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根据所给的首字母、 根据所给的首字母、中文意思或句子意思完成句子
1. Doctors and medical supplies were ______ (紧急送往) to the scene of the accident. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. She speaks English so well that her friends are filled with a___________. What I have achieved in the past few months i_______ me with confidence. We should never play tricks on the people who are d_______. To my d__________, my father didn’t buy me any present on my birthday for he had Her local doctor couldn’t tell what was wrong, so he sent her to see a s_________. The driver of the car received serious i_______ to the legs and arms in the accident. After months of hard work, he has a__________ a great deal in his work. We should learn to stay o________ no matter what difficulty we may have in our lives.

completely forgot it.

10. The earthquake happening last night destroyed everything in the village and left all the villagers h________. 11. I couldn't have done the work without your ___________. (鼓励) 12. It's a w_______ to me having to leave the children alone in the house. 13. I was grateful for Jean's c________ on the long journey up to Edinburgh. 14. His parents give him so much money that he 's got no m__________ to get a job. 15. The factory is in great short of s________ workers. 16. A team of nurses a_______ the doctor in performing the important operation. 17. He smokes up to a ___________ (最大值) of ten cigarettes a day. 18. Go and see that play — I g_______ that you'll enjoy it. 19. She went on holiday alone — she is very i___________. 20. He's such a shy boy that he can't c_________ very well in public. 21. When she kisses the baby, it makes the older child j________. 22. I was a_______ with him for keeping me waiting. 23. The prisoner was f_________ in his attempt to escape by a watchful guard. 24. He has a weak heart, and should avoid e__________. 25. She _______ (担心----的安全) for the little boy when she saw him at the top of the tree. 26. The little girl was ________(害怕) that her mother wouldn't come back. 27. Mother was very c_______ for their safety when they didn't come back at the usual time. 28. __________ (快乐) is not the same as money. It is a feeling of your heart. 29. He is j______ to me in the company, though he is older than me. 30. He is always e________ and it seems that he will never feel tired. 31. The agency offers practical g________ to people starting their own business. 32. You shall not take in such a lovely and i________ child. 33. Try your best to give a v_______ description of what you have seen in the picture. 34. He's ___________ (无法忍受的) when he is in a bad temper. 35. When we moved to France, the children a________ to the change very well. 36. The bad harvests led to s_______ food shortages. 37. If you're going out for a walk, I'll come along and keep you c________. 38. I was i_______ to work harder by her example. 39. I am fed up with my current job, so I q_______. 40. The city's water supply is no longer a__________ for its needs. 41. The government has ________ (拨出) over ?100 million to the job creation programme. 42. She is good at French, so I ask her to c______ me in French. 43. We have a__________ with them to meet at the restaurant.

44. The little girl was very c________ by all the noise and activity. 45. I have many beautiful post cards; choose w________ of them you like best. 46. Soldiers are expected to o______ their officers without question. 47. A stand-up comedian can tell different jokes in r________ to the reactions of an audience. 48. It is good behavior to q________ up to buy tickets. 49. Do you enjoy tragedy or c________? 50. Shakespeare compared life to s________. 51. Mr.Wang has a good sense of h________, so he is popular with the students. 52. He was a________ a prize for good conduct. 53. Billy Crystal has his o________ ability to improvise. 54. There are too many people in the street.It’s so c________. 55. She married a f________ from Canada. 1. rushed 7. injuries 13. company 19. independent feared 39.quit 32. innocent 2. admiration 8. accomplished 3. inspires 4. disable 5. disappointment 17. maximum 23. frustrated 29. junior 36. severe 51. humor 6. specialist 12. worry 24. excitement 25. 18. guarantee 31. guidance 38. inspired 46.obey 9. optimistic 15. skilled 10. homeless 11. encouragement 16. assisted 22. angry

14. motivation

20. communicate 21. jealous 27. concerned 34. unbearable 49. comedy

26. frightened 33. vivid

28. happiness 35. adapted 50. stage

30. energetic 37. company

40. adequate 41. allocated 48. queue 55. foreigner

42. coach 43. arranged

44. confused

45. whichever

47. response 54. crowded

52. awarded 53. outstanding

79. Watching the funny performance, we all burst out l_______. 80. Zhao Benshan is one of the most famous c_________ in China. 81. G________ speaking, it will take you a couple of weeks to adjust yourself to the new life abroad. 82. This novel has been a______ for 3 films. 83. I found the play boring beyond _________(描述) 84. Don’t waste your p_________ time playing computer games.(宝贵的) 85. I have been working continuously for half a year. So, I am ______(拼命的,不顾一切的)for a holiday. 86. With his success _______ us, we are sure to make more progress.(激励) 87. Tina is very easy-going. She always ___________ (参加) in our activities. 88. W________ in the street, he didn’t know where to go.(漫步,闲逛) 79. laughing 80. comedians 81. Generally 82. adapted 84. precious 85. desperate 86. inspiring participates 87 participates 83. description 88. Wandering

1. He spent the evening w__________(包) up the Christmas presents. 2. To our great __________( 失望 ), it rained on the day of the picnic. 3. The dictionary is originally __________(设计) for the use of beginners. 4. I have great __________(钦佩) for Sang Lan as a dedicated gymnast. 5. With a little __________(鼓励) from her parents, she could have done better. 6. We want to encourage students to p___________ fully in the sunny sports activities. 7. Don’t be so i___________ as to believe everything the politicians tell you. 8. Bi Fujian’s popularity with all age groups is due to his h__________ hosting style. 9. When you called me yesterday, I was w__________ aimlessly around the street. 10. It is a joke about the way people behave when they q___________ up in lines. 1. wrapping 2. disappointment 7. innocent 3. designed 4. admiration 5. encouragement 10.queue

6. participate

8. humorous

9. wandering

1. He went to town with the p_________ of buying a new television.

2. Keep this dictionary for r__________ . 3. Everybody is a___________ of the importance of the Four Modernizations. 4. He is interested in stamps and has a large c____________ of stamps 5. She is a v_____________ worker at the hospital so she gets no pay for her work. 6. This is a matter of great ___________. (紧急的) 7. She says she helps only the ______________(值得) poor. 8. You should consider other _________ (方面) of the matter before making a decision. 9. His _____________(良心) troubled him after he took the money. 10. The two stories___________ (冲突), so I did not know what to believe. 1.purpose 2. reference 3. aware 4. collection 5.voluntary 6. urgency 7. worthy 8. aspects 9. conscience 10. conflicted

In r_____________ to complaints, the company reviewed its safety procedure. I don’t know who will h___________ the talk show tonight. He was very h____________ and he often told a really funny joke that would make everybody laugh for an hour. Though he is too old to work much, the retired worker is very e_____________ about neighborhood affairs. The patient was asked to ring the bell in an e_______________. He set off early, full of hope but came back e_______________. Mr. Ma always makes his classes lively by making his students work in p__________. The teacher told him that his casual clothes were not _____________(合适的)for such a formal occasion. A science fiction cannot be regarded as a mere _______________ (娱乐) in fact it tells the reader much more. but A visit to London will always be _______________(值得的). It’s quite tough to _____________(精通)a foreign language in a short time, especially without a teacher to help you. 12. Sometimes people prefer to use the _______________(首字母)for their middle names. 13. The refugees had been _______________(徘徊)in the forest for a few days before they were rescued. 14. The bullet entered her back and ____________(出去)through her chest. 15. A group of kids were _____________(追逐)each other on the playground. 单拼 1. response 2. host 3. humorous 4. enthusiastic 5. emergency 6. empty-handed 7. pairs 8. appropriate 9. entertainment/ amusement 10. worthwhile 11. master 12. initials 13. wandering 14. exited 15. chasing
86. A good book does not n__________ sell well. 87. M__________ production is the production of something in large quantities, especially by machine. 88. The panda pair, w__________ 100 kilos altogether, is a goodwill gift to Taiwan. 89. Besides Yao and Yi, the o_______ basketball players serving in the NBA, Sun Yue is the next rising NBA star. 90. Childhood experiences often play a big part in s__________ one’s character. 91. I dislike him __________(从个人角度), but I admire his art. 92. To my _________(宽慰), Somali pirates were defeated. 93. As we all know, dogs have __________(敏锐的) sense of smell. 94. Seldom does he _________(陪伴) his wife to the supermarket. 95. They believe the c_________(便利,方便) in traveling to Hong Kong must increase the number of

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

visitors to the city. 86.necessarily 87. Mass 88. weighing 93. sharp 89 outstanding 90. shaping 95.convenience

91. personally

92. relief

94. accompany

课文填空 课文填空 As you know, the UN 68 the lives of people everywhere. The organization is involved in peacekeeping 69 to help end some of the world’s horrible conflicts. Watch any TV report 70 places where there is a war, and you 71 see soldiers wearing berets… I have visited many countries in Africa. Recently, I was fortunate enough to travel to South Africa, where I met some women who have 72 themselves into a group. They 73 one rand (approximately 1.35 yuan) per day from each other and add it to a 74 of money the government gives them. With this, the women have enough money to buy 75 materials to make basket. They then sell these at the market. With luck their group will be able to expand and maybe set up a shop. This group was set up by UNIFEM, the United Nations 76 Fund for Women. There are lots of such programmes and funds under the 77 of the UN, and these have helped millions of people across the world.
68. touches 69. operations 70. on 71. will 72. organized 73. collect 74. sum 75. weaving 76. Development 77. umbrella 71. Not every person will ___________(校对) their own writing and correct 73.__________ errors that they made before they put information on the Internet. 72. The research project has only been under way for three months, so it's 74.__________ too early to e________ its success." 73. He was ______________(陪同)on the expedition by his wife. 75.__________ 74. He was generally a______________ to be the finest poet in the land. 75. The committee were unanimous that the ____________ (申请)should 76._________ be turned down. 76. His parents made s___________ to pay for his education. 77._________ 77. In the final _________(分析)I think our sympathy lies with the heroine of the play. 78. ________ 78. The economists _________(预言)an increase in the rate of inflation. 79. A p__________ person always finishes everything ahead of time. 79. ________ 80. If we had known of your d__________, we would have seen you off at the airport. 80._________ 71. proofread 72. evaluate 73. accompanied 74. acknowledged 75. application 76. sacrifices 77. analysis 78. predict 79. punctual 80.departure


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