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选修七 Unit 1 Living well 一、语言要点 I 单元要点预览(旨在让同学整体了解本单元要点) 词语 1.all in all/ in all/ at all/ after all/ above all/ first of all 辨析 1. disability n.无能;残疾 disabled adj.伤残的 able adj.能干的;能够的 词形 变化 2.

ambition n.野心,雄心 3.beneficial adj.有益的 4. independent adj.独立的 ambitious adj.有雄心的,野心勃勃的 benefit v.&n.受益;利益,好处 independence n.独立 depend v.依靠,依赖

5.encouragement n.鼓励 encourage v.鼓励 courage n.勇气,精神 1. ambition (n.) 雄心 词 2. beneficial (adj.) 有益的 汇 3. adapt (v.) 使适应;改编 部 4. conduct (n.) 行为 (v.) 指挥 分 重点 5. resign (v.) 辞职 单词 6. companion (n..) 同伴 7. access n. (接近的)方法;通路;可接近性 8. suitable adj.适合的, 适当的; 9. annoy vt. 使生气,使烦恼; 招惹; 妨碍 10. adequate adj.适当的, 足够的 in other words 换句话说 cut out 切掉,删掉 out of breath 上气不接下气 重点 sit around 闲坐着 make fun of 取笑 all the best 一切顺利 词组 as well as 也, 又; 和……一样好 1. She is proud to have taken part in competitions and to have broken a record by running two laps(800 metres) this year. 2. The few who cannot see the real person inside my body do not make me annoyed, 重点句型 and I just ignore them. 3. I have a very busy life with no time to sit around feeling sorry for myself. 4. Just accept them for who they are, and give them encouragement to live as rich and full a life as you do. 复习不定式(见语法专题) 重点语法 II 词语辨析 (旨在提供完形填空所需材料) 1). all in all/ in all/ at all/ after all/ above all/ first of all 【解释】 all in all 总而言之 in all 总共 at all 根本 after all 毕竟;别忘了(放句首时) above all 最重要, 首先 first of all 首先 【练习】选择 all in all/ in all/ at all/ after all/ above all 或 first of all 并用其适当的形式填空 1) Don’t blame him too much. ________, he is a small child. 2) According to the survey, _______ there are nearly one million people in this small city out of work during the economic crisis. 3) I am glad to join you in this game, but ________ please allow me to introduce myself to you. 4) The parents didn’t worry about their daughter _______, for they believed she could succeed in getting the first prize. 5) When traveling abroad, _______, you need to prepare your passport. 6) There are many beautiful sentences in your article and its handwriting is good too. ________, I’m quite satisfied with it. Keys: 1) After all 2) in all 3) first of all 4) at all 5) above all 6) All in all III 词性变化 (旨在提供语法填空所需材料) 1. disability n.无能;残疾 disabled adj.伤残的 able adj.能干的;能够的 2. ambition n.野心,雄心 ambitious adj.有雄心的,野心勃勃的

3.beneficial adj.有益的 4. independent adj.独立的 5.encouragement n.鼓励

benefit v.&n.受益;利益,好处 independence n.独立 depend v.依靠,依赖 encourage v.鼓励 courage n.勇气,精神

【练习】根据句子结构,用括号内所提供词的适当形式填空 1)The ______ girl swims well in spite of her _______.(disable) 2) Robert is a very _______ man and one of his ______ is to travel in Antarctica. (ambition) 3) If you want to be a _______, you should work hard at ______ and care for ______ situations. (politics) 4) It is known to all that fresh air is _______ to our health and the new park ______ us all, so we should keep it clean.(benefit) 5) The boy who used to ______on his parents now wants the ______ from them and is learning to be _______.(depend) 6) Praise acts as an ______ to the players, and therefore they will feel ______ and get the _______to continue and improve their performance.(encourage) 7) My brother ______ from a well-known American university. My parents attended his _______ ceremony yesterday.(graduate) 8) When someone ______ others on their success, he or she usually says “_______”.(congratulate) 9) This concert was _______ by a famous _______ from Vienna. (conduct) keys:1) disabled; disabilities 2) ambitious; ambitions 3) politician; politics; political 4) beneficial; benefits 5) depend; independence; independent 6) encouragement; encouraged; courage 7) graduated; graduation 8) congratulates; congratulations 9) conducted; conductor

IV 重点词汇 (旨在提供综合运用所需材料) 1. ambition (n.) 雄心 [重点用法] ambitious adj. 志向远大的; 有雄心壮志的;有野心的 be ambitious for [power, social position, etc.] 极欲获得[权力, 社会地位等] be ambitious of success 渴望成功 be ambitious to serve the people 一心想为人民服务 [典例] 1) Her ambition is the presidency. 她的抱负是成为一名总统 2) After several hours’ work, she had no ambition to go dancing. 没有精力去跳舞了 3) The prince was attracted by the girl’s beauty, and ambitious to marry her. 王子为女孩的美貌打动了,渴望能娶到她。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 他的理想就是环游世界。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ 2) 作为一个志向远大的领导者,他想带领当地人们过上幸福的生活。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ Keys: 1)His ambition is to sail around the world. 2) As an ambitious leader, he wants to guide the local people to lead a happy life. 2. beneficial (adj.) 有益的 [重点用法] benefit v. &n.有助于;受益;利益,好处 be beneficial to sth./sb.对……有益 be of benefit to 对……有益 for the benefit of 为了……(的利益) benefit from 从……中受益 [典例] 1) A temperate climate is beneficial to the health; 温和气候有利于健康.

2) Sunshine is beneficial to plants. 阳光对植物有益。 3) I hope what I have written will be of benefit to someone else who may feel the same way. 我希望我写的这些将对有同感的人有帮助. 4) Both sides have benefited from the talks.双方都从和谈中受益。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 使用电脑对孩子们的学习很有好处。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ 2) 我发现这本书对初学英语的人很有用。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ Keys: 1)Using computers has a beneficial effect on children’s learning./Using computers is beneficial to children’s learning. 2)I found the book beneficial to English beginners. 3. adapt (v.) 使适应;改编 [重点用法] adapt (oneself) to sth.适应某物 adapt…to…使……适应…… adapt sth. for sth. from sth.根据某事将……改编成…… be adapted from… 由……改编 [典例] 1) You should adapt yourself to the new environment. 你应该适应新环境。 2) The makers adapted the cartoons film for children from the Russian original. 影片制作人为了孩子们将这本俄文原著改编成了卡通电影。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 他们很快适应了城市生活; _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ 2) 这部电影是由小说改编的。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ Keys: 1) They soon adapted themselves to the city life; 2)The movie was adapted from a novel. 4. conduct (n.) 行为 (v.) 指挥 [重点用法] conductor n. 领导者, 经理, a bad conduct 恶劣行为 under the conduct of 在...指导[管理]下 [典例] 1) The chairperson conducted the hearing. 主席先生主持了这个听证会。 2) His conduct of the business was very successful. 他的事业进展得相当顺利。 3) The curator conducted the visitors round the museum. 馆长领着游客们在博物馆中参观。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 在农业专家的指导下,当地农民过了个丰收年。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ 2) 今天下午向导指挥着小学生参观了博物馆 _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ Keys: 1) Under the conduct of the agricultural experts, local farmers had an abundant year. 2) The guider conducted the students in primary school around the museum this afternoon. 5. resign (v.) 辞职;委托, 把...交托给(to, into) [重点用法] resign one's position (as secretary) 辞去(秘书)职务 resign office 辞职 resign oneself to 听任(某种影响); 只好(做某事) resign oneself to one's fate 听天由命

resign ... to... 把... 托付给 [典例] 1) In order to look after her sick mother, Mary decided to resign her position as a manager in the company.为了照顾生病的母亲,Mary 决定辞去公司经理的职务。 2) I resign my children to your care. 我把孩子们委托你来照顾。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 在任何情况下,我们都不能听天由命。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ 2) 我只好在长队中等候 _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ Keys: 1) In no situation, shall we resign ourselves to our fate. 2)I resigned myself to a long wait in line. 6. companion (n..) 同伴 [重点用法] make companions of 与...作伴, 与...为友 companions in arms 战友 a faithful companion 忠实伴侣 [典例] 1) His companion is Jim, a black slave who has also run away. 他的搭档 Jim 是一个黑奴,也是逃出来的。 2) His brother is not much of a companion for him. 他兄弟与他情趣不甚相投。 7. access n. (接近的)方法;通路;可接近性 [重点用法] accessible adj. 易接近的, 可到达的, accessible to(prep.) [典例] 1) Fallen rocks cut off the only access to the village.落石阻断了通往村庄的唯一通道。 2) Every student has free access to the library.每位学生都可自由利用图书馆。 3) A place accessible to the public 公众可以进入的地方 [练习] 汉译英 1) 所有的公交将会供健康和残疾人使用。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ 2)这是解决问题的最容易的方法。. _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ Keys: 1) All the public transport will be accessible to both ordinary people and the disabled. 2) Here is the easiest access to the problem. 8. suitable adj.适合的, 适当的; [典例] 1) Experts in education call for more books suitable for children 教育方面的专家呼吁多些适合 儿童阅读的书籍 2) This wine is not suitable to my taste.这酒不合我的胃口。 [重点用法] suit v. 合适, 适合, 相配, unsuitable adj. 不适合的, 不相称的 be suitable for (doing) sth./sb. 很适合(做)…… [练习] 汉译英 1) 我认为这个应征者不适合这个岗位. _______________________________________________________________________________ ______________ 2) 他尝试找一个合适的词来描述这幅画. _______________________________________________________________________________

______________ Keys: 1) I don’t think the applicant is suitable for the post. 2) He tried to find a suitable word to describe the picture. 9. annoy vt. 使生气,使烦恼; 招惹; 妨碍 [典例] 1) Stop annoying your mother. She is busy.别烦你妈妈,她现在很忙。 2) It annoyed him when someone made fun of his ugly handwriting.当有人取笑他的字迹难看时, 他就十分恼火。 [重点用法] be annoyed at/by sth.因为某事而感到困扰 get /be annoyed with sb.生某人的气 annoying 令人恼火的 annoyed 恼怒的;烦恼的 [练习] 汉译英 1) 我遇到了一个令人烦恼的问题. _______________________________________________________________________________ _____________ 2) 他因为丢了身份证而感到烦恼. _______________________________________________________________________________ _____________ Keys: 1) I met an annoying problem. 2) He was annoyed at his lost ID card. 10. adequate adj.适当的, 足够的; 差强人意的 [典例] 1) The supply is not adequate to the demand. 供不应求。 2) I am sure to prove adequate to the job. 我一定会证明自己能胜位这项工作。 3) The skater's technique was only adequate.滑冰者的技术只能说是差强人意 [练习] 汉译英 1) 孩子们需要足够的营养长身体. _______________________________________________________________________________ _____________ 2) 这个表演勉勉强强. _______________________________________________________________________________ _____________ Keys: 1) Children need adequate nutrition to build up their body. 2) The performance is merely adequate. V 重点词组 (旨在提供综合运用所需材料) 1. in other words 换句话说 [典例] 1) You can stay at home and needn’t come here any longer. In other words, you are fired.你可以 在家呆着以后都不用来了。也就是说,你被解雇了。 2) He found his first job. In other words, he needn’t depend on his father any more.他找到了他的 第一份工作,换句话说,他再也不用依靠他父亲了。 [短语归纳] in a word=in one word 总而言之 in words 用语言 have a word with sb.与某人谈话 have words with 与某人争吵 [练习]选用短语并用恰当的形式填空。 1) She has a good handwriting, and is good at writing articles. __________, she is a qualified secretary. 2) The beauty of sunset can not be described _________. 3) The person who _______________my father is one of my relatives. 4) The couple _________________ each other in the street ignoring the eyes of passers-by. Keys: 1) In a word 2) in words 3) has a word with 4) have words with 2. cut out 切掉,删掉

[短语归纳] cut down 砍倒; 削减,压缩 cut up 切[破]碎 cut off 切断, 停掉;隔绝, 挡住 [典例] 1) I cut this article out of the newspaper.我从报纸上剪下了这篇文章。 2) Deserts are also created because people cut down trees and dig up grass.由于人们砍树挖草导 致了沙漠的产生。 3) The flood cut off their supplies.洪水切断了他们的供养。 [练习]用恰当的介词填空。 1) I would cut _____ the bit about working as a waitress. 2) The car industry cut ______ production. 3) The woodchopper cut _______ the tree and cut it _______. Keys: 1) out 2) down 3) down; up 3. out of breath 上气不接下气 [短语归纳] hold one’s breath 屏息 catch one’s breath 松一口气 take a deep breath 深深地吸了一口气 out of control 失控 out of sight 看不见 out of order 坏了 out of reach 够不着 [典例] 1) He became out of breath after running back to the classroom.跑回教室后他变得上气不接下 气。 2) He ran as fast as he could and finally caught up with his teacher but got out of breath.他飞快地 跑着,最终追上了他的老师可是已经上气不接下气。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 为吓下他的同学,他屏住呼吸然后又突然间跳了出来. _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ 2) 这老奶奶太老了以致于才走了短短的路就上气不接下气了. _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ Keys: 1) To frighten his classmate, the boy held his breath and jumped out suddenly. 2) The granny is so old as to be out of breath going only a short distance. 4. make fun of 取笑 [短语归纳] have fun with sb.(和某人在一起)娱乐,开心 for fun 为了快乐,闹着玩地 play a joke on sb.开某人的玩笑 play a trick on sb.捉弄某人 [典例] 1) We should not make fun of the classmates when they can not answer the questions correctly. 当同学不能正确回答问题时,我们不应该嘲笑他们。 2) Nobody likes being made fun of.没有人喜欢被嘲笑。 3) Children draw pictures for fun.孩子们在画着玩呢。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 大多小孩都喜欢玩小猫。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ 2) 中国人总喜欢在除夕夜和家人在一起。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ Keys: 1) Most children like to play a trick on kitty. 2) People in China always have fun with

families on the Spring Festival eve. 5. all the best 一切顺利 [短语归纳] at (the) best 至多,充其量也不过…… do one’s best 竭尽全力 make the best of 最有效地利用 best of all 尤其,特别 [典例] 1) My father loves golf best of all. He goes for it every weekend. 我父亲特别喜欢打高尔夫球,每个周末他都会去打一次. 2) I wish you all the best during the journey.我祝愿你旅途一切顺利 [练习] 汉译英 1) 我祝福你在新的国度一切如意。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ 2)我们祝愿她的工作顺利。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ Keys: 1) I wish you all the best in a new country. 2) We wish her all the best in her new job. 6. as well as 也, 又; 和……一样好(可连接并列的名词,代词,形容词,动词,介词短语等;注意: 连接两谓语时,两动词的时态要保持一致) [短语归纳] as good as 和...一样好 as well 也, 又(常做状语), 相当于 too; also [典例] 1) She can sing as well as her sister.她唱得和她姐姐一样好。 2) He directed as well as act in the film.他导演了这部影片并且在里边扮演了角色。 3) I am going to study abroad and my brother is going as well.我要到国外留学,我弟弟也要去。 4) His story is as good as a play.他的故事很有趣。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 她既擅长数学又擅长英语。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ________________ 2) 海伦和我一样都渴望参加晚会。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ________________ 3) 她的钢琴弹得和你一样好。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ________________ Keys: 1) She is good at math as well as English. 2) Helen as well as I is eager to take part in the evening party. 3) She plays the piano as well as you. VI 重点句子 (旨在提供句子结构等所需材料) 1. She is proud to have taken part in competitions and to have broken a record by running two laps(800 metres) this year.她很骄傲她参加了比赛而且在今年的 800 米长跑中打破了记录。 [解释]to have taken part in…为不定式的完成时,表示的动作在谓语动作前发生,意为“已经 做了”。 [典例] I am sorry to have kept you waiting for such a long time.对不起,让你等了那么久。 AIDS is said to have been the biggest health challenge to both men and women in that area over the past few years.据说,在过去的几年里,爱滋病已经成为那个地区男性以及女性的最大的健康隐 患。 [练习]汉译英 1)当老师问起时,他假装读过了这篇课文。

_______________________________________________________________________________ ____ 2)据说他的作品被译成了多种文字。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ Keys: 1)He pretended to have read the text when asked by his teacher. 2)His works are said to have been translated into many languages. 2. The few who cannot see the real person inside my body do not make me annoyed, and I just ignore them.有些同学看不到我的内心世界,但我并不生气,只是不理会他们罢了。 [解释] see the real person inside one’s body “了解某人内心深处”是一种比较形象的说法。 [典例] In the film the Black Book, the captain cannot find a friend who is able to see the real person inside his body. 在电影《黑皮书》中,那个上尉无法找到一个可以理解他的朋友。 [练习] 汉译英 1) 我们只愿意相信理解我们内心的朋友,并和他们分享秘密。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ 2) 他最终选择了理解他的女孩当自己的妻子。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ Keys: 1)We are only willing to trust and share the secrets with the friends who can see the real person inside our bodies. 2)He finally chose the girl who could see the real person inside his body as his wife. 3. I have a very busy life with no time to sit around feeling sorry for myself. 生活太忙了,我可没时间闲坐着顾影自怜。 [解释] “sit around”无所事事;feeling sorry for myself 现在分词短语做伴随状语。 [典例] She is not the type to sit around doing nothing.她不是那种闲坐着无所事事的人。 A beggar sits around staring at the last leaf on the tree. 有个乞丐闲坐着,眼睛盯着树上的最后的一片叶子。 Don’t sit around, it’s time to set down to your work.别闲坐了,到时间干活了。 [练习] 汉译英 1)因为无处可去,他只好整个假期陪伴着他的奶奶. _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ 2)他心地很好,他把所有的家产用去帮助有需要的人。 _______________________________________________________________________________ ____ Keys: 1) With nowhere to go, he had to spend all his winter holiday accompanying with his old granny. 2) He is a kindest person with all his fortune to help people in need. 4. Just accept them for who they are, and give them encouragement to live as rich and full a life as you do.接受他们的现状,并给他们予鼓励,让他们和你们一样过着丰富多彩而充实的生活。 [解释]… to live as rich and full a life as you do.具有以下结构 “as+adj.+a/an+n.+as”表示像……一样的……” [典例] Mary is as friendly a girl as Julie. Mary 和 Julie 一样友好 I have never met with as clever a boy as he is before, who has really impressed me a great deal. 我从来没见过像他一样聪明的男孩,他的确给我留下了非常深刻的印象. [练习] 汉译英 1)我不像你们中任何一个那样是个好选手. _______________________________________________________________________________

___ 2)今天像昨天一样热 _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ Keys: 1)I am not so/as good a player as any of you. 2)It is as hot a day as it was yesterday. 二、课文要点 1 课文词汇等填空(旨在复习本课文中的单词拼写和主要词语等) 根据课文内容完成下面语法填空,注意单词拼写和词语用法: Marty is a 1 ( able) boy 2 suffers from a muscle disease. He doesn’t look any difference from other people but in fact he is too weak to go to school sometimes. He feels 3 (annoy) after his 4 (缺席) from school. But he is outgoing and he thinks having a 5 (disable) doesn’t mean his life is not 6 (满意的).He learns to adapt 7 his present life. His disease helps him grow stronger 8 (psychology) and become more 9 (独立的). He hopes healthy people can give the disabled more 10 (encourage) in life. 答案:1. disabled 2. who 3. annoyed 8. psychologically 9. independent 4. absence 5. disability 10. encouragement 6. satisfying 7.to

2 课文大意概括 (旨在训练用 30 个单词概括大意的能力) 阅读课文,试着用 30 个单词概括课文大意,再比较答案 Marty 是一个残疾的孩子但是他有着积极的生活态度。他从来不为他的残疾而感到羞愧,相 反,他努力使自己和别人一样独立。他过着充实的生活。 ______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 答案:Marty is a disabled but fairly positive person. He never feels sorry for his disability and instead he tries to be as independent as everyone. He lives a rich and full life. 3 课文佳句背诵与仿写 (旨在培养对难句的理解和运用能力) 1.【原句】Unfortunately, the doctors don’t know how to make me better, but I am very outgoing and have learned to adapt to my disability. 不幸的是,大夫们不知道如何治好我的病,但是我 很开朗乐观,学会了适应身体的残疾。 [模仿要点] 句子结构:副词和 it’s + adj 之间的转换 相当于从句: It is unfortunate that the doctors don’t know how to make me better, but I am very outgoing and have learned to adapt to my disability. 【模仿 1】不得不承认的是,现在人们对残疾人的态度已经有了很大的改变。 ______________________________________________________________________________ 答案:It is admitted that nowadays people’s attitude towards the disabled has changed a lot . Admittedly, nowadays people’s attitude towards the disabled has changed a lot . 【模仿 2】幸运的是她从父母和老师那里得到了许多的鼓励,那使得她克服了她所遇到的困 难。 ______________________________________________________________________________ 答案:It was lucky that she gained so much encouragement from her parents and teachers that she overcame the difficulties she met with. Luckily, she gained so much encouragement from her parents and teachers that she overcame the difficulties she met with. 2.【原句】I have a very busy life with no time to sit down feeling sorry for myself. 我的生活很 充实,没有时间闲坐着顾影自怜。 [模仿要点] 句子结构:现在分词做伴随状语: 【模仿 1】麦克有这么多事情要做,他根本没时间来喝杯咖啡放松一下自己。 ____________________________________________________________________________ 答案:Mike has so much work to do with no time to have a coffee relaxing himself. 【模仿 2】他感到非常内疚以致没有勇气跟他的父母谈谈,解析他所做的事情。 ____________________________________________________________________________

答案:He felt so guilty without enough courage to talk to his parents explaining what he had done. 3.【原句】Just accept them for who they are, and give them encouragement to live as rich and full a life as you do. 要接受他们,给他们以鼓励,让他们能像你一样过得丰富多彩,充实美满。 [模仿要点] 句子结构:as +形容词+a/an+名词+as 的用法: 【更多例句】It is as beautiful a day as it was yesterday. 今天天气和昨天的天气一样好。 【模仿 1】他是你所能遇见到的最文雅的男人。 _______________________________________________________________________________ 答案:He is as gentle a man as you could ever meet. 【模仿 2】跑步就像游泳一样是有益的运动。 答案:Running is as beneficial a sport as swimming. 三、单元自测 1 完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 21—30 各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最 佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 词词数:242 完成时间: 15 分钟 难度:** Kate said "Hello" to Mr. Patel as she entered. She picked up a wire basket and walked towards the back of the store where the rice was kept. The room was quite large and divided by three long aisles(过道), with rows of shelves full of 21 .Besides her and Patel there were only two boys in the store. They were both wearing 22 overcoats. They looked rather 23 because the overcoats were too big for them." 24 ",she heard one of them whisper to the other. She walked on to the next aisle and found the 25 she was looking for. Then she heard some- thing else. It sounded like a box 26 on the floor. She looked through the small open space and saw one of the boys picking up a box. But 27 putting it in the basket, he dropped it into the inside pocket of his overcoat. Kate looked back and saw Mr. Patel at the door checking through a list. Then she looked through the space again. The boys were still putting something else into their inside pockets ..." Let' s get out of here." one of them said and they moved away from her. When she got to the door, the two boys were 28 her. She watched them paying for the few things in their basket. They had both 29 their overcoats. Mr. Patel did not seem to know what they had done. He even 30 at them as they were about to leave. Now Kate decided to stop them. 21. A. books B. baskets C. magazines D. goods 22. A. long B. tight C.grey D. dirty 23. A. nervous B. young C. strange D. excited 24. A. Look up B. Watch out C. Put it down D. Listen to me 25. A. book B. rice C. bag D. magazine 26. A. throwing B. dropping C. spreading D. splitting 27. A. instead of B. as though C. rather than D. in spite of 28. A. looking at B. talking to C. in front of D. behind 29. A. thrown out B. put on C. buttoned D. hidden 30. A. shouted B. smiled C. looked D. laughed [答案解析] 21. D 超市里架子上放的自然是“货物”了。 22. A 从下文得知,他们准备偷东西,所以穿“长”大衣来做掩护.四个选项中只有 long 与后面提到的 too big 有点关系。 23. C 大衣长而大,穿在小孩子身上自然就觉得古怪。young,nervous,excited 与 strange 之间没有逻辑上的因果关系。 24. B 毕竟是做贼的,所以提醒另一人要“当心”。 25. B 开头已暗示 Kate 是来买米的。 26. B it 指前面听到的声音,这种声音“听起来”像“掉下来”…… 27. A 按理小孩应把选中的东西放进购物篮中,但他们没有,故用 instead of. 28. C 她看着他们,说明他们就在她面前。 29. C 大衣的钮子钮得整整齐齐,因为里面藏有东西.此处 button 是动词。 30. B did not seem to know what…到 even 的"递进"关系并结合常识可以判断。 2 语法填空

阅读下面短文, 按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求, 在空格处填入一个适当的 词或使用括号中词语的正确形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡标号为 31-40 的相应位置上。 词数:205 完成时间:9 分钟 难度:*** Years ago I gave a speech 31 (call) "Powerful Phrases for Positive People. " These are very simple---but powerful--phrases 32 we all like to hear: "I'm proud of you. " "I believe in you. " "I trust you. " "I love you. " "You can do it. " We should all focus on one phrase in particular: "I thank you." We can never wear out this phrase. It should be on the tips of our tongues 33 someone has been kind to us. In fact, we're often too 34 to give thanks and too quick to complain. Maybe we're busy with our lives and focus so much on 35 that we forget to give others thanks. We tend to take our blessings for granted, like the story about a house owner who hired a real estate (房地产)agent to prepare 36 ad to sell his house. After the house owner read the ad in the paper about many attractive characters of his own house, he called the, real--estate agent to say he no longer wished to sell it. When 37 (ask)what changed his mind, the house owner said, "After reading your ad, I realized I 38 (live)in the house I always wanted to live 39 ' It's time to count our blessings and pull out that simple phrase, "I thank you" 40 (sincere). 答案: 文章告诉我们, 在生活中我们不应大过于关注自己, 而忽略了别人, 要有一颗感恩的心. 要 善于表扬、鼓励别人。 31.called 考查非谓语动词的用法:过去分词作定语,表被动。相当于 which was called; 32.that,which 考查定语从句关系代词的判断。代替指物的先行词 phrase,在从句中作 宾语; 33. when/whenever 考查状语从句的判断。 由语境可知. 当别人对我们友好时, Thank you 应该挂在嘴边。 34.slow 考查语境化选词。 由下文的“and too quick to complain. . .”可以得出答案。 35.ourselves 考查反身代词的用法。由下文的“to give others”可知答案。 36. an 考查冠词的用法。 准备登一个广告。 这里 prepare an ad 相当于 prepare to put an ad。 37.asked 考查非谓语动词的用法。ask 和其逻辑主语 house—owner 是被动关系.故用 过去分词表被动。 38.had lived 考查动词的时态;动作发生在 realized 之前。表示过去的过去。 39. in 考查介词的用法。 定语从句中省略了作宾语的关系代词。 指的是 house。 “live in(the house)”。 40.sincerely 考查副词用法。修饰动词短语(thank you)作状语,所以要用副词形式。 3. 信息匹配 阅读下列应用文及相关信息,并按照要求匹配信息。 首先,请先阅读下列应用文: A. Gesichter of Orients Documents of the life of the various cultures lived in the region of present-day Jordan, from the early Neolithic (8th century 13. C. ) to the early Islamic period. Besides, there are documents about other religious group. B. Covering the Real Works by Warhol, Richter, Polke, Baldessari and another 20 artists show the relationship between art of different ages in different ways--photography, painting, video, installation and the press picture. C. At Home with ter Botch While Gerard ter Borch the younger is well known as a Dutch master, few people know that the other members of the family were also highly skilled in art. The exhibition shows about 80 drawings by ter Broch, his father and his half-brothers and sister. D. Robert Couturier: 100P, ns of Sculptor Celebrate the l00th birthday of the French sculptor, the exhibition brings together more than 100 sculptures and drawings. Couturier, who developed a close relationship with Maillol, found his inspiration in the human body, and use stone, plaster and bronze to express it. E. Follow me! Chinese Art at the Treshuld of the New Millennium Looks at the work of 19 artists born after 1960 who escaped the ideological influence of the Cultural Revolution. Everyday life and separation in the new age and in the big cities, as well as marks of the Revolution. F. China Crossroads of Culture

Explores the development of Chinese art from the Han through the Tang dynasties, a period when waves of conquest, trade and immigration along the Silk Road set off a new Chinese creativity. The 200 items include objects in jade, gold, silver, textiles, works on paper and wall painting. 以下是与上面应用文相关的个人信息,请匹配个人信息与其相对应的应用文。 Bessy: Having been interested in painting for 3 years, she now falls in love with sculpture. She feels the form can express fully what she sees, feels, and thinks. Recently, she has joined in the local sculpture club. Collins: He is an exchange scholar on art. Since childhood, he has been fascinated in Chinese ancient art. The land with a long history, the "great inventions", the hard-working nation with full wisdom, has played a world leading role in human history for thousands of years. He always wonders how they achieved this? Mr. Chang:An overseas Chinese. He left China soon after the founding of New China. All things are proving the success of China's opening-up policy, and he feels inspired and proud. He'd like to know more about its recent development. Paul: He is a graduate of Leeds University. Working on a report about religion, especially Christianity, Muslim and Islam, he has made many visits to famous religious places and spent much time in libraries searching for related information and proof. Denny: He is a college student who majors in art. As an excellent student in the department, he has done some research on the art expressing ways of different times. He' d like to find out that with the development of science and technology, what new ways can be adopted to show art? 申请者: 46. Bessy 47. Collins 48. Mr. Chang 49. Paul 50. Denny 选择意向: A. Gesichter of Orients B. Covering the Real C. At Home with ter Borch D. Robert Couturier.. 100Ans of Sculptor E. Chinese Art at the Treshold of New Millennium F. China Crossroads of Culture

答案: 46.D [解析]Bessy 的信息里出现了 sculpture 一词,D 栏也有有关 Sculpture 的内容。本题 容易。 47.F [解析]Collins 的信息里出现了 Chinese ancient art,F 栏有“Chinese art f'rom the Han through the Tang dynasties"。本题稍难。 48 . E [ 解 析 ]Mr . Chang 的 信 息 里 出 现 了 “He’d like to know more about its recent development.”与 E 栏有关。本题容易。 49.A [解析]Paul 的信息里出现了 religion 一词,A 栏也有有关 religion 的内容,本题容易。 50.B [解析] Denny 的信息里出现了“the art expressing ways of different times.”B 栏也有有 关“art of different ages in different ways”的内容。本题容易。 4. 基础写作 假设你叫马莉,一个叫丽丽的朋友写信要你介绍一些急救知识,请你立即回复,内容包 括: (1)如果有人窒息,你得立即给他做人工呼吸,使他恢复呼吸。 (2)若有人大出血,你必须马上给他止血。用手帕压在出血点上并按住不动。 (3)如有人被动物咬伤,让他把伤口放在冷水管下冲洗,尽快去看医生。 (4)对于简单的刀伤,只要将伤口冲洗一下,弄干净,然后盖上一块清洁的干布就行了。 [写作要求] 1.请你就以上内容提示用 5 个句子写一封英文信。 2.信的开头和结尾已给出,不计人句数。 _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________

_______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________ 答案: Dear Lily, Pleased to receive your letter. I think we have to learn something about first aid, for unexpected accidents often happen in the daily life. Here is some advice on how to do first aid. 1. If the person is not breathing, you must try to start his breath at once, using the mouth-to-mouth way. 2. If the person is bleeding badly, you must try to stop the bleeding by pressing a handkerchief onto the bleeding point and hold it there. 3. If someone is bitten by an animal, you had better wash his wound under cold running water and go to see a doctor as soon as possible. 4. For the slight knife wound, you only need to wash and clean it, and then you can cover it with a piece of clean cloth. Hope to hear from you soon. Yours, Mary

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