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Pompeii 课文

Three feet of pumice stones now covered the ground. Ash floated in the air. Poisonous gas came d rifting from the crater, t hough people could sti ll breathe. Roofs were collapsing everywhere.

? ? ? ? ? ?

Pumice stones =grey stones that come from volcanoes often light in weight Float =to move slowly on water or in the air Float ,drift differences drift=to drive or be driven along by wind,waves or currents

? ? ? ?

Collapse =Fall down =give way =fall in


Volcanic cone

Volcanic channel

? 1.Of building ? (1).The roof collapsed under the weight of snow. ? (2).The walls were strengthened to protect them from collapse.


Sick Person

? (1).He collapsed in the street and died two hours later. ? (2).She was taken to hospital after her collapse at work.

? 3.(1).Talks between management and unions have collapsed. ? (2).the collapse of law and order in the area


The cries of the injured and dying filled the air. =The air is filled with the cries of the injured and dying.

Rushing throngs, blinded by the darkness and t he smoke, rush ed up one stre et and down th e next, tramplin g the fallen in a crazy fruitless dash toward sa Rushing throngs=crowds that are rushing fety.

? Blind ? Here it means to make sb no longer to think clearly or behave in a sensible way ? Trample the fallen ? =step heavily on fallen people ? Fruitless ? =unproductive

? ? ? ?

Dozens of =large numbers of Crashing buildings =buildings that are crashing

Dozens of people plu nged into deadend streets and fou nd themselves trap ped by crashing buil dings. They waited t here, too frightened to run further, expec ting the end.

Plunge in/plunge into sth
? 1.The pool was declared open and eager swimmers plunged in. ? 2.She was about to plunge into her story when the phone rang. ? 3.The country plunged deeper into recession.

The poison gas thickened as the terrible night advanced. It was possible to protect oneself from the pumice stones but not from the gas and Pompeiians died by the hundreds. The poison gas=poisonous gas As the terrible night advanced=with the terrible night advancing


Carbon monoxide gas prevents the body from absor bing oxygen. Vict ims of carbon mo noxide poisoning get sleepier and sleepier until the y lose conscious ness, never to re gain it.

All over Pompeii, peo ple lay down on beds of pumice stones, ove rwhelmed by the gas, and death came quietl y to them.

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Carbon monoxide CO Carbon dioxide CO2 Poisoning n.中毒 Lose consciousness 失去知觉 Regain consciousness 苏醒 All over=across=throughout Overwhelmed=defeated

构词法Word Formation
? 1.mono- “一” ? monoxide ? monocycle=unicycle ? monologue ? monoplane

Uni- “一”
? ? ? ? Unilateral Unify Unique Unit

2.bi- “二”
? ? ? ? Bilateral Bicentennial Bicameral biannual

Di? Dialogue ? Dichotomy

3.tri- “三”
? triangle ? triathlon ? triad

Semi- “半”
? ? ? ? Semicircle Semiconductor Semifinal Semi-quaver

All through the endless night, Pompeiians w andered about the streets or crouched in th eir ruined homes or clustered in the temple s to pray. By morning few remained alive. =the whole endless night Crouch :here it means to lower your body close to the ground by bending your legs under you Cluster:come together in a small group

Not once had Vesuvius sto pped hurling pumice stone s and ash int o the air, and the streets of Pompeii were filling quickly.

=throw sth violently

At midday on August 25, e xactly twentyfour hours after the begi nning of the first eruption , a second eruption occu rred. A second cloud of a sh rose above Vesuvius’ s summit. The wind blew ash as far as Rome. But most of the new ash des cended on Pompeii.

Occur=happen Descend=fall

The deadly shower of stones and ash went into its second day. But it no longer matt ered to Pompeii whet her the eruption conti nued another day or another year. For by midday on August 25 , Pompeii was a city of the dead.

How to escape from the volcanic eruption
1.Deal with lava hazards. In volcanic hazards, the lava flows may be lifethreatening minimal, because people can run out route lava flow 应对熔岩危害。在火山的各种危害中,熔岩 流可能对生命的威胁最小,因为人们能跑 出熔岩流的路线。

2.Respond ejecta hazards. If the eruption of the volcano near escape from, the kind of hard helmets used by construction workers, motorcycle riders were riding helmet or helmet will give you some protection. 应对喷射物危害。如果从靠近火山喷发处逃 离时,建筑工人使用的那种坚硬的头盔、 摩托车手头盔或骑马者头盔将给予你一定 的保护。

3.Respond gas bulb hazards. If there is no solid underground buildings nearby, the only chance of survival is probably jumped into the water; hold your breath for half a minute or so, balls will roll over. 应对气体球状物危害。如果附近没有坚实的 地下建筑物,惟一的存活机会可能就是跳 入水中;屏住呼吸半分钟左右,球状物就 会滚过去。

Remember: Before the eruption of the volcano increased activity often accompanied by rumbling and overflow vapors and gases, sulfur from local rivers can smell. Do not take the canyon route, it may become lahars through road. 切记:火山在喷发之前常常活动增加, 伴有隆隆声和蒸气与气体的溢出,硫 磺味从当地河流中就可闻到。不要走 峡谷路线,它可能会变成火山泥流经 过的道路。

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 浮石 pumice stones 毒气 poisonous gas 伤者和奄奄一息的人 the injured and dying 狂奔的人群 rushing throngs 从一条街窜到另一条街 rush up one street and down the next 踩着摔倒的人 trample the fallen 徒劳地到处乱窜 in a crazy fruitless dash 闯进死胡同 plunge into dead-end streets 等待死亡 expect the death 夜越来越深 as the terrible night advanced

? 使人体不能吸收氧 prevent the body from absorbing oxygen ? 失去知觉 lose consciousness ? 苏醒 regain consciousness ? 漫无边际地游荡在大街上 wander about the streets ? 喷发浮石和火山灰 hurl pumice stones and ash ? 第一次火山爆发 the first explosion ? 一座死城 a city of the dead



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