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School Life in the UK 江苏

Period 2 Reading

School Life in the UK

Designed by Wu Zonglin

I. Studying Aims:
●Train the students’ reading ability. ●Learn some useful words and expre

ssions. ●Learn more about school life in the UK and the differences between school life in the UK and in China.

II. Difficult Points:
● To understand the passage better. ● Learn and master some important words and phrases in this period. ● Try to improve their reading ability and understand the passage better.

III. Skinning

Read the text quickly and try to get the answers to the following questions:
Q1. How long did Wei Hua stay in Britain? For one year Q2. What was the name of Wei Hua’s class teacher? Mr Heywood Q3. What did Wei Hua make in her woodwork class?

A small table

IV. Skimming
Tick out true or false questions. If false, please try to correct it. 1. Wei Hua likes the school hours in the UK. (√ ) 2. Chinese schools encourage students to work hard. √ ( ) 3. Wei Hua’s favorite teacher was Miss Burke. (√ ) 4. British students have fixed classrooms and classmates. ( ×) 5. British students can only study two languages; English and French. (×) 6. British students eat a lot of fruit. ( √ ) 7. Wei Hua enjoyed playing football. (×)

4. Because they have to move to different classrooms for different classes. The also have different students in some classes. 5. Because Several languages are available, such as French, Spanish and German while English is essential. 7. She must be in China now. At the end of the passage she hopes to go back and study in Manchester again.

V. Careful Reading
1. What time do British Schools usually begin? 9 a.m 2. What time do they usually end? 3:30 p.m
3. On average, how many students are there in a class in the UK? About 29 4. Why did Wei Hua find her homework difficult at the beginning of her study in the UK?
Because all the homework was in English.

5. On Tuesdays, what did Wei Hua do in the evening?
She had an extra French class (on Tuesday evening).

6. What do British students usually eat after their main meal?
Lots of desserts.

7. Which British city did Wei Hua go to?


VI. Some aspects that reflect school life in the UK mentioned in the letter
On the first day Teachers Go to attend assembly Mr Heywood---class teacher Miss Burke---English literature 29 students English, History, English literature, computer Science, Maths, Science, PE, Art, Cooking and French Woodwork, other language British food, lots of desserts Lucky enough to experience different way of life; enjoyable and exciting, be happy with the school life there

Size of class
Subjects Extra subject food Wei Hua’s feelings and progress

VII. Comparison Items School time
Numbers of the Ss

5.30a.m.-10.00p.m. More than 50 Heavy and hard Not free

9.00a.m.-3.30p.m. no more than 29 Not heavy but practical Free Free talk and practical Desserts after the main meal

Homework Choices of Subjects

A large volume but Class activities not active for Ss


Desserts during the main meal (if any)

Points for Reading part:
△be happy with sth./ over sth. 对…感到高兴(满意 be happy in doing sth. 幸运地做… be happy to do sth. = be glad / pleased to do 高兴/愉快/乐于 做…… I am happy with your work/the days that I spent in the country. He is happy (=pleased / delighted / glad) to help any person. He is happy with the result of the examination. △than usual比平常;比以往. This morning he got up earlier than usual. as usual象往常一样;象平常一样 ---Are you coming home at the usual time? ---Yes, I shall leave the office at the same time as usual. △earn / win / gain respect from赢得 / 受到尊敬 earn one’s respect show respect for

1. Old people deserve to be treated _____ C more respect. A. in B. by C. to D. with B the famous scientist. 2. We showed great respect ____ A. in B. for C. to D. with B his students for his 3. The teacher earned deep respect _____ excellent teaching. A. in B. from C. with D. for ◆achieve = gain. Get 获得 achieve one's purpose达到目的 achieve success 获得成功 achieve victory 获得胜利 This will help us achieve modernization. 这有助于我们实现现代化。 make great achievements scientific achievements

◆sound link v. 听起来 sound + n. / adj. / p.p. / prep. phr. / as if –clause

She sounds a kind woman. 她听起来是一个和善良的妇女。
The news sound encouraging.这消息听起来鼓舞人心。

The sentence sounds wrong.这个句子听起来不对。
He sounded very pleased.他的声音听起来很高兴。

The noise sounds like a train.这声音听来像列火车。
It sounded as if the whole world were being flooded. 那声音不像洪水在全世界泛滥似的

◆a bit 和 a little 用在肯定句中意义相同,意为“一些;一点 儿;稍微”。在修饰形容词、副词以及其比较级时,可互相 换用,但修饰名词,a bit 后要接 of 再修饰名词。a little 不用 加。 I’m a little / a bit tired. It’s a bit / a little warmer today. I’d like a bit of / a little water. ◆但是在否定句中,a bit 与 a little 的意思恰恰相反, not a bit = not in the least; not at all = not in the slightest 一点也 不 not a little = very much; not slightly 非常 Ann doesn’t care a bit for me. I don’t like it a bit. 我一点儿也不喜欢它。 I don’t like it a little. 我非常喜欢它 I was not a little annoyed.我十分气恼。

☆Choose the best answers:
1. ---Are you feeling tired after the game? ---____ B in fact. I feel quite relaxed. A. Not a little B. Not a bit C. Not little D. Not but 2. He only thought of himself, and he doesn’t care ______ C for me. A. not a little B. not a bit C. a bit 3. You know ____ D Spanish, don’t you? A. not a little B. not a bit C. a bit D. a little 4. We must finish our work before seven o’clock, this will give C time. us ____ A. a little B. a bit C. a bit of D. a little of D. a little

◆because; as; for; since, now that (1) because 语气最重,有强调因果关系的意味,引导原因状语从 句,常放在句后,但也有置于句首(少见),表示的是直接的原因。 He was disappointed because he didn’t get the position. 他感到失望因为他没有得到那职位。 (2) as 意为“因为、由于”语气比because弱,它所引导的原因状语 从句通常置于句首,有时也可置主句后,表示间接原因。 As it is raining, I won’t go out. 由于下雨,我不出门。 (3) for 是并立连词,表示“因为”时,语乞比as弱,通常置于第一 个分句之后,用逗号或分号隔开。表示补充说明的理由。 We must start early, for we have a long way to go. 我们要早点动身,因为要走很长的路。 (4) since 语气次于because, 引出稍加分析,多少已为对方气知晓的 原因,意为“因为,由于;既然”,since引导的状语从句放在句首。 Since you’ve come, we needn’t go.既然你来了,我们就不必去了。

Multiple Choice: 1) ____ D the day went on, the weather got worse. A. With B. Since C. While D. As 2) _____ C the day going on, the weather got worse. A. As B. Since C. With D. While 3) The Italian boy was regarded as a hero ____ C he gave his life to his country. A. since B. as C. because D. for 4) ____ B I have been in England, I have come to like English literature. A. Since B As C. Because D. For 5) He must be at home, ____ D the light in his room is on. A. since B as C. because D. for

for the birds are singing. 6. The day breaks, because has rained much of late. 7. The river has risen,because for it hasit rained much of late(近来 ). 8. Because Since everybody knows about it, I don’t want to talk any more.

9. “Why do you have no electricity?”
“As there was a power ” failure.” Because there wasfailure. a power As we hadn’t money about us, we couldn’t buy anything 10. Since to eat.

◆spend time doing sth.

B the new books. 1) She spent his money ____
A. in B. on C. for D. on buying 2) How much did you spend ____ B\Dthat book? A. in B. on C. for D. in buying

3) As students, we should spend as much time as we can

D our lessons. _____
A. to study B. study C. studied D. studying
4) Every spare minute he gets ____ C on the car.

A. to spend B. spends C. is spent

D. spending

◆ for free = free of charge = without payment He got the tickets for free. 他获得免费票。 They put on the play free of charge. 他们举行义演。 be free to do sth. 自由自在地做某事 free from 摆脱(不好的东西)

They let me have these books for free.
You may park here free of charge after 6p.m.

My father is a man free from ideas.

Choose the best answers: 1) They claim(宣称) to ___the country ____ its A enormous debt. A. free; from B. get; from C. rob; of D. take away; from 2) ---Does the ticket cost you a lot of money? D ---No, it is ____. A. costly B. expensive C. high D. free(免费的) 3) It will be required ____ if it goes wrong. B A. freely B. free of charge C. free from charge D. with freedom

◆ fun 意为“娱乐”“玩笑”嬉戏“有趣的人或事”, 通常作不可数名词,前面不能用a, 也无复数形式。 Tom is good fun. 汤姆是一个很有趣的人。 It is wrong to make fun of the disabled. What fun the children had at the seaside!孩子们在海边 玩得多开心啊! I don’t see the fun of doing that. 其它词组: for fun 开玩笑地 / 为了乐趣 make fun of 嘲笑;取笑逐颜开= laugh at I am not saying it in / for fun. We shouldn’t make fun of the blind. ◆ prepare 制, 调制; 准备

◆ at the end of (指时间) 在……未尾(底);(指位置) 在……未端(尽头)
We will go for an outing at the end of the next week.

There is a book store at the end of the street.
in the end ---- in the beginning

at the end of ---- at the beginning of
by the end of 到….未(句中动词常用完成时态)

(sth.) come to an end结束… ( = put an end to sth,)
◆ on the school field on the sports field

in the fields

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