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一 1.W_____(星期三) is the fourth day of the week. 2.I’d like to write him a letter, but I don’t know his a_______(地址). 3.In that shop are sold clothes in d______(不同的)sizes, colou

rs and styles. 4.He made a few mistakes in g_______(语法) in his composition. 5.What are you q______(争吵) about with each other. 6.In summer, a sudden change in t_____(温度) could bring rain. 7.A lot of Chinese r______(饭店) sprung up abroad because more and more foreigners have come to love Chinese food. 8.Most shops are open every day Sunday i_____(包括). 9.The s_____(灿烂的) jewels are glowing in the shop window. 10.You must pay more attention to your p______(发音), otherwise you’ll make yourself misunderstood when you speak English. 二 1.I didn’t r________(认出)him until he took off his dark glasses. 2.My parents went out last night and I stayed at home a________(独自一人). 3.He drives much f_______(快)than he did three years ago. 4.It is important to understand and r______(尊敬) each other among different nations. 5.Congratulations on your p______(通过)the college entrance exams. 6.The story happened in a m_______(山)village. 7.John kept quiet about the a______(事故)so as to not to be fired by the boss. 8.The train started g______(起动) when I got to the station.. 9.With the rapid d______(发展)of foreign trade, more people are learning foreign languages. 10.I think reading English newspaper is a good way of i ______(改进)your English. 三 1.The milkman leaves us a big b______(瓶)of milk. 2.The p______(答应)that the roof should be repaired within two days. 3.Anybody can see the i______(重要性)of good health. 4.You can’t p______(可能地)run a mile in two minutes. 5.The gold ring is kept in a s______(秘密的)hiding place, known only to her husband. 6.There was only a large apple h______(收成)this year. 7.You can get a doctor here to o______(做手术)on her.

8.Have you been taking much m______(药). 9.There are many words that have more than one p______(发音). 10.The job demands someone with a college e______(教育). 四 1.Is the Spring Festival in F______(二月). 2.Usually children are c______(好奇的)about everything they see and meet. 3.Different c______(庆祝活动)will be held on National Day. 4.The old mother felt particularly excited when she r______(认出)her sun’s voice through the telephone. 5.What a w______(烦恼) time the peasants had when saw their crops were flooded with water. 6.Do you know how the Four Great Inventions were i______(转人,介绍)into Europe from China. 7.Hardly had the thief s______(夺,抢)the handbag out of the lady’s hand when he was caught by a young man passing by. 8.Little Tom ran s______(径直地)to his mother as soon as she appeared in the door way. 9.Are you well p______(准备)for the entrance examination? 10.Jenny succeeded at last in p______(劝说)her parents to allow her out for work. 五 1.Jane was lucky that she was just s_______(轻微)hurt in the accident. 2.The ant is not c______(采集)this food for itself alone. 3.She was a m______(模范)worker in the factory. 4.My brother wants to be a p______(物理学家)when he grows up. 5.When she heard that the tickets had been sold out, she was d______(失望). 6.He has still kept the fine q______(品质)of a worker. 7.Our teacher has o______(组织)a class trip to the West Lake. 8.The teacher wanted the students to finish their c______(作文)within two hours. 9.It was the captain who save all the p______(乘客)on the ship. 10. After the t______( 治疗 ), he felt better. 六 1. To my a______(吃惊)and anger, I found her lying to me. 2. Not all the people know the importance of controlling the g______(增长)of population. 3. Some students find it difficult to remember the changes of the i______(不规则)verbs 4. They re planning a grand c______(庆祝活动)on Teacher’s Day.

5. He stopped his car to m______(确保)sure whether something had gone wrong 6. Bamboo is light because of its h______(空 ) stem.. 7. After his e______(解释),I came to know why he was late for class. 8. Can you i______(想象)they have been married for 60 years? 9. Wood is becoming s______(紧缺)in the country and a new material must be found to replace it. 10. Germany, France , England and so on are E______(欧洲)countries. 七 1. T______ is the third day of the week. 2. It’s going to rain. You’d better take an u______ with you. 3. He never tells lies; he is an h______ boy. 4. English is her mother t______. 5. Don’t tie the two piles of wood together, tie them up s______. 6. I like both c______ and physics. 7. Please give him a m______ to say that I will be late. 8. Quality is more important than q______. 9. The government a______ that they would go to war against the enemy. 10. The tailor m______ Harry for a new jacket yesterday. 八 1. The price r______ fast in 1993 2. I’m always n______ when I have to make a speech. 3. We must o______ the rules of our school. 4. Taiwan is the largest i______ in China. 5. We tried to p______ him, but he wouldn’t listen to us. 6. The earth id one of the sun’s p______. 7. You’ve grown so tall that I didn’t r______ you. 8. She is too fat, she must r______ her weight. 9. The car went out of c______ and hit a wall. 10. It is important to spread k______. 九 1. What kind of v______(蔬菜) do you have for supper? 2. The m______(医疗) team was made up of four doctors and five nurses. 3. Einstein explained that she brought him a cake and he did the a______(算术) homework for

her. 4. It’s d______(危险) to swim here. 5. After g______(毕业) I went to the front to serve in the army. 6. We must do what we can to improve the living c______(条件) of the people. 7. As the storm drew near, black clouds were g______(聚集) over the sky. 8. The word ”crazy” in that sentence p______(大概) means mad. 9. Before the i_____(发明) of the gunpowder, men fought with bows and arrows. 10. She was well known as an e______(出色) dancer. 十 1. You’ll started to learn a______(高等) mathematics when you go to college. 2. The boy is interested in b______(生物), isn’t he? 3. Lucy is said to be a girl of a firm c______(性格). 4. We should e______(鼓励) a student when he meets with difficulties. 5. She got up and drew the c______(窗帘) aside. 6. –What’s your f______ sport? -- Football, of course.

7. The party cares for us y______, as we all know. 8. December is the t______ month of the year. 9. Without quantity there can be no q______. Is that so? 10. The students saw lots of works of art at the e______. 十一 1. Susan’s m______ to John Smith was not welcomed by his family. 2. Being kind and knowledgeable, the new teacher soon became p______ among the students. 3. As I entered late, he looked at me kindly without s______ me. 4. The two men lived s______ from each other. 5. Sports and games help to build up our bodies and c______ as well. 6. A______ is a continent which is the coldest and the most difficult to reach. 7. Mary tried to p______ her father to give up smoking, but she failed. 8. Plastics and rubber give off p______ gases when they are burned. 9. You can’t leave here without p______. 10. Her income is d______ what she had five years ago. 十二 1.An e______ is a large four-footed animal now living, with great tusks and a long trunk.. 2.This medicine is p______ if taken in large quantities.

3.His beautiful home was the result of many years of l______. 4.The teacher told the boys to c______ all the waste paper lying about and burn it. 5.Mother is in the h______ of getting up early. 6.The doctor said, “Sleep is necessary to h______.” 7.Surely you l______ the door? I would be surprised if you hadn’t. 8.My hometown is s______ from the city by a river. 9.You’ve added too much w______ to the mixture. 10.We must p______ more food for ourselves and import less. 十三 1.Being c______, he is always making mistakes. 2.I don’t think this medicine can cure your i______. 3.I’ll get someone to p______ my door yellow. 4.A big car is too e______, and a small car may look too cheap. 5.Is she losing weight? She looks a lot t______. 6.The enemy plane was shot down the moment it a______. 7.Thoughts are e______ by means of words. 8.To my surprise, he got me a t______ for tonight’s show. 9.He spoke English so well that I look it for g______ that he was an American. 10. When did Marie Curie and her husband get radium? In the t______ century. 十四 1.“S______ me your tongue, please.” The doctor said. 2.They were good friends and never q______ with each other. 3.The students listened to the teacher c______, and tried to remember everything. 4.We shouldn’t judge a stranger by the clothes he w______. 5.Xiao Hua made such rapid p______ that she passed the exam. 6.Scientists are working hard to turn these ideas into r______. 7.The w______ doctors were warmly praised on March 8th. 8.She is too shy to sing in p______. 9.I had no trouble in solving this p______. 10.We’ll make a j______ to London in the summer holiday next year. 十五 1. That summer the doctor changed the brace for a s______(特殊) heavy shoes.

2. It is important for us to understand the course of its d______(发展). 3. The workers are carrying p______(包裹)at the station. 4. They refused to r______(承认) the government. 5. You can’t see the stars in the d______(白天). 6. I’ve c______(收集) three hundred Chinese stamps. 7. Mr Brown patted the bay a______(慈爱) on the head. 8. Go ahead with your c______(音乐会). 9. However, his k______(知识) of French remained very week. 10. She couldn’t go to school before l______(解放). 十六 1. Physics may seem terribly dry and complicated at times, but a good teacher can make it i_____ and simple. 2. No one likes to talk to him, because he often speaks with an air of i_____. 3. The old lady w______ why the boy made fun of her. 4. No p______ has been given for anybody to enter the building. 5. She said c______ to me when she heard I had got the full marks for English. 6. He is the sort of man who draws a c______ without much thinking. 7. When building m______ cost more, the price of houses increases. 8. A______ there are four types of blood as far as I know. 9. It is d______ to skate on such thin ice. 10. The d______ from here to the town is mush the same by either of the roads. 十七 1. We should show no ______(怜悯)to the enemies of the people. 2. The Great October Socialist Revolution _____(标志着)the beginning of a new era in human istory. 3. He not only made a ______(允诺)but also he kept it. 4. ______(成百万) of other stars are even bigger and brighter than the sun.. 5. The answers are ______(令人满意). 6. This Swede ______(钦佩 Napoleon so much that he wanted to join the French army and fight for him. 7. The brain needs a ______不间断 supply of blood. 8. Asia is separated from America by the ______(太平洋). 9. He said he felt ______(恶心).

10. We are ______(主人 of our country. 十八 1. They saw that enemy e______(逃跑)in disorder. 2. You’d better take more e______(锻炼). 3. There are a lot of v______(珍贵)books in the library. 4. He devoted his w______(全部)energy to the task. 5. He d______(宣称 that his statement was true. 6. The f______(力量)of gravity makes things fall. 7. The judge and the two men were s______(满意)with what the Arab had said. 8. The f______(打架)between the naughty boys was stopped. 9. U______(直到)he told me, I knew nothing about it. 10. It is a g______(真的)pleasure to meet you. 十九 1. It is also bad manners to keep s______(沉默 ) when the teacher asks you a question. 2. He m______(说服 ) give up smoking. 3. The steam engine was i_____(发明 ) by Walt. 4. She didn’t i_____( 打扰) other people when they are talking. 5. They are not r______(确实 ) true. 6. The water in the wet clothes is being turned into v______(水蒸气)and they get drier and drier. 7. May it t______(麻烦 ) you to explain the following passage? 8. The soldiers are at w______(战争 ) . 9. I know it’s m______( 肉 ) but I can’t tell whether it’s pork or beef. 10. You must c______(挑选 ) your friend carefully. 二十 1. Do you know something about Lugouqiao I¬¬¬¬______( 事件 ) ? 2. As we know, he is a r_____( 真正 ) communist. 3. She is said to have been very b______( 漂亮 ) in her youth. 4. I w______( 祝 ) you a pleasant journey. 5. In the classroom some children are learning to d______( 画 ) a picture. 6. They will e______( 配备 ) the workshop with new machine. 7. My brother often comes to see me e______( 尤其 )when he is free. 8. He fought bravely in many battles and g______( 赢得 ) their respect.

9. He wrote one of his great w______( 著作 ) , “The Civil War in France”. 10. She started working hard to i______( 提高 )her English. 二十一 1. The Australian soldiers were kept busy hurrying from one town to anther in order to put down the r______. 2. Chairman Mao was more than a statesman, he was also a p______, who could write wonderful poems. 3. He didn’t have his breakfast and he felt a sharp pain in his s______. 4. John D. Rockefeller was a m______, who had a lot of money. 5. –Where is Mother? --She is in an u______ room. 6. Can you s______ me a few minutes? 7. The students really enjoyed themselves very much in their p______ education class when they can play basketball. 8. Last month his father bought an e______ camera from Japan. 9. The doctor first took his t______ and then said that he had a slight fever. 10. He caught me i______ he saw me in the street yesterday. 二十二 1. He is feeling much better today, but can’t go to school because of his w______. 2. After he heard the news that his class team had lost in the game, his d______ was great. 3. The leader o______ did not realize the problem and did nothing with it. 4. There is a great i______ in his spoken English because he has done a lot of practice in it. 5. It is sometimes necessary for parents to p______ their children when they do something wrong. 6. He left secretly and everyone thought his d______ was very strange. 7. C______ was the cause of the traffic accident. 8. The classroom was silent, e______ for the scratching of pens and paper. 9. The rules were s______ designed to protect wild animals. 10. The young man was r______ by everyone for his bravery. 二十三 1. There are many words that have more than one p______( 发音 ). 2. He wondered whether it would be p______( 适当 )to knock at the door of her room. 3. These papers were secret and were not p_______ ( 公布 )until 1887. 4. The electric wires are p______ ( 保护 ) by a rubber covering.

5. Somebody ought to p_______( 惩罚 )the thief and teach him a lesson. 6. At that time food was scarce and of poor q______( 质量 ). 7. Mathematics is the science of pure q______( 数量 ). 8. My real q______( 争议 )with him in the way he treats his students. 9. The school promised r______( 迅速 ) results in the learning of languages. 10. You are not very r______( 合乎情理 ) if you expect a child to understand such a deep theory. 二十四 1. His f______ newspaper was the Times. He likes it very much. 2. You are f______ in being able to live in the country. I think you are very happy. 3. They were poor and f______ in debt. 4. In g______ lessons we learn about all kind of countries and their people. 5. He used the power to i______ his belief on others. 6. Radioactivity is very important part of modern science, medicine and i______. 7. The discovery of radium was a very important part of the scientific k______ of the modern world. 8. Our holidays are l_____ to weeks a year. 9. When people are very ill, they are often fed with l______ food like milk. 10. The m______ of doctors believe that smoking is harmful to health. 二十五 1. It is p______ that I might be of some use in that part of work. 2. Being out of work causes p______. 3. I don’t think that it would be of much p______ value to either of us. 4. Everyone is singing your p______(赞扬). 5. He did too little p______ for his examination. 6. I am not going to buy a house at the p______ high price. 7. Food is broken up in the mouth by the p______ of the teeth. 8. All she said to comfort and make me brave had p______ its effect. 9. Last night’s p______ was a great success. 10. Officials of both sides reported that no p______ had been made on the talks. 二十六 1. This is ______(特别) important in written English. 2. Just be ______(耐心) a while. These things take time.

3. Can we ______(说服) her out of her foolish plans. 4. He was a ______(先驱) in modern medical practice. 5. ______(塑料) are used in many modern articles instead of wood, metal and so on. 6. Some plants have ______(有毒的) roots and fruit. 7. He left his own country for ______(政治的) reason. 8. If you change the ______( 位置) of the chair around the table, there will be more room. 9. Fred’s good nature makes him the most ______(受欢迎的) boy in the school. 10. The ______(人口) of the city rose by 20%. 二十七 1. You should give the students a c______ feeling of success. You should often encourage them. 2. When ice forms on the bridge, c______ work has to be stopped. 3. He was always able to make c______ decisions. 4. He was c______ to know what was happening in the office. 5. What was the latest d______ in medicine? 6. There is not really much d______ in their points of view. 7. Police, in white jackets, were d______ the flow of traffic. 8. We tried to d______ him from climbing the mountain without a guide. 9. I have something of great importance to d______ with you. 10. They become e______ at catching the talks. 二十八 1. The earth, on which we live, is made up of seven c______ and four oceans. 2. Your explanation is far from s______, I think. 3. The ladies who are m______ the cloth are weavers. 4. The p______ of Shanghai is larger than that of Beijing. 5. The murderer was caught and later s______ to death. 6. When I asked the shop a______ to show me that dress, she made no answer. 7. You must make an a______ to her for your not going to the party. 8. At the e______ to the party, Mary picked up a wallet with a lot of money. 9. You must speak English as often as p______. 10. You must have caught cold, for you look f______. 二十九 1. Why were you a______ from school yesterday?
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2. Columbus discovered America by a______. 3. What right have I to add the a______ of her heart? 4. The a______ result is quite different from the story I was told at first. 5. I don’t a______ smoking in the classroom. 6. Nothing could shake my b______ in his honesty. 7. We can’t get rid of war unless get rid of the c______ of war. 8. Please sit down and make yourself c______. 9. He said that I had a great c______ of the English language. I am good at English. 10. Britain and Australia share a c______ language. 三十 1. China has a p______ of more than 1,300,000,000. 2. I don’t know how to play chess and my brother doesn’t e______> 3. The blackboard a______ which he is leaning has just been painted. 4. I was born on F______ 13,1987. 5. There on the ground l______ a boy of not more than 15 years old. 6. Who will be the w______ of the game hasn’t been known. 7. Smoking will do harm to your h______. 8. I was struck by the b______ of the West Lake. 9. Why is it necessary for a______ and industry to develop very quickly. 10. A person who pays money for the use of a house or land is a r______. renter 三十一 1. I am sure I can r______ him without difficulty though I haven’t seen him for some time. 2. After hard work, the workers completed the great building, on the front wall of which hung a p______ of Chairman Mao. 3. You must be ill, I’m afraid, for you look f______. 4. The tender young shoots of bamboo are crisp and t______. 5. Most rubber balls are h______, and that is why they are light. 6. I try my best to p______ him to take the job. 7. At last she was e______ to the young man against her will. 8. The Palace Museum has another name “ the F______ City”. 9. No book or magazine can be taken out of the reading room without p______. 10. In English the word “ moment” means “i______.
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三十二 1. Important news is b_____ by CCTV every evening. 2. I r______ him at the first sight when he called on me. 3. Basketball is his f______ sport. 4. I’m very t______. Please give me some water to drink. 5. Rose is his c______. She is his uncle’s daughter. 6. Oceania is the smallest c______ in the world. 7. It was pleasant and c______ sitting here. 8. She cried suddenly and tears r______ down her face. 9. No one is a______. Let’s begin our meeting. 10. “Offer” is spelt with a d______ “f”. 三十三 1. It is difficult for f______ to write Chinese well. 2. When you go to a store , the shop a______ will probably say “Can I help you?” 3. We will never forget the b______ from our parents and teachers. 4. Four students answered the teacher’s questions s______. 5. In the old days, his father was f______ to keep a single thing of his own. 6. The p______ were taken in Beijing years ago. 7. When I was far away from home, I often think of my parents in the d______. 8. He is from Canada, so he is a C______. 9. He spoke so loudly so as to made himself h_____. 10. After g______, Einstein went to work, first as a teacher, then in a government office. 三十四 1. There are four of us, so we’d better divided the apple into q______ and each eats a pieces. 2. The word “letter” has a d______ “t” in the middle. 3. Antarctica is the coldest seven c______. 4. It is not a c_____ change for water to turn into ice. 5. “E_____” is the opposite of “full”. 6. He didn’t start to write the world masterpiece of his until he collected enough m______ about the World War history. 7. Mr Liu, our English teacher, often works so far into the night that his wife f______ for his health. 8. Mr and Mrs Brown were very rich, but their ways of living and dressing are still simple and
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p______. 9. The b______ of land next to the sea is called the coast. 10. Quality is more important than q______ in the production. 三十五 1. You have to be very p_______ if you want to get served in the shop. 2. My classmates came in, I raised my finger to my lips as a sign of s______ 3. A w______ has the same shape as the letter “o”. 4. Train service are now back to n______ after last week’s strike. 5. The boy pressed his nose a______ the window, looking outwards at the children playing in the street. 6. Can you i______ what it would be like to live without electricity. 7. The girl w______ those film stars. She collects their photos. 8. Tom tried to clean the watch, but only s_______ in breaking it. 9. He is very d______; you always know what his real views are. 10. O______ you have made a mistake. Five dozen can’t be eighty. 三十六 1. His explanation sounds r______, but in fact it isn’t. 2. The noise of the plane died away in the d______. 3. You don’t mind my smoking here, I s______. 4. I don’t think it right to w______ some movie stars blindly. 5. The lecture was so t______ that some of us fell asleep. 6. I don’t think their team will b______ ours in the football match. 7. The problem of reducing the noises in the town center was r______ o the city government. 8. We are so busy that none of us can be s______ for any other work. 9. Dark glasses are something w______ to protect the eyes from the strong light. 10. He looked back to his past, r______ spending so much time playing. 三十七 1. He was told that if he worked too hard, his health would s______. 2. He felt rather difficult to make a stand against the opinion of the m______ of the people. 3. The pupil become n______ when the teacher asked him to answer questions. 4. The fighting around the airport c______ for a week before the enemy were defeated.. 5. The earth is a______ a bit nearer to the sun in January than July. 6. His e______ for being late was that there was a road accident.
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7. There was an knock at the door. It was the second time that I had been i______ that evening. 8. The test is set in e______ the same length of time as the first one. 9. Jack had his leg b______ when skating yesterday. He was taken to the hospital. 10. He stood on one leg, l______ against the wall, while he took off his shoes. 三十八 1. I think I must make an a______ to her for not going to the party. 2. Dad, I have won the first prize in the physics competition.C______, Tom! 3. Wang Ying’s father is a famous m______, and he teaches music in Central Music College. 4. We have P.E lessons on Monday, Friday and S_____ (星期六). 5. Jim’s p______ is considered to be the best in his class. 6. The classroom is fairly bright in the evening with six lights hanging from the c______. 7. In the past few years, the Chinese g______ has sent a lot of top officials to visit Europe America and some Asian countries. 8. When he studied in Cambridge University, he often a______ with George about politics. 9. Professor Smith often gives us v______ help and advice in our research work. 10. With the development of modern industry and agriculture, the air p______ is becoming more and more serious. 三十九 1. This is a h______(历史) book, which tells us something happened in the past.. 2. Please remember the h______ moment, when Lian zhan came back to mainland after 60 years. 3. With all the magazines he needed b______, he left the library. 4. The tsunami caused many d______ in this area. 5. The s______ look on her face suggested that she hadn’t expected the results. 6. Be careful. This material t______ easily. 7. It is said that about quarter of E______ can speak at least a foreign language. 8. You have already been in d______ to me for 1,000 yuan. 9. There is no p______ in waiting for a bus. They don’t run on public holidays. 10. What do you suppose has b______ of him? 四十 1. She doesn’t speak as well as her friends, but her written work is e______. 2. The j______ around the world took sailors nine months, of which the sailing time was 226 days.
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3. P______ are being made for the Olympics Games to be held in Beijing. 4. I apologize if I hurt you, but I didn’t do it on p______. 5. She asked me to help her, r______ she couldn’t move the heavy suitcase herself. 6. L______ in an interesting novel, he didn’t noticed me enter the room. 7. My boss a______ for me to discuss business details with someone from another factory. 8. Then we will have no choice to give the performances w______ him. 9. When I entered the teacher’s room, she g______ at me and buried her nose to the homework again. 10. The boy r______ that he not be treated as a kid.

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高考英语词汇专项练习答案 高考英语词汇专项练习答案
1.Wednesday, address, different, grammar, quarrelling, temperature, restaurants, included, splendid, pronunciation 2.recognize, alone, faster, respect, passing, mountain, accident, going, development, improving 3.bottle, promised, importance, possibly, secret, harvest, operate, medicine, pronunciation, education 4.February, curious, celebrations, recognized, worrying, introduced, snatched, straight, prepared, persuading 5.slightly, collecting, model, physicist, disappointed, quality, organized, compositions, passengers, treatment 6. astonishment, growth, irregular, celebration, make, hollow, explanation, imagine, scarce, European 7. Tuesday, umbrella, honest, tongue, separately, chemistry, message, quantity, announced, measured 8. rose, nervous, obey, island, persuade, planets, recognize, reduce, control, knowledge 9. vegetables, medical, arithmetic, dangerous, graduation, conditions, gathering, probably, invention, excellent 10. advanced, biology, character, encourage, curtain, favorite, youth, twelfth, quality, exhibition 11. marriage, popular, scolding, separately, characters, Antarctica, persuade, poisonous, permission, double 12. elephant, poisonous, labour, collect, habit,, health, locked, separated, water, produce 13. careless, illness, paint, expensive, thinner, appeared, expressed, ticket, granted, twentieth 14. Show, quarreled, carefully, wears, progress, realities, women, public, problem, journey 15. special, development, parcels, recognize, daytime, collected, affectionately, concert, knowledge, liberation 16. interesting, importance, wondered, permission, congratulations, conclusion, materials, Altogether, dangerous, distance 17. pity, means, promise, Millions, satisfactory, respected/admired, continuous, Pacific, sick, host 18. escaped, exercise, valuable, whole, declared, force, satisfied, fight, Until, great 19. silence, persuade, invented, interrupt, really, vapour, trouble, war, meat, select 20. Incident, true, beautiful, wish, draw, equip, especially, gained, works, improve 21. rebellions, poet, stomach, millionaire, upstairs, spare, physical, expensive/excellent,
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temperature, immediately 22. weakness, disappointment, obviously, improvement, punish, disappearance, carelessness, except, specially, respected 23. pronunciation, proper, published, protected, punish, quality, quantity, quarrel, rapid, reasonable 24. favorite, fortunate, frequently, geography, impress,, industry, knowledge, limited, liquid, majority 25. possible, poverty, practical, praises, preparation, present, pressure, produced, programme, progress 26. particularly/especially, patient, persuade, pioneer, Plastics, poisonous, political, position, popular/welcome, population 27. constant, construction, correct, curious, developments, difference, directing, discourage, discuss, expert 28. continents, satisfaction, measuring, population, sentenced, assistant, apology, entrance, possible, feverish 29. absent, accident, ache, actual, allow, belief, cause, comfortable, command, common 30. population, either, against, February, lay, winner, health, beauty, agriculture, 31. recognize, portrait/photo/picture, feverish, tasty, hollow, persuade, engaged, Forbidden, permission, instant 32. broadcast, recognized, favorite, thirsty, cousin, continent, comfortable, ran, absent, double 33. foreigners, assistant, benefits, separately, forbidden, photos/pictures, distance, Canadian, heard, graduation 34. quarters, double, continents, chemical, Empty, material, fear, plain, border, quantity 35. patient, silence, wheel, normal, against, imagine, worships, succeeded, direct, Obviously 36. reasonable, distance, suppose, worship, tiresome,/tiring, beat, referred, spared, worn, regretting 37. suffer, majority, nervous, continued, actually, excuse, interrupted, exactly, broken, leaning 38. apology, Congratulations, musician, Saturday, pronunciation, ceiling, government, argued, valuable, pollution 39. history, historic, borrowed, deaths, surprised/shocked, tears, Europeans, debt, point, become 40. excellent, journey, Preparations, purpose, realizing, Lost, arranged, without, glanced, requested

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