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( ) 1. Lily is upset these days. Do you know how A to ______ her ______? A.cheer; up B. cheer; on B.C. pick; up D. put; away (B ) 2. Please _______these test papers to each student. A.give of

f B. give out B.C. give up D. give in
1.A cheer sb. Up 使某人高兴,振奋起来 2. B give out 分发试卷

3.B. hand in 上交作业 4.turn down 调小音量一点儿,因此不 可能是关掉turn off
? (B ) 3. All the students must ______your homework before ten o’clock, or you will be punished. ? A. hand out B. hand in C. hand over D. hand B on ? ( ) 4. Would you please _______ the music a little, Lily? I am learning English. ? A. turn up B. turn down C. turn off D. turn on

5.Take off 飞机起飞,脱下衣服 6. work out 解决问题,
? (B ) 5. Attention, please! The plane will _____ in a minute. Every passenger, please fasten(系) your safety belt. ? A. take up B. take off ? C. take over D. take down A ? ( ) 6. This math problem is very difficult, so I can’t ______it ______. ? A. work; out B. point; out C. set; up D. try; on

7. Look up 查字典,查阅 8. Die of 死于疾病等内因 die from 死于饥饿等外因
? (A ) 7.If you don’t know the meaning of the

word, you can ___it___ in the dictionary. ? A. look; up B. look; into C. make; up D. dress; up B ? ( ) 8. The old man _______ cancer at last. ? A. died from B. died of C. goes through D. ends with

? (B ) 9. ---What does your mother _______? --She is tall and beautiful. ? A. look after B. look like ? C. look at D. look for ? (B ) 10. I don’t know how to ____my sad feeling. Can you help me? ? A. do with B. deal with ? C. run after D. go over

? (C ) 11. I _______ my English teacher this morning while I was eating breakfast. ? A. came about B. came from C. came across D. came over ? (B ) 12. --Shall I take you to the shopping center after school? ? -- No, thanks. My father said he would ______ on his way home. ? A. look for me B. pick me up C. let me down D. take after me

? (C ) 13.—Why don’t you _______the correct spelling of the word? ? —I’m sorry. I don’t have a Chinese-English dictionary at hand. ? A. look for B. look down C. look up D. look at ? (D ) 14. Have you _______ your new classmates yet? ? A. had friends with B. made friend with C. got friend to D. made friends with

? (C ) 15—Would you mind ______ my baby while I am away? ? —Of course not. ? A. looking for B. looking at C. looking after D. looking forward to ? (A) 16..Tom, ______ your sunglasses. The sun is so bright. ? A. put on B. put up C. put away D. put down

? (A ) 17.— Could I speak to Lily, please? --_____ a minute. I will call her at once. ? A. Hold on B. Pass on ? C. Put on D. Hold back B ? ( ) 18.I am sure those scientists will ______ a way to solve the difficult problem. ? A. put up B. come up with ? C. look up D. come up

19.答案:A解析:open up意为“成立”,look up意为“查找;cleanup 意为“打扫于净";pick up意为“捡起”。用open up 最合适。故选A。 20[答案]D。[解析] 由句中的offer their seats to the old 0n bus


A ? 19More and more foreigners want to ________their companies in China. ? A.open up B.look up C.clean up D.pick D up ? 20.Lots of people in our city _______ the old and they usually offer their seats to the old on buses. ? A. agree with B. worry about C. laugh at D. care for

? (C ) 21.The global financial crisis(金融危机) has made many people_____ their money. ? A. to care for B. took care of C. be careful with D. to be cared about ? (A) 22.---These problems are too difficult to solve . Could you please ____ me _____? ? ---There are many ways, but the most important is to think them over before doing them. ? A. help out B. look out ? C. work out D. put out

? (C ) 23.--I’m sorry I can’t find the library book anywhere. ? --I’m afraid you have to ______ it. ? A. send for B. call for ? B C. pay for D. wait for ? ( ) 24.---,Jim, what are you doing now? ? --I’m writing to my good friend, Tom.He moved to America last week.He must be_____ receiving my e-mail. ? A.1istening to B.looking forward to C. hoping to D. excited to

? (B ) 25. Jill doesn’t like the sunglasses in the ad because they can’t _____ the sun well. ? A. take out B. keep out ? C. clean out D. look out ? (D) 26. It is impolite to _____ those people in trouble. ? A.1augh to B. 1augh with C. laugh of D. 1augh at

? (C) 27.My grandmother________ us stories when we were young. ? A.was used to tell B.is used to telling C.used to tell D.was used to tell ? (B) 28. Many old buildings were _______ and new buildings are being built. ? A. put out B. pulled down ? C. gone down D. fell down

? (A) 29.—Tess, your books are in a terrible mess ( 凌乱)on your desk. ? —I’m sorry. I’ll _________ at once. ? A. put them away B. put them out ? C. put them on D. put them down ? (C) 30. .More and more waste has ______ a lot of space. We should take some measures to reduce it. ? A. taken place B. taken away ? C. taken up D. taken off

( D) 31. ---- How long have you ________? ---- For three days. A. got a headache B. fallen ill C. caught a cold D. had a cough ( A ) 32. Zhou Yang is______ skating. She won a gold medal at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. ? A good at B weak in ? C tired of D angry with ? ? ? ? ?

? ( B) 33.It is a good habit for us that we should never ____today’s work till tomorrow. ? A put on B. put off C put up .D put down ? ( C) 34. We had to _____our discussion because one of us suddenly got ill. ? A. take off B. turn off ? C. break off D. set off

? ( C ) 35. They preferred_____ rather than _____a bike. ? A.to walk; to ride B. walking; riding ? C. to walk; ride D. walking, to ride A ? ( ) 36. The child nearly _____ all his pocket money. ? A. ran out of B. kept out of ? C. ran out D. got out of

? (A ) 37. When I heard my baby girl say her first word, my heart was _____ with joy. ? A. filled B. marked ? C. prepared D. full of ? ( B) 38.---Why did he decide to leave his job? ? --- Because he is suffering from_____ health. ? A. sick B. ill C. disabled D. unable

? ( B) 39. -Attention, please. The flight has to be_______ because of the heavy rain. ? A. put on B. put off C. put away D. put up ? ( B ) 40. ---Why do you look so upset? ? ----My boss had _______ my requirement for a raise again. ? A. turned off B. turned down C. turned up D. turned on

? (B) 41. I was so ______ what she did that I wouldn’t say a word with her. ? A. angry with B. angry at C. happy with D. glad to ? (C) 42. This famous watch ______ Switzerland and I like it a lot. ? A. is made from B. is made of C. is made in D. is made by

? (C) 43. She ______ the climate in Chongqing because it is too hot there in summer. ? A. used to B. gets used to C. isn’t A to D. is used to used ? ( ) 44. –What is a knife used for? ? --It _______ cutting things. ? A. is used for B. is used to C. used to D. is used as

? (A )45. My father _____ me and he always asks me to finish my homework on time. ? A. is very strict with B. is very strict in C. is satisfied with D. is pleased with ? ( ) 46. If you two are going to share a room, you’d better learn how to _____. ? A. get up B. get out D ? C. get over D. get along

D)47. I _____Tom so I am missing him very ? ( much. ? A. haven’t heard of B. heard about C. get a letter from D. haven’t heard from ? (B) 48. The sports meeting will ______ next Friday. ? A. be taken placeB. take place ? C. be happened D. happen

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