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2013届高考英语一轮总复习单元精选资料人教版新课标选修8 Unit 1 A land of diversity


2013 届高考英语一轮总复习单元精选资料人教版新 课标选修 8 Unit 1 A land of diversity
Part one: Multiple choice
1.In many places in China,______bicycle is still________popular mean

s of transportation. A.a;the C.the;a B./;a D.the;the

2.Don’t worry about the present situation in the world;________of people prefer peace to war. A.the most C.the majority B.the great part D.the number

3.—Why are you so late? —I was in half the way when it________to me that I had left my notebook home,so I had to fetch it. A.occurred C.happened B.hit D.reminded

4.Would you slow down a bit,please?I can’t ________you. A.keep up with C.make up to B.put up with D.hold on to

5.In the face of all these difficulties,we’re not discouraged and our spirits________well. A.keep up C.hold up B.go up D.pick up

6. Don’t be________by products promising to make you lose weight quickly. A.taken off C.taken away B.taken out D.taken in

7.________the houses were knocked down in the earthquake. A.A great many C.A great many of B.The number of D.A great deal of

8 . To travel to the United States , you must first apply________the American Embassy________your visa. A.for;to C.for;for

B.to;for D.to;to
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www.canpoint.cn 9. Is this the reason________she explained in the report for her success in the job? A.what C.how B.that D.why

10.The reason________death was feared was________no man could experience it twice. A.why;that C.why;why B.why;because D.because;that

11.It is very________that,in many schools,the students are going to spend less time in doing homework than they used to. A.possibly C.lovely B.probably D.likely

12. Since he was 67,it didn’t seem________that he would continue long in that position. A.impossible C.particular B.necessary D.likely

13.—Do you think we should put an ad in the paper for the lost child? —Yes,________. A.that’s all right C.it just depends B.by all means D.never mind

14. The police looked into the case carefully and found the thief had entered the house________a ladder. A.by the means C.by ways of B.by all means D.by means of

15. She couldn’t speak,but made her wishes known________sign. A.by means of C.by all means B.by any means D.by no means

16. But by no means________with my progress. A.the teacher is not satisfied B.is the teacher not satisfied C.the teacher is satisfied D.is the teacher satisfied 17.—You see,I’m poor in maths,you are not good at English,and...
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www.canpoint.cn —That’s________we should help each other. A.when C.how B.where D.what

18. —Do you think it wise for Chinese mothers to try to do everything for their children? —No,that’s________they are mistaken. A.where C.so B.when D.how

19. The health official said________12 suspected cases of influenza A (HINI) were tested negative and________,so far,this city has reported no case of the virus. A.what;that C./;that B.that;what D.that;/

20. While traveling in Sichuan , you can’t miss________people call “The National Treasure”—Giant Panda. A.that C.what B.it D.which

21.After ten years’absence she came back,only to find her old house was not________it used to be. A.which C.when B.what D.how

22. Look at the trouble I am in!If only I________your advice. A.followed C.had followed B.would follow D.should follow

23. —It was a pity that you missed the famous star yesterday. —If only I________to my hometown! A.didn’t return C.shouldn’t return B.hadn’t returned D.wouldn’t return

24. —I’ve asked only one person to come and help us—Sam. —________he doesn’t come? A.How about C.If only

B.What if D.What about
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www.canpoint.cn 25. —The plane is due to take off at 8∶ from the airport. 00 —________we can’t get there in time? —Try to take another flight then. A.As if C.Only if Part two :完形填空 Sam’s uncle had an old bird which sat in its cage all day. One day his uncle said, “It is too expensive to 26 that bird. We will get rid of it.” But Sam wanted to 27 the bird. Sam’s grandfather told him that the bird was once a famous 28 bird. Now 29 people knew it. His grandfather took the bird out, and then quickly took his arms away. The bird opened its huge 30 and flew into the sky. After a few minutes, it 31 with a small rabbit, cut it open and started to 32 it. The next morning, Sam asked his uncle out. Sam did 33 his grandfather had done, but the bird 34 to the ground and stood still. Sam’s uncle 35 . Later his grandfather told him that the bird only hunted in late afternoon when light was less 36 . Sam asked his uncle to come out before 37 . This time the bird caught a mouse. His uncle was quiet with 38 , but laughed again, “We can’t eat mice, so this bird is 39 .” And he sold the bird without telling Sam. Before Sam found the bird was 40 , two angry men arrived in a car. They 41 his uncle and said, the bird couldn’t hunt and they wanted their money back. Sam’s uncle looked 42 and said, “I have spent it. But… don’t worry!” He 43 at Sam, “Sam will show you 44 to make the bird hunt! It’s a great bird, isn’t it, Sam?” Sam opened the door of the car and took out the 45 . It flew away and disappeared forever. 26. A. feed 27. A. know 28. A. singing 29. A. some 30. A. mouth 31. A. dealt 32. A. watch 33. A. as

B.Even if D.What if

B. buy B. find

C. wash C. keep C. eating C. many C. tail C. met C. eat C. since

D. sell D. buy D. hunting D. few D. eyes D. parted D. help D. after
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B. sleeping B. no B. wings B. returned B. search B. for

www.canpoint.cn 34. A. fell 35. A. shouted 36. A. attractive 37. A. bed 38. A. patience 39. A. harmful 40. A. leaving 41. A. shouted at 42. A. impressed 43. A. waved 44. A. what 45. A. money Part three :阅读理解 A 篇 My father was a foreman of a sugar-cane plantation in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. My first job was to drive the oxen (牛) that ploughed the cane fields. I would walk behind an ox, guiding him with a broomstick. For $ 1 a day, I worked eight hours straight, with no food breaks. It was very tedious work, but it prepared me for life and taught me many lasting lessons. Because the plantation owners were always watching us, I had to be on time every day and work as hard as I could. I’ve never been late for any job since. I also learned about being respectful and faithful to the people you work for. More important, I earned my pay; it never entered my mind to say I was sick just because I didn’t want to work. I was only six years old, but I was doing a man’s job. Our family needed every dollar we could make because my father never earned more than $ 18 a week. Our home was a three-room wood shack with a dirty floor and no toilet. Nothing made me prouder than bringing home money to help my mother, father, two brothers and three sisters. This gave me self-esteem(自尊心), one of the most important things a person can have. When I was seven, I got work at a golf course near our house. My job was to stand down the fairway and spot the balls as they landed, so the golfers could find them. Losing a ball meant you were fired, so I never missed one. Some nights I would lie in bed and dreamt of making thousands
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B. rose B. cried B. pleasant B. supper

C. walked

D. ran D. nodded D. strong D. breakfast

C. laughed C. poor

C. lunch C. joy C. cheap C. dying

B. surprise B. strange B. gone B. smiled at B. worried B. pointed B. why B. coat

D. sadness D. useless D. cooked D. took after

C. looked after C. satisfied C. aimed

D. bored D. jumped

C. where C. bird

D. how D. everything

www.canpoint.cn of dollars by playing golf and being able to buy a bicycle. The more I dreamed, the more I thought. Why not? I made my first golf club out of guava limb(番石榴树枝) and a piece of pipe. Then I hammered an empty tin can into the shape of a ball. And finally I dug two small holes in the ground and hit the ball back and forth. I practiced with the same devotion and intensity. I learned working in the field — except now I was driving golf balls with club, not oxen with a broomstick. 46. The word “tedious” in Paragraph 2 most probably means _______. A. difficult B. boring C. interesting D. unusual

47. The writer learned that_______ from his first job. A. he should work for those who he liked most B. he should work longer than what he was expected C. he should never fail to say hello to his owner D. he should be respectful and faithful to the people he worked for 48 _______ gave the writer self-esteem. A. Having a family of eight people B. Owning his own golf course C. Bringing money back home to help the family D. Helping his father with the work on the plantation 49. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage? A. He wanted to be a successful golfer. B. He wanted to run a golf course near his house. C. He was satisfied with the job he got on a plantation. D. He wanted to make money by guiding oxen with a broomstick. B篇

Mexico City is truly one of the most amazing cities in the world with a mixture of both the old and new world. From the moment your plane starts to land in this vast city, you know that your trip will be quite an adventure. Once in your taxi and the moment you leave the airport, you are amazed at the large amount of



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www.canpoint.cn slow traffic. The volume of the traffic can be stressful to some. The "Paseo de la Reforma (改革大道)", running southwest across the city, is one of the major tourist and business areas in Mexico City with many high quality hotels only walking distance from great restaurants and other tourist attractions. The only problem you will have is trying to see all of these sites during your vacation time. One of the most popular attractions in this area is the National Museum of Anthropology along the northwest part of the street. There are thousands of artifacts on display showing the history of the area and numerous items found from the many Aztec sites in the area. Walking southwest from the museum, you will soon reach the Mexico City Zoo, which is a great place to spend an afternoon. Across the street from the museum is the Chapultepec Castle, once an important site in the Mexican-American war. It's also a good idea to take the train up the hill to where the castle is located as the hill is steep (陡峭的). It's important to keep in mind that Mexico City is over 7,000 feet above sea level and some feel it difficult to breathe when walking. You can take a taxi to the Coyoacan market during the evening on a weekend. It's a great place to get some cheap souvenirs (纪念品)to bring back home and to enjoy some traditional Mexican cuisine. However, you must be careful where you eat and that the meat is well cooked. 50. The tourists in Mexico City may not be satisfied with______. A. the high speed of the traffic C. the polluted air in the city B. the heavy traffic of the city D. their safety in the city

51. Which of the following shows the correct positions of the following places? P = Paseo de la Reforma C = the Chapultepec Castle M = the National Museum of Anthropology Z = the Mexico City Zoo



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52. Which of the following attractions may interest those who want to study the military (of the army) history of Mexico City? A. The National Museum of Anthropology. C. The Chapultepec Castle. B. The Coyoacan market.

D. The Aztec sites.




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