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高中第一册: add up 合计 You will know the result if you add up all the numbers. 你把所有的数加起来就会知道结果。 Calm down and don’t panic. 冷静下来,不要焦躁不安。 Lucy is very concerned about the natural environment. 露西很关心自然环境。 Life is a series of test. 人生就是一连串的考验。

calm down 使平静下来,镇定下来

be concerned about 关心,挂念,担忧 a series of 一连串的,一系列,一套 on purpose 故意 in order to 为了… face to face 面对面地

He said nothing on purpose. 他故意什么都没说。 In order to improve my English, I take part in English corner frequently. 为了提高英语水平,我经常参加英语角。 In order to get rid of generation gap, you should communicate with your parents face to

face. 为了消除代沟,应该和父母面对面。 no longer/not…any longer 不再…. suffer from 遭受;患病 get/be tired of 对…厌烦 The phenomenon of lateness no longer exists in our class. 班级里不再有迟到的现象了。

Lots of teenagers suffer from short sight. 很多青少年都患上了近视眼。 Lucy is never tired of helping people in trouble. 露西从不厌倦帮助别人。 Let’s pack up our luggage and get ready to start at once.让我们收拾好行李,准备马上出发。 I am outgoing and can get along with others well. 我性格外向,能与人很好相处。

pack up 将(东西)装箱,打包 get along with 与…相处,进展 fall in love 相爱;爱上

They fall in love at the first sight. 他俩一见钟情。


at present 现在;目前 make use of 利用,使用

At present, our task is to improve the efficiency of study. 目前我们的任务是提高学习效率。 You should make use of every chance to speak English with your teacher.你要抓住机会跟老师说英语。 You only have one chance to change your mind. 你只有一次机会改变主意。 Think twice before making up your mind. 做决定前要三思。

change one’s mind 改变主意

make up one’s mind 下决心;决定 give in 投降;屈服;让步 as usual 照常

To give in or to resist, it’s up to you. 屈服还是抵抗,由你决定。 不幸的是, 今天公交车没有照常准时到站。

Unfortunately, the bus doesn't arrive on time as usual today.

right away 立刻;马上

I hope I can solve the problem right away. 我希望我可以马上解决这个问题。 A great number of visitors come to West Lake every year. 每年有大量的游客来游西湖。

a (great) number of 许多;大量的 out of work 失业

At present, a great number of people are out of work in America. 现在,美国有很多人失业了。 As a matter of fact, I know nothing about this book. 其实我对这本书一无所知。 When you are in trouble, Ms. Sun will help you. 当你有困难时,孙老师会帮助你 。

as a matter of fact 事实上 in trouble 在麻烦中,在困难中 turn to 求助于…

You can turn to Mr. Cao for math problems. 有数学问题,你可以向曹老师求助。 Never lose heart even though you are failed. 即使失败了,你也不要失去信心。 The new president will come to power this week. 新总统本周将上任。

lose heart 丧失勇气或者信心 come to power 当权,上台

be sentenced to 被判处…(徒刑) He must be sentenced to death

according to the law.


练习: 1. My parents are very concerned about me. 2. Everybody can see that she did it on purpose. 3. He waited at the gate in order to meet her when she came out. 4. Many teenagers suffer from stress. 5. I am tired of the same food every day. I want to have some different. 6. John got along with his teachers and classmates well. 7. I have lots of homework to do, so I should make use of every minute. 8. I have made up my mind to work hard. 9. As a matter of fact, Mr. Cao doesn’t like eat at McDonald’s at all. 10. Turn to her for help if you are in trouble. 高中第二册: in search of 寻找 belong to 属于 He comes to Hangzhou in search of original dream. 他来杭州寻找寻找最初的梦想。 These books belong to the library. 这些书是属于图书馆的。 If you are honest to others, they will be honest to you in return. 如果你诚实的对待他人,他们将用诚实回报你。

in return 作为报答;回报


at war 处于交战状态 take apart 拆开

America is at war. 美国正经历战争。

How dare you take apart my letter? 你怎么敢拆开我的信? I think highly of your opinion. 我对你的观点评价很好。

think highly of 看重;器重 stand for 代表;象征 as well 也;又;

What do the letters UN stand for? 字母 UN 代表什么?

I'm coming to London and my sister is coming as well. 我要来伦敦,我妹妹也会来。 Mr. Green is in charge of our class. 格林先生主管我们班级。 Students left the classroom one after another. 学生一个接一个地走出了教室。

in charge 主管;看管

one after another 陆续地;一个接一个地 from…on 从…时起

I will study harder from now on. 从现在起我会更加努力学习。 You speak so quickly that I can't follow you. 你说得如此快,以至于我跟不上你。 You are quite right in a way. 从某种意义上说,你是对的。 with the help of Ben, I get a better understanding of this article. 在 Ben 的帮助下,我更好地理解了这篇文章。

so …that…如此…以致于… in a way 在某种程度上

with the help of 在…的帮助下 watch over 看守;监视

Can you watch over my clothes while I have a swim? 我去游泳,你帮我看一下衣服好吗? Everyone wants to live in peace and harmony. 人人都想过平静和谐的生活。

in peace 和平地;和睦地;安详地 in danger (of) 在危险中

we should take measures to help animals in danger of dying out. 我们应该采取措施帮助濒临灭绝的动物。 I sighed in relief after passing the driving test. 过了驾照考试以后,我松了口气。

in relief 如释重负;松了口气


burst into laughter 突然笑起来

On hearing the joke, we all burst into laughter. 听到这个笑话,我们全都笑了。

protect…from…保护…不受…(危害)We should protect the environment from being polluted. 我们应该保护环境不受污染。 pay attention to 注意 More and more people begin to pay attention to this issue. 越来越多的人开始关注这个问题。

according to 按照;根据…所说 According to the survey, pandas are in danger now. 根据调查显示,大熊猫现在濒临灭绝。 so that 以致于;结果 dream of 梦见;梦想 play jokes on 戏弄 rely on 依赖;依靠 Speak loudly so that everyone can hear you clearly. 说大声一点,以便每个人都听清你说的话。 I dream of being a teacher. 我梦想成为一名老师。 Mr. Cao likes to play jokes on students. 曹老师喜欢开学生玩笑。 I am independent and I rely on myself when I have trouble. 我很独立,遇到困难时我依靠自己。

be/get familiar with 熟悉;与…熟悉起来 I was born and grew up in Hangzhou ,so I am very familiar with the city. 我在杭州出生、长大,所以我对这个 城市非常熟悉。 break up 打碎;分裂;解体 sort out 分类 They decided to break up the partnership. 他们决定终止合作关系。

We must sort out the good apples from the bad ones. 我们必须把好苹果与坏苹果分开。

in addition 另外 I addition, practicing regularly is also important to English learning. 此外,定期操练对英语学习也很重要。 above all 最重要;首先 练习: He is strong, brave and, above all, honest. 他强壮、勇敢,最重要的是他诚实。


1. The boy helped me and I gave him a dictionary in return. 2. Professor Cao thinks highly of our research. 3. What do the five rings on the Olympic flag stand for? 4. Ben is in charge of English teaching. 5. The film is so funny that all of us burst into laughter. 6. The hat protects my skin from sunburn. 7. You have to pay attention to details in math test. 8. He dreams of becoming a doctor like his father. 9. Don’t rely on teachers when you have problems; try to do it by yourself. 10. She is my best friend and I am quite familiar with her. 高中第三册: take place 发生;举行 in memory of 纪念;追念 dress up 盛装打扮 Her wedding will take place in June. 她的婚礼将在六月举行。 He wrote the poem in memory of his friend. 他位纪念朋友而写了那首诗。

Ben dressed up in suit at the opening ceremony of our camp. 在我们的开营仪式上 Ben 盛装打扮。 Please don’t play a trick on the old. 请不要对老人搞恶作剧。

play a trick on 搞恶作剧;玩把戏手段


look forward to 期望;期待;盼望 day and night 日夜;整天 as if = as though 好像 have fun with 玩得开心 turn up 出现;到场

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. 我期待着你的回信。

It is a waste of time to play computer games day and night. 日日夜夜沉迷于电脑游戏那是浪费时间。 She behaves as if she were a child. 她的举止像孩子一样。 On the weekends we like to get together and have fun with each other. 周末我们喜欢聚在一起娱乐。

We had invited him, but he didn't turn up. 我们邀请他了,但是他没有出现。

keep one’s word 守信用;履行诺言 If you don’t keep your word, I won’t trust you. 如果你不恪守性用,我将不会信任你。 hold one’s breath 屏气 set off 出发;动身 remind…of…使…想起 I was so nervous that I held my breath before my performance. 在表演之前,我是如此紧张以至于我屏住了呼吸。

Hearing the news, they immediately set off for the station. 他们一听到这消息便立刻动身去车站。 The picture reminds me of my grandfather. 这图片让我回想起我的爷爷。 The best way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more. 减肥的最好方法是少吃多运动。

lose weight 减肥;体重减轻 tell a lie 说谎

It is wrong to tell a lie. 说谎是不对的。 It takes time to win your love back. 重获爱情需要时间。 John makes his living by teaching. 约翰以教书谋生。

win …back 赢回;重新获得 earn/make one’s living 谋生 in debt 欠债

Many Americans are in debt. 许多的美国人都有欠债。 We will graduate from high school before long. 我们不久就要高中毕业了。

before long 不久以后


put on weight 增加体重 bring up 抚养;培养

It is easy to put on weight but it is hard to lose weight. 增加体重很容易,但减肥就困难了。

It is not easy to bring up children. 把孩子抚养成人不是一件容易的事。

go ahead 前进;可以这么做,往下说 Turn left and go ahead about 100 meters.向左拐,然后直走 100 米左右。 by accident 偶然;无意中;不小心 stare at 盯着看;凝视 I met Henry in the street by accident. 我在街角上碰巧遇到亨利。

It's rude to stare at people. 盯着别人是粗鲁的行为。 I cannot account for his failure. 我不能解释他为何失败。 It wasn't a good thin g; on the contrary, it was a huge mistake. 那不是件好事,恰恰相反,是个巨大的错误。

account for 导致;做出解释

on the contrary 与此相反;正相反 take a chance 冒险 lay eggs 下蛋

We will take a chance to go across the river. 我们要冒险渡过这条河。

Many chickens lay eggs on this chicken farm. 这个养鸡场每天都有很多鸡下蛋。 She gave birth to a fine healthy baby. 她生了一个健康可爱的婴儿。 Nothing can prevent him from going. 什么都不能阻止他前往。 Cheer up! Our troubles will soon be over. 振作起来!我们的困难很快就会过去。

give birth to 产生;分娩 prevent …from 阻止;制止

cheer up 感到高兴;感到振奋 now that 既然

You ought to have a good rest now that you've finished the work. 既然已完成了工作,你就应该好好休息一下。 War could break out any day. 战争可能随时爆发。 He plans to settle down in China. 他打算定居在中国。

break out 突发;爆发

settle down 定居;平静下来;专心于


manage to do 设法做

How do you manage to do such a thing? 你是怎么设法做这样的事?

catch sight of 看见;瞥见 Lucy screamed when she caught sight of a snake.当露西看到蛇时,她尖叫了。 have a gift for 对…有天赋 in the distance 在远处 练习: 1. I am looking forward to setting off for Shanghai. 2. I remember everything as if it happened only yesterday.. 3. You promised you would bring me a gift, so you must keep your word. 4. The movie reminds me of my childhood. 5. I broke your cup by accident. 6. Nobody could account for his absence from school. 7. His illness did not prevent him (from) going to class the next day. 8. Now that everybody is here, we can begin our class. 9. Have you settled down in your new school yet? 10. She has a gift for learning languages. Lucy has a gift for music. 露西对音乐有些天赋。

He saw a house in the distance. 他看见远处有一所房子。


高中第四册: look down upon/on 看不起 lead a …life 过着…的生活 refer to 查阅;参考;指的是 Don't look down upon/on disabled people. 不要瞧不起残疾人。 The couple lead a happy life . 那对夫妻过着幸福的生活。 I never refer to the English dictionary. 我从来不查英语字典。

come across (偶然)遇见;碰见 I never come across such a difficult problem. 我从来没有遇到过这么难的问题。 carry on 继续;坚持 thanks to 幸亏;由于 You must be strong and carry on. 你必须坚强,继续走下去。 Thanks to your help, I finish the task on time. 多亏你的帮助,我才按时完成了任务。 I am satisfied with my salary. 我对我的薪水很满意。

be satisfied with … 对…感到满意 would rather 宁可;宁愿 lead to 导致;造成(后果)

I would rather walk there than take a bus. 我宁可走到那儿也不要坐公交车。 Smoking may lead to lung cancer. 抽烟可能导致肺癌。 Students should focus their attention on study. 学生应该把注意力放在学习上。

focus on 集中(注意力、精力等)于 feel/be content with… 对…满足 cut off 切断;断绝

Don't be content with small success. 不要满足于小小的成就。

I was cut off on my line to London. 我打伦敦长途时,电话线被切断了。 The army defend its homeland against all enemies. 军队保卫祖国免受敌人的打击。 I am likely to study abroad next year. 我明年可能去国外留学。

defend against 保卫…以免受 be likely to 很可能…;有希望…


in general 总的来说;通常

In general, Tom is a very hardworking student. 总体来说, 汤姆是一个非常努力的学生。 I feel at ease with my friend. 我和朋友们在一起感到自在。

at ease 舒适;快活;自由自在 lose face 丢脸

It is the worst thing for a Chinese to lose face. 在中国,最糟糕的事莫过于失了面子。

turn one’s back to 背对;背弃 Lucy was angry with Tom, so she turned her back to him. 露西生汤姆的气,所以她背对着他。 be famous for 以…而闻名 no wonder 难怪;不足为奇 in advance 提前 get close to 接近 Hangzhou is famous for West Lake. 杭州以西湖而闻名。 He is ill. No wonder I haven’t seen him recently. 他病了,怪不得我最近没看到他。

Before the exam, we should do some preparation in advance. 考试前我们应该提前做一些准备。 Hiking can help us to get close to nature. 徒步旅行能帮助我们接近自然。 The whole class came to life when the bell rang. 下课铃声响起,整个班级活跃起来了。

come to life 活跃起来 练习:

1. He is a modest student and never looks down upon others. 2. After entering high school, we lead a busy life. 3. You can refer to your notes if you forget the word. 4. I never dreamed of come across you here. 5. Thanks to your advice, I solve the problem.


6. Carelessness may lead to serious results. 7. I am too tired to focus on anything. 8. Jackie Chan is famous for his action movies. 9. If you change your mind, please tell me in advance. 10. Everything comes to life when spring comes. 高中第五册: put forward 提出 President Obama has put forward a new proposal for the financial crisis. 奥巴马总统已经提出了应对金融危机的新方案。 draw a conclusion 得出结论 We can draw a clear conclusion that English is not too difficult to learn. 我们可以得出一个清楚的结论,那就是英语的学习不 是太难的。 expose…to 使暴露;暴露 Do not expose your skin to the sun in hot days. 不要在炎热的天气暴露你的皮肤。 link…to… 将…和…联系或连接起来 Each computer has a separate link to the Internet. 每一个电脑都和互联网有一个单独的链接。 apart from 除…之外; 此外 Apart from advantages, studying abroad also has its disadvantages. 除了利处之外,国外的学习也有弊端。

be strict with… 对…严格的 Mr. Cao is very strict with every student. 曹老师对学生很严格。 make sense 讲得通;有意义 Can you make sense of what Mr. Zhao says in English class? 你理解赵老师英语课上的内容吗? consist of… 由…组成 Our class consists of 30 girls and 10 boys. 我们班有 30 个女生和 10 个男生组成。


divide …into 把…分成 We divide our class into four groups. 我们把班级分成 4 个组。 break away from 挣脱(束缚) ;脱离 Only by breaking away from your old bad habits can you make progress. 只有破除旧的坏习惯你才能取得进步。 to one’s credit 为…带来荣誉;值得赞扬 It’s greatly to your credit that you give back the money you found. 你拾金不昧是值得赞扬的。 leave out 省去;遗漏 She left out her name on the exam paper. 她在考卷上遗漏了名字。 take the place of 代替 Nobody can take the place of you. You are unique. 没有人可以取代你。你是独一无二的。 break down (机器)损坏; (系统)崩溃 Our car broke down on the highway. 我们的车在高速公路上崩溃了。 take up 从事(工作) ;占据(时间、空间) Dresses take up too much space of my box. 裙子占了我箱包太多空间。 lose sight of… 看不见… 不能去中国美院了。 speed up 加速 We’ll never get there if we do not speed up. 如果我们再不加速,我们就到不了那里了。 You cannot concentrate on your study when you are tired. 你累的时候是无法专注于学习的。 If we lose sight of our goal, we are not able to go to China Academy of Art any more. 如果我们忽视我们的目标,我们就再也

concentrate on 集中;全神贯注于… depend on 依靠;依赖

We can always depend on our parents. 我们永远都可以依赖父母。 He is accused of stealing. 他被指控偷窃。 Listen carefully so as to follow the teacher. 为了跟住老师,仔细听讲。

accuse…of 因…指责或控告

so as to (do sth) 为了(做)… ahead of 在…前面

A better tomorrow lies ahead of you. 更好的明天在前方等你。


first aid 急救 fall ill 生病

He pulled the man from water and gave him first aid. 他把那个人从水里捞起来并给他做急救。 Mr. Fan had to stay home because his daughter fell ill. 范老师必须待在家里因为他女儿生病了。

over and over again 反复;多次 We have to practice listening skills over and over again. 我们必须反复多次练习听力技巧。 make a difference 区别对待;有影响;起(重要)作用 The weather makes a difference to our mood.天气对我们的心情产生影响。 练习: 1 Mr.Cao always puts forward new questions. 2 Apart from Jane, Aileen also majors in English. 3 His speech does not make sense. 4 I want to break away from mother’s control. 5 President Hu took the place of President Jiang in 2002. 6 The computer system breaks down again. 7 We must concentrate on our study during this period. 8 A great deal of students fall ill in spring. 9 Everyone can make a difference to the world. 10 Do not give up so as to go to university.


高中第六册: a great deal 大量 A great deal of boys like playing basketball. 很多男生喜欢打篮球。 On one hand, smoking is harmful to smokers themselves. On the other hand, it is a threat to

on one hand… on the other hand 一方面;另一方面

public health. 一方面,吸烟对吸烟者自身有害。另一方方面,它对公共卫生也是个威胁。 appeal to (对某人)有吸引力 take it easy 轻松;不紧张 run out of 用完 James rather appeals to me. 詹姆士对我有吸引力。 Take it easy when you are having an exam. 考试时要放轻松。

I am running out of money now. 我现在把钱花完了。 Our class is made up of 30 girls and 10 boys. 我们班有 30 个女生和 10 个男生组成。 Among all the teachers, I like Mr.Cao in particular. 在所有老师之中,我特别喜欢曹老师。

be made up of 由…构成 in particular 尤其;特别 try out 测试;试验

His elder brother’s example inspired him to try out for the football . 他哥哥的例子激励他去尝试足球。

let out 发出;放走;泄露(秘密) The prisoners were let out to work in the garden. 囚犯被放出去花园劳作。 due to 由于… Due to the bad weather, the sports meeting was delayed.因为坏天气的原因,运动会延后了。 I am addicted to English songs. 我对英文歌曲有瘾。 I am accustomed to listening English songs everyday. 我习惯于每天听英文歌曲。

be addicted to 对…有瘾

be accustomed to 习惯于… decide on 对…做出决定

Do not decide on important matters too quickly. 不要在重要事情上太快做决定。


feel like (doing) 想要(做)… in spite of 不顾;不管 take risks 冒险

I never feel like sleeping during class. 我在课堂上从不想睡觉。

In spite of bad weather, every student went to school. 不顾坏天气,每个学生都去学校了。

We don’t expect untrained people to take risks. 我们不期望未接受培训的人去冒险。 Some people blamed me when I get into trouble, but my best friend Lily always stands by me. 有些人在我陷入麻烦时指

get into trouble 陷入麻烦

责我,但是我最好的朋友丽丽永远支持我。 get into the habit of …染上(坏习惯) Jimmy gets into the habit of drinking. 吉姆染上了酗酒的坏习惯。 at risk 处境危险;遭受危险 come about 发生;造成 The disease is spreading and all the children are at risk. 疾病在蔓延所有的孩子都处境危险。 How did it come about that he knew this matter? 你怎么知道这件事的。 I don’t subscribe to his pessimistic view. 我不同意他的悲观观点。

subscribe to 同意;赞成;订购 result in 导致

Stress often results in a lack of concentration. 压力通常导致注意力不集中。 Public opinion is opposed to the war. 公众舆论反对战争。

be opposed to… 反对… even if 即使 keep on 继续

Even if I fail this time, I will not give up. 即使我这次失败了,我也不放弃。 Mr.Cao keeps on working even though he is tired. 曹老师即使疲惫了也继续工作。 On the whole, I agree with him. 大体上我同意他。

on the whole 大体上;基本上 on behalf of … 代表…一方

I’d like to express my gratitude on behalf of Chinese government. 我代表中国政府表达我的谢意。


put up with 忍受;容忍 as/so long as 只要

I cannot put up with Jimmy’s bad temper any more. 我再也无法忍受吉姆的坏脾气了。

As long as you work hard, you will realize your dream. 只要你努力工作,就可以实现你的梦想。 I am making my way to school. 我正赶往学校。 In the morning, Mr.Cao glances through the newspaper and rushes to the office. 早上,曹老师匆匆浏览了下报纸就赶往办

make one’s way to 前往… glance through 匆匆看一遍 公室。

vary from …to …由…到…不等、不同 练习:

Office hours vary from company to company. 工作时间随公司不同而不同。

1 A great deal of teenagers like taking risks. 2 On one hand, 60 percent students support the point. On the other hand, 40 percent disagree. 3 Due to rush hour, I was late. 4 I am accustomed to life in Extra Education now. 5 I feel like shopping all the time. 6 I went shopping in spite of the rain. 7 He is addicted to alcohol. 8 Carelessness usually results in mistakes.


9 As long as you drive carefully, you will be very safe. 10 Even if you do not love me, I still love you. 高中第七册 in other words 换句话说 His wife is my daughter, in other words, I am his mother-in-law。他的妻子是我女儿,换句话说,我是他岳母。 adapt to 适合 Students are very quick to adapt to new rules. 学生对新规则适应很快。 cut out 切去;省略;停止(做某事) Mr.Cao cut out meat for fat. 因为胖,曹老师戒掉了肉类。 out of breath 上气不接下气 I was out of breath after running for ten minutes. 跑了 10 分钟之后,我上气不接下气。 all in all 总而言之 All in all, China is a developing country. 总而言之,中国是一个发展中国家。 make fun of 取笑 Students often make fun of their teachers. 学生们经常取笑他们的老师。

never mind 不必担心 Never mind. No one is perfect. 不要担心。没有人是完美的。 all the best (祝你)一切顺利 ring up 给…打电话 I wish all the best to everyone in your family. 祝你的家人一切顺利。

I will ring you up as soon as I land on. 我一下飞机就给你电话。 I turned around and found Mr. Cao was looking at me seriously. 我转身发现曹老师正严肃地看着我。 She wants to think quietly, so we had better leave her alone. 她想安静地思考,所以我们让她一个人待着吧。

turn around 转向;回转

leave … alone 不管;让…(一个人)待着 set aside 将…放在一边;置之不理

Let’s set aside my personal feelings. 让我们把个人感情放在一边。


be bound to … 一定做…

We are bound to realize our dreams. 我们一定会实现我们的梦想。

in the meantime 在此期间;与此同时 You buy the fruits, in the meantime I’ll cook the meal. 你去买水果,同时我来做饭。 help …out 帮助(某人)摆脱困境或危难 be/become aware of…意识到… be scared to death 吓死了 hear from 接到…的信 Do not depend on other people to help you out of trouble. 不要指望其他人帮你摆脱困境。

I am aware of the shortcomings I have. 我知道自己的短处。

Believe me. I was scared to death. 相信我。我都吓死了。

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. 我期待着尽快受到你的信。 I am dying to be with you again. 我渴望能和你再在一起。 I met him the other day and we fell in love immediately. 我不久前遇到他,我们马上就坠入爱河。

be dying to 极想;渴望做… the other day 不久前的一天 adjust to 适应;调节

You can adjust to university life 你可以适应大学生活。

keep it up 保持优秀成绩;继续干下去 Keep it up! Final victory is in sight. 坚持下去。最后的胜利已经在望了。 fit in 相适应;相融合 Does this plan fit in with your arrangement? 计划和你的安排相符吗?

as far as one is concerned 就…而言 As far as I am concerned, we should never say never. 就我而言,我永不言弃。 be occupied with sth 忙着做… be busy doing sth 忙着做… day in and day out 日复一日 Mr. Fan is occupied with taking care of his little baby. 范老师忙着照顾他的小宝宝。 We are busy doing homework. 我们忙着做家庭作业。 We must work hard day in and day out. 我们必须日复一日地努力工作。


out of the question 不可能的

Sleeping during Mr. Zhao’s class is out of question. 在赵老师的课堂上睡觉是不可能的。


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