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1.______recent report stated that the number of Spanish speakers in the U.S .would be higher than the number of English speaker by_____ year 2090. A. A, the B. A, / C. The ,/ D. The, a journey ,but

2.If you go by ______train ,you can have quite a comfortable make sure you get _____fast one. A. /, / B./, a C. the, a D./,/

3. It is often said that ____teachers have _______very easy life. A /,/ B. /,a C. the,/ D. the, a

4.I can ’ t remember when exactly the Robinsons left _____city ,I only remember it was ______ Monday.。 A. the , the B. a ,the C. a, a D. the, a are more likely to develop

5.If you grow up in ______large family ,you _____ability to get on well with ______others .

A. /,an the B. a, the ,/ C. the ,an ,the D. a, the ,the 6.Mrs ,Taylor has ___8-year-old daughter who has _____gift for painting – she A. has won two national prizes. a, a B. an ,the C. an ,a D. th

7.Afetr dinner he gave Mr. Richardson ________ride to ________Capital Airport. A .the, a B. a the C. /, a D. /, the

8.On May 5,2005,at ___World Table Tennis Championship ,Kong Ling hui and WangHao won the gold medal in men’s with ____score of 4:1. A. a ,a B. / the C. a ,/ D. the ,a

9.I knew ______John Lennon ,but not ____famous one. A. /,a B. a ,the C. /,the D . the, a

10.The book tells ____life story of John Smith ,who left _______school and worked for a newspaper at the age of 16. C. the./ D. a,/

A. the, the B. a , the

1. We _____ with you for the time being. A. will stay B. will be staying C. would stay —Mary _____. C. do D. sing D. have stayed

2. —Who sings best in your class? A. is B. does

3. She _____ her pen in her room now. A. finds B. is finding C. looks for D. is looking for

4. What _____ you _____ tomorrow morning? A. are/going to do B. are/doing C. are/done D. have/done

5. It was not long before the water _____ cold. A. is feeling B. feels C. felt D. was feeling

6. I _____ as soon as you come back.

A. went

B. have gone

C. am going

D. shall go

7. The scientist ____ Canada and he will give us a talk when he ____ back. A. has gone to/comes C. has gone to/will come B. has been to/will come D. has been to/comes

8. He found his book this morning, but now he _____ his pen. A. loses B. is missing C. has lost D. lost

9. She ____ to her hometown several times. A. has been B. has gone C. went D. is going

10. It _____ Jane and Mary who helped me the other day. A. is B. was C. are D. were

非 谓 语 动 词
1. _________ and guilty, Maggie put the book back on the shelf she had secretly placed in her schoolbag.(2009·合肥高三第二次教学质量检测) B. Frightening D. To be frightening

A. Frightened C. Being frightened

2. When I got off the bus, I found my pocket _________ and the money gone. (南宁二中 2008—2009 学年上学期高三质量测试) A. picked B. stolen C. missing D. lost

3. John is the only one of the students in the class that never ________ a mistake even when it is pointed to him. (2008—2009 学年南昌高三第一次模 拟)

A. admit making C. admit to make

B. admits making D. admits to make

4. My grandma still treats me like a child. She can ’ t imagine me _________.(2009 届江西十所重点中学联考第一次模拟) A. grow up C. growing up B. grown up D. to grow up

5. ________ little of each other’s language, so they have to express themselves with the aid of all interpreters. (2009 届江西十所重点中学联考第一次模拟) A. Knowing C. That they know B. Having known D. They know

6. _________ what would happen, none of them could find a way out. (江西八校 09 届高三 4 月联考) A. Having left wondering C. Having left to wonder B. Leaving to wonder D. Left wondering

7.I was calling because of a problem that needed __________.(山东威海 09 届 高三上教学调研) A.solve B.solved C.to solve D.to be solved

8. Dinosaurs have completely died out on the earth,never _________ again. (山东潍坊 09 届高三第二次模拟) A. to be seen C. seen B. being seen D. having been seen

9. We must take all possible measures ___________ to improve working

conditions. (山东潍坊市普通高中 09 届高三阶段性评估) A.tend B.tending C.tended D.being tended

10. I feel upset,for there are so many troublesome problems __________.(浙 江嘉兴一中 09 届高三一模) A. remaining to settle C. remaining to be settled B. remained to settle D. remained to be settled

完 形 填 空
Body language is the quiet,secret and most powerful language of all!It speaks __1__ than words.According to specialists,our bodies send out more __2__ than we realize.In fact,non?verbal(非言语)communication takes up about 50% of what we really __3__.And body language is particularly __4__ when we attempt to communicate across cultures.Indeed,what is called body language is so __5__ a part of us that it's actually often unnoticed.And misunderstandings occur as a result of it.__6__,different societies treat the __7__ between people differently.Northern Europeans usually do not like having __8__ contact ( 接 触 ) even with friends , and certainly not with __9__.People from Latin American countries, __10__, touch each other quite a lot.Therefore,it's possible that in __11__,it may look like a Latino is __12__ a Norwegian all over the room.The Latino, trying to express friendship, will keep moving __13__.The Norwegian,very probably seeing this as pushiness,will

keep __14__—which the Latino will in return regard as __15__. Clearly ,a great deal is going on when people __16__.And only a part of it is in the words themselves.And when parties are from __17__ cultures , there's a strong possibility of __18__.But whatever the situation,the best __19__ is to obey the Golden Rule:treat others as you would like to be __20__.
1. A. straighter B.louder C.harder D.further 2. A.sounds B.invitations C.feelings D.Messages 3.A.hope B.receive C.discover D.mean 4. A.immediate B.misleading C.important D.Difficult 5.A.well B.far C.much D.long 6 . A.For example B.Thus C.However D.In short 7 . A.trade B.distance C.connections D.Greetings 8.A.eye B.verbal C.bodily D.telephone 9 . A.strangers B.relatives C.neighbours D.enemies 10.A.in other words B.on the other hand C.in a similar way D.by all means 11.A.trouble B.conversation C.silence D.experiment 12 . A.disturbing B.helping C.guiding D.Followin 13.A.closer B.faster C.in D.Away 14.A.stepping forward B.going on C.backing away D.coming out 15 . A.weakness B.carelessness C.friendliness D.coldness 16.A.talk B.travel C.laugh D.think 17.A.different B.European C.Latino D.rich 18.A.curiosity B.excitement C.misunderstanding D.nervousness 19.A.chance B.time C.result D.advice 20.A.noticed B.treated C.respected D.pleased

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