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[选修 6

Unit 4 Global warming]

I.多项选择 1.—How did people respond to the plan to charge for plastic bags used in the supermarket? —The plan received____

____support throughout the country. A. widespread B. steady C. potential D. obvious 2.Unfortunately, George cannot be with us today so I am pleased to accept this award________him. A. in honor of B. instead of C. on behalf of D. for lack of 3.—Did you take the coat finally? —No, it was beautiful, but was out of my price________. A. control B. reach C. aim D. range 4.The food is not very good in this restaurant, but we shall just have to________it. A. pay attention to B. hold on to C. put up with D. keep up with 5.________for the new US president, the crisis was already upon them. A. Luckily B. Unfortunately C. Obviously D. Absolutely 6.It was reported that two roads being closed in Teesdale________icy road conditions. A. resulted in B. resulted from C. brought about D. led to 7.Many factories and banks in some countries have closed down as a direct________of the financial crisis going on in the USA. A. matter B. consequence C. whole D. total 8.—I am very tired. —Then why not take a hot bath?A hot bath will surely________you. A. rebuild B. rescue C. remain D. refresh 9.Last year the number of students who graduated with a driving license reached 200,000, a (n)________of 40,000 per year. A. average B. number C. amount D. quantity 10.I've________an electronic magazine via e?mail and it will be sent to my e?mail box every week. A. corresponded to B. applied to C. referred to D. subscribed to Ⅱ.完形填空 Mr Glen is a millionaire.Five years ago,after returning from abroad to his motherland, he__11__up his small company.Speaking of success,Glen often tells us a story about his__12__expensive“school”fee.He always owes his success to it. At that time , Glen , who already got a Ph.Degree , decided to return to the homeland, starting a company.Before__13__,he bought a Rolex watch with the __14__made through years of work after school and the scholarships.At the airport he had to accept the routine customs check.The watch on his wrist was also demanded to be __15__ down for inspection.Glen knew that carrying the __16__goods out had to pay the tax.And he worried about paying__17__ for his watch.So when he was checked, he told a lie that his watch was a worthless__18__.When he was__19__of his “smarts” , immediately, __20__ the presence of Glen, the officers hit the watch, which__21__ nearly ¥100,000,into pieces at hearing Glen's words. Glen was amazed.__22__ he understood why,he was taken to the office to be__23__ strictly.For many times of entry exit __24__he knew that only those people in the“blacklist” would“enjoy”this special treatment.The officers looked out everything carefully in the box,and warned him __25__ time of entry and exit he must accept the check and if __26__ reusing and carrying fake and shoddy(劣质的)goods,he would be charged according to law!Suddenly,his face turned red,and he had nothing in mind after__27__ the plane for long. After returning to the homeland,he often told the story to his family,and his employees,too.He said that this made a deep__28__ on him,because the additional high“school”fee that he had ever paid made him realize the value of __29__, which he would__30__as the secret of his success forever. 11. A.set B. came C. went D. called

12. A.good B. bad C. extra D. few 13. A.staying B. leaving C. living D. coming 14. A.books B. things C. savings D. pounds 15. A.put B. looked C. taken D. lied 16. A.ordinary B. common C. specific D. many 17. A.one B. it C. them D. these 18. A.present B. trade C. toy D. fake 19. A.afraid B. proud C. well D. hard 20. A.in B. on C. before D. after 21. A.paid B. spent C. took D. cost 22. A.Before B. After C. If D. Though 23. A.appreciated B. beaten C. spoken D. examined 24. A.conditions B. experiences C. experiments D. chances 25. A.no matter what B. no matter how C. no matter when D. no matter why 26. A.came out B. found out C. sent out D. set out 27. A.landing B. flying C. catching D. boarding 28. A.expression B. idea C. thought D. impression 29. A.honesty B. lies C. goods D. things 30. A.remember B. learn C. revise D. read Ⅲ.阅读理解 There are several advantages in planting trees: they firm the soil, soak(渗透) up extra water and take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.However, it now turns out that planting trees could add to global warming.We all know that tree roots do a great job of keeping soil firmly on the ground and out of the wind's power.The problem is that some of the dust clouds play an important part in soaking up carbon dioxide. Huge dust storms blow out over the oceans from dry parts of North Africa and Central Asia.Tons of dust are lifted and left as a thin film over the ocean surface. Dust from China is carried east and left in the Pacific Ocean.If a tree planting programme there is successful and the dust supply reduced, the net result may be that less carbon dioxide gets locked away in the ocean. Andy, an environmental scientist has spent the past few years studying dust and says his work shows clearly the complexity of the system.For this reason the need is to focus on cutting carbon dioxide giving off rather than doing anything else. Robert, an American scientist, has shown that when native grassland areas are invaded by trees, carbon is lost from the soil.“We are studying why the soil carbon disappears, but one theory is that trees do a lot more of their growing above ground compared to grass, so less carbon goes directly into the soil from trees.” said Robert. In wet areas of the world, the gain from trees absorbing carbon dioxide above ground seems to be outweighed by the loss of carbon from the soil below ground. Countries that plan to fight against global warming by planting trees may have to think again.Solutions to environmental problems are often more complex than they first appear, and understanding the Earth's climate is a very great challenge. 31. People usually hold the opinion that________. A. huge dust storms can destroy carbon dioxide

B. planting trees could reduce global warming C. huge dust storms can destroy the oceans on the Earth D. planting trees is the only way to control huge dust storms 32. Andy, an environmental scientist, believes that________. A. environmental problems are more complex than expected B. trees shouldn't have been planted in dry places C. dust plays a more important part than trees D. carbon dioxide is harmful to everything 33. Robert's experiment proves that________. A. trees absorb more carbon than grass B. carbon can turn grass into dust C. less carbon can make trees grow faster D. grassland areas should be covered by forests 34. The best title for this passage is “________”. A. The importance of planting trees B. The dust clouds soak up carbon dioxide C. Is it really useful to plant trees to reduce global warming? D. Why the soil carbon disappears Ⅳ.完成句子 阅读下列各小题,根据每句后的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子。 35._________________________, we often pay attention only to the differences without noticing many similarities.(compare) 在比较不同的文化时,我们总是只注意到差异而忽略了许多相似点。 36._________________________, huge quantities of good earth are being washed away each year.(with) 随着更多的森林被毁,每年有大量肥沃的泥土被冲走。 37.After a heated discussion at the meeting, most of the people_________________________.(build) 会议上一场热烈的讨论之后,大多数人都提倡修建更多的学校。 38.I had no idea_________________________the car accident took place.(that) 我不知道车祸到底是在哪儿发生的。 39.In order to save the energy, you should turn off the electric appliance_________________________it.(so) 为了节约能源,只要你没有在用,电器都应该关掉。 40. The accident_________________________of two people has been reported on the newspaper.(result) 导致两个人死亡的那场事故在报纸上报道了。 41. But for the note you left, I_________________________close the door.(forget) 要不是你留下的那张便条,我就会忘记关门了。 42. Without the government's great determination, _________________________the miners wouldn't be able to come back to the ground after so many days.(that) 如果不是政府的极大决心,毫无疑问那些矿工也不可能在这么多天之后被救回地面。 43. Exercise, as well as a balance diet_________________________your health. (difference) 运动和平衡的膳食对你的健康有重要的影响。 44.We might as well buy things made from recycled materials as possible as we can, because____________________to make things from new materials.(take) 我们应该尽可能购买那些用回收材料制成的商品,因为用新材料制造商品需要花费大量的能源。 课时作业(二十九) Ⅰ.1.A 考查形容词词义辨析。由 throughout the country 可知,这项计划得到了广泛的(widespread)支持,所以 选 A。steady 平稳的;potential 潜在的;obvious 明显的。

2. C 考查介词短语辨析。 句意: 遗憾的是, 乔治今天不能和我们在一起, 所以我很高兴代表他来领奖。 on behalf of 代表??,作为??的代言人;in honor of 纪念??,祝贺??,向??致敬;instead of 代替;for lack of 因缺乏。根据语境,只有 C 项符合题意。 3. D 考查名词词义辨析。句意: “最后你买下那件外套了吗?” “没有。它很漂亮,但是我买不起(超出我的价 格范围)。 ”out of control 失控;out of reach 够不着;out of range 超出??的幅度或范围。根据题意,只有 D 项 正确。 4. C 考查动词短语辨析。句意:这个饭店的食物不是很好,但是我们不得不忍耐一下。put up with“忍受,容 忍” ,符合句意。pay attention to 注意,留意;hold on to 紧紧抓住,坚持;keep up with 跟上,赶上。 5. B 考查副词词义辨析。unfortunately 不幸的是。句意:对于新任美国总统来说不幸的是这场危机已经迫在眉 睫。 6. B 考查动词短语辨析。 句意: Teesdale 的两条道路被封闭是由于路滑造成的。result in 导致;result from 是??结果,由于??而发生,产生于; bring about 带来,引起;lead to 导致。只有 B 项符合题意。 7. B 考查名词词义辨析。consequence 结果,后果,缘故。句意: 由于在美国爆发的金融危机的直接影响,一 些国家的许多银行和工厂已经倒闭。 8. D 考查动词词义辨析。refresh 使恢复,使振作。答句句意:那为何不洗个热水澡呢?热水澡肯定能让你消 除疲劳。rebuild 重建;rescue 营救;remain 保持,仍然是。 9. A 考查名词词义辨析。句意:去年,通过驾照考试的人达到了 200,000,平均每年有 40,000 人拿到驾照。a number of 许多;amount of 一般加不可数名词表金额;a quantity of 既可以加可数名词也可以加不可数名词,但 没有平均每年增加的意思。 10. D 考查动词短语辨析。句意:我通过电子邮件订了一份电子期刊,每个星期会自动发到我的电子信箱。 correspond to 与??一致/相符;apply to 适用于;refer to 涉及,谈到,提到;subscribe to 同意,赞同,订阅。 Ⅱ.俗话说“贪小便宜吃大亏” ,在生活中诚信显得很重要。本文通过描述 Mr Glen 的一段亲身经历说明了这一 道理。 11. A set up 设立,成立;come up 走近,出现;go up 上升,增长;call up 召唤,使想起。由语境可知选 A。 句意:他成立了他的小公司。 12. C 根据全文可知,Mr Glen 把这次教训当做交了一次“额外的”学费。extra 额外的,不包括在价目表内的。 文章最后一段中 because the additional high “school” fee 也有暗示。 13. B 根据前文 decided to return to the homeland 可知,此处表示“离开” 。 14. C 空格后的 made through years of work after school and the scholarships 可知,他用他的积蓄(课外工作所得 和奖学金)买的。saving 存款,积蓄。 15. C take down 拿下,摘下;put down 放下,镇压;lie down 躺下;look down 俯视。此处的意思是“手表也 要摘下来进行检查” 。故选 C。 16. C 根据后文中 nearly¥100,000 可排除 A 和 B,从 had to pay the tax 可知,携带“特定的”物品出境需要缴 税。 17. B it 代指前面的 the tax。 18. D 根据后文中 carrying fake and shoddy(劣质的)goods 可知。 19. B be proud of 以??自豪。他以为自己的小聪明会得逞,正洋洋自得。 20. A in the presence of Glen“当着 Glen 的面” 。 21. D 非限制性定语从句的引导词 which 指代 the watch,cost 的主语为物,spend 的主语为人。 22. A 根据 Glen was amazed 可知答案。他还没有明白过来是怎么回事,就被带到了办公室。 23. D 根据后文“他知道只有‘黑名单’上的人才‘享受’这种特殊待遇,工作人员仔细检查了他的箱子”可 以判断,应选 D。 24. B 此处指根据多次出入境的经历,他知道?? 25. A “在??时间”应用“what time” 。工作人员警告他无论什么时候出入境,他都必须接受检查。 26. B 这是一个省略的虚拟语气句。If(he were)found out reusing and carrying fake and shoddy(劣质的)goods, he would be charged according to law! find out 查明(真相)。 27. D board the plane 登机。 28. D 固定短语 make a deep impression on 表示“对??留下深刻的印象” 。

29. A 根据前文故事可知,他的经历让他懂得了诚信的重要性。 30. A 他将永远牢记诚信——他成功的秘密。 Ⅲ.人们通常都认为植树可以减少空气中的二氧化碳,然而,新的发现证明植树反倒会助长全球变暖。 31. B 推理判断题。从第一段的第二句“然而,现在证明植树可能会助长全球变暖”和最后一段第一句可推断 出,人们通常所持的观点是“植树可能会减缓全球变暖” 。 32. A 细节理解题。由第四段第一句中的?says his work shows clearly the complexity of the system 可知,这位环 保专家认为环境问题比人们估计的更要复杂。 33. A 细节理解题。根据第五段内容可知,这位美国科学家通过研究发现,当树侵占了草坪的地方时,碳元素 就从土壤中消失,分析其原因得知,与草相比,树在成长的过程中需要大量的碳,所以从树木那里直接进入到 土壤里的碳就比从草里进入到土壤里的要少,即树比草吸收的碳要多。 34. C 主旨大意题。全文通过实例证明植树可能会助长全球变暖,所以 C 项最能突出主题,其他三项只是文章 内容的一个部分或某部分中的一个事实。 Ⅳ.35.Comparing different cultures 36. With more forests being destroyed 37. advocated building more schools/that more schools (should) be built 38. where it was that 39. so long as you are not using 40. resulting in the death/which resulted in the death 41. would have forgotten to 42. there was no doubt that 43. makes a great difference to 44. it takes a lot of energy

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