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Waste not, want not.

4D film
---It is a 3D film with an added environmental effect, such as water or wind in the cinema.

1. What is the name of the product? 2. What technology is behind this product? 3. How many of the user’s senses does this product connect with? 4. What do users wear so they feel that they are really in a new world? 5. Please give us an example of what Realcine can do. 6. what's the disadvantage of Realcine?


Main idea

The of the (Para 1) presentation Main body ? How RealCine works; ? Why RealCine is better (Paras 2-7) than a film; ? How it can be used in other ways

1. imagine vt. 想象, 设想 ~ + n./ pron./ V-ing形式/that从句 ~ +宾语+ to be (有时to be可以省略)

living in a place 1) She couldn’imagine t ____________
like that.


2). After hearing the bad news, can you __________________? imagine how she felt 听到那个悲伤的消息,你能想象出她


— There is a story here in the paper

about a 110-year-old man.
— My goodness! I can’t imagine ___ that old. A. to be C. being (江苏2006) B. to have been D. having been

[点拨] imagine可接V-ing形式作宾语

[考例2] It is difficult to imagine his ____ the decision without any consideration. (陕西2006) A. accept C. to accept B. accepting D. accepted

[点拨] imagine后接V-ing形式作宾语,有 时不定式前带逻辑主语,此处his是 accepting的逻辑主语。

[考例3] My grandma still treats me like a child. She can’t imagine _____ grown up. (重 庆2006) A. my B. mine C. myself D. me [点拨] imagine后面可接省略to be的动词 不定式作宾语补足语,如宾语是代词, 应用宾格。 e.g. I had imagined her (to be) older than that. 我本以为她的年龄还要大些。

2. not only… but also… 不但…… 而

1) not only A but also B = B as well as A
强调后者 他不但聪明,而且刻苦。 He is not only clever, but also hard-working. He is hard-working as well as clever. 强调前者

2) not only提到句首,它所在分句用部分倒装 Not only does television appeal to
those who can read but also to those who can’t.


3) not only…but also… 连接并列主语时,
谓语遵循“就近原则” 。 不但学生反对这个计划,老师也反对。 Not only the students but also the

teacher was against the plan.
Not only the teacher but also the students were against the plan.

1. —How was the televised debate last night? —Super! Rarely ______ so much media attention. (2007 上海卷) A. a debate attracted B. did a debate attract C. a debate did attract D. attracted a debate

2. Little _______ that we were watching his every move, so he seemed to be going his own way in this business.(2007 安徽卷) A. he realized B. he didn't realize C. didn't he realize D. did he realize

3. I have been living in the United States for twenty years, but seldom _____ so lonely as now. (2007 辽宁卷) A. have I felt B. I had felt C. I have felt D. had I felt

4. Not until all the fish died in the river, ____ how serious the pollution was. (1995NMET) A. did the villagers realize B. the villagers realized C. the villagers did realize D. didn’t the villagers realize

5. Never before ____ in greater need of modern public transport than it is today. (2005 上海) A. has this city been B. this city has been C. was this city D. this city was

3.用besides/except/except for/except that填空 1) I have learned three foreign languages,

_______ besides English. 2) _______ Except Tom, they all went to the park. 3) Your composition is very good
________ except for some spelling mistakes.

4) I did not tell him everything
__________ except that I needed the money.

4. Both the headsets and the gloves are
connected to a computer network in the

VR studio. (P42, lines 21-22)
be connected to 与……相连接

e.g. I was connected to the wrong number.

connect A with (to) B = join A to B 指两物有形的连接 e.g. We must connect this wire with/to that one. 我们必须这根金属线和那根连接 起来。

A be connected with B A与B有联系
C a noble family. She is connected ____ A.to B.by C.with D.from 注意:当要表达“把 A与B连接起

但要表达“A与B有联系’’时,只 能用with。

5. For example, firefighters could use RealCine to train safely, without the risk of getting injured in a burning building.

例如,消防队员可以利用Realcine 安全地进行训 练,而不需要冒着受伤的危险,闯进着火的大楼。

risk. n. without/ with the risk of doing sth

take a risk of doing sth 冒着…的危险


尽管暴风雪, 渔民们冒险出海。

Despite the storm, the fishermen took a risk (of losing their lives) to sail out into the sea.

The Red Army men took the risk of losing their lives to swim across the river.


risk. v. risk sth risk doing sth 他冒着生命危险从火中救出小孩。

He risked ______ he tried to save his _____when life the child out of the fire.

How can I risk _______ hurting his feelings?
I got well prepared for the job interview, for I didn’t want to risk losing the good chance.

6. Match
n. [c] 比赛,竞赛 Do you know who win the match? 你知道谁赢了比赛吗? 对手;相配者 +for The blue shirt and gray tie are a good match. 蓝衬衫和灰领带很相配。 Bill is no match for his brother on this. 在这方面比尔不是他兄弟的对手

? vt. 敌得过,比得上 +for/in The hotel can’t be matched for food and service. 这家宾馆的饭菜和服务没有哪家能比得上。 和...相配 The tie doesn’t match the suit. 这条领带和衣服不搭配。 使较量 + against Read will be matched against Stone in the semifinal. 里德将在半决赛中与斯通较量。 ? vi. 相配 +up The wallpaper and paint match pretty well. 壁纸和油漆的颜色十分协调。

1. In scientific studies it has been shown
that VR can be a good treatment for

people who have social problems. (P42)



decided. = It hasn’t decided who will be the main actor. What she has done in the past doesn’t matter. = It doesn’t matter what she has done in the past.

2. This kind of urban planning is in the long term cheaper and more practical, compared with the way most urban

planning is done today. 长远来说,与现在大多数的城市规划 方式相比,这种城市规划方式更经济, 更实用。

1. ____ B some officials, Napoleon inspected(视 察) his army.
A. Followed C. Being followed B. Followed by D. having been followed

2. There was a terrible noise ___ B the sudden burst of light.
A. followed C. to be followed B. following D. being followed

3. The murderer was brought in, with his hands ___ D behind his back.
A. being tied C. to be tied B. having tied D. tied

4. ___ A more attention, the trees could have grown better.
A. Given C. Giving B. To give D. Having given

5. ___ A his head high, the manager walked into the room to attend the meeting ___ then.
A. Holding; being held
C. Having held; held
B. Held; holding D. Held; to be held

6._______ A black and blue, the lady
couldn’t move.

C.To be beaten

D.To beat

[考例] There have been several new events ___ to the program for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. (北京2006) A. add B. to add C. adding D. added [点拨] add sth. to sth. 本题中“new events”与“add”之间是被动关系, 故用过去分词作后置定语。


What shall we use for power when all the
oil in the world has _____?(山东2005) A. given out C. held up B. put out D. used up

[点拨] give out 用完,耗尽;put out 扑 灭;hold up 阻止,延误;use up sth. 用 完,耗尽,此处应用被动语态。

[考例1] The news of the mayor’s coming to our school for a visit was _____ on the radio yesterday. (福建2007) A. turned out B. found out C. given out D. carried out [点拨] turn out 结果是,证明是;find out 查明,发现;give out 分发,发出, 宣布; carry out 履行,实施。


What shall we use for power when all the
oil in the world has _____?(山东2005) A. given out C. held up B. put out D. used up

[点拨] give out 用完,耗尽;put out 扑 灭;hold up 阻止,延误;use up sth. 用 完,耗尽,此处应用被动语态。

[考例2] The hurricane damaged many houses and business buildings; ____, it caused 20 deaths. (江西2006) A. or else B. therefore C. after all D. besides

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