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高一英语必修 1 第一单元周考
I. 词汇过关(20%) 1. 不理睬__________ 2. 涉及;关系到_________ 3. 在户外___________ 4. 遭受,忍受__________ 5. 痊愈;恢复__________
II. 短语过关(20%) 1.合计___________ 2. (使)平静 / 镇静下来______________

3. 关心;挂念____________________ 4. 经历/经受…__________________ 5. 一连串; 一系列的_______________ 6. 记下;放下_____________________ 7. 遭受;患病___________________ 8. 与…相处;进展_______________ 9. 相爱;爱上___________________ 10. 故意 _____________________

6. 不同意_____________ 7. 完全地;全然地___________ 8. 公路;大路___________ 9. 感激的____________ 10. 交换 s___________

III. 课文填空(30%) 1. 无话不谈的朋友 a friend ________ you could tell everything________ 2. 比如最隐秘的情感和想法 ...like your deepest feeling and ___________ 3. …或者是不理解你正在经受的 ...or would not understand ________ you’re going__________ 4. 象大多数人那样记流水账 ______ _______ a series of facts …as most people______ 5. 躲藏了近 25 个月 ...hid __________for nearly 25 months 6. 自从 1942 年在躲藏处后 ... after _________(be) in the ___________place since 1942 7. 我已对与自然相关的一切变得狂热 I’ve grown so crazy ________everything _______ _______with nature 8. 曾经一度 …there was a time_______… 9. …从未使我痴狂 …could _________have kept spellbound 10. 直到 11 点半我还故意醒着,以便亲自… I stayed awake ______ __________till half past eleven in order to... by myself. 11. 但是因月光太亮了,我不敢打开窗子。 But as the moon gave_______ ________light, I didn’t dare to open the window.

12.黄昏时,我碰巧在楼上。 I happened _____ ______upstairs _____dusk. 13.…用它们力量全然把我镇住了 The dark, rainy evening,...held me e__________ in their power. 14. 这是一年半以来首次面对面地… It was the first time in a year and a half ______ I’d seen the night face ____ face 15. 令人伤感的是,我现在只能透过那挂在满是灰尘的的窗子前那脏兮兮的窗帘看自然。 ...S_______,… I am only able to look at nature through dirty ________ hanging before every d_________windows. 16. 透过这些(来看自然) ,却乐趣不再,因为自然是必须亲身体验的。 It’s no pleasure _________(look) through these… because nature is one thing _____ must be experienced IV. 单词拼写(15%) 1. It was quite terrible. It took me some time to c_________ down myself. 2. Parents are always c___________ much about their children. 3. True friends always s___________ their sadness and happiness with each other. 4. I'm terribly sorry. I didn't do it on p__________. 5. Some animals hibernate under snow, because there is much air in l_________ snow. 6. A___________ to the law, t______________ are not allowed to smoke or drink. 7. The old man went t____________ many wars and s___________ a lot from them. 8. After the terrible hurricane, the whole house was destroyed e________. 9. If you have some trouble, you can go to the teacher for a___________. 10. By internet, we can c___________ with people all over the world conveniently. 11. By now, he has formed the h________ of doing some reading before going to bed. 12. The r__________ he gave for his c___________(作弊) in the exam was simple.
V. 完形填空(共 15 小题,计 15 分) 通读下面短文,然后在各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中选出一个最佳选项。 About a week ago, when I was playing basketball at our local park, I noticed a small group of boys picking on a smaller, skinnier boy. They were ground and kicked dirt in his face. I stepped worthy of 4 3 2 1 him names and even pushed him to the

I saw that, I walked over to the group.

them and the smaller boy, and asked them politely what this boy had done was “No.” So, I asked another boy what

they were doing to him. One of the boys replied, “He’s weird.” At that, I asked one 5 , and he said, “Different.” That was my cue(暗示). I told them that everyone

of the boys if he thought his friend was weird, and the the word “weird” is 7 6

, and that they all looked just as different to the other boy as he did to them. They all stood


for a moment, and then the most amazing thing happened. One of the boys helped the small 9 to let him play with them.

boy off the ground and then said sorry to him. He I thanked the boy for being so other people at the park 11

10 . As I looked around, I realized that there were dozens of

no one else had stopped to help this boy. I felt happy that the boy 12 someone in need, but I felt sad that

was strong enough to stand up against his friends to 13 else had even taken a second look. I hope that my action helped them 14

that they could have made a difference with a little

_15 , and maybe next time they will be the ones who choose to help. 1. A. giving 2. A. When 3. A. against 4. A. how 5. A. guess 6. A. read 7. A. different 8. A. angrily 9. A. refused 10. A. proud 11. A. or 12. A. help 13. A. someone 14. A. decide 15. A. energy B. making B. Before B. between B. why B. sign B. proved B. free B. silently B. expected B. clever B. so B. stop B. anyone B. realize B. practice C. calling C. If C. beside C. whom C. problem C. meant C. important C. carefully C. offered C. honest C. and C. love C. no one C. suggest C. knowledge D. telling D. Though D. with D. what D. answer D. wrote D. strong D. happily D. prepared D. patient D. but D. remember D. everyone D. agree D. effort


I. 1. ignore 2. concern 3. outdoors 4. suffer II. 1. add up 2. calm down 3. be concerned about

5. recover 6. disagree 7. entirely 8. highway 4. go through 5. a series of 6. set down

9. grateful 10. swap

7. suffer from 8. get along with 9. fall in love

10. on purpose III. 1.whom, to 2.thoughts 3.what, going through 4. set down, do 5. away 6. being, hiding

7. about, to do 8. when 9. never 10. on purpose 11. too much 12. to be, at

13. entirely 14. that, to 15. Sadly, curtains, dusty 16. looking, that

VI. 1. calm 2. concerned 3. share 4. purpose 5. loose 6. according, teenagers 7. through, suffered 8. entirely 9. advice 10. communicate 11. habit 12. reason, cheat V. 完形填空 1—5 CABDD 6—10 CABCC

11—15 DACBD

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