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100测评网牛津英语高二unit3 练习卷

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牛津高二实验版 模块六 Unit 3 单元测试(III) Unit 3 Understanding each other

第一节:单项填空(共 15小题;每小题1分,满分 15分) 1. —How do you find your boss? — . A. I can’t find him anywhere B. By searching the whole building C. He’s all right, as long as you do what he says D. I haven’t seen him for long, he is very busy these days 2. In this shop, lemons are usually sold by weight while eggs are sometimes sold by dozen. A. the; the B. a; the C. /; the D. the; a 3. After several days of heavy snow, hungry animals got out of their places to some food. A. hiding; hunt for B. hiding; hunt C. hidden; hunt for D. hidden; hunt 4. —Jack! My new pipe , you did it? —Oh, no! I just had a look, Grandpa. A. was broken B. had been broken C. has broken D. is broken 5. Miss Li requested that her students on time to every class. A. has to be B. were C. must be D. be 6. Ever since their quarrel, there has been a very unpleasant in the office. A. surrounding B. mood C. environment D. atmosphere 7. China is one of the developing countries the third world. A. belonging to B. belongs to C. is belonging to D. are belonging to 8. The professors present at the meeting exchanged a few in a low voice when the chairman made a speech. A. remarks B. comments C. opinions D. suggestions 9. If I were to have time, I to the theatre tomorrow evening. A. should go B. would have gone C. had gone D. were to go 10. It makes no sense to refer to the dictionary each time you news words in reading. A. deal with B. come up with C. meet with D. do with 11. All the students are very fond of their teacher, as she treats each student . A. cruelly B. generally C. carelessly D. equally 12. If you late, you would have caught the first bus.

欢迎登录 100 测评网 www.100ceping.com 进行学习检测,有效提高学习成绩. A. won’t be B. haven’t been C. aren’t D. hadn’t been 13. —Did you the meeting yesterday? —No, we all the couples in their wedding party. A. join; attended B. join; took part in C. attend; attended D. attend; joined 14. No satisfactory was given to these phenomena. A. account B. plan C. accent D. mark 15. If John his legs in the last training, he would join in the coming World Cup, which he has been longing to compete in. A. didn’t hurt B. hadn’t been hurt C. wasn’t hurt D. hadn’t hurt 第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) Once, looking for stories on the back roads of Ohio, we weren’t getting on smoothly. A beekeeper we’d been told about was away from home 16 we called on him. An amusement park where we thought we might find a 17 had shut down for the season. We began to get a little 18 . When 19 a farmhouse, we found a banner(横幅)between two trees in the front yard. The banner 20 in huge letters: WELCOME HOME,ROGER! We drove 21 for a mile or two. Somebody said, “Wonder who Roger is?” We 22 , went back there and knocked on the door. Roger was a soldier on his way home from war. His 23 knew he was coming, but weren’t sure what day he was going to 24 . We asked if they’d mind if we brought the camera into the house. Roger’s mother said it would be all right if we could give her a few minutes to 25 . We weren’t there more than an hour, talking to those people who were all 26 about Roger coming home and taking pictures. In the bus as we 27 on that afternoon, I wrote a simple story letting Roger 28 all the soldiers coming home from war. We sent the 29 with the story to New York, and Walter Cronkite put it on the Evening news. 30 has any of our stories caused such a reaction from viewers. The CBS switchboard(总机) 31 up that night with dozens of calls from people 32 by it in some way, and hundreds of letters came in, some of them suggesting that the story be 33 .There was so much 34 throughout that that Cronkite had to report a few nights 35 , “Oh, and by the way—Roger got home!” 16. A. since B. where C. because D. when 17. A. place B. story C. owner D. way 18. A. discouraged B. disturbed C. satisfied D. touched 19. A. entering B. visiting C. passing D. searching 20. A. said B. wrote C. explained D. told 21. A. out B. away C. on D. down 22. A. got out B. turned around C. drove on D. gave up 23. A. family B. company C. police D. army 24. A. leave B. pass C. start D. arrive 25. A. make the coffee B. repair the room C. fix her hair D. do the bed

欢迎登录 100 测评网 www.100ceping.com 进行学习检测,有效提高学习成绩. 26. A. encouraged B. worried C. excited D. surprised 27. A. stayed B. rolled C. took D. started 28. A. expect B. represent C. express D. congratulate 29. A. letter B. book C. camera D. film 50. A. Seldom B. Actually C. Usually D. Unexpectedly 31. A. put B. got C. sent D. lighted 32. A. satisfied B. moved C. known D. expected 33. A. broadcast B. told C. repeated D. spread 34. A. surprise B. disappointment C. entertainment D. interest 35. A. later B. earlier C. before D. sooner 第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每题 2 分,满分 40 分) A San Francisco is going to do what many other cities have already done—provide free bicycles to the public. The mayor of San Francisco supports the bicycle program. He wants to improve the terrible traffic problems in the city. At first, 40 to 60 bikes will be available only to city workers. People will give their old bikes to the city to use in the program. If this program is successful, one day more than 1,000 bicycles will be available. Everyone, not just city workers, will be able to use these bicycles. People in Fresno, California already have a free bicycle program. In fact, this idea began in Amsterdam over 40 years ago. These programs encourage citizens to get out of their cars and onto pollution-free bikes. Fresno’s Yellow Bike Program puts about forty bicycles around the city. The bikes are painted bright yellow so people know they can take them. When people take a yellow bike, they can ride to work or to shopping areas, and then leave the bike for the next rider. Some people worry that the free bikes will be stolen. However, theft hasn’t been a problem in free-bike cities by now. While most people think the bike program is a good idea, only a few say they will use it. “I will still drive my car,” says Joanna Greene. “San Francisco has a lot of hills. My office is at the top of Potrero Hill. I don’t think I’m in good shape. And, wouldn’t I have to carry a helmet with me all the time?” Phil Chung agrees, “There is too much traffic. Riding a bicycle can be dangerous. There are not very many bike lanes.” He continues, “Plus, it’s too cold in the winter. And what if you ride a bike to work, and then there isn’t one to ride home?” Program leaders know there will be problems. But they think it’s worth trying. “It’s not the solution for everyone,” states Sylvia Pass. “But if just one hundred people use it every day, that’s one hundred cars that aren’t on the streets, one hundred parking spaces that aren’t used. I think it’s a great beginning.” 36. San Francisco provides bicycles to the public because ______. A. there are many bikes available B. many people don’t have cars of their own C. many other cities have already done so D. the traffic problems are terrible 37. The following statements are the disadvantages of free-bike program in Sam Francisco EXCEPT that ______.

欢迎登录 100 测评网 www.100ceping.com 进行学习检测,有效提高学习成绩. A. free bikes will be stolen B. San Francisco is not flat at all C. riding a bike is not safe enough D. it will be too cold in the winter 38. What does “I’m in good shape” in the sixth paragraph mean? A. I’m beautiful. B. I’m healthy and strong. C. I have a good figure. D. I’m heavy and strong. 39. The program leaders think the program is worth trying NOT because ______. A. there will be more problems B. they can’t solve problems for everyone C. there will be fewer cars on the streets anyway D. there will be more parking spaces B We’ve all heard the phrase “love is patient”, but one couple in Michigan, took this phrase to a whole new level. On Monday, February 13, Willard Mason sat down to talk about his relationship with the love he lost more than 60 years ago. Good fortune and fate(命运) recently helped the couple reunite. In 1941, Willard Mason and Llah Ost, both senior 2 students, became engaged to be married and began planning their lives together. But Willard moved away to work at Willow Run Bomber Plant, where he met and fell in love with a woman named Helvi. He broke off his long distance engagement to Llah and married Helvi in 1942. Llah later found love with someone else. Both had happy marriages and raised families. Then, in 2003, Helvi died. A year later, Willard found himself back in his hometown, where by chance, he ran into Llah’s brother. He informed Willard of the death of Llah’s husband, and encouraged him to call her. After that first phone call, the couple began dating. Willard made the drive from his home near Houghton Lake to Llah’s home in Adrian. On one such trip, he blacked out, and his car hit a tree. He was rushed to a hospital, where tests showed that he needed a new pacemaker. Willard moved closer to Adrian and asked Llah to move in with him. She gladly accepted. “ We get along perfectly,” Willard told AZ Central on Monday. “We’ve never had an argument, she’s a great cook, and she takes care of me.” Although both Willard and Llah are saddened by the 62 years they spent without each other, neither seem to have any regrets. Willard told AZ Central, “You don’t know how our lives might have turned out if we’d gotten married in 1941, but now she has a wonderful family, and so do I.” 40. What does the writer probably mean by saying the phrase “love is patient”? A. To win love needs a good-natured tolerance of waiting. B. Love can make someone ill in hospital. C. Love can also help one set a world record. D. To win love needs a whole new level of cooking skill 41. What caused the failure of Willard and Llah’s engagement? A. Their unhappy company with each other. B. Llah’s new love with someone else. C. Their being far away from each other. D. Willard’s escape from his family. 42. After Willard’s wife died, he came back to his hometown _______ there. A. in order to date with Llah

欢迎登录 100 测评网 www.100ceping.com 进行学习检测,有效提高学习成绩. B. and got informed of Llah’s husband’s death C. to ask Llah to move in with him D. and was told that he needed a new pacemaker 43. Which of the following should be the best title for the passage? A. A Car Accident Brought about Reunion B. Second Marriage and Second Happiness C. No Argument in a Reunited Family D Reunited after 62 Years. C Situated in the South West of England, between Exeter and Plymouth, Torquay is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Britain. It provides sophisticated(精致)entertainment, sports of every kind and cultural facilities, all set in a position of outstanding natural beauty. Visitors can choose between luxury hotels by the sea, with private suites(套房), swimming pools, and comfortable but less expensive guest houses. There are camping sites, too, and hundreds of houses displaying “B & B” signs. As well as a number of small quiet bays, which are ideal for beach barbecues(野餐) away from the crowds, Torquay has large sandy beaches where you can buy refreshments(饮料)and hire deck chairs, boats and even beach houses. There are large areas of grassland overlooking the sea, and miles of winding cliff paths for walkers who just want to enjoy the scenery and what is often said to be the healthiest air in the country. For the sportsmen and women there are opportunities not only for golf, tennis, but also for water-skiing, hang-gliding and deep-sea fishing. After a day in the open air, there’s lots to do in the evenings, too. There are plenty of discos, the occasional opera or ballet, and summer variety shows in the seafront theatres. For the children, there is a beautiful model village with a complicated railway layout which is remarkably realistic—especially when the lights are all on at night. Of course, there’s no need to spend your whole holidays in Torquay. Only a short drive away is Dartmoor National Park, where you can walk for miles through dramatic, unspoiled countryside, or picnic by beautiful rivers and streams. Or, nearer to home, you can sail across Tor Bay to the lovely old fishing village of Brixham. Torquay seems to have something for everyone. But don’t take my word for it—come and see for yourself. 44. Which of the following best explains what “B & B” means on the signs? A. Bed and breakfast. B. Breakfast and bath. C. Beach and barbecue . D. Beautiful and British. 45. According to the passage Torquay might be described as ______. A. comfortable and expensive B. crowed and lively C. remote and beautiful D. fresh and healthy 46. What is special about the model village? A. It opens at night. B. It has something for the children. C. It’s in the open air. D. It has a real railway system. 47. What is the purpose of writing this passage? A. To introduce the geography of Torquay to students. B. To make some places known to visitors.

欢迎登录 100 测评网 www.100ceping.com 进行学习检测,有效提高学习成绩. C. To show the beauty of resorts. D. To attract more tourists. D

YOU CAN HELP! Everyone was born with his own built-in burglar alarm (报警器) . It’ s called the sense of sight and sound. Unfortunately, many of us go around with the alarm switched off. We don’t see the stranger wandering outside the house next door. We don’t notice the sounds from the flat upstairs. (Weren’t they supposed to be on holiday?) The police can only do so much to prevent crime(犯罪). There never can be enough of them to guard every home in every town. So they need your help in fighting with the burglars(窃贼), and the car thieves. Not, of course, by setting out to have a go every time you see something suspicious (可疑的) . It’ll always be the job of the police to arrest criminals(逮捕罪犯). But by acting as a line of communication between them and your community. For example, you probably know far more about your immediate neighborhoods than the police ever could. A stranger in someone’s garden would probably be far more obvious to you than it would to even the local police, if, of course, you were on the look-out. That’s the whole idea behind the Neighborhood Watch schemes, springing up around the country to create a spirit of watchfulness within a community, anything suspicious being reported to the police. It’s early days yet, but results so far are very encouraging. The crime figures are already dropping in many of the areas running the scheme. And all due to people like you. 48. The underlined word “them” refers to ______. A. criminals B. the police C. neighbours D. strangers 49. The advertisement points out that many people ______. A. are not ready to help the police B. are not as watchful as they could be C. don’t look after their gardens well D. don’t tell their neighbors about their holidays 50. One of the ways we could help prevent crime is to ______. A. turn on the alarm system in our home B. try to stop criminals from escaping C. look out for people behaving suspiciously D. inform the police if we hear noises upstairs 51. The purpose of the advertisement is to _______ in their neighborhood. A. ask people to join the police force B. advise people how to protect their homes C. warn people about the increasing risk of crime D. encourage people to be on watch for possible crime E You might think that “global warming” means nothing more than a rise in the world’s temperature. But rising sea levels caused by it have resulted in the first evacuation(撤离) of an island nation—the citizens of Tuvalu will have to leave their homeland. During the 20th century, sea level rose 8-12 inches. As a result, Tuvalu has experienced

欢迎登录 100 测评网 www.100ceping.com 进行学习检测,有效提高学习成绩. lowland flooding of salt water which has polluted the country’s drinking water. Paani Laupepa, a Tuvaluan government official, reported to the Earth Policy Institute that the nation suffered an unusually high number of fierce storms in the past ten years. Many scientists connect higher surface water temperatures resulting from global warming to greater and more damaging storms. Laupepa expressed dissatisfaction with the United States for refusing to sign the Kyoto Protocol, an international agreement calling for industrialized nations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions(排放),which are a main cause of global warming. “By refusing to sign the agreement, the US has effectively taken away the freedom of future generations of Tuvaluans to live where their forefathers have lived for thousands of years,” Laupepa told the BBC. Tuvalu has asked Australia and New Zealand to allow the gradual move of its people to both countries. Tuvalu is not the only country that is vulnerable(易受影响的) to rising sea levels. Maumoon Gayoon, president of the Maldives, told the United Nations that global warming has made his country of 311,000 an “endangered nation”. 52. The passage is mainly about _______. A. rapid changes in earth’s temperature B. bad effects of global warming C. moving of a country to a new place D. reasons for lowland flooding 53. According to scientists, the direct cause of more and fiercer storms is ______. A. greenhouse gas emissions in industrialized nations B. higher surface water temperatures of the sea C. continuous global warming D. rising sea levels 54. Laupepa was not satisfied with the United States because it did not ______. A. agree to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions B. sign an agreement with Tuvalu C. allow Tuvaluans to move to the US D. believe the problems facing Tuvalu were real 55. The country whose situation is similar to that of Tuvalu is ______. A. Australia B. New Zealand C. the Maldives D. the United States 第四节: 对话填空。 (根据上下文对话语境及所给单词首字母,补全所缺单词) (共 10 空; 每空1分,满分 10 分) A: Hi!Nice to you. You’re...? B: Well, the bridegroom is a friend of mine. A: So am I. So now we are friends too. B: The w 56 ceremony is splendid, isn’t it? A: Yes, look, the newly-weds are giving p 57 to the guest, let’s go and have one. B: Why, I’m p 58 . In my country, the new couple will r 59 a lot of presents from the guests. A: It’s not surprising, the bridegroom and bride are from I 60 . It is a typical example which is quite d 61 from other countries. B: You must have known a lot about c 62 and traditions of other countries. A: You know, we come from the East, we should pay attention to cultural differences to a 63 to the life abroad.

欢迎登录 100 测评网 www.100ceping.com 进行学习检测,有效提高学习成绩. B: How can I get the information? A: Surf the Internet or c 64 with your friends online. B: Don’t you think it’s a good idea to fix a date to surf the Internet together, and then you may introduce your online friends to me? A: Good idea. Besides I need to a 65 some more information for my graduation essay. Will this Sunday suit you? B: Sure. 第五节:书面表达 下面的图画和表格提供了一次交通事故的情况, 请以 A Traffic Accident 为标题写一篇报 导。 时间 上星期天上午 9:30 地点 发生的事 伤亡情况 事故原因 新华路第二个十字路口 一位老太太被一位年轻 人骑车撞倒 老太太伤势很重 年轻人闯红灯

注意: (1)可适当增加细节,使行文连贯(2)参考词汇:救护车 ambulance

答案: 第一节:1-5 CCADD 6-10 DAAAC 11-15 DDDAD 第二节:16-20 DBACA 21-25 CBADC 26-30 CBBDA 31-35 DBCDA 第三节:36-40 DABAA 41-45 CBDAC 46-50 BDBBC 51-55 DBBAC 第四节:56. wedding 57. presents 58. puzzled 59. receive 60. Italy 61. different 62. customs 63. adjust 64. chat 65. accumulate 第五节:One possible version: A Traffic Accident Last Sunday, an old lady aged about seventy was badly hurt in a traffic accident at the second crossing of Xinhua Road. It was 9:30 p.m., and there were many cars in the street at that time. The old lady was crossing the street when a young man riding a bicycle rushed up and knocked her down. The accident happened so suddenly that it had been some time before the other people in the street understood what was happening. The old lady was badly hurt and couldn’t move at all. Someone called the First Aid Center and soon some doctors came in their ambulance and carried the lady to the hospital. The police said that it was the young man’s fault because he didn’t see the red light turning on. 本卷由《100 测评网》整理上传,专注于中小学生学业检测、练习与提升.

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