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【创新设计】2014-2015学年高中英语课时精练:Unit 8 Period 4(北师大版必修三,课标通版)]

Unit 8 Adventure

Period Four Lesson 4 Journey to the

Antarctic 课时精练(北师大版必修 3,课标通用)

时间:45 分钟 Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.Alice lives in France but has British n________. 2.The company has set itself some high production________(目标) for this year. 3.His________(欢快的) jokes made us forget our tiredness. 4. Later, these rocks proved that at one time in the________(遥远的) past the Antarctic was covered by plants. 5.Having experienced s________,you can truly taste the sweets of happiness. 6.He only says things like that to________(使……震惊) you. 7.Once a person is into drugs he will become h________. 8.She owes her success to hard work and________(耐心). 9.Both teams organized food bases in p________for their journeys the next year. 10.We have lost the goal of our a________and must face 800 miles of hard pushing. 答案 1.nationality 2.goals 7.hopeless 8.patience Ⅱ.短语填空







1.They are getting things together________the journey. 2.Thank you for carrying the suitcase________for me. 3.The car________petrol after ten miles. 4.The students don't________getting along with the foreign teachers. 5.________to the hotel,he kept asking me questions. 6.This kind of wine was very popular________,but now it is considered too strong. 7.They hope that their children will________the family traditions. 8.More must be done to help these people________poverty. 答案 1.in preparation for 2.all the way 3.ran out of 4.have difficulty 5.On

our way 6.at one time Ⅲ.单项填空

7.carry on

8.get away from

1. No matter what happens, we should________our research.We should not back out. A.come up with C.carry on with 解析 B.come across D.carry away


come up with 想出;come across(偶然)遇到;carry on with 继续;carry away 运 走。 答案 C

2. Can you give me a light for my cigarette?I've________matches. A.got out of C.done away with 解析 B.burnt up D.run out of

句意:借我火点支烟好吗?我的火柴用完了。run out of...用完;get out

of...从……出去,从……下来;do away with...废除(规划、制度等)。 答案 D

3. You've made________in English. A.a great progress C.many progresses 解析 B.good progress D.a progress

句意:你的英语已大有进步。progress 为不可数名词,不可变复数,不

可用不定冠词修饰。 答案 B

4. We can't have that sort of thing________again. A.to happen C.happening 解析 答案 B.happened D.be happening

考查 have sb/sth doing 听任,容忍……一直这样下去。 C

5. It was reported that present at the conference________in industry from all over the

world. A.joined experts C.were experts 解析 参加。 答案 C B.experts joined D.experts were

主语从句中的表语 present 置于句首,引起句子倒装。be present 出席,

6. The scientific workers report the weather information on TV every day , ________the satellite sends back. A.which 解析 B.what C.when D.where

这是一个定语从句, 先行词是 the weather information, 关系代词在从句

中作宾语,故选 A 项。 答案 A

7. When his father knew that his son had made the same mistake,his________ran out. A.patience C.courage 解析 B.confidence D.spirit


耐不住了。 答案 A

8. Neighbors________that such an attack could happen in their area. A.shocked C.were shocking 解析 答案 B.shocking D.were shocked

本题考查动词 shock 的用法。本句缺少谓语。所以选 D。 D

9. —I'm still working on my project. —Oh,you'll miss the deadline.Time is________. A.running out C.giving out B.going out D.losing out


run out(时间、金钱等的)耗尽;give out 意为“精疲力竭”,由句意可

知 A 项正确。 答案 A

10.The meal over,the managers went back to the meeting room to________their discussion. A.put away C.look over 解析 B.take down D.carry on

put away 收好,放好;take down 写下,记下;look over 从……上面看;

察看,检查;carry on 继续。句意:吃完饭,经理们回到会议室继续议论。 答案 D

11.Do you have any difficulty________the work on time? A.finishing C.to finish 解析 略。 答案 A B.finished D.to be finished

have difficulty (in) doing sth“在做某事方面有困难”,介词 in 可以省

12.Europe has achieved more in controlling the AIDs virus than Asia in the past ten years,________the number of people infected with the virus is going up sharply. A.when 解析 B.that C.so that D.where


而亚洲感染艾滋病毒的人数正在急剧地增长。在非限制性定语从句中 where 引导的定语从句修饰先行词 Asia,故答案为 D。 答案 D

13.Most of the students are making good progress,but Michael is a________case. A.hopeful C.shocking 解析 B.hopeless D.ordinary

hopeless 意为“没有希望的”,与前一分句中 making good progress 相

对应。hopeful“有希望的”;shocking“令人震惊的”;ordinary“ 平常的, 普通的”。 答案 B

14.After the journey from France,Nancy went back home,________. A.exhausting C.hopeful 解析 B.exhausted D.hopeless

exhausted 意为“(感到)筋疲力尽的”,此处作状语,说明主语的特征;

exhausting 意为 “ 令人筋疲力尽的 ” ,常指事物; hopeful“ 有希望的 ” ; hopeless“没有希望的”。 答案 B

15.He won't want to eat it unless he's really hungry,in________case he'll eat almost anything. A.what 解析 B.that C.whose D.which

句意:除非他饿极了他才会吃,那时他什么都会吃的。which 引导非限

制性定语从句来修饰全句,case 前有介词时多用 which 而不用 whose。 答案 D

Ⅳ.完形填空 I will never forget the year I was about twelve years old.My mother told us that we would not be__1__Christmas gifts because there was not enough money.I felt sad and thought,“What would I say when the other kids asked what I'd__2__?” Just when I started to__3__that there would not be a Christmas that year , three women__4__at our house with gifts for all of us.For me they brought a doll.I felt such a sense of__5__that I would no longer have to be embarrassed when I returned to school.I wasn't__6__.Somebody had thought__7__of me to bring me a gift. Years later,

when I stood in the kitchen of my new house , thinking how I wanted to make my__8__Christmas there special and memorable , I__9__remembered the women's visit.I decided that I wanted to create that same feeling of__10__for as many children as I could possibly reach. So I__11__a plan and gathered forty people from my

company to help.We gathered about 125 orphans (孤儿) at the Christmas party.For every child,we wrapped colorful packages filled with toys , clothes ,and school supplies , __12__with a child's name.We wanted all of them to know they were__13__.Before I called out their names and handed them their gifts ,I__14__them that they couldn't open their presents__15__every child had come forward.Finally the__16__they had been waiting for came as I called out, “One, two, three.Open your presents!” As the children opened their packages,their faces beamed and their bright smiles__17__up the room.The__18__in the room was obvious,and__19__wasn't just about toys.It was a feeling—the feeling I knew__20__that Christmas so long ago when the women came to visit.I wasn't forgotten.Somebody thought of me.I matter. 1. A.sending C.making 解析 B.receiving D.exchanging


我应该是收到礼物,所以选择 receiving。 答案 B B.prepared C.got D.expected

2. A.found 解析


什么礼物,所以选择 got。 答案 C B.hope C.suggest D.accept

3. A.doubt 解析


受没有礼物的现实,选择 accept,其他三个选项意思都不符合。 答案 D B.settled down D.showed off

4. A.broke in C.turned up 解析

本题考查动词短语辨析。四个选项:break in 闯入;settle down 安居;

turn up 出现; show off 炫耀。 联系上下文此处是出现在我家, 给我们圣诞礼物,

故选择 C,意思最贴切。 答案 C B.loss D.justice

5. A.relief C.achievement 解析

本题考查名词辨析。根据下文:I would no longer have to be embarrassed

when I returned to school(当我回到学校时, 我不会再感到难堪了)并结合四个选 项的意思,可以推断出此处是表示我解脱了,松了一口气,故选择 A。 答案 A B.loved C.forgotten D.affected

6. A.blamed 解析


物对我是多么重要,所以此处表达我将不会忘记这件事情,故选择 C。 答案 C B.little C.poorly D.enough

7. A.highly 解析

本题考查短语辨析。联系上下文,首先排除 B、C,think highly of sb

的意思是“对……评价很高”。此处根据作者的前面的心态,选择 enough, 表示有人关心自己。 答案 D B.first C.recent D.previous

8. A.present 解析

本题考查形容词辨析。联系上下文,提到是 new house,肯定选择 first,

西方人对于圣诞节很重视,是一家人团圆的日子,所以此时表达重要性,作 者想让自己在新家过的第一个圣诞节有意义。选择 B。 答案 B B.instantly C.regularly D.occasionally

9. A.hardly 解析



择 B。 答案 B B.independence D.safety

10.A.strength C.importance 解析


和作者此刻的心情,她认为送圣诞节礼物给自己以及给得到的孩子们的重要 性。 答案 C B.caught up with D.put up with

11.A.kept up with C.came up with 解析

本题考查动词短语辨析。 从上一段可以推断, 是我提出了(came up with)

了一个让四十个人来我公司帮忙的计划。 答案 12.A.none 解析 C B.few C.some D.each


圣诞节礼物,所以选择每个人(each)。 答案 13.A.fine 解析 D B.special C.helpful D.normal


所以作者的意思是给孩子们启示:每个人都是独一无二的。 答案 B B.guaranteed D.promised

14.A.reminded C.convinced 解析

本题考查动词辨析。从下文的“One, two, three.Open your presents!”

可知,此时在分发礼物时,我提醒每个人开始不要打开礼物。 答案 A

15.A.after 解析 答案




本题考查连词辨析。此时选择 until,直到每个人都拿到礼物。 B B.gift C.moment D.reward

16.A.chance 解析


时刻到来了,故选择 moment。 答案 17.A.lit 解析 C B.took C.burned D.cheered


灿烂的笑容照亮了整个房间,所以选择 light 的过去式 lit。 答案 A B.sympathy D.joy

18.A.atmosphere C.calmness 解析


欢乐,故选择 D。 答案 19.A.it C.something 解析 D B.such D.everybody


选择 it,指代欢乐。 答案 20.A.by 解析 A B.till C.for D.from


诞节上获得的感觉再次感受到了。故选择 from。 答案 D


Christopher Thomas,27,was a writer by night and a teacher by day when he noticed he was always tired and was losing weight fast.Diagnosed with diabetes( 糖尿 病),Thomas would need to inject himself with insulin(胰岛素)three times a day for the rest of his life or risk nerve damage,blindness and even death.And if that weren't bad enough,he had no health insurance. After a month of feeling upset,Thomas decided he'd better find a way to fight back.He left Canton,Michigan for New York,got a job waiting tables,nicknamed himself the Diabetic Rockstar , and created diabeticrockstar.com , a free online community for diabetics and their loved ones—a place where over 1,100 people share personal stories,information and resources. Jason Swencki's son, Kody, was diagnosed with diabetes at six.Father and son visit the online children's forums(论坛)together most evenings.“Kody gets so excited, writing to kids from all over.”says Swencki,one of the site's volunteers.“They know what he's going through,so he doesn't feel alone.” Kody is anything but alone:Diabetes is now the seventh leading cause of death in the United States , with 24 million diagnosed cases.And more people are being diagnosed at younger ages. These days, Thomas's main focus is his charity(慈善机构), FightIt, which provides medicines and supplies to people—225 to date—who can't afford a diabetic's huge expenses.Fightit.org has raised about $23,000—in products and in cash.In May, Thomas will hold the first annual Diabetic Rockstar Festival in the Caribbean. Even with a staff of 22 volunteers,Thomas often devotes up to 50 hours a week to his cause, while still doing his fulltime job waiting tables.“Of the diabetes charities out there,most are putting money into finding a cure,”says Bentley Gubar,one of Rockstar's original members.“But Christopher is the only person I know saying people need help now.” 【解题导语】 27 岁的作家兼教师 Christopher Thomas 发现自己患了糖尿病。在 一个多月的消沉沮丧之后,他决定寻求一种方式与疾病抗争。他创办了域名为 diabeticrockstar.com 的网站,以此为平台,糖尿病患者可以免费分享彼此的故事、

信息和资源,并与他们所爱的人沟通交流。 1. Which of the following is true of Christopher Thomas? A.He needs to go to the doctor every day. B.He studies the leading cause of diabetes. C.He has a positive attitude to this disease. D.He encourages diabetics by writing articles. 解析 推理判断题。从第二段首句 After a month of feeling upset,Thomas

decided he'd better find a way to fight back.可以看出,Christopher Thomas 对他 的疾病抱有积极的态度。另外,A、B 两项没有相关的叙述,D 项说他通过写 作来鼓励糖尿病人也是不正确的。文章第一段只提到他在患病前从事过写作。 答案 C

2. Diabeticrockstar.com was created for________. A.diabetics to communicate B.volunteers to find jobs C.children to amuse themselves D.rock stars to share resources 解析 细节理解题。从第二段的...nicknamed himself the Diabetic Rockstar,

and created diabcticrockstar.com,a free online community for diabetics and their loved ones—a place where over 1,100 people share personal stories,information and resources.可知 A 项正确。 答案 A

3. What can we learn about Fight It? A.It helps the diabetics in financial difficulties. B.It organizes parties for volunteer once a year. C.It offers less expensive medicine to diabetics. D.It owns a wellknown medical website.


细节理解题。从第五段的. ..Fight it , which provides medicines and

supplies to people...和 Fightit.org has raised about $ 23,000—in products and in cash.可知,它帮助糖尿病人应对财政方面的困难。故 A 项正确。 答案 A

4. The last paragraph suggests that Thomas________. A.works fulltime in a diabetes charity B.employs 22 people for his website C.helps diabetics in his own way D.tries to find a cure for diabetes 解析 推理判断题。 从文章的最后一句 But Christopher is the only person I know

saying people need help now.可以推知 Christopher Thomas 在用自己的方式帮助 糖尿病人。 答案 C

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