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Module 3 Unit1 1. a sense of sight/hearing/taste/smell/touch 2. make great achievements 3. step into the classroom 4. Once (he was) out in the street 5. run that far/a fog this bad 6. observe sb. do/doing sth. observe the traffic rules/observe Christmas day 7. make sense /make sense of/ There’s no sense in doing sth. 8. glance at /glare at/stare at (stare into space/stare into distance) 9. be nowhere to be seen Nowhere could I see him.(注意倒装) 10. a deserted /desert island 11. in/within sight/ out of sight/ at first sight/at the sight of/catch sight of /lose sight of/lose one’s sight 12. set off towards /for a place 13. feel a rough hand brush her face Feel his heart beating with fear 14. wish for sb. to do sth. 15. but fear held her still/hold the door open 16. reach (out) for the book 17. find oneself staring up at a man 18. with his hand resting on his arm 19. live at 86 King Street 20. watch/look out for 21. before one’s time 22. pay back the help /pay sb. back for sth. 23. be frozen with /in fear/be freezing cold 24. beat sb. in the game Win the first prize/ the battle/the match 25. The fog lay like a thick, grey cloud. 26. the remaining part 27. the remaining part 28. afford (to buy) the house 29. be mostly fine 30. with a fair chance of …… 31. make it clear that clause 32. be related to/be linked to do sth 33. be in a better position to do sth./be in a position to do sth(能够做某事) 34. a question still to be answered a meeting held yesterday/a meeting being held now/ a meeting to be held tomorrow 35. The problem lies in that clause. 36. be certain about (of)/be certain to do sth/be certain that/make certain that clause/make certain of…/It’s certain that clause

37. clear up 38. become stressed 39. make the most/best of…… 40. have high blood pressure 39. ignore traffic regulation. 40. turn the lights down 41. make one’s way to the research camp 42. can’t help doing sth. /can’t help (to) do sth. /can’t help but do sth. 43. warm me up 44. sweat with fear 45. all of a sudden 46. hear a loud noise ring out 47. in the distance / from a distance/ at a distance 48. set sail for our destination 49. Standing over there was a tall, dark man. 50. think sth. over 51. make good progress 52. be flown to a hospital 53. be grateful to you( for your help) 54. I didn’t tell him anything except that I wasn’t able to find my way back. I usually go to work by bike except when it rains. 55. go missing/ go hungry/ go bad/ go blind/go pale/go wrong 56. be through lots of storms 57. bite into an apple 58. accept him as an honest man 59. if possible/necessary 60. mainly/partly because 61. the chance of being attacked by a shark There’s a chance that he will change his mind. Chances are that they will come tomorrow. 62. compared to/with other dangers/compare A with B/ compare A to B 63. many more people/much more milk 64. Sharks don’t feed on humans. feed sb./animals on sth./feed sth. to sb. 65. It’s likely that…/Sb.(Sth) be likely to do sth. 66. avoid doing sth./avoid being punished 67. hit sb. on the nose/ catch sb by the arm 69. be fit to be eaten/ be fit for the job 70. the latter two attacks 71. be attracted to shiny objects 72. stick to one’s promise (stuck) 73. be deeply moved by sth./deep into the night 74. 30 times greater chance/two sizes larger for me 75. A be three times longer/wider/ higher/ deeper/larger than B.

A be three times as long/wide/ high/ deep/large as B. A be three times the length/width/ height/depth/ size of B. Module 3 Unit 2 Language 1. in a sense 从某种意义上说 2. stand for a beaming smile 代表灿烂的微笑 3. inform sb of/ about sth.通知某人某事 keep sb informed of sth 使某人被通知 4. including sth/ sth included 包括某事 5. share sth with sb 与某人分享某物 6. throughout history 贯穿历史;throughout the world/ all over the world 7. be made up of/consist of 由…组成 8. a language with some confusing rules 一种带有令人迷惑规则的语言 9. bring sth with sb to sp 将某物待在身边带到某地 10. at the end of the 9th Century 在九世纪晚期 11. It’s certain that… …是确定的 12. sb find it hard to do sth 觉得做某事很难 13. have similar meaning in …有类似的意思 14. contribute to / result in/ lead to/cause the development of……导致……的发展 15. be replaced by/ with; 被…代替 16. despite the fact/ in spite of the fact 尽管事实如此 17. have an impact on(the English language)对…巨大冲击 18. at this point 在此期间 19. raise animals 饲养动物 20. the upper/lower class 上(下)层阶级 21. by the latter half of the 24th century 到 24 世纪下半叶 22. one’s mother tongue/ one’s native language 母语 23. undergo huge changes(underwent, undergone)经历巨大变化/ undergo treatment 接受治 疗 24. continue doing/ continue to do sth 继续做某事 25. a sequence of events 一系列事件 26. official occasions 官方正式场合 27. make a promise; keep /break one’s promise 做许诺;遵守诺言/食言 28. promise to do sth 许诺做某事 29. a promising boy 一个有前途的男孩 30. This is where I disagree. This is what I disagree to.这就是我不赞同的地方。 31. spoken English/written English 口语、书面语 32. I regret to inform you 我遗憾地通知你 33. in addition=plus 除此之外 34. have a word with=speak to 与某人谈话 35. have words with sb 与某人吵架 36. take sth into consideration 考虑某事 37. take action/measures to do sth 采取行动做某事

38. set high standards for 为.........设高标准 39. below standard 在标准以下 40. make a decision 做决定 41. at one time 曾经(at times 有时候) 42. at a time 一次 43. due to/because of/ as a result of/owing to 由于 44. ban sb from doing sth 禁止某人做某事 45. easily accessed television programs 容易接受的电视节目 have access to 46. get along/on with sb 与某人相处 47. There is no need to do sth 没有必要做某事 48. waste time doing sth 浪费时间做某事 49. It’s a waste of time to do/doing sth 50. shorten the distance 缩短距离 51. embarrass sb into doing sth 做某事使某人尴尬 52. refuse to accept an idea 拒绝接受一个主意 53. from across the world 从全世界 54. adopt one’s suggestion/a new teaching method 采纳某人的建议/一种新的教学方法 55. A differ greatly from B in size and shape A 与 B 在尺寸及形状方面大大不同 56. the very first Chinese characters 真正第一批简体中文 57. change over time 随着时间改变 58. as a whole 作为整体 59. on the whole(常用于句首)总的说来 60. combine two or more elements together 把两种及更多种元素结合起来 61. the symbol for a man 代表人类 62. be the opposite of sth 是…的相反 63. Opposite our school are two shops.(倒装句) Opposite our school is a shop. 64. reflect one’s thought 反应某人的思想 65. be widely used in mainland China 在中国大陆广泛使用 Module 3 Unit 3 1. lost civilizations 2. the similarities between A and B 3. go to a lecture about sth / give (deliver) a lecture on/about sth 4. be founded in the 8th century BC 5. be taken over by a big firm 6. be known as /be known for sth/ be known to sb 7. Near the city was a volcano called Vesuvius. 8. pour out of the volcano/pour out the water 9. the surrounding countryside 10. be buried (caught) alive / bury oneself in /be buried in 11. so/neither/nor+ be/助动词/情态动词+主语

12. do/cause much damage to… 13. be made director chairman /make oneself heard (understood) /be made to do sth 14. walk around the city 15. step in the mud on rainy days 16. through a pair of binoculars 17. be off to a place 18. house many of the treasures 19. I was very hungry by the time we arrived. By the time we arrived at the airport, the plane had taken off. By the year of 2010, I will have graduated from middle school. 20. Loulan is believed by many people to have been gradually covered over by sandstorms. 21. discover the ruins of the Loulan / leave the whole town in ruins / fall into ruins 22. Much work remains to be done./ the remaining ten dollars remain silent/ a worker/ standing/seated/ in silence 23. together with a lot of treasures 24. find the ruins most interesting 25. run through the middle of the city/ run through his money/ run through one’s notes 26. prevent the city from being buried by sand 27. be similar to him in appearance 28. A saying goes that Rome wasn’t built in a day. 29. be the first to get a close look at Mount Vesuvius 30. be involved in doing sth 31. believe him to be honest 32. make this discovery a huge success 33. drive ma crazy/mad 34. go through a 10-meter-long passage/go through two stages/ go through his pocket 35. in good/poor condition 36. find the solution to the problem 37. a concerned citizen/ be concerned about/for.../be concerned with… 38. focus on=concentrate on/ focus one’s attention/eyes/mind on… 39. be located in=be situated in=lie in 40. carry out a surprise attack/a plan/ an order/one’s promie 41. lead sb to do sth/lead to the US coming into the war 42. set sail for a place 43. be heavily bombed on board 44. declare war against/on Japan /declare the meeting open/closed 45. in memory of /in honour of 46. the sunken ship (sink sank sunk) 47. distinguished guests 48. make eye contact with your audience 49. attract/draw/win one’s attention 50. Not only was Rome a city and a republic, 51. have a great influence/impact/effect on … 52. be founded with Chang’an as its capital city

53. Likewise, China’s influence also spread across other countries 54. as early as 200 BC /As far as I’m concerned 55. be still in use /make full use of sth /It’s no use doing sth./come into use 56. in return/in return for your help 57. in the following hundred years 58. have a hard time (in doing sth) 59. once again=once more 60. no more/no longer; not any more/ not any longer 61. be a different story for China 62. What is interesting is that the other city was Rome. 一.单词拼写 1. Chinese c__________________ is one of the oldest, and one of the greatest the world has ever known. 2. He d______________ all her hopes. 3. The news meant the r________________ of all our hopes. 4. The weather i_____________ crops. 5. John took off his shoes, so Peter did l______________. 6. The earthquake made the wall s_______________ and start to crumble. 7. Please u________________ the pot. 8. The rebels(反叛者) have o_________________ the government. 9. The g_______________ are of poor quality. 10. Vesuvius hasn’t e______________ for many years. 11. The group of students from Britain will attend a l______________ about the Potala Palace in China next week. 12. They started early that morning. U______________, they were caught in a shower . 13. The film was highly praised by some experts, but it didn’t prove to be such a c_______________ success as had been expected. Only about 100 copies were sold. 14. I’d like to see all the legal d_________________ concerning the sale of this land before we sign this paper. 15. The building being built will h_______________ the Department of Chemistry. 16. Many people were b____ alive under lava, ash and rocks when the volcano erupted. 17. The palace was e_______________ —larger than any building we had ever seen. 18. A warm house and good food are m_______________ comforts that you all wish for. But that’s not all about happiness. 19. It’s a genuine city, an _________________ (古代的) metropolis. 20. The queen was wearing a _________________(华丽的) silver dress. 21. I watched him until he _________________ (消失) from sight in the distance. 22. She improved, but she had to _________ (继续留在) in the hospital for four weeks. 23. You are right. I should have __________________ (想到) of that. 24. He was wearing dark glasses to ________________(保护) his eyes from the sun. 25. Its main task was organizing _______________ (文化上的) and social activities. 26. Presently he made the ______(建议) that they carry on their conversation in French. 27. Point out the obvious facts about the _________________(结构) of the sentence.

28. The astronauts soon got used to the c________________ of weightlessness. 29. Since the law of wildlife protection came into effect, the number of the milu deer has grown g________________ year by year. 30. One of the ways to reduce waste is to buy products made of recycled m__________. 31. Earthquakes, hurricanes and v__________ eruptions(喷发) are all natural disasters. 32. He grew up in a w________ family, so he knows nothing about the life of the poor. 33. After the 9.11 event, the American government d___________ war against terrorism. 三.句型转换: 1. Tom didn’t finish the experiment and John didn’t ,either. ________ Tom ________ John finished the experiment. 2. Though he is over 70, he is at the top of the condition. He is ______ ______70 years old, but he is ______ _______ __________ . 3. It seemed that he had traveled across the Sahara Desert. He seemed ________ _______ _________ _______the Sahara Desert. 4. The noise of the airplane almost made me mad. The noise of the airplane almost _______me __________. 5. Would you please help them to get everything ready for the trip? Would you please help them to ___________ _________ the trip? 6. Yao Ming has become very famous, and the eyes of the world are fixed on him. Yao Ming has become very famous and the eyes of the world are _____ _______ him. 7. The fighter wrote a moving poem in honor of his best friend, who died in the war. The fighter wrote a moving poem _______ ______ _______ his best friend, who died in the war. 8. We can’t imagine how this quiet volcano destroyed the whole city. _______ ________ _________ _______imagine how this quiet volcano destroyed the whole city. 9. Many people believe what Mike said is true. ________ ________ ________ ________ what Mike said is true. 10. It has a great effect on the development of China. It _______ _________ the development of China. 11. The Han Dynasty was founded in 206B.C. Its capital city was Chang`an. The Han Dynasty was founded in 206B.C. _____ Chang’an ______ its capital city. 12. A saying goes that Rome wasn’t built n a day. ______ a saying ______, Rome wasn’t built n a day.


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