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There are three men on a train.

Mr A speaks English and Chinese.
Mr B speaks French and English.

Mr C can only talk with Mr A.
What language does Mr C speak?


1. Question forms: It can be inferred from the text that . From the text we know that …is most likely . When the writer talks about …, what the writer really means is . The writer suggests that . The story implies that . We can infer [conclude] from the passage that . 这类题干中通常含有 infer, suggest, imply, 2. 技巧点拨 conclude 等标志性词语。 1).全面分析 2).忠实原文3).不要选择表层信息



Did you ever hear a strange sound coming from the wall? Did it sound like a clock? If so, it may have been made by a beetle. Long ago people thought the ticking meant that someone was about to die. Thus the beetle is called "the deathwatch beetle." (1分钟) ● The sound of this beetle ________. A. pleased people. B. surprised people. C. frightened people. D. excited people.

P3 Several different bison species have lived on the North American continent since the Ice Age; today only two exist. The wood bison is the larger of the two, and is now found mostly in western Canada. Better known in the United States is the Plains bison, or buffalo. At one time, herds of these animals could be sighed almost everywhere from the Appalachian Mountains in the East to the Rocky Mountains in the West. ● The author implies that several types of bison______. ? A. live outside the United Stated and Canada ? B. are well adapted to swampy terrain ? C. existed before the Ice Age ? D. have been killed or have died out

2. It is fun to turn over a big rock on the beach.
Make sure you turn the rock back to the position it was in after you moved it. If you don’t turn it back over, all the sea animals under it or clinging to(依附)the underside will die.

The passage implies that rocks ________. A. hurt sea animals B. protect sea animals C. won’t be found on beaches D. can’t be found on beaches

One day a man walked a pet shop and said to the shop assistant,“I need two small mice and about five dozen roaches(蟑螂) and two spiders(蜘蛛).”“What do you need these things for?” the shop assistant was very surprised.“Well,”replied the man,“I’m moving out of my apartment and the landlord insists that I should leave the house in exactly the same condition as I found it.” The passage suggests that when the writer moved into the apartment, it was ______. A. very clean B. just cleaned by the landlord C. tidy and comfortable D. dirty and full of insects

4 Although her disease has affected her eyesight and forced
her to the sidelines of the dance floor,she refuses to fall into self?pity. “Everybody on earth can ask,‘why me?’about something or other,”she insists. “It doesn’t do any good. No one is immune (免疫的) to heartache pain,and disappointments. Sometimes we can make things better by helping others. I’ve come to realize the importance of that as I’ve grown up this second time. I 5. What can we know last paragraph? want to speak out and from be as the helpful as I can be.” A. Mary feels pity for herself. B. Mary has recovered from her disease. C. Mary wants to help others as much as possible. D.Mary determines to go back to the dance floor.

Then the people realized what was happening. It was the frog. They hadn’t been useless.They had been doing an important job---eating insects. Now with so many frogs killed, the insects were increasing more rapidly. They were damaging the crops and spreading diseases. Now, the peaple are still poor.But in the evenings they sit in the village square and listen to sounds of insects and frogs.These sounds of the night now have a much deeper meaning . topic of sentence What can we infer from the last sentence the text ? A. Happiness comes from peaceful life in the country B.Health is more important than money C.The harmony between man and nature is important D. Good old days will never be forgotten


说明文中作者的态度: objective 客观的 neutral ( 中立的); 在议论文中,有: (1)positive (积极的) (2)negative 消极的 (3)neutral (中立的) (4)approval (赞成的) (5) disapproval 不赞成的 漠不关心的 (6) indifferent (7)critical (批评的) (8)optimistic 乐观的 (9)pessimistic 悲观的

1. Question forms: The writer’s attitude toward… is______. The writer thought that______. According to the author ______. 2.技巧点拨 注意作者表达感情色彩的形容词、副词、 动词及所举的例子,才能推断出作者的 弦外之音。

Passage 5.(江西卷)Just as crying can be healthy, not crying—holding back tears of anger, pain or suffering—can be bad for physical(身体的) health. Studies have shown that too much control of emotions can lead to high blood pressure, heart problems and some other illnesses. If you have a health problem, doctors will certainly not ask you to cry. But when you feel like crying, don’t fight it. It’s a natural—and healthy—emotional response(反应). (2分钟) ●According to the author, which of the following statements is true? A. Crying is the best way to get help from others. B. Fighting back tears may cause some health problems. C. We will never know our deep feelings unless we cry. D. We must cry if we want to reduce pressure.

Why do people take part in such activities as these? Some psychologists(心理学家)suggest that it is because life in modern societies has become safe and boring. Not very long ago, people's lives were constantly in danger. They had to go out and hunt for food, diseases could not easily be cured and life was a continuous battle for survival(生存). Nowadays, according to many people, life offers little excitement. They live and work in comparatively safe conditions; they buy food in shops; and there are doctors and hospitals to look after them if they become ill. The answer for some of these people is to look for danger in activities such as bungee jumping. (5分钟) ●The writer of the text has a ____ attitude(态度) towards dangerous sports. A. positive(肯定的) B. negative(否定的) C. neutral (中立的) D. nervous

Passage7. “Have you ever been out on a boat and felt it lifted up by a wave? Or have you jumped in the water and felt the rush of energy as waves came over you?” asked Jamie Taylor of the Wave Energy Group at the University of Edinburgh. “There is certainly a lot of energy in waves,” he said. (1.5分钟) ●The writer uses the two questions at the beginning of the passage to ______. A. test the readers’ knowledge about waves B. draw the readers’ attention to the topic C. show Jamie Taylor’s importance D. invite the readers to answer them

Passage8 A young man from a village called Nawalapitiya married a young woman from Maliyuwa, a nearby village. They lived with the man's big family-his parents, his brothers, their wives and children. The family kept an elephant, in which the young woman soon took a great interest. Every day she fed it with fruit and sugar. Three months later the woman went back to her parents' home, having quarreled with her husband. Soon the elephant refused to eat or work. It appeared to be ill and heart-broken. One morning after several weeks the animal disappeared from the house. It went to the woman's home. On seeing her, the elephant waved its trunk and touched her with it. The young woman was so moved by the act of the animal that she returned to her husband's home. (3分钟) ●The writer wrote the story in order to________. A. show that elephants are very clever B. tell how a woman trained a wild animal C. show that women care more for animals than men do D. tell how an animal reunited a husband and wife

Passage9(全国卷)Do you always understand the directions on a bottle of medicine? Do you know what is meant by “Take only as directed?” Read the following directions and see if you understand them. To reduce pain, take two tablets(药片) with water, followed by one tablet every eight hours, as required. For night-time and early morning relief (缓解疼痛) take two tablets at bedtime. Do not take more than six tablets in twenty-four hours. For children six to twelve years old, give half the amount (量). For children under six years old, ask your doctor’s advice. Reduce the amount if you suffer from restlessness or sleeplessness after taking the medicine. ●This text is most probably taken from a ______. (2分钟) A. textbook B. news C. doctor’s notebook D. bottle of medicine

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