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阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A.B.C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项。 Experts believe that storms and severe weather in North America and Asia have disrupted bird flight paths across the world and swept huge numbers of bird species towards the British Isles. Birds flying to the other side of the Atlantic or to the Pacific to lay their eggs have been trapped in Britain and Ireland, adding their numbers to native species, and causing great excitement in the bird-watching community. Local birdwatchers have already observed a total of 442 species in the British Isles this year. The highest number ever seen in one year is 445, in 2008. “We only need four more to break our record,” said Lee Evans, who runs the British Birding Association. “With three months to go I’m sure we’ll do it.” Last month an extremely rare Siberian Rubythroat bird was seen in Scotland, sending hundreds of birdwatchers north in the hope of catching a glimpse of this colourful Asian beauty. Another very uncommon bird, the bufflehead duck was cited in Cornwell and caused similar excitement. “I couldn’t believe it,” said Evans. “The poor thing was completely knackered. It must have been blown to England by the storms while trying to fly from Canada to the southern United States for the winter. That’s 3000 miles!” Evans said that global warming over the past decade was playing a key role in transforming bird movements across the world. In addition, melting Arctic sea ice may also be opening up bird flight paths over the North Pole, making it easier for birds from the Pacific — such as the slaty-backed gull and tufted puffin, both of which appeared in London earlier this year — to reach Britain. Bird-watching is becoming an increasingly popular hobby among all age groups, added Evans. “A fifth of our members are under 18. This is a round-the-year hobby that you can enjoy from the kitchen window or from a car. More and more people are bird-watching, and as a result more and more unexpected species are being spotted in the British Isles.”

1. What is the passage mainly about?

A. The results of global warming. B. Changes in the British bird population. C. Increasing environmental pollution. D. Worsening British weather. 2. The underlined word “knackered” is closest in meaning to __________. A. bored B. knocked C. spotted D. tired

3. How many more bird species are needed to equal the British bird-watching record? A. 3. B. 4. C. 442. D. 445.

4. According to the passage, which of the following birds comes from Asia? A. Slaty-backed gull. puffin. 5. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a possible reason for seeing more bird species in Britain? A. An increase in the number of birdwatchers. B. A growth in the number of native species. C. Storms due to global warming. D. The melting Arctic ice cap. 【参考答案】1—5、BDACB B. Bufflehead. C. Rubythroat. D. Tufted

科普知识型阅读理解 Last night's meteor(流星)shower left many people in the community dissatisfied and demanding answers.According to Gabe Rothschild, Emerald Valley's mayor, people gathered in the suburbs of the city, carrying heavy telescopes, expecting to watch the brightly burning meteors passing through the sky.What they found instead was a sky so brightened by the city's lights that it darkened the light of the meteors passing overhead. “My family was so frustrated, ” admitted town resident Duane Cosby.“We wanted to make this an unforgettable family outing, but it turned out to be a huge disappointment.” Astronomers—scientists who study stars and planets—have been complaining about this


problem for decades.They say that light pollution prevents them from seeing objects in the sky that they could see quite easily in the past.They call on people and the government to take measures to fight against it. There is yet a population besides professional and amateur star observers that suffers even more from light pollution. This population consists of birds, bats, frogs,snakes, etc.For example, outdoor lighting severely affects migrating (迁徙的)birds.According to the Internatio nal DarkSky Asso ciation,“100 million birds a year throughout North America die in crashes with lighted buildings and towers.” Countless more animal casualties(伤亡) result from the use of artificial lighting.Clearly, people enjoy the benefits of lighting their evenings, but some scientis ts think it can be harmful for humans,too.They worry that exposure to light while sleeping can increase a person's chances of getting cancer. Emerald Valley is only one community that is becoming aware of the negative effects of light pollution.For years, Flagstaff, Arizona, has enforced lighting regulations in its city in order to assist astronomers at the Lowell Observatory.Similar efforts have been made worldwide, and a movement is underway to remind us to turn off lights when we are not using them, so that other creatures can share the night. 1.It happened last night that ________.

A. the city's lights affected the meteor watching B.the meteors flew past before being noticed C.the city light show attracted many people D.the meteor watching ended up a social outing 2.What do the astronomers complain about? A.Meteor showers occur less often than before. B.Their observation equipment is in poor repair. C.Light pollution has remained unsolved for years. D.Their eyesight is failing due to artificial lighting. 3.What is the author concerned about according to Paragraph 4? A. Birds may take other migration paths.


B.Animals' living habits may change suddenly. C.Varieties of animals will become sharply reduced. D.Animals' survival is threatened by outdoor lighting. 4.Lighting regulations in Flagstaff, Arizona are put into effect to________. A.lessen the chance of getting cancer B.create an ideal observation condition C.ensure citizens a good sleep at night D.enable all creatures to live in harmony 5.What message does the author most want to give us? A.Saving wildlife is saving ourselves. B.Great efforts should be made to save energy. C.Human activities should be environmentally friendly. D.New equipment should be introduced for space study. 【要点综述】 本文是一篇科普文,主要介绍了城 市的光污染对日常生活、天文学 家的工作以及动物的生活都产生了消极的影响。在 Flagstaff,Arizona 已经采取了灯 光管理措施。 1.A 细节理解题。根据第一段最后一句“…so brightened by the city's lights that it

darkened the light of the meteors passing overhead.”可知,昨天晚上由于城市的灯光 太亮,影响了人们观看流星。故选 A。 2.C 细节理解题。根据第三段“…have been complaining about this problem for

decades. They say that light pollution prevents them from…”可知,天文学家多年来一 直在抱怨光污染问题未解决。故选 C。 3.D 推理判断题。根据第四段第一、二句“…that suffers even more from light pollution. This population consists of birds, bats, frogs, snakes, etc.” 以及本段最后一句 “…‘100 million birds a year throughout…die in crashes with lighted buildings and towers.’ ”可知,作者第四段主要叙述的是动物也受到了光污染的影响,甚至它们 的生存也受到了影响。故选 D。 4.B 推理判断题。根据第六段第二句“…has enforced lighting regulations in its city in order to assist astronomers at…”可知,这条规定是为了给天文学家的工作创造理


想的观察条件。故选 B。 5.C 主旨大意题。根据整篇文章的叙述,作者主要描述了城市的光污染对人们生

活、工作以及动物的生存造成的影响,因此作者在文中呼吁我们人类的活动应该对 环境有利。故选 C。

【2015 高考】阅读理解 When someone meets a stranger with the same hobby, that person immediately becomes a friend.People enjoy the company of others who share a similar interest.Often they will form a club and travel great distances to attend meetings where they can talk about their hobbies.Other people have such unusual hobbies that no one else can share them.Sometimes they try to do something better, faster or longer than anyone else in order to have their names included in the Guinness Book of World Records. A lady in Massachusetts may have the world's easiest hobby: she lets her hair grow.Diane Witt has not cut her hair for twelve years.It is now eight feet(2.44 meters) long,and she will soon set a new world record and her name will be placed in the Guinness book.A thirtyyearold man in Pennsylvania played the piano for fortyfive days and eleven hours,while a musician in Connecticut played the flute(长笛) for fortythree hours. A teacher in California typed for over 162 hours,and a lady from Iowa spent six years typing the numbers from one to one million.Probably the cleanest people in the world are two young women from England who stayed in the shower for over ninetyeight hours; but a man in Oregon was more than twice as clean after taking a shower that lasted two hundred hours. Someone once said that “Records are made to be broken”.One record that many young men might enjoy breaking is the one made by Roger Guy English of California.During a period of eight hours,Roger kissed three thousand young women. 【语篇解读】 文章主要介绍了一些吉尼斯世界记录。

1.From the passage we know that________. A.some people do something special to put names in the Guinness Book of World

Records B.it took a lady from Iowa six months to type the numbers from one to one million C.a teacher in California typed for over 8 days D.a lady in New York hasn't had hair cut for 12 years 答案 A [细节理解题。D 项的 New York 应改成 Massachusetts;B、C 项的时间不 对,故选 A。] 2.Which of the following is TRUE? A.Diane Witt's hair is now eight meters long. B.A thirtyyearold man in Pennsylvania played the piano for 2,160 hours. C.A musician in Connecticut played the violin for one day and 19 hours. D.Two young women from England stayed in the shower for over 6 days. 答案 B [细节理解题。A 项的 meters 应改成 feet;C 项的 violin 应改成 flute;D 项 的时间不对。] 3.The underlined word“company” (in Paragraph 1) means________. A.being excellent C.being friendly B.being similar D.being together

答案 D [词义猜测题。根据上下文可知人们喜欢跟有相同兴趣的人走在一起,所 以此词是“陪伴,在一起”的意思。] 4.What would be the best title for the passage? A.Guinness Book. B.How to Get World Records. C.World Records. D.Records Are Made to Be Broken. 答案 C [主旨大意题。 此文主要是向我们介绍一些世界纪录, 因此 C 是最佳选项。 ]

5.Judging from the writing style of the passage,it is________. A.a piece of advertisement B.a science report


C.a passage for professional reading D.a passage from a magazine 答案 D [推理判断题。吉尼斯记录不是广告,故 A 项错误;文章的专业性不强, 不属于专业性的阅读文章,也不可能是科学报告;文章的内容应归为生活消遣类, 因此最可能出现在杂志上。]

完形填空。 Leonardo da Vinci began painting the Mona Lisa in 1503.He was working __1__ a special painting for a church at that time,__2__ the church painting was not __3__ well.An Italian businessman asked da Vinci to paint a picture of his second __4__ .This is the woman who __5__ be seen in the Mona Lisa. All in all,the Mona Lisa is a very good example of da Vinci's __6__and it satisfied the husband.Da Vinci used __7__ and light in a clever __8__in the painting.Da Vinci loved science and __9__.Right away a person can see that there is a lot of geometry(几何形状)in the Mona Lisa.The face of the Mona Lisa is made of many circles and __10__ shapes like __11__ even.Her __12__can be seen as a small part of a large circle.The woman in the __13__ is sitting on a balcony(阳台),and __14__can be seen behind her.Da Vinci loved to study rocks,so these can be seen __15__ in his other paintings.The woman is sitting with her knees __16__the side.Her head is turned to look out of the painting.Her hands are __17__together in front of her.This way of __18__is now used by many __19__when __20__.The Mona Lisa is a remarkable master. 1.A.up C.on B.in D.about

答案:C 考查固定搭配,work on 指从事某一件事。 2.A.but C.however B.thus D.so

答案:A 根据 the church painting was not__3__well.可知上下文意义有“转折”关系。 3.A.doing C.making B.going D.working

答案:B 考查习惯用法。go well 表示进展顺利。 4.A.servant C.nurse B.daughter D.wife


答案:D 从后面的 the husband 中可以得到足够的启示。 5.A.must C.might B.should D.can

答案:D 情态动词 can 表示“能、会”。 6.A.works C.novels B.jobs D.photos

答案:A works 意为“作品”。 《蒙娜丽莎》应是达· 芬奇的“作品”之一。 7.A.heaviness C.darkness 答案:C 与 light 相对应的是 darkness。 8.A.way C.hand B.picture D.eye B.black D.oils

答案:A 明暗对比是绘画技巧、方法之一。 9.A.chemistry C.geography B.maths D.biology

答案:B 在其画中大量使用几何形状,说明他喜爱“数学”。 10.A.square C.long B.round D.egg

答案:B 和 circles 相当的自然是“round”shapes。 11.A.balls C.vases B.sticks D.boxes

答案:A 圆形的东西,四个选项中只有 balls 符合。 12.A.smile C.cry B.shout D.anger

答案:A 根据常识,B、C、D 三项无法用几何图形来表达。 13.A.church C.sofa B.painting D.house

答案:B the woman 指的就是“画”中的蒙娜丽莎。 14.A.trees C.mountains B.buildings D.flowers

答案:C 由后面的 rocks 可以联想到 mountains。 15.A.by and by C.over and over B.here and there D.up and down

答案:C 在其他的一些画中也能看到 rocks,说明 rocks“反复地,再三地”出现在他的


画中。 16.A.on C.to B.by D.beyond

答案:C to the side 指侧向一边,符合画的意境。 17.A.caught C.supported 答案:B 保持身体姿势如何用 hold。 18.A.painting C.smiling B.living D.sitting B.held D.hung

答案:D 前面谈的就是蒙娜丽莎的“坐”姿。 19.A.women C.girls B.actresses D.models

答案:D 仿效这种坐姿的应是艺术“模特”。 20.A.they are being painted C.being painted B.painting D.they have painted

答案:A 模特应该是在供人们作画时才摆出这种坐姿的。


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