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高中英语外研版必修一Module 5 Section Ⅲ 课时跟踪检测

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.The boy had been operated on and had to take only liquid (液体) food. 2.They did the last stage (阶段) of their journey on foot. 3.The windows of the bathroom have been clouded up because of the steam (蒸汽). 4.We have a special department (部门) devoted to designing the best advertisement for your company. 5.Bob's one aim (目标) in life is to earn a lot of money. 6.A child's vocabulary expands through reading. 7.The class was totally absorbed in the teacher's lecture which was very interesting. 8.Don't leave the lights on when you go out — it wastes electricity. 9.The helicopter burst into flames after hitting a power line. 10.We dressed up for the party but she was still in her ordinary clothes. Ⅱ.单项填空 1.The longer she waited,________ she became. A.the most impatient C.the least i mpatient B.more impatient D.the more impatient

解析:句意:她等得时间越长,她变得越不耐烦。“the+比较级,the+比较级”表示 “越??,越??”。 答案:D 2.— Do you know about Liu Guoliang? — Yes, he________ an excellent pingpong player in the world, and now he is the chief coach of the national team. A.was used to be C.was used to being B.used to be D.was used for

解析:考查短语辨析。由答句可知刘国梁以前是一名世界级优秀乒乓球运动员,现在 是国家队主教练。used to be“过去是,而现在不是了”,be used to doing sth.“习惯于做 某事”,故选 B。 答案:B 3.Every foreigner is really________at our ________achievements recently. A.astonished; astonished B.astonishing; astonishing C.astonished; astonishing D.astonishing; astonished

解析:句意:每个外国人都对我们近来令人惊讶的成就感到惊讶。astonished“感到惊 讶的”,常用来修饰人;astonishing“令人惊讶的”,常用来修饰物。 答案:C 4.I am honoured to present Ms Susan King, who will give us a(n)________ on history. A.lecture C.science B.interview D.album

解析:句意:我很荣幸地向诸位介绍苏珊· 金女士,她将给我们做一次历史讲座。 lecture“讲座”,符合语境。 答案:A 5.In order to increase our output, we need to import more production________. A.facilities C.advantages B.skills D.methods

解析:句意:为了提高产量,我们需要进口更多的生产设施。facility“设备;工具”, 符合题意。skill“技能,技巧”;advantage“优势,有利条件”;method“方法”。 答案:A 6. is always________his excellent spoken English; He while his sister takes________ her beauty. A.proud of; pride of C.proud in; pride of B.proud in; pride in D.proud of; pride in

解析:考查短语搭配。句意:他总是为他出色的英语口语而自豪,然而他的妹妹以她 的美而自豪。be proud of/take pride in“为??感到骄傲/自豪”,均为固定结构。 答案:D 7.— I have driven for so long,and now I want to have a rest. — ________.________ to drive. A.No; It's my turn B.Yes; It's your turn C.Go ahead; It's your turn D.Go ahead; It's my turn 解析:考查交际用语。句意:“我开了这么长时间的车,我想休息一下。”“去休息 吧,该我开车了。”Go ahead 在此句中意为“去休息吧”,对前者的要求表示赞同,下文 说“该我开车了”。 答案:D 8.There was no good news still, and as time went by, he got________. A.disappointed and disappointed

B.disappointing and disappointing C.more and more disappointed D.more and more disappointing 解析:考查形容词辨析。句意:仍没有好消息,随着时间的过去,他越来越失望。句 子主语是 he,用 disappointed 作表语;“越来越失望”用 more and more disappointed。 答案:C 9.Almost________ of the students in this class wear glasses, that is, ________ of them. A.two- thirds; 60 percent B.two- thirds; 60 percents C.two-third; 60 percent D.two- third; 60 percents 解析:考查分数与百分数表达方法。分子大于 1 时分母用复数;percent 没有复数。 答案:A 10.He is supposed________ an hour ago, but he hasn't appeared by now. A.to arrive C.to have arrived B.to arriving D.to having arrived

解析:考查 suppose 的用法。句意:他一个小时之前就该到了,可到现在他还没出现。 be supposed to have done sth.本该做某事而实际上并未做。 答案:C Ⅲ.完形填空 Yesterday w as Sunday, and we went shopping. JinBiao said that June and July are the Shopping Festival in Singapore,so we did not want to __1__ this chance for shopping. We left home at 3 pm, it __2__ us nearly one hour to the City Hall, but finally, we got __3__ in the City Hall.Though there were a lot of ___4__ in this shopping plaza (市场), we did not fin d__5__ we like.We bought a __6__ from Star Coffee shop, but finally we could not find the __7__ in the cafe,so we took away.At half past six, we went to a food center which named ‘Food Time’ to have __8__, and then we went to Orchard Road. Orchard Road is a most famous __9__ center in Singapore.There are many shopping plazas, which __10__ a lot of luxury goods, like LV,Channel,Gucci and so on.When we __11__ there, the sky turned black, but the night sight of the Orchand Road was so __12__, that__13__ some photographs of it the.Those luxury goods we could not __14__ to buy, So, when the time __15__, we decided to go home.

When we went under the train station,we found a shoes & bags shop was __16__ a discount, and many people were in the shop to___17 __ the goods. We were also attracted by the shop.It sold a lot of very nice bags and lady's shoes, and all at a discount. I __18__ up a

pair of shoes and a bag which I liked very much. When we paid the money and went out of the shop, it was getting very late, but I was so __19__ to buy something which I loved very much.It was a nice __20__. 语篇解读:六月和七月是新加坡的购物节,周末购物既可以欣赏购物市 场的美丽景色,也可以购到自己所喜欢的东西,真是一举两得。 1.A.catch C.gain B.obtain D.miss

解析:根据句意,此处应该是“不想错过这个重大节日”。 答案:D 2.A.cost C.took B.spent D.used

解析: takes sb. some time to do sth.”是一个固定句型,表示“做某事花费某人多少 “It 时间”。 答案:C 3.A.nothing C.anything B.something D.everything

解析:根据下文内容提示可知,在 City Hall 购物场没有买到自己很喜欢的东西。 答案:A 4.A.matters C.items B.goods D.things

解析:根据上下文可知此处应该是“商品”goods。 答案:B 5.A. something C.anything B.some things D.any things

解析:根据句意,此处应为“什么都没有” ,用 anything。 答案:C 6.A.coffee C.tea B.bags D.shoes

解析:到咖啡店之后,当然是买咖啡,而不是买其它物品。 答案:A 7.A.chair C.sofa B.bench D.seat

解析:此处应该是“座位” ,seat 最为全面,包括 chair, ben ch 和 sofa。 答案:D

8.A.breakfast C.supper

B.lunch D.dinner

解析:breakfast, lunch 和 supper 常指日常的家中的三餐,在外面吃饭时常用 dinner。 答案:D 9.A.shopping C.culture B.food D.traffic

解析:根据下文提示可知,Orchard Road 是新加坡的一个很出名的购物中心,不是饮 食中心,也不是文化和交通中心。 答案:A 10. A.buy C.send B.sell D.charge

解析:句意:购物中心出售很多奢侈品。表示“出售”用 sell。 答案:B 11.A.arrived C.extended B.reached D.wandered

解析:此处意为“当我们到达那儿时” ,用 arrive;而 wander 意为“闲逛,溜达”之意, 此处不符合句意。 答案:A 12.A.beautiful C.charming B.pretty D.attractive

解析:句意:乌节路的夜景非常美丽,所以我们拍了些照片。 答案:A 13.A.had C.took B.got D.filmed

解析:take some photographs 是一个常用搭配,意为“照相”。 答案:C 14.A.afford C.effect B.affect D.effort

解析: afford“出得起钱去买……” ,符合句意;affect“影响” ;effect“实现,引起” ; effort“努力,成就” ,都不符合句意。 答案:A 15.A.went C.crossed B.passed D.parted

解析:此处意为“当时间过去了” ,表示“时间的过去,流失”常用 go by 或 pass。

答案:B 16.A.in C.on B.for D.at

解析:at a discount 是一个固定搭配,意为“打折,降价” ,下文有提示。 答案:D 17.A.buy C.bargain B.rob D.choose

解析:根据语境此处应该是“挑选商品” ,其他选项不符合句意。 答案:D 18.A. picked C.brought B.took D.caught

解析:pick up“拿起”,符合句意;take up“从事” ;bring up“抚养,养育” ;catch up “跟上,赶上” ,都不符合句意。 答案:A 19.A.sad C.happy B.tired D.disappointed

解析:买到自己所喜欢的物品,应该感到高兴。故选 C。 答案:C 20.A.Sunday C.Monday B.Saturday D.Tuesday

解析:文章开头有提示,是“礼拜天”外出购物。 答案:A ? 山东、天津专用

Ⅳ.阅读表达 [1] Parenting a toddler (初学走路的小孩) is quite difficult for most parents. At this age, when children are learning so fast and changing every day, how can we help them to grow up well? Here are a few of the most common mistakes to avoid (避免). [2] Offering too much help It's easy for parents to jump in and help your toddlers finish puzzles or fasten their shoes, but toddlers need to learn ________________________. So let your children t ry to do things on their own, but offer them plenty of encouragement. [3] Feeding them nothing but “junk food” Children's menus in restaurants are often full of nothing but junk food — hotdogs, hamburgers, deepfried chicken and other fast food. Grocery stores are also full of unhealthy food marketed towards children. There is no reason why toddlers cannot eat most

of what adults do. Put something of everything you are eating on your child's plate, but don't pressure him to eat it all. Your child might hate it if you try to force him to eat something. [4] Allowing too much screen time Spending too much time watching TV could give your child learning problems later in life. Children under two shouldn't watch any TV at all. You should find more creative things to do with your child, like reading, drawing, or chatting. 1.How does the author develop the text?(no more than 5 words) By_giving_examples. 2.Fill in the blank in Paragraph 2 with proper words.(no more than 8 words) how_to_deal_with_difficulties_by_themselves 3.What food is unhealthy according to the text?(no more than 6 words) ①hot_dogs__②hamburgers__③deep_fried_chicken 4. What's the consequence (后果) of children watching too much TV?(no more than 12 words) Watching_too_much_TV_could_give_children_learning_problems_later_in_life. 5.What would be the best title for the text?(no more than 8 w ords) The_Most_Common_Parenting_Mistakes_to_Avoid

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