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高一英语短文改错题 27 篇 1 Have you ever heard from the saying: All work and no play make Jack a dull boy?What this means is that if you study all the times you will become a boring person. You must go

out and having fun with your friends, otherwise you will lose him. No one wants to be friends with the person who that only works and studies. Perhaps you have a confidence problem. Please try remember that the work you do is for yourself rather than for anyone else. You do not have to compete your classmates. No one can be happier in studying seven days and seven night a week. 2 Dear Tracy, Although I'm 1 6 years old,but my father still treats me as a careless children. He doesn’t value my opinions .He is very strict with me and often punishes me about leaving things lying around in the house while he did this all time. I think he fails to set an example to me to follow. But he often say: “Doing as I say,not as I do.” Even worse,he points out my past mistakes to guests, making me feel hurting. I love my father, but I can’t bear what he does. I have been tried many times to talk with he but he never listens. Please, help me. Puzzled 3 Every morning Steve went to work by the train. As he has a long trip, he always buys newspaper. It helps make the time passing more quickly. One Tuesday morning, he turned over the sports page. He wanted to see the report about an important football match the night before. The report was so interesting that he forgot to get off at his station. He did not know it unless he saw the sea. He got off at the next station, and had to wait a long time for a train to go back. It was no doubt that he arrived late at the office. His boss was angry when Sieve told to him why he was late. “Work is very important than football! ”.He shouted. 4 When my father bought me a computer as a birthday gift for me in last year, I felt very exciting. As we all know, computers are getting more and more usefully now. Much information can be stored in them. We can also learn that has lately happened in the world on the internet. In the past, people had to do lots of work which was very dangerous. Now, but, computers can do it instead. When an exam is coming, I often did some exercises on my computer. Then it will correct it and tell me the right answers. In this way it is very convenient for me to prepare the exam than before. The computer has become my real friend. 5 In April 10th this year, as Li Ming was leaving his home in the morning, he got into the lift together a woman. When the lift got to the four floor, it stopped and a middle-aged man enter. Once the man got in, he snatched the woman’s handbag. He pulled both Li Ming and the woman out of the Lift. Li Ming ran downstairs. When he reached for the ground floor, he saw the man walked out. He told the caretaker at once and they both followed the thief to a restaurant nearby which they met two policemen. Li Ming tell them all about the case and the thief has finally caught. 6 One day last week I went a walk in the country. In the morning the weather was well and the sun was shining; the sky was blue and there were no could. Soon a cool wind started blown and black clouds were covered the sun and then it started to rain. There were no houses in sight, but I got very wet. After a hour or so, I managed to catch a bus which took me to home. But when I arrived I was shivering and I knew I had caught a bad cold. I must have taken my coat. I had nothing to do but to stay at home and wait for a doctor.

7 I visited my aunt in the countryside near the city last week.I was surprised to see that great changes had been taken place in the countryside. Take my aunt’ s family for example, We supply precious trees and flowers to the stores in the city and have over ten workers working for themselves. Their family’ s income reached as much 100,000 yuan last year. Nor only did they have a house, a car and computers, they can also afford a trip abroad every year. When asking what else they needed most, they said that they wanted to learn a few English so that they could do business with foreigners directly. To their delighted,my cousin can use that he has learned from university to help them for overseas trade. 8 Women are playing a much important part in society than before .Now women are working as teachers , scientists and even leaders Almost all jobs that used to be done by men is done perfectly well by women . Women are no longer looked down in society As the changes in their social role , women’s position in the family has been improved as well . That’s hard to find the wife is busy while the husband is sitting in an armchair, watches TV. In spite of all these change , the great number of men still guard their rights . Sometimes few women are allowing to attend important meetings .This is the problem we should try to solve it now 9 Hi Thank you for your e-mail ! You asked me about my friends and how we like to do . Well , I guess I do what most people to do . I like reading books , watching films and listen to music . My favourite sport is volley- ball. Most of my friends play volleyball together with me . My best friend is two years elder than me .She goes to a different school , but we always gets together after school to talk and have funs . We sometimes do homework together .What about yourself ? Tell me something about yourself , your friends and what you like to do . I had also like to know something about China . We have read China in school and I am very interesting in learning more about it . Please e-mail me soon ! Lisa 10 Here is a photo which I’ve kept for many years . Look , the child in it is me . Do you think it that it that I was very lovely ? Yes . You see , I was making a face . There was a hat on my head while there were no shoes on my foot . I asked my mother how old I was them . Mother said that I was three years old in that time . Can you see the house all making of wood ? The house which was new then , but it is very old now . I was born in this old house and lived here for eighteen years . I like living here , because there was many friendly neighbours we get along very good with each other , but it’s a great pity that We will move away soon . To tell a truth , I really can’t bear to part from them . 11 When Father bought me a computer for a birthday present in last year, I felt very exciting. As we all know, computers are getting more usefully nowadays. Much information can be stored in it. We can learn what has lately happened in the world on the Internet. People had to do lots of work which was very danger. Now, computers can do it instead. When an exam is come, I do exercises on my computer. Then it will correct them but tell me the right answers. It is convenient for me to prepare for the exam than before. The computer have become a real friend of mine. 12 Good morning, everyone. Yesterday I received a letter from a elderly gentleman. He told me the other day he see that some student in our school uniform crowded onto a bus without waiting their turns. On the bus they

refuse to offer their seats for old people. What was worse, they even said dirty words to each other. I am very much sorry for this. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s old people. Respect the old and caring for the young is a fine tradition of our Chinese. Every one of us have the responsibility to keep it up. I hope that you can learn something from this incident and you will have good manners whether you are inside or outside the school. Thank you. 13 Hello!I’ m Hannah, is the former Editor of Kiwibox’ s Life & People section. I’ ve now moved and became the Senior Editor of Books & School. A little about me you may not know: I am 17- years – old high school junior from Arizona. I’ve been on Kiwibox for January of 2004, which I became a reporter. Outside of Kiwibox, my hobbies include music, writing and just hanging out and try to get through high school. I’ m really happily to be a part of the Books & School section. I love to read and write, so book reviews are always a lot of funs. If you have any questions or comments about this section, I’d love to answer it. You can reach me at gingermulatta. Hannah 14 Henry Royce did not like his car, that ran badly and often broke up. So he decided to make better car himself,and in 1904 he produced his first new model. Charles Rolls, a car maker, was very interested in Royce’ s car, and soon Rolls and Royce go into business together. One of their first model was the Silver Ghost. In 1907, a Silver Ghost broke the world’s record by drive 14,371 miles without breaking down once. After the drive, it was cost just over £2 to put the car back into perfect condition. This is not surprising that the Silver Ghost was regarded “the best car in the world” 15 How much times do you spend with your parents? When did you last tell them what is on your mind? Your parents are your dearest people in the world when you are young. And they always care of you deep. But even though many child still love their mum and dad, families may become more close as you get older. The end of the year is a time for families to get together. Have you ever thought what you can show your parents that you love them? Find chance and do something for them or to have a sincere talk with them. If you can do this, your parents will be very happy. 16 “Practice makes perfect” was an old saying . It tells us that it does not any matter if we are slow at doing something . As long as we keep on trying and practice , we’ll do a good job in the end . The say is especial useful in English study . Since a student is poor at speaking , he should grasp every chance to open mouth and speak English . His oral English may be excellent one day due to his hard works . Not only is the saying useful in English study , it is also helpful in our daily life . To an extent , it is no short cut in doing everything since key to success lies in “Practice makes perfect”. 17 At a Friday night, a poor young artist stood at the gate of the subway station and played his violin with large piece of paper on the ground.Before long , he was surrounding with people, who were all attracted by the word on that paper. It said,“ last night,a gentleman put an important thing into my hat by mistaken. Please come to claim it soon.” Seeing this , people wondered why it could be. After about half an hour, a man came and brought back his lottery which won a prize of $500,000. Later someone asked the violinist: “ Why don’ t you taking the lottery ticket for yourself? ”He said,“While I don’t have much money, I live happily. However , I lose honesty, I won’t be happy forever.”

18 “Ding-ling-ling?” the bell rang, announced the end of school. One by one, the students left their school or went home. Some rode their bike, some went by bus, and others went on foot. On the way, John saw one of her classmates rode a bike. He asked him take him home on his bike. When they came to a crossing, an accident was happened. A big red truck moved quickly up to them. John was so frightened that he jumped off the bike all of sudden. The truck knocked him onto the ground. He was terrible injured and sent to hospital at once. That is important for us all to follow the traffic regulations for our own safety. 19 A few months after return the US from Germany, I took part in a college course in French. Since I have learned to speak German good in Germany, I thought that it might be interested to begin studying another language. At the first class, the teacher asked us to do a pronunciation exercise, in which he would say one word or two in French, and each student would do their best to copy. When he got to me, he kept having me to say more words, and I finally asked him why. "I find it great funs. It's the first time I've heard an American speak French with a German accent." he explained it. 20 One day I happened to find a chatting room on my QQ, there people were chat in English . I tried to chat with some of them . To my surprised . I found the oral English of some junior students were better than me . I asked them for advice and they told me to practise more on QQ. But every day after that I would spend one hour practise my oral English on QQ. Day by day I learned from many useful words and expressions . With time went by , I found that I could even communicate some college students freely .

短文改错练习(8) One afternoon , when I was on my way home , the sky changed suddenly . Dark clouds were gathered . I began to feel worried because I didn’t have both a raincoat or umbrella about me . It soon started to rain .Just as I was hurrying to home , I heard of someone calling me from behind . I turned to have a look and find that he was Liu Wei , a good neighbour of mine . He offered to share his umbrella with me . We walked all the ways home . Without Liu Wei’s help , I would have got wet to the skin . How much thankful I was for his help ! 短文改错练习(9) I worried about the missed bag all the evening. I try to remember exact what I had done from the time I left the store until at the time I got home. I remembered whether I had looked at the bag while I was having lunch. So I must have it when I left the store. I remembered showing it to a friend on the bus. But I had the bag then. I came directly from the bus to my house, and I must have forgotten it on the bus. I was in hurry to get off and forgot to check the packages lying on the floor. I should be much careful next time. 短文改错练习(10) A kind of little car may someday take place of today’s big ones . If people drive such cars in the future ,there would be less pollution in there air . There will be more spaces for parking cars in cities . The streets will be less crowd . And driving will be safe as these little cars can go only 65 km per hour . The future cars will be fine for getting round a city , so they will not be useful for long trips . Little cars will go 200km , before needing to stop more gas . If big cars are still used along with the small ones , two sets of roads that will be needed in the future . Some roads will be used for the big fast cars and another roads will be needed for the slow small ones . It is said that third such little cars fit in the space now needed for one car the usual size . 短文改错练习(12) Mr Zhang is over sixty years old. He has retired(退休).He is one of my respected teacher . He teaches us chemistry when we were in senior Grade One. He was old, and he taught us good. He tried his best to make his classes lively. Mr Zhang usually made good preparations for the lesson and was strict to us, too. Whenever we made mistakes in our homework. he would ask us to correct them. At that time, I was used to be poorly in chemistry. Mr Zhang often helped me with my studies very patiently. With his help, I had made rapid progress and caught with the class. He is always very kind to every student. As an experienced teacher, he is respected and loved by all the students. 短文改错练习(13) I can’t swim because I have a strong fear of water.Look back at my childhood experience, I think that three reason might explain the fear. The first reason is that I was not allowed to go near the water when I was a child, for my mother had unreasonable fear of it. So, even as a child I was taught see the water as something danger. Second, my eyes became bad ones when I was five. If I took off my glasses in the water, I couldn’t see anything, but this increased my fear. The worst part of your experience is that as a child I often see a neighbor drowned. Since then I had been more frightened.

短文改错练习(44) I used to going to the countryside to draw animals and plants. One day I was walked across a field looking for rabbits to draw. Losing in thought, I hadn't noticed a bull to running towards me. About 100meters ahead was a tree under that I would sit and draw. Su ddenly , I heard the noise behind me. I turned and saw the bull. Knowing a bull can run more faster than a man , I quickly reached the tree and climb up. From there I saw the bull kicking my food bag by its feet. It kept done this for 15 minutes and moved away. But I was quite nervous in the tree.

短文改错练习(43) When passing the bus station on my way tohome I found out a little girl alone crying. Obviously,she was lo sing, looking for her mother. I came up and asked her why. When asked where her mother was,she just sho ok head and kept crying. Then I took her to the station broadcasting room for a help. "Anyone who lost a chil d please come to our broadcasting room..." which was soon heard again and again.Minutes later,a worrying mother came. The girl ran to her mother happily tears still in eyes. The mother was very thankful and asked for my name. With smile,I answered," I'm only a League member. I have just done that a League member should do. It's my duty." [参考答案] 1 .from —of/about .make—makes .times—time .having—have .him—them .that .try 后加 to compete 加 against/with .happier—happy night-nights 2 .去掉 but children→child 78.about→for did→does 在 all 后加 the Say—says .Doing→Do .hurting→hurt .去掉 been .he→him 3 went →goes , 取掉 the, newspaper 前面加 a passing →pass over →to see →read unless →until It 改为 There 去掉 to very →more 4 去掉 me ,去掉 in ,exciting—excited ,usefully— useful ,that —what. but—however ,did—do , 第二个 it— them , very—more ,the 前加 for 5 together 后加 with , four 改为 fourth , enter 改为 entered pulled 改为 pushed for 去掉 walked 改为 walking which 改为 where ,tell—told, has 改为 was 6 went/\→for go 后可以接 v-ing; to do sth.; for sth. well→fine/nice well 作“健康”讲是 adj.,作“好”讲是 adv.。 .could→clouds 应该用复数,否则为?was not a cloud blown→blowing start 后可以接 to do 或 doing. .去掉 were 此处应该用主动语态 .but→so 前后为因果关系。 .第一个 a→an 。去掉 to ,.must→should, must have done 表示现在对过去的推测;should have done 表示 过去该做的事而没有做,且带有责备意味。 .去掉第二个 to but 前面有 do 的不同形式时,后面的不定式不带 to。 7

取掉 been ,We ----They ,Themselves--- them ,much ∧ as did --do ,asking ---- asked ,few--- little ,delighted--delight that -- what ,for--with 8 much 改成 more 或 much 后加 more is 改成 are down 后加 upon/on As 改成 With ,changes— change ,That’s 改成 It’s watches 改成 watching the 改成 a allowing 改成 allowed 去掉 it 9 .how 改为 what . 删去 people 后面的 to .listen 改为 listening .elder 改为 older, gets--get .funs 改为 fun .yourself 改为 you .had 改为 would . read 后加上 about . interesting 改为 interested 10 去掉第 2 个 it . foot—feet .in —at ,making —made .去掉 which and 后加 have . was—are . good— well . a —the part--parting 11 .for → as , . 去 掉 in .exciting — excited, usefully → useful .it → them .danger → dangerous .come → coming .but→and .convenient 前加 more . have→has 12 a -- an ,see—saw, student -- students ,refuse --refused ,for --to 取掉 much ,Respect –Respecting,our -- us ,have –has ,and∧--that 13 is the → the . became → become . 17 — year — old 前面加 a , 17 — years — old --17 — year — old, . for → since .which→when .try→trying .happily→happy .funs→fun .it→them 14 .that—which .a ^ better .Right .interesting—interested,.go—went .model—models .drive—driving .Without “was” .This—It .regarded ^ as (considered) 15 . time---times . is---was . correct . of---for . deep---deeply child--children .more---less .you---they .what---how .a^chance .去掉 to 16 was -- is ,取掉 any ,practice-- practcing ,say—saying, -especial --especially Since -- If ,open ∧ his ,Works---work ,it ---there since ∧---the 17 .第一个 at 改为 on ,with 后加 a .surrouning 改为 surrounded .word 改为 words .mistaken 改为 mistake .why 改为 what .brought 改为 took . .don’t 改为 didn’t taking—take ,.if 后加 I 18 Announced--announcing 或在 announced 前加 which or –and ,bike---bikes , her --his ,rode—riding, him /\ to ,取掉 was all of /\ sudden-- a , terrible ---terribly ,That –It 19

Return---returning return ∧à to ,. haveà had .goodà well .interestedà interesting . oneà a . theirà his . 去掉 to . funsà fun . 去掉 it 20 . right . there—where .chat—chatting,+ surprised—surprise . were—was . me—mine . But —So . practise—practising . without “from” . As—With or went-going . communicate∧with 短文改错练习(8) .sky-weath , gathered-gathering ,.both-either ,about---with hurry 后面去掉 to. heard 后面的 of 去掉. find-found .he-it ,ways-way .much 短文改错练习(9) .missed-missing,tey—tried , exact-- exactly ,.去 at .whether-that . have∧it --had .But—So ,.forgotten--left ,. in∧ hurry --in a hurry ,.much --more 短文改错练习(10) . take^ place — — the .would — — will .spaces — — space .crowd — — crowed safe—safer, .so — — but stop^ ——for ,.去掉 that ,another——other .third-three 短文改错练习(12) Teacher--teachers.teaches→taught .and→but .good→well .lesson→lessons .to→with .was 去掉 .poorly→poor .had→have(或 had 去掉) .在 with 前加 up 短文改错练习(13) Look — Looking . reason-reasons ,. had 后加 an . taught 后加 to danger-dangerous . 去掉 ones . but 改为 so 或 and . your-my ,.see-saw ,had--have 短文改错练习(44) . going→go. walked---walking , losing→lost. 去掉 to. ,. that→which. . the→a. . more→much. , climb→climbed. . by→with. . done→doing. 短文改错练习(43) 去掉 to,. 删去 out. losing→lost. . came→went . shook 后加 her. . 去掉第一个 a. . 删去 which. . worrying→worried. . with 后加 a. . that→what

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