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Ⅰ. 单项填空
1._____ snacks and drinks, but they also brought cards for entertainment when they had a picnic in forest. A.Not only they brought B.Not only did they bring C.Not only brought they D.Not only they did bring

2. we first heard of the man referred to as a computer specialist in software. A.It was Hilary that B.That it was from Hilary C.It was from Hilary whom D.It was from Hilary that 3. He is a strict but kind teacher , is always trying to make his classes _____ and interesting . A.one ; living B.one who; lively C.he ; lovely D.he who; live 4. Do you know that _______ with wise men improves your mind?
A. chat B. chats C. chatted D. chatting

6. We were lost in the forest; ______, it became dark and began raining. A. still worse B. worse still C. more worse D. worse more 7. He says he really can’t ______ to wait another day. A. waste B. afford C. spend D. cost 8. When we think of communication, we _____ think of using things, talking face to face, writing messages and so on. A. shortly B. probably C. practically D. normally
9.It was raining heavily. Little Mary felt cold, so she stood ____ to her mother. A.close B.closely C.closed D.closing

10. When I came in, I saw him ______ in a chair deep in thought. A. sat B. seated C. seating D. being seated 11.At home, he keeps some pets,to which he ______ all his spare time. A. spends B. offers C. devotes D. provides 12. The flowers ______ my mother, but my sister thought they were for her and took them. A. were intended for B. intended for C. intended to give D. intended giving 13.Two days _______enough for me to finish the work, I need a third day. A. isn’t B. is C. aren’t D. are 14.Our school covers an area of 400 mu, which is _______ as yours. A. twice as big B. twice bigger C. twice the size D. twice the big 15.The war made _______ impossible for the scientist to go on with his research. A. him B. it C. this D. that 16. We’ll do ________ the Party calls upon us to do. A. no matter what B. whatever C. however D. whenever

17.There were two teachers named John ________at our school, which made some of our students _____. A.working; confused B.worked; confusing C.work; confused D.to work; confusing 18. The rules of our school don’t allow ______ at school. That is to say, Nobody is allowed _____ here. A.to smoke; to B.smoking; smoking C.to smoke; smoking D.smoking; to smoke 19.As she is looking forward to _______ from me, please remember _______ this letter on your way to school. A. hear;post B. hearing;to post C. be heard;posting D. be hearing;to posting 20. Do you know that _______ with wise men improves your mind? A. chat B. chats C. chatted D. chatting

20. _____ in her best skirt, the girl tried to make herself ____ at the party. A. Dressed; noticed B. Dressing; noticing C. Dressing; noticed D. Dressed; noticing Ⅱ. 词汇填空 必修 3Unit1 take place in memory of as though have fun with dress up look forward to day and night

keep one’s word

hold one’s breath

1. Children often __________ the arrival of a holiday. 2. Mom, don’t worry about me. I am ___________ other boys. 3 .The Olympic Games _________ every four years. 4 .There is to be a get-together tonight. Please __________ for it. 5 .That school was founded ___________ the famous scientist. 6 .The couple worked ___________ to pay back their debt. 7. It looks ___________ it’s going to rain soon. 8 .I ___________ to visit him the next day. 9 .___________ and count 1 to 10. 必修 3Unit2 ought to throw away get away with tell lies

get rid of

earn one’s living

in debt

1. Jack is addicted to gambling(赌博) and he is _______ to many of his friends. 2. Sometimes it takes days to __________ a cold. 3. As students we _________ devote our time to studies. 4 .Never believe in those who like _________. 5. Granny Li used to _________ by selling newspapers. 6 .If you do something wrong you cannot _________ it. 7 .You can _________that old chair, for it is beyond repair. 必修 3Unit3 make a bet go ahead (with) account for

to be honest in rags

by accident get into trouble

1. Philip couldn’t __________ his absence from school, which made me angry. 2 .He is fond of __________, but he loses every time he does so. 3 .–Could I use your phone for a while? --Sure, __________. 4 .__________, he will never lie to any of us. 5. I got the news from Tom __________. 6.If you don’t want to _________, please stop doing it! 7 .Look at that poor man dressed __________. 必修 3Unit4 in time prevent…from depend on cheer up now that break out

1. SARS _________ in the mainland of China in the year 2003. 2 .________ everyone is here, let’s start work. 3 .I arrived there just _________ for the film. 4 .Nothing can ________ him ________ carrying out the survey. 5 .Anyhow, you can ________ him to give you a hand. 6. Give Mary a call; she needs ________.

必修 3Unit5 settle down have a gift for figure out as far as in the distance

1. A small boat can be seen _________. 2 .Five years later, the Smith family _________ in England. 3. _________ I am concerned, I like travelling. 4. I cannot ________ why he insisted on going together with me. 5. The child ________ music. 必修 4Unit1 devote…to look down upon care for argue for

be intended for concern oneself with

1. This chair ________ you but she took it away. 2. Nowadays children _______ too much time ______ playing computer games. 3 .The lawyer decided to ________ that poor man. 4 .Although poor they should not _________. 5 .She moved back home to ________ her elderly parents. 6. He ________ how the speaker set out his ideas in his report. 必修 4Unit2 rid..of be satisfied with refer to lead a …life thanks to be rich in

would rather

1. _________ the doctor’s timely help, the boy was saved. 2. Since you don’t know the word, why not ________ a dictionary? 3 .You have given the correct answer. I __________ it. 4 .Before liberation people ________ miserable_______. 5 .We must find ways to ________ the house _______ blackbeetles(蟑螂). 6 .Vegetables ________ vitamins. 7. I _______ that he were here. I need his help.

必修 4Unit3 be content with cut off star in badly off knock into pick out

1. After the power was _______, she had to deliver the baby in the darkness. 2 .Who do you think will _______ this film? 3. We ________ the excellent achievement you have made. 4. You shouldn’t complain so much. Other people are much ________ than you. 5 .There are so many models on sale that I don't know which to ________. 6. Having a walk along the street, I ________ one of my friends who were working in the same city. 必修 4Unit4 be likely to at ease shake hands (with sb) in general

1 .__________, Japanese cars are reliable and breakdowns are rare. 2. It _________ rain, for dark clouds are gathering. 3. People usually _________ when meeting for the first time. 4. I never feel completely ________ with him. 必修 4Unit5 come to life get close to various be involved in

1. When I ________ the tiger, I became scared. 2 .He resigned (辞职) for ________ reasons. 3. After hours of treatment the patient ________. III. 语法填空部分 (1)用所给动词的适当形式填空(每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 1.You can never imagine what great difficulty I have _____(find)you house. 2.With dinner______(prepare), the lady went on to do some sewing. 3. . What he said just now _________(remind) me of the American professor.

4. The professor _____________(refer) to at the meeting is from Beijing university. 5. In the United States, lunch __________(provide) for students for free at school. 6.I’m afraid this is the best way we can think of ________(help) you. 7. _______(enter) the room, I found him lying in bed, lost in thought. 8.Our school ________(offer) more than 20 optional courses for students to choose from this term. 9. Have you ever considered __________(travel) abroad. 10. He was reported ___________(cover) 30 miles on foot that day. (2)选择单词或短语, 用其适当形式填空,完成短文,每项限用一次 go, leave, close, attact, destreoy, be , late, try, walk , design

I remember___1___to the show as a child , and still enjoyed it as a teenager , and now young adult . It is true that there aren’t a lot of shows __2___ at D L and with this one closing even less . ___3__at DL does require a lot of__4___ , and it is nice to have a few__5__ that are a place to sit and enjoy a good show . I understand that DL has to develop , but there has to be some history to the Disneyland that Walt Disney first ___6___ . There should be some parts of DL that just never go away , and this is one of them . By the time I have children it looks like there won’t be any attractions that I can say I went to as a child at the rate they are going . Now the Bears are__7__ . What I want to say is: stop __8__to compete with everyone ! DL is the best , because of attractions like the Country Bears . If DL insists on__9_ all of its magic to make way for the __10_ , well , then it might as well be just another theme (主题) park . 1. _________ 6. _________ 2. _________ 7. _________ 3. _________ 8. _________ 4. _________ 9. _________ 5. _________ 10. _________

书面表达(1) 以 Nature 为题写一篇五句话的英语短文。要点如下: 1. 简述人类对大自然的依赖。 2. 随着人类的发展,生态平衡遭到破坏,人类生存的环境受到严重污染。 人类正在受到大自然的惩罚。 3. 我们要善待自然,自然也会关照我们。 注意:内容可适当增减,但不可逐字翻译。 Nature

假设你叫李华,自从上了高中后,发现自己不是很适应高中的学习生活,现在就目前的情况,给 自己初中时最信赖的老师写一封求助信。内容包括: 1. 高中生活基本情况:1)学科比初中多(9 门功课)。2)每天作业时间 3-4 小时,课外活动时间 很少。3)睡眠时间不足,上课有时感到疲劳。 4)考试压力大,家长期望高。 2. 你目前遇到的最大的问题以及现在的感受。 注意: 1.内容应包括以上所有信息,要有适当发挥。 2.五个句子。信的开头和结尾已经写好,不计入总词数。 3.参考词汇:课外活动— activities after class 压力 — pressure 家长期望高 — high expectations from parents Dear Mr Wang, This is Li HuA.Remember me? ______

All the best. Yours truly, Li Hua

联合国教科文组织某考察团正在某乡村参观考察。 假定你是接待人员, 请根据下列提示以发 言稿的形式简要介绍这个村的情况: 1)大小:近 100 户人家,约 500 口人。 2)变化:过去很穷,78 年后变化很大。人们生活比以前好多了。 3)教育:原来的学校很小,现已经过改建。新建的教学楼有 4 层(storey),是村里最美的 建筑物。村所有学龄儿童在此免费就读。 注意:1)要求 5 个句子。开关和结尾已给出 Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to our school! ________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ May you enjoy your stay here Thank you..

书面表达(4) World Youth(monthly)有一“人物”专栏,刊登各国青年人物的图片。你校校友 李芳的照片被采用。请根据以下资料,写一段英文说明,以便随图发表。 姓名:李芳 性别:女 国籍:中国 出生年月:1967 年 1 月 职业:化学工程师 简 历:1985 年 7 月毕业于北京四中,同年进入北大学习,1994 年起在上海的一家化 学公司工作。 主要事迹:1994 年获化学博士学位;一家日本公司高薪聘用,但被 她拒绝;1998 年因特殊贡献获奖。(完成下文) This is Li Fang, a Senior Engineer of a famous ________ company in China. She was given a gold ______ in 1998 for having played an important ______ in scientific research. She was _____ in China in ________,1967.Having _______ from Beijing No.4 Middle School in July,1985,she ______ Beijing University.______ years later,she received a doctor's ________ of chemistry,and then she went to work in a chemical company in Shanghai.Once a Japanese company tried to invite her to work in Japan and promised her a high ________.But she didn't _______ the invitation


Ⅰ. 单项填空 1—10 BDBCD Ⅱ. 必修 3Unit1 1 look forward to memory of 6 day and night Unit2 1 in debt with


11—20 BCDAB


2 having fun with

3 take place 4 dress up 5 in

7 as though 8 kept my word 2 get rid of 3 ought to

9 Hold your breath

4 to tell lies 5 earn her living 6 get away

7 throw away 3 go ahead 4 To be honest 5 by accident

Unit3 1 account for 2 making a bet 6 get into trouble 7 in rags Unit4 1 broke out cheering up Unit5 1 in the distance 2 Now that

3 in time

4 prevent…from

5 depend on


2 settled down 3 As far as 4 figure out

5 has a gift for

必修 4Unit11 was intended for 2 devote…to care for 6 concerned himself with 必修 4Unit21 Thanks to 2 refer to are rich in 7 would rather 2 star in

3 argue for 4 be looked down upon 5

3 am satisfied with

4 led a …life

5 rid…of 6

必修 4Unit31 cut off knocked into 必修 4Unit41 In general

3 are content with

4 worse off 5 pick out


2 is likely to 2 various

3 shake hands 4 at ease 3 came to life

必修 4Unit51 got close to 语法填空 (1) (2)选择单词或短语 1.going 2.left 3.Being






9.destroying Ⅲ. 书面表达




Nature is the mother of mankind.We get almost everything from her.We live on

natural food.We make clothes from natural materials.And we build our houses of stone and wood.However,with the development of human beings,man has destroyed the balance of nature.Water,air and soil have been badly polluted.Some kinds of animals and plants have died out completely. As a result, man is being punished by nature. Many people suffer a lot from all kinds of diseases caused by pollution.We should treat nature well and she will look after us. 2.
Dear Mr Wang, This is Li Hua.Remember me? How are you now? I need your help because I find I’m not very used to the high middle school life. We have nine subjects in all and very day I have to spend at least three to four hours doing my homework, so there is little time left for activities after class and I hardly have any time to do what I want to. Besides, I sometimes feel sleepy in class because I don’t have enough sleep. The great pressure of exams and the high expectations from my parents often make me even more tired. The biggest problem I meet now is my maths study, which is much more difficult than that in junior middle school. I don’t know how to improve it, so I hope I could get some advice from you.

3. Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to our school! This village is a small one with nearly 100 families and about 500 people. It used to be very poor,but it has changed a lot since 1978 and has been developing very fast, so people here live a much better life than before . In the past, the school here was very small and most children couldn’t afford to go to school. But now it has been rebuilt and the newly built teaching building which has 4 storeys is the most beautiful one in the village. All the school-age children can study here and they enjoy free education. May you enjoy your stay here! Thank you.


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