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第 I 卷(共 105 分) 第一部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分 55 分) 第一节单项填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) 1 . The new president has been doing everything he can , with or without Congress , ____________ opportunity for more people. A.to expand B.expanding C.expanded D.expand 2.—Doctor,need I go on taking medicine? —No.You’ve fully recovered,___________ I said you would. A.though B.because C.if D. as 3.—Has Mr.Gilbert completed the report? —I don’t know.But I saw he ______ it. A.wrote B.has been writing C.was writing D.had written 4 . Knowing his classmates who have gone to college are all successful , he wishes he____________ harder at schoo1. A.worked B.had worked C.has worked D.works 5.—How are you prepared for the new project? —we have done much but a lot of equipment _____________. A.is remained to buy B.are remained to buy C.remains to be bought D.remain to be bought 6.We should thank our teachers and friends, with ____________ help our effort has paid off. A.that B.which C.whom D.whose 7.Before you make a decision you have to figure out _____________ you care for. A. what B.that C. why D.whether 8.—Our family are going to Hawaii for a holiday. — ______________.Its beach is very attractive. A.You’re crazy B.It’s all right C.You’re lucky D. It’s surprising 9.There is___________great need for clean water in ________ city where the river has been polluted. A.不填;the B.a;the C.不填;a D.a;a 10.I can’t remember when you told me the story but I clearly remember where it was ___________ you told me. A.when B.what C.if D.that 第二节完形填空(两篇共 30 小题;满分 40 分) A Seven million people died as a result of air pollution in 2012 , the World Health Organization estimates. Its findings suggest a 11 between air pollution and heart disease,respiratory(呼吸) problems and cancer. One 12 eight global deaths were linked with air pollution,13 it“the world’s largest single environmental health risk” ,the WHO said. 14 six million of the deaths had been in South East Asia and the WHO’s Western Pacific region,it found. The WHO said about 3.3 million people had 15 as a result of indoor air pollution and 2.6 million deaths were related to outdoor air pollution,16 in low-and middle-income countries in

those regions. WHO director Dr Maria Neira said: “The risks from air pollution are now far 17 than previously thought or understood,particularly for heart disease and strokes. ” 18 risks have a greater impact on global health today than air pollution. The evidence signals the need for concerted action to 19 the air we all breathe. “ 20 air pollution could save millions of lives, ”said the WHO. 11.A.difference B.1ink C.fact D.condition 12.A.in B.out C.for D.of 13.A.finding B.resulting C.making D.calling 14.A.Seldom B.Hardly C.Always D.Nearly 15.A.suffered B.died C.coughed D.tolerated 16.A.finally B.generally C.mainly D.merely 17.A.greater B.more C.harder D.worse 18.A.Serious B. Huge C.Small D.Few 19.A.clean up B.break up C.cut up D.keep up 20.A.Protecting B.Abolishing C.Reducing D.Realizing B We were moving to a new state after my husband had been out of work for many months and we had no money.21,we had to borrow money to reach our destination town.Anyway,it was my husband,two boys 22 four and two,and myself seven months pregnant,in an old Volvo station wagon. We had been 23 for two days in the middle of winter,and we had taken a route that was very 24.There was nothing around for miles-no cars,buildings or 25 of civilization.Suddenly,our car started 26 power. We saw a light in the distance and managed to roll to a 27 in front of this property that looked 28 a small simple house. Our cell phones had not gotten reception for many miles, and it was 29 outside,so I didn’t know if we were going to make 30 out of this situation alive. My husband got out of the car to see 31there was something he could do to get us 32 again,but it was not looking good.A short while later,a man came out of the house and spoke with my husband a bit before 33 us all into his home. He and his wife took us in, fed us, and made us 34 at home as we struggled to find some 35 to get to our destination,which was still a few hours’drive 36.We were able to call a friend and get a ride,37 our broken car behind,but not before the couple gave us food and water for our 38. One week later, this dear sweet couple 39 our car all the way to our place and refused to take 40 in return,except for us to pay it forward?and we will continue to do it forever. 21.A.In time B.As usual C.In fact D.After all 22. A.aged B.named C.ranked D.graded 23.A.walking B.travelling C.driving D.wandering 24.A.crowded B.modern C.busy D.deserted 25.A.signals B.signs C.marks D. scenes 26.A.1osing B.producing C.providing D.wasting 27.A.station B.place C.side D.stop 28.A.for B.after C.1ike D.at 29.A.freezing B.noisy C.rainy D.dirty 30.A.this B.it C.that D.one 31.A.how B.where C. when D.if

32.A.rolling B.starting C.smiling D.exciting 33.A.dragging B.inviting C.showing D.1eading 34.A.stay B.live C.feel D.rest 35.A.idea B.way C.excuse D.mind 36.A.away B.apart C.along D.ahead 37.A.causing B.forgetting C.arranging D.1eaving 38.A.family B.comfort C.journey D.satisfaction 39.A.carried B.pulled C.held D.pushed 40.A.something B.nothing C.everything D.anything 第二部分阅读理解(共 25 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 50 分) A Robert A.Heinlein was considered one of American’s “Big Three”western science fiction authors,along with Issac Asimov and Arthur C.Clarke.He was born in a family of seven children in 1907,attended public school in Kansas City,and graduated from Central High School in 1924.In 1929 he graduated from fhe U.S.Naval Academy at Annapolis,and served as all officer in the Navy.This experience had a strong influence on his character and writing.At the age of thirty-two,he turned his hand to writing science fiction. Heinlein’s first published stories appeared in the action-adventure magazine Astounding Science Fiction in 1939.Under his influence writers started to examine how technology might affect the everyday lives of ordinary people,and society in general. Heinleiu’s early works emphasized adventure,and were aimed at young readers.In 1959 he received the Boy’s Clubs of American Book Award.In these novels Heintein avoided open didacticism( 说 教 ) , although his main characters learned lessons in courage and tolerance.Beginning in the late 1950s,Heinlein started to write specially for adults,and to deal with such topics as cloning,religion,and free love. Heinlein produced fifty novels and collections of short stories during his career.One of his best-known works is the novel Stranger in a Strange Land,published inl961.A few years later it was adopted by the “Peace and Love” generation, and became the most successful science-fiction novel ever published. Glory Road(1963), written in the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ s Mars stories,is another of his most popular works. Within the framework of his science fiction stories,Heinlein repeatedly addressed such social themes as the importance of self-confidence and the duties each person owes to the society.In his fiction,Heinlein coined words that have become part of the English language, including “grok” and “waldo” . He also described a modern version of a “waterbed” in his novel The Door Into Summer and several of his works have been adapted for film and television. 41.What do we learn about Heinlein from the first paragraph? A.His navy life affected his writing. B.His early works had little influence. C. He was born into a wealthy family D. He wrote science fiction from childhood. 42.Which of the following is true about Heinlein’s works? A.They were Never aimed at adults. B.They forced readers to accept moral ideas. C.They were greatly influenced by other writers. D.Early works were popular among young readers. 43.Which of the following was adopted by the“Peace and Love”generation? A.Astounding Science Fiction B.Glory Road. C.Stranger in a Strange Land D.The Door Into Summer 44.The underlined word“coined”in the last paragraph mostly means ______________.

A.created B.1eft C.wrote D.kept 45.From the last paragraph we know Heinlein ______________. A. misunderstood some English words B. stressed the topics related to moral training C.focused on getting rewards from society D.produced many films and television programmes B Las Vegas cab driver Gerardo Gamboa thought someone must have left a bag of chocolates in the back seat of his vehicle,but it turned out to be $300,000 in cold hard cash. Now , Gamboa is winning honors for honesty after turning in the money he found Monday.The money was returned to an unidentified poker player working in a club.Yellow Checker Star Transportation named Gamboa its driver of the year and rewarded him with $l, 000 and a dinner for two at a restaurant. A message left Wednesday to interview Gamboa at the cab company wasn’t immediately returned. Gamboa told the Las Vegas Review-Journal he had another passenger by the time he began wondering what kind of chocolates were in the brown paper bag.He cast a glance inside the bag at a traffic light. “I told my passenger, ‘You are my witness on this, ’ ”the 13-year taxi driver told the Las Vegas Sun, “and then immediately called my company. ” Gamboa took the six bunches of $100 bills to the company’ s main office, where Las Vegas police and the club officials returned it to the poker player. Gamboa said the man gave him a $5 tip after a trip from the Cosmopolitan Resort to the Palms Place Tower,and Gamboa then drove to the Bellagio Resort,where a doorman helping a passenger into the car noticed the bag. It took several hours to check the identity of the owner and return the cash.He took Gamboa’s information,but didn’t leave a reward. “If he doesn’t give me anything,that’s OK, ”Gamboa told the Sun. “I’m not waiting for any kind of return.I just wanted to do the right thing,and I appreciate what the company did for me. ” 46.Who proved the driver found $300.000? A.Adoorman. B.A passenger. C. The poker player. D.The police. 47.How much money was there in every bunch on average? A.$100 B.$1,000 C.$3,000 D.$50,000 48.What’s the proper order of the events according to the text? a.The driver turned in the money. b.The poker player got out of the taxi. C.The driver found a large sum of money in the bag. d.The driver was interviewed by the Las Vegas Sun. e.A doorman helping a passenger into the car saw the bag. A.b-e-c-a-d B.b-c-d-e-a C.e-c-b-d-a D.e-b-c-a-d 49.What can be inferred from the text? A.The driver will ask the poker player for $l,000. B.It was 3 days before the poker player got back the money. C.The driver meant to keep back the money at first. D.The driver feels he should return the lost money. 50.Which of the following can be used to describe the driver?

B.Clever and careful. D.Determined and responsible. C College provides an important platform for the future professional life.The grades speak well about the kind of student you are and will also determine the chances of further studies.You cannot do all things at one time.At time you need to decide what to do according to their importance.This is one good skill that you will be requiring even after graduation. There are few tips to help you at college: Just find the place where you will not be disturbed.Grab your reading material,note pad, pen and other necessities.Distraction is a biggest hurdle in focusing.You need to ask yourself what distracts you the most. Is it music from the neighbors, presence of someone at home, internet or anything else? Try to be aware of your weakest points and then stay away from them as much possible during your study time.The distraction may also include your friends and some other things.It is only you who can decide that what is best for you. When you are ready for studying,then arrange the reading material and decide what things you need to study first. Put maximum time on your weak and major subjects. Set aside your minor ones for few hours as you know that these are comparatively less important than the majors. Make a realistic study plan which you can follow and stick to it.There is no point of making all 8hr study schedule daily as you know that it’s not possible for you.Start the preparation at least 4 weeks before the exams. While making a study plan,don't forget the breaks after every 90minutes of study.It will help your eyes to relax and focus in an effective manner. Make a checklist of small milestones and put this on your table so you can see them frequently.When you are done with one or more cross them from the list and focus on the new ones. 51.What is the most important thing in college according to the text? A.Doing all things at one time. B.Getting high scores in all fields. C. Attaining good skill in the exams. D. Deciding what to do based on their importance. 52.When choosing a place to study, you ______________. A.need take a music instrument along B.should consider a quiet surrounding C.can depend on your teachers or friends D.must consider whether it is comfortable 53 . By “ Put maximum time on your weak and major subjcots . ” , the author suggests ____________. A.you should devote more energy on what you like B.you should focus on weak and important points C.you should select the subjects you’re interested in D.you should give up something beyond your abilities 54.What does the author intend to tell us in the last paragraph? A.Accomplish the plan step by step. B.Victory belongs to the most persevering. C.Suffering is the most powerful teacher of life. D. Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass. 55.Why does the author write this text? A.To teach reader show to make a study plan. B.To explain chances for future professional life. C.To tell readers how to study smart at college. D.To introduce good techniques in preparing for exams. D

A.Honest and helpful. C.Understanding and generous.

Sahnun Mohamud has never lived in Somalia, but the 21-year-old student has helped set up an organization that supports aid projects for the east-African country.Sahnun Mohamud is a co-founder and director of a group called Students for Somalia. He is following the humanitarian example of his mother. Mr.Mohamud attends William & Mary College in Williamsburg, Virgina.It is a long way from Somalia.However, that coastal nation is home to many of his relatives. His parents were born there.His mother,Filsan Darman helped start the non-profit agency Aadamiga Somalia,which provided for aid to Somalia in 1987. Filsan Darman said the agency provided food and clothing to Somali people,who had fled to the Somali capital Mogadishu to escape contradiction in the North. Sahnun Mohamud praised his mother’ s service, “She’ s been helping Somalia since before I was born. ” Mr.Mohamud became involved in Humanitarian projects early in life.One of his goals for starting Students for Somalia was to get more non-Somalis to take part in helping Somalia. He noted that many Somali aid organizations have only Somali members. “So my group and my whole motto has been ‘Let every ethnicity and race help Somalia’ . I think it's a huge resource to have non-somali people helping Somalia. ”said Mohamud. This year,Students for Somalia and Aadamiga are cooperating on a project to fight poverty and increase education.Mr.Mohamud said the groups lend money to women who have lived a long time in refugee( 难民 )camps in Mogadishu . They use the money to start or support businesses like small food stores.The women must have a child in school in Somalia to receive the money.She also must pay back the loan,but Mr.Mohamud says the woman does not return the loan money to the lender.Instead,she gives it to her child's schoo1.That way,he says,the school can make improvements. 56.What do we know about Mohamud according to the text? A. He lived in Somalia with his mother. B. He started Students for Somalia on his own. C. He was director of Students for Somalia. D.He helped start the agency Aadamiga Somalia. 57.Which of the following is true of Aadamiga Somalia? A.It has offered help to Somalia since 1987. B.It alls on every ethnicity and race to help Somalia. C.It appealed to the government to help Somalia. D.Its aim was to help the women in poor condition. 58.For what purpose did Students for Somalia and Aadamiga cooperate? A.To encourage young people to work. B.To get more money from the women. C.To get some benefit from Somalia. D.To fight poverty and increase education. 59.Which condition is NOT true for women to get the money from the group? A.She must have a child in school in Somalia. B. She must pay back the money to the lender. C.She can use the money to start a business. D.She must pay back the money to her child’s schoo1. 60.What may be the best title of the text? A.Mother,son team up to fight Somalia poverty B.Mr.Mohamud helped found Humanitarian projects C.Students for Somalia centers its efforts on education D.Mother started the non-profit agency Aadamiga Somalia

E Many people say they can not start their day without first having a cup of coffee or tea.People say these drinks help them think clearly and feel more awake.This is because of caffeine, a kind of matter found in some plants. Caffeine helps to give a jumpstart to the nervous system.Now a new report says it may also improve long-term memory. Michael Yassa is a neurobiology professor at the University of California.He and other researchers wanted to know if caffeine could improve what they called memory consolidation.They asked a group of individuals to learn something new,then the same people were given caffeine,the active component in coffee,tea and chocolate. He and the other researchers worked with a group of l60 people who were Caffeine free.On the first day, all the subjects were shown pictures of everyday objects. They were asked to identify whether the pictures could be found inside the house or outdoors.Some of the subjects were then given a caffeine pill,the others were given a placebo—a pill containing an inactive thing.On the second day,all of the subjects were asked to look at more pictures.Some of the images were exactly like the ones they had seen 24 hours early.But other images were different.And a third group of pictures was similar to the first group but a little different.The participants had to decide whether the images they saw were the same or different from the ones on the first day. Professor Yassa says their answers help to show the effects of caffeine on memory. He says those who took the caffeine pills had a ten to twelve percent increase in their ability to remember the objects.The amount of caffeine the researchers used in the study was similar to one strong cup of coffee. Professor Yassa says pills with a little more caffene also increased memory,but resulted in some participants appearing more nervous. 61.From the passage,we can learn that caffeine ______________. A.Can be found in every plant B.can improve people’s health C.is contained only in coffee D.can help people think clearly 62.What does Paragraph 3 mainly discuss? A. How MichaeI Yassa does his research. B. Why Michael Yassa does the research. C.What the result of Michael Yassa research is. D.How many people participate in the research. 63.Which of the following statements about the experiment is true? A.The participants must be addicted to coffee. B.All the pictures seen on the second day were the same. C.All the participants must drink coffee on the first day. D.The participants saw three groups of pictures on the second day. 64.What does this text mainly tell us? A. Coffeeis essential for people’ s work. B. Caffeine has negative effects on our health. C.Caffeine may help better long-term memory. D.Caffeine can lead to difficult sleeping and anxiety. 65.The author wrote the text in order to ______________. A.forbid people to drink coffee B.report a new research of coffee C.attract readers to drink coffee D.introduce the procedure of research 第 II 卷(共 45 分) 第三部分 书面表达(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节 阅读表达(共 5 小题;每题 3 分,满分 15 分) [ 1 ] She has just released her second CD , “ Say the Words , ” and already

Chinese-Canadian singer Wanting is NO.1 in China and several Asian countries.She is bridging the gap between Asian and Western cultures through her music. [2]Wanting(full name Wanting Qu)didn’t start out to be an international pop star.The thin,delicately-featured Harbin,China native first touched a piano __________. [3] “I actually played the first piano that I touched when I was five and that ’s when I played Twinkle,Twinkle Little Star,”she said. “We were at my mom’s friend's house and my mom was like ‘did you just play“Twinkle,Twinkle Little Star”without any training or anything?’And so she saw that I had some sort of musical talent and so she gave me a piano as a birthday gift on my sixth birthday. ” [4]She studied classical piano for three years,but then stopped playing for more than a decade.Wanting moved to Canada when she was 16,learned English,and then studied business for four years.But she was unhappy. [5] “ I was studying economics , ” she said . “ Eventually I graduated in business management. But I spent four years not loving my life. I hated it. So I know, it was a lesson for me—it took four years to know that I don’t want to do business. ” [6]By 21,she had restarted her music,and began writing and composing her own songs.She participated in a workshop conducted by Terry McBride,the founder of Vancouver’ s Nettwerk Records,which handled artists such as Sarah McLachlan and Avril Lavigne. [7] After four years of putting together CDs, Wanting sent one to McBride, who signed her to Nettwerk.She also returned to China where a friend Xiao Kui of the punk band Noodle Killers helped her start valuable connections in her homeland. 66. How does Wanting help people from East and West to know each other's cultures?(no more than 6 words) ____________________________________________________________________________ 67.Fill in the blank in Paragraph 2 with proper words.(no more than 6 words) ____________________________________________________________________________ 68.why did her mom buy her a piano?(no more than 15 words) ____________________________________________________________________________ 69.What can be suggested in Paragraph 5?(no more than 8 words) ____________________________________________________________________________ 70.Who was Sarah McLachlan?(no more than 10 words) ____________________________________________________________________________ 第二节 写作(满分 30 分) 学校英语报因人员变动,需要充实部分英语记者。请以“English Reporters Wanted”为 标题,根据以下条件拟定一份招聘通知。 1.对记者工作有兴趣,热情高; 2.擅长与人沟通,观察力强; 3.英语水平高,有一定文字功夫。 注意: 1.词数 120—150; 2.可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 English Reporters Wanted Boys and girls, ___________________________________________________________________________




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