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英语词汇立体记忆 第 247-252 讲
英语词汇立体记忆 第 247 讲

sper 词根表“希望,成功” → prosperous [??????????]

繁荣的,成功的,兴旺的 What a prosperous city!多么繁荣的一座城市! Tony is the most prosperous city along

the Aegean area. 特洛伊是爱琴海地区最繁荣的一座城市。 → prosper [??????? ] 成功,繁荣,昌盛

We are marveled by the prospering Troy. 我们感叹于特洛伊城的繁荣昌盛。 近 boom [????] 繁荣,隆隆声

a boom year 繁荣昌盛的一年; baby boomer 婴儿潮中的出生者 thrive [?????] 兴旺,繁荣 A business cannot thrive without investment. 没有投资任何生意都无法繁荣。

prosperity [???????????] 繁荣

We are marveled by Troy’s prosperity. 我们被特洛伊的繁荣迷住了。 → desperate [?????????]

不顾一切的,孤注一掷的,绝望的 We become desperate travelers. 我们成为绝望的旅客。 a desperate trying of letting one of us venture alone to find help 孤注一掷让我们中的一员独自去冒险求救 We are desperate for water.我们非常想喝水。 → despair [???????] 绝望,使绝望

(spair = sper) We fell into despair. 我们陷入绝望中。 We have despaired of being saved alive. 我们对活着获救失去了希望。

英语词汇立体记忆 第 248 讲 spir 词根表“呼吸” → spirit [???????] 精神,灵魂,气概

He’s got a high spirit of studying in this university. 他一直立志要进这所大学读书。 He’s got low spirits. 他的精神状态不太好。 → spiritual [???????????] 精神上的,心灵的

Books guide me to travel in the authors’ spiritual world. 书籍指引我在作者的心灵世界中探索。 share my own spiritual world with my beloved one 同最亲爱的人分享自己的内心世界 → inspire [????????] 鼓舞,激发

Her remarks inspired me.她的话给了我灵感。 → inspiration [?????????????] 灵感

All artistic achievements rely on inspiration. 一切艺术成就有赖于灵感。 → expire [??????????????] 期满,终止

expire date 过期日期; expired until Oct. 31st 10 月 31 到期

英语词汇立体记忆 第 249 讲

spond , spons 词根表“许诺” → respond [????????] 答复,反应

I offered him a drink but he didn’t respond. 我请他喝酒,但他未作回答。 The plane responds well to the controls. 飞机对操纵反应灵敏。 → response [????????] 回答,答复,响应

response to 作为对…的反应 I’ve had no response to my letter. 我还没有回信。 → responsible [???????????] 有责任的,负责的,可靠的

be responsible for sth. 应负责任的,有责任的 Who is responsible for this mistake? 谁对这项错误负责? be responsible to sb. 向…负责 You are responsible to the parents for the child’s safety.

你要为这孩子的安全向他父母负责。 → responsibility [????????????????] 责任,责任心

personal responsibility 个人责任 → correspond [???????????] 通信;符合,一致

We correspond regularly. 我们定期通信。 correspond with 符合,一致 Your answers on the test correspond with mine. 你试卷中的答案和我的一致。 → corresponding [?????????????]

一致的,符合的,相应的 corresponding period of last year 去年同一时期 → correspondent [??????????????] 通信员

a war correspondent 随军记者 → sponsor [???????] 发起人,主办者;发起,主办

The exhibition of stones was sponsored by the Society of Culture. 这个石头展是由文化学会主办的。 stone [?????] 石头,宝石

foundation stone 奠基石; a heap of stones 一堆石头 → → lime [????] 石灰 limestone [??????????] 石灰石

limestone walls 石灰岩墙

英语词汇立体记忆 第 250 讲

stand [?????] 站立,位于,经受 stand by 站在一旁 How can you stand by and see such cruelty? 你怎能对这样残酷的行为袖手旁观呢? The troops are standing by.部队正严阵以待。 His work stands out from the rest. 他的工作比别人的出色。 stand up 站稳脚跟 stand up for 辩护,坚持 We must stand up for our friends. 我们必须维护朋友的利益。

stand up to 勇敢地面对 Your argument doesn’t stand up to close scrutiny. 你的论点经不起仔细推敲。 → standard [????????] 标准,规格;标准的

We must conform. to social standard. 我们必需遵循社会规范。 international weight standard 国际重量标准 → standpoint [???????????] 立场,观点

What is your standpoint in this issue? 你对这事有何看法? → → understand [???????????] 理解,懂得 understanding [????????????? ] 理解力,谅解,协定

Happy couples need mutual understanding. 幸福的夫妻需要互相谅解。 an understanding husband 一个通情达理的丈夫 → misunderstand [??????????????] 误解,误会

You certainly misunderstood me!

你一定是误解我了! → outstanding [??????????? ] 杰出的,出色的

He has made outstanding achievement. 他做出了杰出的成就。

英语词汇立体记忆 第 251 讲 stead 词根表“站立” → steady [??????] 稳定的,稳固的;使稳定

He is making a steady improvement. 他在稳定地进步着。 We must steady the price. 我们要稳定物价。
We steady ourselves by holding on to the rail.

我们抓牢栏杆来稳住自己。 → instead [???????] 代替

instead of 代替… We go to France instead of Italy. 我们没去意大利而是去了法国。 = We didn’t go to Italy, instead, we went to France.

我们没去意大利而去了法国。 We stay at home all day instead of going for picnic. 我们一整天呆在家里,没有去野餐。 = We didn’t go for picnic, instead, we stayed at home all day. 我们一整天呆在家里,没有去野餐。 st, stat 词根均表“站立” → stable [???????] 稳定的;马厩;培训处

a stable relationship 一段稳定的关系 She is mentally stable. 她情绪上很稳定。 actors from the same stable 在同一处受训练的演员 → stage [??????] 舞台;上演,筹备

stage a drama 上演一部戏剧 → establish [?????????] 建立,确立

Establish ourselves successfully in society. 使自己在社会上成功。

establish oneself in 使某人成为,使某人立足 She soon established herself as a powerful member in the new company. 她很快就成为新公司里一个有势力的成员。 → establishment [?????????????]

建立,设立;机构 What makes you come and work in this establishment? 是什么让你来到这个机构工作? the Establishment 当权派 the musical Establishment 音乐界的当权派 → stay [????] 延缓,停留,保持

stay happy 保持开心; stay put 留在原地; stay up 熬夜
英语词汇立体记忆 第 252 讲

st 词根表“站立”

circumstance [????????????] 环境,形势

In that circumstance, let’s continue our topic today. 在这种情况下,今天让我们继续那个话题吧。 In no circumstance would I surrender to your will. 在任何情况下我都不会屈从于你的意愿。 His recent circumstances are not very good. 他最近境况不妙。 → destination [?????????????] 目标,终点

What is your destination? 你的目标是什么? From the starting point to destination, there exists a long distance. 从起点到终点还有很长一段距离。 → distance [????????] 距离,远方

There rose a few stars in the distance. 远方升起几颗星星。 The long separation has created a distance between them. 长时间的分离已经使他们的感情疏离了。

I don’t know why he kept me at a distance. 我不知道他为什么和我保持距离。 → distant [????????] 遥远的,疏远的

music from a distant place 来自远方的音乐 We fix our hope on the distant horizon. 我们把希望寄托在遥远的地平线上。