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【创新设计】2015高考英语(北师大版)一轮活页训练(提升版):4.11 Unit 11 The Media]

Unit 11 The Media Ⅰ.完形填空 I'm feeling sad.My 19-year-old son left home about a week ago to __1__ the Air Force, and my 23-year-old daughter left two days ago to marry in another state.I

9;m so __2__ of my son as he had to really work hard to get into the Air Force,and my daughter moved to be with her fiancé(未婚夫).I'm just simply upset.It __3__ feels like someone has ripped my heart from my chest.I've tried to talk to their father,friends,and family but it just feels like no one around me __4__ what I'm going through. My children were __5__ to me.I put all my energy into __6__ both of them and doing all types of activities with them,even sometimes at the __7__ of my own best interests.I understand they grow up and need their __8__,but for some reason I just can't seem to let go.I am so __9__ that they're establishing their own lives,__10__ I get so depressed whenever I have even a simple __11__ of them.I've been crying for over a week now.I really don't know what to do to make this __12__ go away.I can't even walk by either one's room without bursting into tears.I don't understand why I'm unable to __13__ this sense of great loss.I'm __14__ that I need to move on with my own life and find __15__ things to devote my attention to, but I __16__ being a mom and spending time on my children.I've __17__ adopting a child but it's __18__ at the moment for me considering my poor health. I'm just thankful to have found this website and found there are others who are __19__ similar problems.It helps to __20__ I'm not crazy or overreacting.Thank you for sharing your problems and showing others like myself this isn't so abnormal. 【语篇解读】 孩子们离开自己后,作者一直无法摆脱对他们的依恋。通过和网友交流, 作者认识到自己的感受是正常的。

1.A.join B.visit C.contact D.lead 答案 A [根据后句中 get into the Air Force 可知,作者的儿子加入了空军。] 2.A.afraid B.proud C.ashamed D.guilty 答案 B [根据后半句内容可知,作者为儿子通过努力加入了空军感到自豪。] 3.A.hardly B.even C.almost D.truly 答案 D [根据前句 I'm just simply upset 可知,这里用 truly 表示强调。] 4.A.reminds B.regrets C.understands D.questions 答案 C [根据句中 but 和 what I'm going through 可知,无人能理解作者的经历。] 5.A.everything B.everyone C.nothing D.anyone 答案 A [根据后句内容可知,孩子是作者的一切。]

6.A.persuading B.raising C.paying D.charging 答案 B [根据句中 put all my energy 可知,此处指养育孩子。] 7.A.mercy B.distance C.sight D.cost 答案 D [根据句中 even 可知,有时候作者甚至不惜牺牲自己的利益。] 8.A.freedom B.country C.career D.house 答案 A [根据句中 they grow up 和 I just can't seem to let go 可知,孩子们需要自由。] 9.A.anxious B.embarrassed C.amazed D.happy 答案 D [根据句中 they're establishing their own lives 可知,作者很高兴。] 10.A.if B.and C.but D.unless 答案 C [根据句中 I get so depressed 可知,前后为转折关系。] 11.A.thought B.look C.impression D.idea 答案 A [根据语境可知,这里指作者一想到他们。] 12.A.moment B.decision C.feeling D.event 答案 C [根据后文中 this sense of great loss 可知,这里指作者的感受。] 13.A.recognize B.realize C.achieve D.overcome 答案 D [根据前句内容可知,作者不知道如何克服这种失落感。] 14.A.afraid B.aware C.doubtful D.confident 答案 B [根据句中 I need to move on with my own life 可知,这是作者意识到的。] 15.A.expensive B.great C.new D.simple 答案 C [根据句中 devote my attention to 和语境可知,作者要寻找新的事情做。] 16.A.forgot B.tried C.stopped D.enjoyed 答案 D [根据后句中 adopting a child 可知,作者很喜欢做母亲。] 17.A.admitted B.considered C.suspected D.remembered 答案 B [根据后半句内容可知,作者考虑过领养一个孩子。] 18.A.impossible B.disappointing C.worthy D.surprising 答案 A [根据句中 considering my poor health 可知,这个想法不可能。]

19.A.researching B.experiencing C.imitating D.recording 答案 B [根据后句中 sharing your problems 可知,这里指有共同经历的人。] 20.A.hear B.imagine C.know D.say 答案 C [根据后句中 showing others like myself this isn't so abnormal 可知, 通过了解其 他人的经历,作者认识到自己是正常的。] Ⅱ.阅读理解 体裁 议论文 题材 文娱 词数 297 难度 ★★★ 建议用时 6.5 分钟

3D cinema has been around since the early 20th century,but Hollywood brought the technology back in 2007.Many thought it was just a trick to make more money.But then came Avatar,the first must-see movie in 3D. But since Avatar , 3D cinema has struggled.In__2010 , several__3D__movies__bombed__at__the__box__office.And by late 2010, some people said the technology was dead.Of course,this isn't the first time Hollywood has struggled with new technology. Although sound was added to movies in the late 1920s,it took audience time to get used to the new technology.But in the end, sound and color became the standard.James Cameron, director of Avatar,thinks we're going through the same process with 3D. Some say cinemas are charging too much for 3D movies.In the US,seeing a 3D movie can cost up to$7.5 more than seeing it in 2D.Also,a recent study at California State University have found audience don't actually enjoy movies in 3D any more than in 2D.Walter Murch,a famous movie editor,wrote in 2011 that human beings have no ability to process 3D images.Watching a 3D movie confuses our brain and this is why some people get headaches. But James Cameron disagrees.In fact,he recently predicted that in five years all movies will be in 3D.And there are signs that 3D is fighting back.More 3D movies were put on the market in 2012 than ever before.The Lion King 3D recently made over $150 million at the box office,and Cameron's Titanic 3D made even more. Who knows what the future holds for 3D?Steven Spielberg recently said, “I'm hoping 3D gets to a point where people don't notice it because then it just becomes another tool and helps tell a story.” 【语篇解读】 本文主要讨论了 3D 电影的发展状况。 1 .The underlined sentence in Paragraph 2 probably means that in 2010, 3D movies ________. A.were not successful B. became popular C.developed quickly D.were of poor quality 答案 A [句意理解题。 根据画线句前面的“But since Avatar, 3D cinema has struggled.” 和后面的“And by late 2010,some people said the technology was dead.”可知,2010 年的 3D

电影是不成功的。] 2.The example of sound and color is used mainly to show that ________. A.Hollywood tends to absorb what is new B.3D technology takes time to be accepted C.Hollywood struggles with new technology D.high technology helps to make better movies 答案 B [推理判断题。根据第二段中的“it took audience time to get used to the new technology”以及“James Cameron,director of Avatar,thinks we're going through the same process with 3D.”可知,作者提到声音和色彩在电影中的运用是为了表明 3D 技术也需要时 间才能被人们接受。所以 B 项正确。] 3.In Walter Murch's opinion,3D movies ________. A.bring movie makers great profits B.are more expensive than 2D movies C.do great harm to people's health D.are unsuitable for people to watch 答案 D [细节理解题。根据第三段中的“human beings have no ability to process 3D images”和“Watching a 3D movie confuses our brain and this is why some people get headaches.” 可知,Walter Murch 认为 3D 电影不适合人们观看。故 D 项正确。] 4.What can we learn from the text? A.Avatar was the first 3D movie. B.3D cinema has existed for years. C.Titanic 3D has made the most money. D.2012 witnessed the coming of 3D's time. 答案 B [细节理解题。根据第一段中的“3D cinema has been around since the early 20th century”可知,3D 电影已经存在好多年了。] Ⅲ.书面表达 假如你是李华,你打算暑假后到英国某大学读书,请你向该大学招生办公室主任 Mr. Smith 写一封电子邮件,申请入学资格。 内容包括: 1.自我介绍(包括英语水平及其个人优势); 2.申请理由(①学习深造;②拓宽视野,传播中国文化); 3.希望获得批准。 注意:1.词数 100 左右; 2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

3.开头和结尾已为你写好,但不计入总词数。 ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 【参考范文】 Dear Mr. Smith, I'm Li Hua,a student of Senior 3 from China.I want to apply to your university.I have a good command of English and can communicate with English-speakers freely,I have a quick mind so I did well in all my subjects,especially the science courses. The reason why I want to apply to your university can be listed as follows.To begin with,I want to further my study in an English-speaking country.Besides, I want to broaden my horizons by learning the culture of your country,and spread Chinese culture at the same time. I will be very grateful if I could be accepted.And I'm looking forward to your reply. Best wishes, Li Hua

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