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People of Burlington are being disturbed by the sound of bells.Four students from Burlington College of Higher Education are in the bell tower of the 1 and have made up their minds to 2 the b

ells nonstop for two weeks as a protest against heavy trucks which run 3 through the narrow HighStreet. "They not only make it 4 to sleep at night, but they are 5 damage to our houses and shops of historical 6 ,"said John Norris, one of the protesters. " 7 we must have these noisy trucks on the roads,"said Jean Lacey, a biology student, why don't they build a new road that goes round the town? Burlington isn't much more than a 8 village.Its streets were never 9 for heavy traffic.

Harry Fields also studying 10 said they wanted to make as much 11 possible to force the government officials to realize what everybody wasshavingsto 12 ."Most of them don't 13 here anyway,"he said,"they come in for meetings and that, and the Town Hall is soundproof, so they probably don't 14 .It's high time they realized the problem."The fourth student, Liza Vernum, said she thought the public were 15 on their side, and even if they weren't they soon would be.

I asked if they were 16 that the police might come to 17 them. "Not really,"she said,"actually we are 18 bellringers.I mean we are assistant bellringers for the church.There is no 19 against practising." I 20 the church with the sound of the bells ringing in my ears.

1.A.college 2.A.change

B.village B.repair

C.town C.ring

D.church D.shake

3.A.now and then B.day and nightC.up and down D.over and over 4.A.terrible 5.A.doing D.producing 6.A.scene 7.A.IfB.Although 8.A.pretty 9.A.tested 10.A.well 11.A.effort 12.A.stand 13.A.shop 14.A.notice 15.A.hardly 16.A.surprised 17.A.seize 18.A.proper 19.A.point 2o.A.left 答 案 B.quite B.meant B.hard B.time B.accept B.live B.mention B.unwillingly B.afraid B.fight B.experienced B.cause B.found 与 B.period C.interest C.When C.large C.kept C.biology C.trouble C.know C.come C.fear C.mostly C.pleased C.search C.hopeful C.need C.reached 解 析 D.sense D.Unless D.modern D.used D.education D.noise D.share D.study D.control D.usually D.determined D.stop D.serious D.law D.pass : B.difficultC.uncomfortable B.raising D.unpleasant C.putting

1.D 由下文可知,这四名学生是在教堂的钟楼内敲钟以示抗议的,“我”也是 在 此 对 他 们 进 行 采 访 的 。( 参 见 文 章 最 后 一 句 ) 2.C ring = to (cause to) give a sound like a bell (钟、铃等)鸣;响;敲 钟 ; 摇 铃 参 见 下 文 中 的 “bell?ringer” 一 词 。 3.B 由下文(使人在夜间难以入睡)可知,这些大卡车是不分昼夜地穿行在 这 4.B 大 卡 车 的 噪 音 扰 民 , 使 人 很 难 入 睡 。 5.A do damage to 对 …… 造 成 损 坏 。 参 考 : do good/wrong to. 6.C a 7.A “If”引导条件状语从句,意为:如果必须让这些噪音很大的卡车在路面 上 行 驶 , 那 为 何 不 新 建 一 条 环 城 公 路 呢 ? 8.C 照应下句,意为:镇和一个大的村庄没有什么两样,街道狭窄,本来就 不 9.B 是 为 通 行 这 么 多 车 辆 而 设 计 的 。 place of historical interest 名 胜 古 迹 。 条 街 上 的 。

Be meant /intended for sth /to do sth.= be done or made for a particular purpose. 10.C Jean Lacey 是 一 个 生 物 系 学 生 , 由 一 词 可 知 也 是 学 生 物 的 。 11.D 由上文可知他们要连续两周不停地敲钟制造尽可能大的噪音以迫使政 府 12.A stand (vt.) = to bear; put up with; tolerate; endure 容忍;忍受。 13.B 联系下文此处意为:不管怎么说大多数官员是不住在这儿的,他们进城 来 14.A 这些官员既不住在这儿,进城里开会,又呆在有隔音功能的大厅内,很 有 15.C mostly (adv.)意为“大多数”= most of the public were on their side. 16.B be 17.D come to stop them (from doing that) 来阻止他们 (这样做) 参考: 。 come to arrest /catch themseize = to take hold of quickly, eagerly, or strongly afraid that = fear that 可 能 注 意 不 到 噪 音 的 严 重 性 。 是 为 了 参 加 会 议 。 意 识 到 噪 音 扰 民 这 一 问 题 。

18.A Proper = right,suitable,correct 适当的;恰当的;对的。此处意为实际 上 我 们 是 正 当 的 敲 钟 人 ——— 是 帮 助 教 堂 敲 钟 的 。 19.D 联系上文,他们不担心警察来阻止他们,是因为他们是专门负责帮助教 堂 敲 钟 的 。 没 有 一 条 法 律 规 定 不 准 练 习 敲 钟 。 20.A “我在采访完这四名大学生后,离开教堂,耳边还回荡着钟声。

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