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新人教版高中英语选修八强化练习:unit 1 section 3(含答案)

Unit 1 A land of diversity Section Ⅲ Using Language

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.5,000 head of________(牛) died of the disease in one month. 2.There's room for one more piece of________(行李). 3.They

________(插入) a tube in his mouth to help him breathe. 4.Today we________(哀悼) for all those who died in the two World Wars. 5.The rocks stick out of the water at a 45degree________(角). 6.I have no doubt that the man is guilty and that he deserves the________(惩罚). 7.The driver had to b________suddenly to avoid a dog on the road. 8.She now has a________over the people who used to be her bosses. 9.I don't think you've quite g________the seriousness of the situation. 10.The children's poor health was a________from their physical appearance. 答 案 : 1.cattle 2.luggage 3.inserted 4.mourn 5.angle 6.punishment

7.brake 8.authority 9.grasped 10.apparent Ⅱ.用方框内所给短语的适当形式填空 consist of vote for occur to rather than feel like team up with mark out take in a

great many apply for

1.When planting seedlings I prefer to ________the rows in advance. 2.This book is so difficult that I'm tired; I can't ________what the author means. 3.Water is said to ________oxygen and hydrogen. 4.It all happened________years ago, so none of us can remember it. 5.The university is________a school in England for the research project. 6.I didn't________her because she always seems to be in a fog. 7.He would prefer to meet me downstairs ________upstairs.

8.I________going to Europe for a visit next summer vacation. 9.He made up his mind to ________ membership in the Party. 10.Did it ever ________you that we might take a new step forward? 答案:1.mark out 6.vote for 7.rather than Ⅲ.完成句子 根据相关的汉语提示,完成下列句子。每空仅限一个单词。 1.他直接前往巴黎,未在任何地方停留过。 He ________ ________to Paris without stopping anywhere. 2.当潜水者去探险时,他们就开始进入了一个全新的领域。 The divers enter into a whole new world when they ______ ________. 3.在中国,BBC 电台已和新浪网联手给英语学习者提供类似的学习机会,使 他们即使在上班途中也能学习英语。 In China, the BBC has ________ ________with Sina.com to provide English learners with similar opportunities________ ________they can learn English while traveling to work. 4.他们用白漆把网球场地划了出来。 They________ ________the tennis court with white paint. 5.我的酒店在哪里?我该走哪条路呢? Where is my hotel? Which is______ ________ ________ ________? 6.你的谎言骗不了我。 I am not to be________ ________by your lies. 7.你对本市的各地都已经很了解了吗? Do you have________ ________ ________ ________where everything is at in town? 8.我们上星期才搬的家,还没安顿下来呢。 We only moved house last week and we haven't________ ________yet. 9.她已和许多人一起申请参加训练。 ________ ________ ________many others, she______ ________a training place. 10.请等一等就轮到为您服务了。 Please wait until______ ________ ________ ________to be served. 2.take in 8.feel like 3.consist of 4.a great many 5.teaming up with

9.apply for 10.occur to

答案:1.went straight 4.marked out

2.go exploring 3.teamed up; so that 6.taken in 7.a good idea of 8.settled in 9.In

5.the way to go

common with; applied for 10.it is your turn Ⅳ.单项填空 1.Every time attacks like those________, the speed of economic development will slow. A.are occurred C.will occur B.occur D.occurred

答案:B 句意:每当像那样的暴力事件发生,经济发展的速度就会慢下来。 occur 为不及物动词,不用于被动语态;在时间状语从句里谓语动词用一般现在时 表示将来。 2 . He would like to________the position as a salesman advertised in the newspaper yesterday. A.make for C.search for 答案:D B.stand for D.apply for


的职位。 apply for“申请”符合句意。make for“前往,有助于”; stand for“代表, 象征”;search for“搜寻”。 3. Strangely enough, ________else in this small town will you find any hotel open on Sunday. A.everywhere C.anywhere 答案:D B.somewhere D.nowhere

考查倒装。由句中的“will you find”可知此处使用了倒装,只有前置

否定副词时,句子才倒装,因此选择 nowhere“无处”。 4. Some people point to the fast food and lack of exercise as a(n)________cause of child overweight. A.available C.pure B.apparent D.gradual

答案:B 考查形容词辨析。句意:有些人指出,快餐食品以及缺少运动是导 致孩子肥胖的显而易见的原因。故选 apparent“显然的,显而易见的”。

5 . To save some money, the young man wants a partner with whom he can________to rent an apartment. A.come up C.team up 答案:C B.catch up D.put up

come up with“提出”;catch up with“追上,赶上”;team up

with“ 与??合作或一起工作”;put up with“忍受”。句意:为了省钱,那个年 轻人想找一个伙伴与他合租一套公寓。 6.The old man stood there,________. A.with back against the wall B.with his back against the wall C.with back against wall D.his back against wall 答案:B 根据“名词+介词+名词”和“with+名词+介词+名词”结构特 点可以看出:A 项 back 前少限定词;C 项应该把 with 去掉,因介词 with 后复合宾 语中的名词是单数可数名词,故应该有自己的限定词;D 项应在 wall 前加上冠词 或把 back 前的 his 删掉,故选 B 项。 7.—Shall we go shopping tonight? —Well, I don't feel________out this evening. I have lots of housework to do. A.like to go C.like going 答案: C B.like doing D.like to be

第二句句意: 我今晚不想出去。 我有很多家务活要做。 考查短语 feel

like 的用法。其中 like 是介词,其后要加 doing 作宾语。 8.—Oh, dear. What happened? —I________on the shiny floor and fell. A.slipped C.attacked 答案:A B.jumped D.skipped

考查动词辨析。从 the shiny floor and fell 看出,空缺词的意思应该

是“滑倒”。slip“滑动;滑倒”;jump“跳跃”;attack“攻击”;skip“跳跃; 跳读”。 9.________youths volunteered for the Olympic Games.

A.A great many C.Great many of

B.Many a D.Large number

答案: A 考查形容词的用法。 句意: 有很多的年轻人自愿为奥运会服务。 a great many“很多”,修饰名词的复数形式,谓语动词用复数形式;many a 后接单数名 词,谓语动词用单数形式,表示“很多”,C 项本身说法错误;D 项如改为 A large number of 也正确。 10.A teacher should make his lessons simple enough for the students to________. A.take off C.take in 答案:C B. take up D.take down 句意:老师应该使自己的课简单以便让学生理解。take off“起飞;

脱掉”;take up“占据”;take in“理解;吸收”;take down“记下”。由语境可 知本题选 C。 Ⅴ.完形填空 I went straight to my personal doctor and he took a blood sample. I was really__1__when he told me it showed a lack of vitamin D because I always thought I was very healthy. Looking at the__2__of the blood test, he said my levels were very low. He said that I had probably had a lack of vitamin D__3__I wasn't getting enough sunlight. That__4__a lot of sense. For the past few months I had__5__seen the sun. As a(n) __6__, every day I had been in the theater or in a film studio, so I had__7__to receive enough natural light. And working in a theater and performing most evenings also__8__I got up later than most people. It was like I had been living in a__9__time zone from someone else. My doctor said I__10__to take vitamin D,__11__I went to the chemist's and got a vitamin D spray( 喷雾 ). All I had to do was spray it into my__12__once a day. That__13__the vitamin D was absorbed quickly into my body. My doctor had said I would__14__a difference within three months but almost right away I felt better and my energy levels increased__15__. It was strange how simple my__16__had been, but what a huge effect it had__17__my life—it made me so tired! Strangely, after my experience, I__18__seeing a lot of things on TV about vitamin D and lack of sun. I have__19__taking vitamin D, so__20__that will stop it from

happening again. 文章大意:本文讲述的是作者是一名演员,因为经常在室内工作,导致吸收 阳光不够,从而得了维生素 D 缺乏症。 1.A.satisfied C.excited 答案:D B.bored D.shocked 逻辑推理题。听到自己得了维生素 D 缺乏症,作者当然感到震惊。 B.causes D.processes 背景常识题。根据上文提到的 took a blood sample 可推断,此处是

2.A.results C.effects 答案:A

指血液的检测结果。 3.A.if C.when B.because D.though

答案:B 句式结构题。医生说作者得了维生素 D 缺乏症是因为很少见阳光, 故表示原因。 4.A.got C.received 答案:D B.offered D.made

习语搭配题。make sense 是固定短语,表示“有意义、讲得通”,

承接下文,表示作者承认医生说得对。 5.A.regularly C.hardly 答案:C 有晒到太阳。 6.A.musician C.actor 答案:C B.teacher D.manager 逻辑推理题。根据下文 I had been in the theater or in e film studio 与 B.usually D.nearly 逻辑推理题。根据上文作者对医生的诊断认可,可推断作者几乎没

working in a theater and performing most evenings 可知作者应该是名演员。 7.A.tried C.managed B.failed D.refused

答案:B 逻辑推理题。正因为作者每天都在室内工作,所以他未能吸收足够 的阳光。

8.A.suggested C.supposed 答案:D

B.expected D.meant


未能吸收到足够阳光的原因。 9.A.different C.strange 答案:A 人不一样。 10.A.forgot C.needed 答案:C B.wanted D.decided 背景常识题。因为作者得了维生素 D 缺乏症,医生说他有必要补充 B.similar D.good 逻辑推理题。因为比大多数人起得晚,所以活动的时间段就与别

维生素 D,所以就去买了能补充维生素 D 的药品。 11.A.but C.or B.so D.for

答案:B 句式结构题。承接上半句话,表示因果关系,用 so。 12.A.nose C.ear 答案:D B.eye D.mouth 逻辑推理题。根据上文可知,作者买的是维生素 D 的喷雾,需要

每天喷到嘴里一次,才能被身体快速吸收。 13.A.way C.point 答案:A B.moment D.case 逻辑推理题。在此是名词短语作状语,that way 表示“那种方式”。 B.see D.catch 词汇复现题。此处指服药之后见效快,即:服药三个月感觉就不同

14.A.take C.feel 答案:C 了。 15.A.deeply C.mostly

B.immediately D.generally

答案:B 逻辑推理题。根据 almost right away I felt better 可知是立刻就感觉 到了。

16.A.problem C.plan 答案:A 17.A.for C.to 答案:D

B.lesson D.wish

背景常识题。作者得了维生素 D 缺乏症,属于身体的问题。 B.in D.on 习语搭配题。在此是固定短语 have a huge effect on,表示“对??

有很大影响”。 18.A.avoided C.started 答案:C B.considered D.continued 逻辑推理题。根据上文的 Strangely,after my experience 可推断,作

者应该开始关注维生素 D 缺乏症这种常识。 19.A.put off C.given up B.kept on D.felt like

答案:B 逻辑推理题。根据下文 that will stop it from happening again 可推断, 作者坚持服用,以免再复发。 20.A.hopefully C.sadly 答案:A B.personally D.importantly 背景常识题。承接上半句话,表示服用的目的是希望不复发。

Ⅵ.书面表达 你的同学陆涛乐于助人,品学兼优。在上星期日下午回校途中,有一位老太 太受伤,他给予帮助,你目睹了这一情景。请用英语写一篇短文向某英语报社投 稿,简要叙述他做好事的经过,并谈谈你的感想。 要点:1.叙述经过;2.发表感想。 词数:100 左右。 注意:开头部分已给出,不计入总词数。 Nowadays, a lot of people are reportedly unwilling to help others. However, Lu Tao acts differently. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 范文赏析 Nowadays,_a_lot_of_people_are_reportedly_unwilling_to_help_others._However, _Lu_Tao_acts_differently. Last Sunday afternoon, on his way back to school, he came across an old lady, lying on the ground, seriously hurt in the leg. He immediately stopped,called 120 and carried out first aid. Soon, the ambulance came and took the old lady to hospital. When everything was OK, he left for school. Lu Tao always helps others. He studies well and has a very good quality.Though there might be misunderstanding or even trouble when we do good deeds, I strongly believe that we should try our best to do good to others. As responsible citizens, it is our duty to help people in need. Helping others means helping ourselves in a sense.

选 做 题
Ⅰ.短文改错 此题要求改正短文中的错误。对标有题号的每一行做出判断:如无错误,在 答题卡相应的位置上画一个勾(√);如有错误(每行只有一个错误),则按下列情况 改正: 此行多一个词:把多余的词写在答题卡相应的位置,用斜线(\划掉。 此行缺一个词:在答题卡相应的位置上写出该加的词,并附带前(后)词。 此行错一个词:在答题卡相应的位置上写出该错词和改正后的词。 注意:原行没有错的不要改。 I'll graduate from our school soon. How a great 1.________ threeyear school life! I just find this really difficult2.________ to say goodbye for the nice teachers and my dear good3.________ friends. They are always kindly to me and I will miss4.________ them forever. Walk around the campus, I can still see my5.________ footsteps through the colorful school life and everything6.________

will be carefully kept in my memory. I'm going study7.________ harder than ever to improve your English. I believe that if8.________ you work hard, you'll surely make a great progress.9.________ Let's try together to make our dreams came true.10.________ 答案:1.How→What 2.this→it 3.for→to 4.kindly→kind 5.Walk→Walking

6.√ 7.going∧to 8.your→my 9.去掉 a Ⅱ.阅读表达 阅读下面短文并用英语回答问题,将答案写到最后相应的位置上(请注意问题 后的词数要求)。 [1]It is hard enough to lose weight. Keeping it off is even harder. Now a new study by researchers at Penn State suggests that the techniques that work for losing weight aren't necessarily the same as those that help keep you slim. [2]First the researchers surveyed over 1,100 people who had achieved significant weight loss and maintained (维持) it. The researchers identified 36 weightloss and weightmaintenance practices that at least 10% of the group used. [3]Then the researchers conducted a national telephone survey of overweight people who had tried to lose weight and keep it off with varying success: about 11%reported successfully losing weight, and 21% were able to maintain that loss for at least a year. [4]The survey found people who________did so by participating in weight loss programs, cutting back on sugar, eating healthy snacks, participating in different types of exercise. [5]Still, say many nutrition and obesity experts, the basic principles of weight loss and maintenance are the same: you have to eat a healthy diet and increase your exercise. People who lose weight and keep it off tend to eat significantly healthier foods and do a lot more exercise than the average American. [6]But what may maintain between weightloss and maintenance is a person's attitude; rather than focusing on actively losing weight in a short term. People have to start focusing on longterm, permanent lifestyle changes and behaviors, if they want to maintain the weight that's been lost. The key to success, experts agree, is motivation, not necessarily the particulars of your weightloss program. 1.How does the author introduce the topic of the text? (no more than 8 words) not skipping meals and 10.came→come

_________________________________________________________________ 2.Fill in the blank in Paragraph 4 with proper words. (no more than 5 words) _________________________________________________________________ 3.What is the most important about keeping weight off successfully according to the experts? (no more than 3 words) _________________________________________________________________ 4.What do experts say about weight loss and maintenance?(no more than 10 words) _________________________________________________________________ 5.What is the main idea of the text? (no more than 8 words) _________________________________________________________________ 答案:1.By providing a new study. 2.lost weight successfully 3.Permanent motivation. 4.You should eat a healthy diet and increase your exercise.

5. How to keep the weight off. Ⅲ.六选五 加拿大运动鞋设计专家 Benno Nigg 曾为当今众多运动明星设计过多款运动 鞋,如 Masai MBT 运动鞋。在接受采访时,Nigg 回答了记者的 5 个问题(第 1~5 题)。 请从下列提问(A、B、C、D、E 和 F)中选出与他的回答相匹配的问题。选项 中有一项是多余选项。 Questions: A.What kind of technology might we see in sports shoes of the future? B.What should people look out for when buying a new pair of sports shoes? C.Will a more expensive shoe make me run faster or jump higher,as the ads suggest? D.When you say that cheap ones,is it true? E.Some people say we should run just as well without shoes.What's your opinion of that? expensive shoes are no better at preventing injury than

F.You helped develop the unstable Masai MBT shoes. Does this design actually work? 1.________ Nigg's Answer: That is a little bit overstated. But the relative frequency of running injuries doesn't seem to have changed much in the past 30 years in spite of all the developments in sports shoe design. The studies show that shoes are a minor player in iniury. If you take a group of people and want to injure them, send them out every day for a 20kilometre run. A lot of them will be injured in three weeks. The major factors are the distance run,the intensity and recovery time,not the shoes. 2.________ Nigg's Answer:The problem is that if you go to a store and want to find your best shoes, you don't know what to do. Things that are sometimes done, like video analysis of your rear foot movement,may not help. The only way to assess whether a shoe is right for you is how it feels. If you feel comfortable in a shoe,it's likely to be good for you. We did a study with soldiers where we gave them six different inserts, and they chose the one they liked best. In four months those with inserts had 53 per cent fewer injuries than those without. 3.________ Nigg's Answer: A shoe may act as a training device, making some muscles function more effectively for a majority of users. Or it may use materials longer. That that last may have something to do with its price. However, for the average runner more a shoe controls movement,the more it acts like a cast,

it is difficult to distinguish between actual functional designs and unnecessary features. Generally, the

which means you have some muscles that don't work any more. This may mean that you lose some muscle strength, and your feet are more likely to be injured. 4.________ Nigg's Answer: Yes, for about 80 per cent of people. The major benefits are training the small muscles crossing the ankle joint, and a reduction of knee and lower back pain. However, some claims for these unstable shoes are overstated, such as the general muscle strengthening that they are claimed to produce. 5.________ Nigg's Answer: There are claims that there are fewer injuries when you run

barefoot, but there is not yet enough evidence, or enough research, to prove that. If you look at performance,most papers suggest an advantage of 3 to 4 per cent. With a few exceptions—Abebe Bikila in 1960 and Zola Budd in the 1980s—people don't run barefoot,so it may be that it's not an advantage,or it may be that we're just not used to it. 答案:1.D 在所有的选项中,只有 D 项与本部分中提到的 injury 吻合。

2.B 本部分叙述的是如何挑选称心如意而又适合自己的运动鞋,故选 B。 3.C 本部分阐述的是鞋在运动过程中的功能,故选 C。

4.F 结合本部分中的 unstable 以及问题中的 unstable 可判断选 F 项。 5.E 结合本部分中的 barefoot 以及问题中的 without shoes 可判断选 E 项。 Ⅳ.任务型读写 阅读下面短文,根据所读内容在表格中的空白处填入恰当的单词。 注意:每个空格只填一个单词。 In the days before bootleg (非法销售) DVDs, anyone who lived in China during the early 1990s will remember how terribly exciting it was when a foreign film was screened in the cinema.Only 20 foreign films a year were allowed to be shown in Chinese cinemas until February 2012. The US film industry has shown a lot of interest in developing its business in China. The reasons for this are clear. China has a population of over 1.3 billion and, with the standard of living rising all the time, the US film industry wants a slice ( 一 片)of the profits. There are thousands of new cinemas being added throughout China. Technology is also improving all the time,meaning that more and more cinemas are able to show films in 3D or IMAX format(形式). There is now a greater possibility of the US film industry earning more from the Chinese market. Now an agreement has been signed that will allow the number of foreign films a year to be increased to 34. This agreement with China will offer thousands of Americans jobs in and around the film industry. In addition, studios will be able to get 25% of the box office proceeds(收益). This was previously limited to about 13.5%.The real winners of the agreement will be The China Film Group and the Chinese cinema owners who make the largest profits. The new deal is a huge step in the right direction. Even better, it will hopefully cut

down on the Chinese bootleg DVD industry, which has long taken advantage of the fact that most Western films won't be shown in Chinese cinemas. Title:Why China is important to the US film industry During the early 1990s, people felt 1.________ very

2 . ________when a foreign film was introduced to China. Only 20 films from abroad could be shown per year in Chinese cinemas until February 2012. The US film industry wants to make a 4.________from the Chinese market because of its huge


population and rapid development. More and more new cinemas will be built in the future. 3D or IMAX films will be shown in cinemas 5.________in technology. It can solve the employment problem,7.________thousands of Americans jobs in and because of the

6.________of and China

the around the film industry. Studios can 8.________more The China Film Group and the can 10.________the DVD Chinese cinema owners will be the 9.________winners of the agreement. It industry against bootlegs.

agreement made by the US proceeds than before.

答案:1.Introduction 5.improvement Ⅴ. 补全对话



4.profit 9.real 10.protect


7.offering 8.get

根据对话情景和内容,从对话后所给的选项中选出能填入每一空白处的最佳 选项。选项中有两个为多余选项。 A:Can I help you? B:__1__ A:Let me see. One lady's skirt and one man's overcoat. B:__2__ A:Is next Thursday soon enough? B:__3__ A: ,Sir.

B:__4__ A: Here's your receipt(收据),Sir. B:__5__ A.Fine. That leaves me plenty of time to pick them up after work. B.I want to have these clothes cleaned and pressed. C.Good. Thank you. D.How much is it? E.A piece of cake? F.When will they be ready? G.Well. Yes. When does the shop close? 答案:1~5 BFGAC

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人教版英语选修八(十二省区)强化练习:unit 1 section 3(含答案)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 1 Ⅰ.单词拼写 Section Ⅲ 1.5,000 head of ___(牛) died...
新人教版高中英语选修八强化练习:unit 5 section 3(含...
新人教版高中英语选修八强化练习:unit 5 section 3(含答案)_高三英语_英语_...答案: 1.told 前加 was 6.take→taking 10.don't→not Ⅱ.阅读表达 阅读...
新人教版高中英语选修八强化练习:unit 4 section 3(含...
新人教版高中英语选修八强化练习:unit 4 section 3(含答案)_英语_高中教育_教育...1.___ Do you drive, listen to music, eat your sandwich and speak on...
新人教版高中英语选修八强化练习:unit 2 section 1(含...
新人教版高中英语选修八强化练习:unit 2 section 1(含答案)_英语_高中教育_教育...2.exact 3.Altogether 4.accumulate 7.forbidden 8.undertake 9.impact 10....
新人教版高中英语选修八强化练习:unit 3单元综合技能训...
新人教版高中英语选修八强化练习:unit 3单元综合技能训练(含答案)_英语_高中教育...(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,...
人教版英语选修八(十二省区)强化练习:unit 3 section 1...
人教版英语选修八(十二省区)强化练习:unit 3 section 1(含答案)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 3 Ⅰ.用所给词的适当形式填空 Section1.Custom ___ one...