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Time will pierce the surface or youth, will be on the beauty of the ditch dug a shallow groove ; Jane will eat rare!A born beauty, anything to escape his sickle sweep .-- Shakespeare 0601 语法题 1. Neon, a chemical element---------up about one part per 65000 in Earth’s atmosphere, is a colourless, odourless gas. A. B. C. D. makes that makes and makes of which makes

2. From photography’s infancy, ---------of landscape views by camera began to support handmade depictions in watercolour, pencil, or ink. A. B. C. D. when the capturing the capturing was capturing the capturing was

3. The stethoscope transmits and amplifies sounds from localized areas of the body, thus making them -------to hear and identify A. B. C. D. easier than as easy as easies so that easier

4. Uncertainty differs from risk in that-------basis for estimating the probability of each potential condition occurring. A. B. C. D. 5. A. B. C. there is no although no there is not it is not ------about 10 to 20 feet tall and are sparely covered with foliage. Growing lemon trees Lemon trees grow Lemon trees that grow


The growth of lemon trees to

6. A sonic boom is a very loud noise that occurs when an aircraft passes through the sound barrier-------travels faster than the speed of sound A. B. C. D. and so whether as

7. The production and sale of cosmetics in the U.S. was virtually unregulated--------the food, drug, and cosmetic art of 1938 A. B. C. D. and until the pass of and until passing until the passage of until passed

8. In the late 1860’s, taxes were changed in the southern US to require payment from plantation owners-------just from landless individuals. A. B. C. D. despite whereas rather than other than

9. ------to vapour without passing through the liquid phase is called sublimation. A. B. C. D. a solid converts the conversion of a solid when a solid is converting a solid whose conversion

10. Not only-----the centre of French language and culture in North America, it is the… A. B. C. D. considering Quebec where Quebec is considered Quebec is considered Is Quebec considered

11. M leads the US------of wood products, potatoes, sardine, and blueberries

A. B. C. D.

in the production the production when the production in which the production

12. About 25000 years ago some of North America’s early settles walked across the land-------between Siberia and Alaska. A. B. C. D. 13. A. B. C. D. 14. 1800. A. B. C. D. 15. A. B. C. D. that then is existed existed then that then existed and then existing Gw. was the first Black woman-----the Pulitzer Price of poetry. to win which she won won was to win -----was the most important economic activity in the US until about

Agriculture, which If agriculture Agriculture There was agriculture Eva G. direct-------in Huntington, New York, from 1962 to 1978. the Heck Museum the Heck Museum was, how the Heck Museum and the Heck Museum

16. (Children) use (grammatically correct) sentences by (the age) of three and (produces) some highly complex construction by the time they are five. 17. (Most of) the cultivated flowers, vegetables, fruits, (grains), and grasses in the US today, along with the 70 percentage of the weeds, (original) came (from abroad).

18. (A) large amount of fat is normally deposited in the liver, (in which) it may (oxidized) (to release) energy. 19. In 1989, with the (publish) of the first (volume) of “Little Woman”, L.M.A. (became) a (celebrated writer). 20. (When) rocks are (picked up) by moving water, they are gradually (reduced size) by (the) breaking away of the edges and corners. 21. (Although some) details about the atmospheres of the other planets and (their) satellites (are known), but a complete description is available (only for) Earth’s atmosphere. 22. Caspar W’s glassworks, the first successful (glass factory) in North America, (primarily) produced bottles and (another) utilitarian objects is green, brown, and (an odd) shade of terra cotta. 23. (Until) 1985 the amount output (of automobiles) in the US exceeded (that the) rest of the (world combined). 24. (Found) in large herds, usually (near water), the impala (is noted) for its graceful movement and its (able) to jump. 25. Several years after (writing) the first textbook of psychology ever (published it) in the US, John turned his (attention) to educational (reform). 26. Table salt occur (as) a cube-shaped crystal (that), depending (of) its purity, may be colourless, transparent, (or) translucent. 27. The (outmost) layer of the sun’s atmosphere, the corona, is (visibly) as a pinkish halo of light (during) (a) total eclipse. 28. Shirley, (the) first African American female (member of) the US, unsuccessfully (sought) the Democratic (nominate) for president in 1972. 29. (A queen) termite (lays) 440 million (of eggs)-an average of one per second (for) 14 years. 30. The (influence of) gravity in (everyday) life is (so) pervasive that we often (take for) granted. 31. (Any) state, by (its) own constitutional or legislative action, may eliminate, consolidate, or otherwise (modification) countries and (their)

government. 32. Tornadoes, which are (frequent) seen (over) the Great Plains of the US in spring and early summer, (resemble) a dark funnel (extending) from cloud base to ground. 33. The sun is (one) of (billions) of (stars are) scattered (throughout) the universe. 34. The average (surface temperature) of the Earth (has been risen) by (approximately) one degree (over the last) century. 35. Monarch butterflies (gather) in flocks in (late) summer and fall and (then) migrate (southern). 36. Madder plants, which comprise (a very) large family of (mostly) tropical trees, shrubs, and (herbal), (include) coffee and gardenia. 37. Wild birds and their eggs have been (at least) incidental sources of food for humans (since) prehistoric times and they (still) are in (most of) societies. 38. In 1974, US president R.M. was charged with obstructing justice, (abusing) his constitutional (authoritative), and failing (to obey) subpoenas demanding (he appear) in court. 39. The US D of A works (to provide) both (reasonable) incomes for farmers (or) fair (prices) for consumers. 40. Thomas (invented) the record player in 1877 while (engaged research) on (the) telegraph at (his laboratory) in New Jersey. 语法笔记:

1.Neon, a chemical element......,is a colourless, odourless gas.空格处明显为 a chemical element 的修饰定语,使之充当同位语成分,选 B. 2.......,......of landscape views by camera began to support ......bagan 是谓语, 后面是宾语。缺主语。注意 views 在这里可不是动词,而是名词。of 前面只有是 名词才能构成主语。选 B.

3.很好排除。make sth. easier to do (sth.).选 D 4.in that 后面是一个完整的从句。根据句意选用 there be 句型。选 A 5.句子结构:主语+谓语 and 谓语。选 B. 6.when 后面是一个完整的句子,主语+谓语...谓语。看上一题。选 A 7.根据句子形式排除 A,B 的 and until.在根据 until 后面是名词形式排除 D,选 C. 8.from...from...格式,plantation owner 和 landless individual 对比。所以选 C. 9.根据后面的 is called sublimation 可以看出,前面的部分是名词形式。A 项出现 了 converts 谓语,排除; C 是从句形式,排除; D 项中的 whose 后应该是一个完 整的句子,而不应该是名词形式,排除。选 B 10.not only 放在句首要倒装,做过 n 遍了,位于前置。选 D 11.容易排除。B 项两名词在一起。C,D 项 when 和 where 的后面应该是完整的 句子才对。选 A 12.很容易分析出来 land 后面需要修饰语。A 项 is existed 错: D 项不能是 and, 否则后面为名词结构,前面为动词结构,不平行,而且句意不通。 注意很容易错选 B.注意:land existed then 和 land that existed then 是两码 事。前面的实际上是被动说法,即 land that is existed then,不对。选 C. 13.the ...st 什么什么 to do sth. 1 秒钟解决。选 A 14.简单。A was B.选 C 15.简单。主语,谓语,缺宾语。选 A 16.produces------produce.前面主语是 children. 17.original------originally.见过形容词修饰动词吗? 18.oxidized------be oxidized.被动态的 be 动词掉了。 19.publish------publication.动词和名词混淆,老考点。 20.reduced size------reduced in size.之前考过类似的。在体积“方面”变小。 21.Although some------some.老考点,后面有 but

22.another------other.老考点,后面的 objects 是复数,要用 other. 23.that the------that of the.exceed 直接接宾语,不要从句。注意 combined 是 world 后置定语,表示美国比别国加起来还多,鄙视。 (之前我改正的答案是错 误的,比较的对象应该是 amount 才对,因此不应该是 the,而应该加上 that of the。特别感谢 masgarrd 提出。 ) 24.able------ability.老考点。形容词和名词混淆。 25.published it------published.published in the US 作后置定语 26.of------on.老考点。depend on ,这个都不知道说什么好了。 27.visably------visable.副词和形容词混淆。 28.nominate------nomination.动词和名词混淆。 29.of eggs------eggs.数词直接修饰 eggs.这里很容易看成 millions of eggs,这样 是要加 of 的, 可是如果不是表示很多, 而是表示确数的话, 不要 of, 比如 10 million dollars,不是 10 millions dollars 也不是 10 millions of dollars.------这一考点在 80 年代的托福多次出现。 30.take for------take it for.so ...... that 后面应是完整句。 31.modification------modify.动词平行结构。 32.frequent------frequently.又是形容词修饰动词,汗。 33.stars are------stars that(which) are.你不会允许双谓语存在吧。 34.has been risen------has risen.rise 是不及物的 35.southern------south.southern 是形容词,应排除。south 可作副词,也可作名 词当方位语。 36.herbal------herbs.名词平行结构.当时考完时有人说 mostly 是错的。其实把这 个词抽掉不影响句子结构。副词,特别是 mostly 这种东西,一般不容易错的, 除非是和形容词混淆的考点(以前考过) 37.most of------most. most 和 most of 的区别在于 most 是不确指, most of 是确 指,表示什么的大多数。按照句意,这里应该表示的是不确指。 38.authoritative------authority.两个形容词不能在一起。很多人认为 D 项看着不

顺眼,其实因为前面的是 demand,demand sb. do sth.因此 D 项没错。事实上这 里是虚拟语气,damand sb. (should) do sth. 39.or------and.超高频考点。both...and... eitherr...or...注意防止杂糅

40.engaged research------(he was) engaged in the research。while 是连词, 后面接整个句子。 而且 engage 是“使从事于”的意思。 因此要用 sb be engaged in sth.这种形式。另外,he was 作为从句的主系结构可以同时省略

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