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2014版英语复习方略课件(人教版通用):必修3 Unit 5 Canada—“The True North”

Unit 5 Canada—“The True North”

【诵读·积累】 请根据下列提示写一篇今年十一期间第一次离家去加拿

1. 离多伦多较远, 早晨从旅馆乘车去, 下午5点返回。 2. 上午参观动物园, 并在动物园附近的公园进行野餐, 下 午参观爬行动物馆。 3. 第一次离开父母和同学们一起旅游, 第一次见


参考词汇: 爬行动物 reptile

It was the first time that I had been away from home without parents during the National Day. I went on a trip with my class to the zoo in Toronto. We left the hotel where we stayed very early in the morning because we would have a long journey. We spent the whole morning in the zoo. I could remember seeing whales, bears and some other animals for the

first time. I was very excited.

At midday, we had our picnic lunch in a park near the zoo.
After lunch, we visited the reptile house and saw many kinds of animals. It was fantastic. At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, we got on the bus and drove to the hotel. In conclusion, it was the best trip I had enjoyed.

【尝试运用】 词汇翻译 第一次 for the first time _______________ after lunch __________ many kinds of _____________ in conclusion ____________

许多种类的 总之, 综上所述


①那是我第一次独自在户外赏月。(It was the first time. . . )
It was the first time that I had admired the moon in the open

②因为想多赚些钱, 他离开了他生活的村子去了一个大城市。 (where引导定语从句) He left the village where he lived for a big city because he wanted to make more money. ③这些是我吃过的最好吃的月饼。(定语从句) These are the most delicious mooncakes I have eaten.

Ⅰ. 单词盘点 核心速记

chat vi. &n. ) 1. ____( measure vi. &vt. ) 2. ________( (n. )
aboard prep. &adv. ) 3. _______(

聊天;闲聊 测量;衡量;判定


within prep. ) 4. ______( confirm vt. ) 5. _______( approximately adv. ) 6. _____________( nearby adv. ) 7. _______( (adj. )

在??之内 证实;证明;批准 接近;大约 在附近 附近的;邻近的

联想串记 surroundings n. )(复)周围 surround (vt. & vi. )包围;围绕→____________( 8. _________ surrounding (adj. )周围的 的事物;环境→___________

mix vt. &vi. )混合;调配→_______( mixture n. )混合(物);混合状态 9. ____(
distant adj. )遥远的 distance n. )距离;远方→______( 10. ________( tradition(n. )传统; 风俗→__________ traditional (adj. )传统的 11. ________ traditionally (adv. )传统地 →___________

terrified adj. )恐惧的;受惊 terrify vt. )使恐怖;恐吓→________( 12. ______( terror n. )恐惧→_______( terrible adj. )恐怖的;恐惧的 吓的→______( impressive adj. )给人 impress vt. )使印象深刻;使铭记→__________( 13. _______( impression n. )印象 深刻印象的;感人的→__________(

Ⅱ. 短语互译 1. 与其;不愿 2. 定居;平静下来; 专心于 rather than __________ settle down __________ manage to do ____________ catch sight of ____________

3. 设法做
4. 看见;瞥见 5. 对??有天赋 6. 在远处 7. at dawn 8. dream about 9. as far as

have a gift for ____________
in the distance _____________ 在黎明 _______ 梦想 _____

远到; 直到; 至于 _______________

Ⅲ. 句型透视
1. 序数词+最高级 the second largest country 第二大国)in the world. Canada is _______________________( 2. rather than不愿 Rather than take the aeroplane all the way 不愿一路乘飞机), _____________________________________( they decided to fly to Vancouver and then take the train from west to east across Canada.

3. so. . . that如此??以至于 It is so wet there (那里空气如此湿润)that the trees are ______________ extremely tall, some measuring over 90 metres. 4. 比较级+any other. . . more fresh water than any other country 淡水要 Canada has ___________________________________( 比任何一个国家多)in the world.

5. as far as. . . 直到??
you can’t go as far as 你不能一直走至)Ottawa, It’s too bad ___________________(

Canada’s capital.

Ⅳ. 语篇完形

on a trip across Canada. Li Daiyu and Liu Qian were 1. ___ Rather than take the aeroplane all the way, they would cross 2. _______
continent of Canada in a train after arriving in the whole 3. _________

Vancouver by air.
Danny Lin waited for them at the airport and gave them a introduction about Canada, the 5. ______ second largest country brief 4. ___________ in the world. People say Vancouver is Canada’s most beautiful city surrounded by mountains and the Pacific Ocean. On the extremely coast of Vancouver, it is so wet that the trees are 6. _________ tall.

settled down in the seats, they looked out of the Having 7. ______ scenery the mountain goats, a grizzly window at the wild 8. _______,

bear and an eagle. They went by the city of Calgary and
top of the Great Lakes, arrived in Thunder Bay, a city at the 9. ___ population resources learning more about Canada of its 10. __________ and so on. Their last stop is Toronto, the biggest and most wealthy city.

1. 选用框中词汇的适当形式完成句子 measure, surround, confirm, impress, settle down surrounded by high walls. (1)This is a prison, whose houses are __________ measure (2)Let me make a coat for you to your own ________. impressed themselves on my memory. (3)Her words _________ settled down in (4)After she graduated from university she ___________

Washington. confirms me in my opinion that they are (5)This new evidence ________

2. 选用句型透视中的句式仿写句子

Which of these do you think is the second most useful

(2)与其坐公共汽车去那里, 我还不如走路去那里。 I prefer to walk there rather than take a bus. (3)今年的收成比以往哪一年都好。 This year’s crop is better than any other year’s. (4)我可以一直陪你到车站。 I’ll keep company with you as far as the station.

核 心 考 点


3年 1考

rather than

3年 1考

1. surround vt. & vi. 包围;围绕

(1)surround sb. /sth. with sb. /sth.
be surrounded by/with



adj. 周围的
n. 环境(常用复数)

①The police surrounded the building. 警察包围了那幢大楼。 with amusing people. ②He likes to surround himself ____ 他喜欢让自己身边拥着有趣的人们。 by/with high walls. ③The house was surrounded _______ 房子的四周有高墙。



用复数形式, 主要指周围的具体的物质环境 是集合名词单数, 既可表示抽象概念, 也可表


示具体意义; 指对人的发展产生影响的自然 环境或生活环境

surroundings but not in 填空:The boy grew up in beautiful ____________ environment a happy home ___________.

2. measure vi. &vt. 测量;衡量;判定 n. 计量制;计量单位;措施 (1)measure. . . by. . . 用??衡量??

sth. measures 2 metres by 4 metres

(2)take sb. ’s measure
make. . . to one’s measure take measures to do sth.

依照某人的尺寸做?? 采取措施做某事

①The house is more than twenty metres long and measures six metres in width. 这座房子长20多米, 宽6米。

②Our classroom measures 6 metres by 10 metres.

③(2012· 浙江高考) A bloodhound from Illinois has the longest
ears ever measured on a dog. 一只来自伊利诺斯州的大警犬拥有在狗身上所测量出的最长 的耳朵。

took ___ my ________ measure for a new suit. ④The tailor ____

was _____ made __ to ___ her ________. measure ⑤It seems that the dress ____ 好像这连衣裙是为她定做的。 take ________ measures __ to _______ prevent further ⑥The government must ____ pollution of environment. 政府一定要及时采取措施防止环境进一步被污染。

【助记】图文巧记measure Think concrete measures of measuring the weight of the elephant.


3. mix vt. &vi. 混合;调配 ①You can’t mix oil with water. 你不能把油和水混合起来。 ② I always mix up the twins. 我总是把这对双胞胎弄混。

【归纳】写出下列短语 mix up ______ mix. . . with. . . _____________


【熟词生义】读句子猜含义 Rose never likes parties, as she doesn’t mix in easily. ( 结交, 交往 )

4. confirm vt. (尤指通过提供证据)证实; 证明;确定, 确认;

confirm sb. in sth. confirm a contract confirm sth. /that/whether. . . It has been confirmed that. . . 使某人确信某事 批准合同 证实?? 已经确定??

①This confirms what I suspected all along.

②The results confirm that you are right. 结果证实你们是对的。 It ___ has_____ been _________ confirmed that the meeting will take place ③__ next week. 已经确定会议于下周召开。

5. distance n. 距离;远方;遥远;疏远

v. 不介入, 与??疏远
(1)in the distance 在远处

at a distance
at a distance of. . . from a distance keep sb. at a distance keep your distance from (2)distance oneself from. . . (3)distant

相隔;相距 由远处 对某人冷淡;与某人疏远 与??保持距离 不介入;与??疏远 adj. 遥远的;远处的;久远的

in ___ the ________. distance ①She catches a glimpse of a car __ 她一眼就瞥见了远处的汽车。 at __ a ________. distance ②The painting looks better __ 这幅油画从远处看起来好多了。 keep __ a _____ good ________ distance behind in case the car ③It’s safest to _____

in front suddenly stops.
最安全的办法是在后面保持相当一段距离, 以防前面的汽车突


④The railway station is at a distance of 200 metres from our

火车站离我们学校有200米远的路程。 ⑤ Interestingly, there are several reasons why it is so important to distance oneself from the rest. 有趣的是, 拉开和其他人的距离是如此重要的原因有很多。

【想一想】在介绍地点的说明文时 , 会用到表示距离的句子 , 应该如何使用distant?

(1)在没有数词时, 除非指相当远的距离, 否则不用distant。例 如:The railway station is a long way from my house. 从火车 站到我家有很长的一段路。(一般不说:The railway station is distant from my house. ) 在有数词时 , 不论远近都可以使用 distant, 但常用away。例如:The railway station is three miles distant/away from my house. 火车站离我家有三英里远。

(2)提问距离多远时, 如果用distance, 则用疑问词what。

6. impress vt. 使印象深刻;使铭记
(1)impress sth. on/upon sb.

=impress sb. with sth.
be impressed by/with/at It impresses sb. that. . .

对??印象深刻 令人佩服的是??

(2)make/give/leave/create an impression on/upon sb. 给某人一个印象 have/get the impression that. . . 有??的印象

①The teacher impressed the importance of English on/upon me. 老师让我铭记(向我强调)英语的重要性。 ②(2012· 天津高考)Even so, she impressed the world with her

courage and strong desire to succeed.
即使如此, 她的勇气和对成功的强烈渴望令人印象深刻。 were deeply _________ impressed ___ by the actors’ ③The audience _____ wonderful performance. 观众对演员们的精彩表演印象深刻。

impression a _____ good _________ make/give/leave/create _ ④It is important to ____________________
at your interview.


【高考链接】 (2012·山东高考)My first ______ of him was that he was a kind and thoughtful young man. A. expression B. attention

C. satisfaction

D. impression

【解析】选D。考查名词词义辨析。句意:我对他的第一印象 是他是一个善良且有思想的年轻人。expression表达, 表示, 表 情;attention注意, 留心;satisfaction满意, 满足;impression 印象。

7. settle down定居;平静下来;专心于
观察句子, 写出黑体部分的含义

①She settled down in an armchair to read her book.
( 舒适地坐着 ) ②Uncle George didn’t settle down until he was fifty. ( 定居, 安顿下来 )

③Wait until the children settle down before you start the lesson. ( 安静下来;静下心来 ) ④He got his coffee, came back and settled down to listening. ( 开始认真做 )

They put up their tents and settled down for the night. [ 准备, 开始(就寝) ]

8. manage to do设法做 manage sb. manage sth. manage it 设法对付某人 经营/管理?? 能做到

try to do sth.


①Somehow, he’d managed to persuade Kay to buy one for
him. 不知用了什么方法, 他成功说服凯给他买了一个。 ②He took great pains to manage the factory well. 为了管理好工厂, 他可真是煞费苦心。 ③That’s not a hard job. I’m sure I can manage it myself. 那活儿又不重。我确信我一个人顶得下来。

【辨析】理解下列区别并选词填空 manage (to do) try(to do) “设法做成某事”, 不定式所表示的动作一定完 成, 相当于succeed in doing sth. “努力做某事”, 不定式所表示的动作不一定完

tried time and again and at last they ________ managed 填空:They _____ to escape to South America.

9. catch sight of看见;瞥见

①(2012· 四川高考)The wind parted the smoke just enough for
him to catch sight of Sibson. 风把烟分开, 恰好让他看见了Sibson。 ②She caught sight of a car in the distance. 她瞥见远处有一辆汽车。

【拓展】补全下列sight构成的短语 lose sight __ of ____ keep sight __ of _____ at (the) sight __ of __ in/within sight ________

使能看得到;保持看得到的距离 一看到??(就) 可以看见;在视线内 看不见;在视线外

out __ of sight ___

10. have a gift for对??有天赋

have a gift for (doing) sth.
have the gift to do sth. be gifted in/have a talent for

对 ?? 有 天 赋 ; 有


①He has a gift for music. 他有音乐天赋。 ②You have the gift/talent to learn foreign languages. 你有学外语的天赋。

【拓展】补全下列“have+a(n)+名词”短语 nose for have a good ____ taste for have a _____ eye for have an ___

对??敏感, 很善于发现
喜欢;对??感兴趣 对??有鉴赏眼光;很能鉴赏(或判 断、辨别), 善于识别

11. Rather than take the aeroplane all the way, they decided to

fly to Vancouver and then take the train from west to east
across Canada. 她们不愿一路乘飞机, 她们决定先飞到温哥华, 再从西海岸乘火车横穿加拿大到东海岸。 rather than“而不是”, 连接两个并列成分, 后接名词、代词、 介词(短语)、形容词、副词、v. -ing形式或不定式。

①(2012· 山东高考)Rather than getting up to check on whether
the laundry is done, users will instead monitor it on their

phones while watching TV.
使用者会在看电视的同时用电话控制洗衣机而不是起身检查 一下衣服是否洗好了。 ②He is an explorer rather than a sailor. 与其说他是一个海员, 不如说他是一个探险者。 rather ____ than ______. cheap ③The sweater she bought was beautiful ______ 与其说她买的这件毛衣便宜不如说它漂亮。

rather ____ than __ in ④We will have the meeting in the classroom ______ the _____ great ____. hall ___ 我们是在教室里开会, 不是在大厅里。 dancing ⑤She enjoys singing rather than _______. 她喜欢唱歌, 而不喜欢跳舞。

rather ____ than (to) telephone. ⑥I decided to write ______

【想一想】 rather than连接两个主语时谓语的单复数应该如 何确定?

rather than 连接两个名词或代词作主语时 , 谓语动词应与

rather than 前面的名词或代词在人称和数量上保持一致。
①You rather than I are going to go camping. 是你而不是我要去野营。 ②The teacher rather than the students is to blame. 应受责备的是老师而不是学生。

【高考链接】 (2011· 全国卷Ⅰ)The form cannot be signed by anyone ______ yourself. A. rather than B. other than

C. more than

D. better than

【解析】选B。考查介词短语。句意:这个表格除了你自己外 其他人都不能签名。 rather than“ 而不是”; other than“ 除 了”;more than“多于, 不仅仅”;better than“胜过”。

12. Because of the Great Lakes, they learned, Canada has

more fresh water than any other country in the world.
她们了解到由于五大湖, 加拿大的淡水比世界任何一个国家的 都要多。 (1)本句中的 more. . . than any other country是比较级的一个 基本句式。它虽然是比较级的句式, 但却表达最高级的含义。

(2)在同一范围内比较, 注意比较的主体和比较范围不能相互包

any other +单数名词 all other+ 复数名词 比较级+than+ anyone else any of the other+复数名词 the rest of+ 复数名词或不可数名词

(3)最高级意义的多种表示法: ①never+such/so+原级+名词

②as+原级+as ever

④比较级+than+any other+名词/anyone else/any of the other+

①上海比中国任何一个城市都大。 Shanghai is larger than any other city in China. =Shanghai is larger than all other cities in China. =Shanghai is larger than any of the other cities in China. 【点津】如果比较的主体不属于同一范围, 则不能用other, else, rest等表示排除关系的词。

②Xiaoming is taller than any other boy in his class.

③Xiaoming is taller than any boy in his sister’s class.


④This is the most interesting story I have ever read.
a _____ more __________ interesting _____ story than this one. →I have never read __ ⑤The boy is the most hard-working student in his class. more hard-working any _____ other _______ student in →The boy is _____ ____________ than ____ his class.

Ⅰ. 用所给词的适当形式填空 1. She used to be so quiet, but now she’s really coming out of

chatting (chat) to everyone. her shell and ________
distance 2. I can see an object moving in the ________(distant) . impressed (impress) by her performance in the 3. I was very _________

surrounded (surround) by the mountains 4. The small village ___________ looks beautiful.

impressive (impress) opening 5. The university held a very __________

ceremony and all the students were very happy.
mixture (mix)of things consists of several different things 6. A _______ together. extremely (extreme) difficult to predict. 7. Earthquakes are _________

traditionally (tradition) associated with 8. The color black is ___________
mourning. approximate (approximate) three weeks. 9. The job will take ___________ Canadians (Canada). 10. Among my pen pals, two are __________

Ⅱ. 完成句子 how to manage her naughty children. 1. She doesn’t know _____________ 她不知道怎样管好自己顽皮的孩子们。 Rather than allow the vegetables to go bad he sold them at 2. _____________________________________, half price.

与其让蔬菜烂掉, 他以半价把它们卖掉了。 It’s been confirmed that we’ll have a sports meeting next 3. _____________________
week. 已经确定我们下周将举行运动会。 What is the distance between Philadelphia and Chicago? 4. __________________ 从费城到芝加哥有多远?

has promised to take 5. Up to now, the local government __________________

measures to help the unemployed. _______________
到目前为止, 当地政府已经承诺采取措施帮助失业者。 Having been surrounded for a few days, the enemies had to 6. ______________________

lay down their arms and give up.
被围困数日了, 敌人不得不放下武器投降。 caught sight of me in the crowd. 7. She said that she ________________ 她说她在人群中一下子就看见了我。

as far as the post office 8. I’ll walk with you ____________________. 我陪你走到邮局。 easier than any other subject 9. I think English is much _________________________. 我认为英语是各学科中最简单的。

so angry that she couldn’t say a word. 10. She was ____________

Ⅲ. 话题写作 先将下面几个句子翻译成英语, 然后连成一段小短文。 1. 加拿大是世界上第二大国家, 面积9, 976, 000平方千米, 人口大约3千多万。

2. 加拿大位于北美大陆的北部, 东临大西洋, 南与美国接壤。
3. 加拿大自然资源丰富, 英语和法语是加拿大的官方语言, 渥太华是世界最美丽的都城之一, 也是人们定居的好地方。 ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________


【参考范文】 Covering an area of 9, 976, 000 square kilometres, Canada is the second largest country in the world with a population of more than thirty million. It is located in the

north of North America with the Atlantic on its east, bordering
the US on the south. Canada is rich in natural resources. People speak English and French as their official languages. Ottawa is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world as well as a good place for people to settle down.

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【讲练测】2016年高考英语一轮复习 Unit 5 Canada-The True North()(含解析)新人教版必修3_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 5 Canada-The True North Ⅰ....
人教版高中英语必修3 Unit5 Canada 教案
人教版高中英语必修3 Unit5 Canada 教案_英语_高中教育_教育专区。必修 3 Unit5 Canada- The True North Teaching aims: 1. Talk about the basic information ...
...必修3 Unit 5 Canada—“The True North”
【内蒙古新人教版英语高三单元测试15 必修3 Unit 5 Canada—The True North”_高中教育_教育专区。【内蒙古新人教版英语高三单元测试15 必修3 Unit 5 Canada—...
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广东省阳东广雅学校2014-2015学年高中英语Unit5 Canada-“The True North”》教案(6)新人教版必修3_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Period 6 Teaching Goals: ‘The...