to your studies,you’ll never finish them____________. 答案:in time 6.The government has taken measures to________the cultural relics________being damaged. 答案:prevent;from Ⅱ.汉译英 1. 你看我们能及时赶上火车吗?(in time) ________________________________________________________________________ 答案:Do you think we shall be in time to catch the train? 2.坏天气妨碍了我们按时完成计划。(prevent...from) ________________________________________________________________________ 答案:The bad weather prevented us from completing the project on time. 3.孩子们都离开家了,我们住着就更宽绰了。(now that) ________________________________________________________________________ 答案:Now that the kids have left home we’ve got a lot of extra space. 4.对历史的研究孕育了社会科学。(give birth to) ________________________________________________________________________ 答案:It was the study of history that gave birth to the social science. 5.你应该做的第一件事就是掌握这个动作。(get the hang of) ________________________________________________________________________ 答案:The first thing you should do is (to) get the hang of the action. 6.她感觉 Jessie 就好像是她自己家庭中的一员。(feel as if) ________________________________________________________________________ 答案:She felt as if Jessie were a member of her own family. Ⅲ.语法专练 本单元语法——主语从句 1 . (2012· 北 重 点 中 学 联 考 )________surprises us most is that she doesn’t even 河 know________the difference between the two lies. A.What;where B.All;which C.What;that D.That;where 解析:选 A。考查名词性从句。句意:让我们最吃惊的是她竟然不知道两者的区别在哪儿。 “What surprises us most”是主语从句, What 在从句中作主语; “where the difference between the two lies”是宾语从句,where 表示的是抽象地点。 2. (2012· 福建质检)It never occurred to humans until the mid1990s________some animals can be cloned.

A.where B.that C.when D.what 解析:选 B。考查名词性从句。本句中的 It 作形式主语,真正的主语是 some animals can be cloned,根据名词性从句“缺什么,补什么”的原则,此处主语从句中不缺成分,所以只填 连接词 that,选 B 项。 3.(2011· 合肥模拟)When you get your paper back,pay special attention to________have been marked. A.where B.which C.what D.that 解析:选 C。 句意为:在你取回试卷后,尤其要注意那些被标注的部分。what 引导宾语从 句,在从句中作主语。 4.(2011· 泉州模拟) All the books I have are here. You may borrow________you like. A.whatever B.whichever C.whenever D.however 解析:选 B。由句意可知用 whichever。强调在某一范围内的任何人和物。 5.________you don’t like him is none of my business. A.What B.If C.That D.Whether 解析:选 C。考查主语从句。That 引导主语从句,在从句中不作成分;What 引导主语从句 时充当句子成分;If 不能引导主语从句;Whether 引导的主语从句应是肯定句。由语意可知 C 项正确。 Ⅰ.单项填空 1.—At 9∶40 my wife gave birth to a ninepound baby boy. —Oh,__________! A.cheer up B.well done C.go ahead D.congratulations 解析:选 D。在 9 点 40 分对方的妻子生了一个九磅重的男孩,根据语境可知此处应该表示 祝贺。 2.Stay away from Lynch.He’s a liar.You’ll be cheated if you don’t __________. A.break out B.watch out C.take off D.set off 解析:选 B。句意:离林奇远点。他是个骗子。你要是不小心会被骗的。watch out 注意, 当心,符合句意。break out 突发,爆发;take off 起飞;set off 出发,动身。 3.The top leaders of the two countries are holding talks in a friendly__________. A.atmosphere B.state C.situation D.phenomenon 解析: A。 选 句意: 两国高层领导人之间的会谈在友好的气氛中举行。 atmosphere 气氛; state 状态;situation 处境;phenomenon 现象。由句意可知 A 项正确。 4.The woman’s illness __________ all the doctors in this hospital;they couldn’t find the cause. A.prevented B.puzzled C.exhausted D.consulted 解析:选 B。句意:那位妇女的病难倒了医院的所有医生,他们找不出病因。puzzle(使)迷 惑,(使)为难。prevent 阻止;exhaust 用尽,耗尽;consult 咨询,请教。 5.—I was so disappointed when I failed again. —Don’t be so discouraged.You’ll be successful __________. A.for some time B.at one time C.on time D.in time 解析:选 D。根据题意“别灰心,你迟早会成功的”可知应选 in time(早晚,迟早,终于)。 for some time 一段时间;at one time 曾经,一度;on time 准时。 6.Robert is interested in __________ astronomy and he wishes he could make a trip into

__________ space one day. A.the;the B.an;the C.an;/ D./;/ 解析:选 D。考查冠词。astronomy 指学科,学科前不用冠词;space 指“太空”,一般不与 冠词连用,但有形容词修饰时,应使用定冠词。 7.—You are always sitting there watching TV.________,let’s go out for a walk,shall we? —OK,but just a moment.The football game is just over. A.Take your time B.Cheer up C.Take it easy D.Come on 解析:选 D。考查交际用语。句意为“你总是坐在那里看电视。走吧,咱们出去散散步,好 吗?”come on 在此表示责备或不耐烦,意为“来吧,得啦,走吧”。take your time 不着急; cheer up 高兴点;take it easy 别紧张。 8.There was a __________ quarrel between the husband and the wife;after that the wife left home and never came back. A.sensitive B.serious C.violent D.strict 解析:选 C。考查形容词辨析。句意:丈夫和妻子之间发生了一次激烈的争吵,之后,妻子 离家出走,再也没回来。violent 激烈的,暴力的。sensitive 敏感的;serious 严重的,严肃的; strict 严格的。 9.It’s __________ John to be late;he’s usually on time. A.like B.unlike C.likely D.alike 解析:选 B。考查介词。句意:迟到这事可不像(unlike)是约翰所为,他通常都很准时。 10. Though most people know that smoking __________ the risk of cancer, is still hard for them it to give it up. A.multiplies B.adds C.combines D.gains 解析:选 A。考查动词辨析。句意:尽管大多数人知道吸烟增加得癌症的机率,但是让他们 戒掉依然很难。multiply 增加。add 增加(如果 adds 后加 to 则可选);combine 结合,联合; gain 获得,得到。 11.Many more policemen should be sent to __________ them __________ some endangered animals. A.prevent;to hunt B.stop;hunting C.keep;to hunt D.keep;hunting 解析: B。 选 keep/prevent/stop sb.from doing sth.阻止某人做某事, 其中 keep sb.from doing sth. 中的 from 不可省。 12. (2012· 大连检测)After we finish the designing, company, the __________ its turn, should do the constructing work. A.in B.on C.at D.for 解析:选 A。句意:我们完成设计后就该由公司来进行建设了。in one’s turn 固定搭配,意 思是“轮到某人,接着”。 13.Doctors always tell us that drinking too much __________ our health,but some people don’t care. A.is harm to B.does harmful to C.is harmful to D.do harm to 解析:选 C。句意:医生总是告诉我们饮酒太多有害健康,但有些人却不在意。be harmful to sb.=do harm to sb.对某人有害。D 项应用第三人称单数。 14.—What are the differences between the American and British __________ of government? —You can find the answer on the Internet. A.design B.theory C.system D.mass

解析:选 C。问句句意:英美两国的政体有什么不同?system 系统,体制,制度。design 设 计;theory 理论;mass 质量,均不符合题意。 15. people, All __________they are old or young, or poor, rich have been trying their best to help those in need since the disaster. A.even if B.whether C.no matter D.however 解析:选 B。句意:自这次灾难以来,所有的人,不管他们是年老的还是年轻的,富有的还 是贫穷的,都在尽自己最大的努力去帮助那些需要帮助的人。whether...or...是固定搭配,意 为“无论是??还是??,不管是??还是??”。 Ⅱ.完形填空 Words:349 难度系数:☆☆ 建议用时:13′ When I was little,I wanted to be a princess (公主).I __1__ I got anything I wanted.Then,when I was four,a native American woman __2__ my preschool as a guest.She talked to us about their __3__,like what they wore or how they greeted one another.Then,she gave each child an Indian name.The boys got __4__ names like Flying Eagle.The girls got princess names: Princess Moon and the like.But when it was my __5__,she said, “You are Rabbit’s Foot.” I looked at the girl next to me, who had been named Princess Autumn Leaves, __6__ what she and had but I didn’t have.Whatever the mysterious __7__ was, thought to myself, I “Not everyone can be a princess.”Whatever I was when growing up, __8__ wasn’t a princess.My father never __9__ I me his“princess”.At the kindergarten,the __10__ girls—the ones with the beautiful leather shoes—__11__ to sit with me no matter what I wore.This __12__ repeated itself through high school and college as well. But not being a princess actually __13__ me,as I didn’t feel it necessary to be the center of attention.And if I got praise,I __14__ it.Princesses,on the other hand,are born to be praised. Recently,I told a friend the __15__ of my preschool Indian naming.To my __16__,she pointed out something wonderful , “Rabbit’s Foot __17__ good luck.That’s better than being a princess.” I __18__ realized what a great name I had been given.My friend was __19__.I am lucky.And __20__ I am not a princess,I don’t expect praise or love.I just feel lucky when some of it comes my way. 1.A.forgot B.discovered C.imagined D.agreed 解析:选 C。根据下文内容可知,作者并没有得到所有自己想得到的东西,因此只是一个梦 想。 2.A.founded B.visited C.joined D.managed 解析:选 B。根据 as a guest 可推断,那个妇女参观了作者所在的幼儿园。 3.A.customs B.families C.rules D.habits 解析:选 A。根据句中“like what they wore or how they greeted one another”可知,她讲的应该 是她们那里的风俗习惯。 4.A.funny B.famous C.formal D.strong 解析:选 D。根据 Flying Eagle 可推断,她给男孩取的是听起来强壮有力的名字。 5.A.point B.duty C.turn D.service 解析:选 C。她给作者起了个名字,说明轮到了作者。 6.A.doubted B.wondered C.asked D.realized

解析:选 B。作者不知道自己和旁边的女孩有什么不同。根据下文“I thought to myself”可知, 这是作者自己的心理活动。 7.A.quality B.secret C.product D.present 解析:选 A。根据前文“what she had but I didn’t have”可知,作者不知道自己不具备那个 女孩的哪一种品质,才使得自己没有成为公主。 8.A.specially B.firstly C.really D.finally 解析:选 C。根据语境可知,随着年龄的增长,作者发现情况的确如此,故用 really。 9.A.found B.called C.brought D.promised 解析:选 B。根据前文可推断,作者感到自己普普通通,连爸爸都从来没有叫过她公主。 10.A.tall B.clever C.popular D.friendly 解析:选 C。根据下文可知,在幼儿园作者不受欢迎,与之相对应的是,那些穿着漂亮皮鞋 的女孩是受人欢迎的。 11.A.wanted B.afforded C.struggled D.refused 解析:选 D。根据句中“no matter what I wore”可推断,无论作者穿什么,那些女孩都拒绝和 她坐在一起。 12.A.situation B.behavior C.activity D.attitude 解析:选 A。这里用 situation 指作者不受欢迎的这种状况。 13.A.trained B.freed C.destroyed D.interested 解析:选 B。根据“I didn’t feel it necessary...”可推断,作者知道自己当不了公主,反而解 放了她,让她觉得自由。 14.A.expected B.hated C.earned D.needed 解析:选 C。根据后句内容可知,那些公主们天生就能得到表扬,与之对应的是,作者得到 的表扬是她自己赢得的。 15.A.story B.effect C.chance D.pain 解析: A。 选 根据后文内容可知, 作者告诉了朋友当年那个妇女在幼儿园给她们取名的故事。 16.A.regret B.anger C.sadness D.surprise 解析:选 D。根据句中 something wonderful 可知,多年来作者一直都不知道这个名字原来那 么好,因此她很惊讶。 17.A.collects B.determines C.means D.enjoys 解析:选 C。根据后句内容可知,这里所说的是 Rabbit’s Foot 的含义。 18.A.seldom B.never C.once D.always 解析:选 B。根据作者的反应可知,她从来都不知道这个名字会是这样的含义。 19.A.active B.normal C.positive D.right 解析:选 D。根据后句“I am lucky.”可知,作者认为朋友的说法是正确的。 20.A.if B.although C.because D.unless 解析:选 C。作者不期望得到别人的表扬或爱,因为她自己不是公主。 Ⅲ.阅读理解

Words:337 难度系数:☆☆ 建议用时:7′ The world’s astronomers came to their senses yesterday and approved a new definition of the word “planet” that would drop tiny Pluto from the club and relegate it instead to a lesser realm of “dwarf planets.” It was a welcome step away from a proposal that would have kept Pluto as a planet but meantime opened the door for dozens of small,icy bodies on the fringes of the solar system. The important vote came after fierce debate at a meeting of the International Astronomical Union, which had been considering a proposal to define a planet as any object that orbits a star and is large enough for its own gravity to pull it into a spherical (球形的) shape.That definition was scientifically precise but led to results that offended common sense.An asteroid,a small moon, and another icy ball like Pluto would suddenly have risen to planet-hood, swelling the number of planets to 12,with many more icy rocks likely to qualify as more was learned about them. Fortunately,the astronomers have now added another requirement to the definition.Planets must not only be large enough to be round,they must also have cleared out the neighborhood around their orbits.Pluto would not qualify - it orbits in a belt of icy debris on the edge of the solar system.Neither would an icy rock nicknamed Xena,which orbits in that same zone,nor Ceres,a big asteroid that marches in the company of other asteroids.Pluto’s moon,Charon,which had qualified under the first proposal,is also out of the running. Pluto,with its small size and oddball orbit,should never have been deemed a planet in the first place.Henceforth there will be eight planets,at least three dwarf planets,and tens of thousands of “smaller solar system bodies, like comets and asteroids.Our only regret is that the astronomers ” chose the name “dwarf planets” for Pluto’s new category instead of abandoning the word entirely when discussing these lessthanplanetary bodies. 1.We can know from the passage that the new definition of planet________. A.has been welcomed by all walks of life B.will kick the Pluto out of the planet group in the solar system C.still makes the Pluto as a planet D.will enlarge the number of planets in our solar system into permanently 12 解析:选 B。 细节理解题。本文主要探讨天文学家如何定义 planet,新的规定已将太阳系 的行星 Pluto 去掉,从九颗降为八颗,而避免了升为 12 颗。由首段 that would drop tiny Pluto from the club and relegate it instead to a lesser realm of “dwarf planets.”可得出正确答案。 2. After the new definition of “planet” was put forward, of the following are regarded as planet all except________. A.Venus B.Ceres C.Mars D.Jupiter 解析:选 B。 细节理解题。由第三段倒数第二句可知,Ceres 只是 asteroid,而不是 planet, 其他几个都在存留的八颗行星当中。 3.The writer’s attitude towards the new definition of “planet” is________. A.welcome B.indifferent C.hostile D.neutral 解析: A。 选 推理判断题。 最后一段“Pluto,with its small size and oddball orbit,should never have been deemed a planet in the first place”,表明作者对这一决定是拥护的。 4.If the original definition of “planet” had not been changed,there would be the following consequences except that ________. A.thousands of icy rocks in space will be classified as planets B.some asteroids big enough to pull itself into a spherical shape will be regarded as planets C.the Pluto will be relegated to “dwarf planet” D.there will be at least twelve or even more planets in the solar system. 解析:选 C。细节理解题。如果“planet”的定义不改变,Pluto 不会降级,将仍为 planet,可 见选项 C 错。 由首段 “opened the door for dozens of small, bodies on the fringes of the solar icy system.”可知, 也提到其他太空体也将成为 planet, 可见在这种假设下 A、 和 D 项都成立。 B 5.We can infer from the article that the decision to apply new definition to “planet”________.

A.has won universal support from scientists B.has been severely criticized by many astronomers C.has not been made inconsiderately D.has been banned by the International Astronomical Union 解析: C。 选 推理判断题。 由第二段首句 The important vote came after fierce debate at a meeting 可知。

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