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1.Unsung heroes Just like the literary translator ,there are other unsung heroes in our life,such as editors,fire-fighters,doctors,soldiers,migrant workers and so on.Although what they have done contributes a lot to the whole society,their work is often ignored by others. With social progress and quick development of network media,more and more famous and popular people entered the field of vision . Maybe they are singers,scientists,philosophers, or economists.When appearing ,they are always followed by applause and flowers,while those who work behind the scenes are often ignored.For example,when our family reunion together at the Spring Festival,those soldiers still have to be on guard to protect our homes and defend our country.During the winter we can stay in the warm room ,while sanitary workers have to clean the street in the wind.We enjoy the clean street,but few people will be grateful to sanitary workers. All in all, I can not enumerate all great examples of those unsung heroes all at once. Here, I would like to say that all of us should salute to them. The salutation represents our appreciation, gratitude and respect from the deep of our hearts indeed. 2.Celebrity effect Nowadays,many people pay attention to the opinions which are gave by celebrities.When famous people appear on TV advertisement, many

people buy the goods. When famous people give their opinions, many people listen.It has something to do with celebrity effect.In my opinion, every coin has two sides, celebrity effect has both positive and negative influence on our society.

Celebrities are famous because they have one or few aspects that exceed common people.Their comments are often positive for the society. Like Albert Einstein once said, “I think and think for months, for years, ninety-nine times the conclusion false, but the hundredth time I am right.” As a brilliant scientist, he speaks of the right attitudes towards science and inspires countless people to fight for the truth.

Yet, this is not always the case.Not all celebrities tell the truth and they are not perfect models for the public.we should be careful with their remarks when is comes to their unfamiliar area and negative effect when they lie for some reason . Generally, there are two extremes when talking about celebrities: the public are either too critical or too superstitious. Objectively, both of the attitudes are unnecessary. As a Chinese saying which generalizes this situation the best goes: to take in the good, while to get rid of the bad.

Unit 3

Man and Disaster

Human will be the face of disaster since the ancient times, there?re not only natural calamities(自然灾害) like floods and drought, but also man-made disaster like war and landslides.Disasters seem to be part of human life.Are all disasters that bad?Actually not,on the contrary,disaster is a sharp double-blade-sword for human-being. On the on hand,all kinds of disaster has brought great damage to people. We still remember the day clearly on May 12, 2008 when an earthquake occurred in Wen chuan. Wen chuan razed to the ground in an instant by the disaster, which took away almost seventy thousand people?s life and made countless families broken up.

On the other hand,disaster can promote reflection on and our society develops as we conquer one disaster after another.People will treasure every moment in their rest life when disasters gone.What's more,some disasters unfold important problems when we are suffer from them. We can see that whether natural or artificial disaster will bring huge losses to human beings. Only if we take a serious look at our own nature, fear-before natural and study the law of nature but not change the nature artificially, we will be able to reduce disaster and avoid the loss.

Unit 4

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

In modern society,disorder surrounds us and entropy fills our life.We are usually upset and discouraged by it and most of us are unable to react wisely and combat entropy effectively.So patching small things up to avoid being overwhelmed by entropy seems very important,just as the old sings goes:"a stitch in time saves nine",or in other words ,get your house repaired timely before it rains. A solid dyke can collapse because of an ant hole in it. For example,there are always small things which we need to deal with. Maybe ,they won't make any difference to our daily life at the beginning. However,things will turn bad if you let them alone.You will realize that problems are too complicated to solve in the near future. As far as my knowledge is concerned, lots of couples divorced each other because of small problems such as whom to clean the room, whom to take care of the child, whom to cook dinner and so on. If they show more understanding and sympathy for each other, take more time for there family themselves but not complain, the family should avoid from broken. From what has been mentioned above, we can come to the conclusion that a stitch in time saves nine.

Unit 5

Career and Interest

The work is a part of life, every adult needs work. People generally believe that the ideal state of life is being able to do the job that you are interested in.On the contrary,they always conflict with each other in real life. Many people think that the job just a tool of breadwinner, it does not matter if you like it or not. As long as you earn a lot of money from the job, the work that they do not like or even hate is never mind. Some people believe that the employment situation is grim, that's pretty good if you can find a job. So you couldn?t require a work completely in line with your own interest. In my opinion,interest should make way for career when they are at variance.Career is more important than interest for whose family is in poor economic condition. Besides,the work is not just a job, it should be a career to pursue. Only have great interest on it, we will have the power to do it better, and than we?ll be able to realize the value of our life. And only loves the career, our life could be more fulfilling and happy. Therefore, to get a job according to our own interests, we need to study harder and make ourselves good enough to attract the recruiters.

Unit 6 Education

My View on Some Problems in China ’ s Higher

With the development of our society, higher education has achieve d many significant results.Higher education is an important way for Chinese culture of high-end talent. Every parent wants their children admitted to universities to study. However, a variety of problems of the higher education is emergence constantly. First is the issue of employment of university graduates, more and more graduates were unemployed. In order to avoid that, lots of them choose the Postgraduate examinations, Is that a good solution? I don?t think so. Many graduates do not work hard at school so they can?t find the ideal job after graduation as before. Second, the practical ability of college students is penurious. University educations in the current emphasis on theory. Some graduates even can?t do simple work like text printed. Any boss would not want such employees. In my opinion, the University should contact the company to train more graduates to adapt to the enterprises and give opportunities to students of do practice Professors should cond uct them but not to take the place of students. At the same time to change the traditional closed-book examinations, great importance to examine the ability of students to

analyze the problems rather than a simple recitation of knowledge.

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