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21. The proposals deserve support as the needs of children should be given ___A_____ to.<这些建议值得被支持,因为儿童的需求应该被给予优先权>(as 因为)引原因状从 A.priority 优先权 B.preference 偏好 C.privilege 提升 D

.promotion 促销 22. It is said that municipal government plans to __A______ fireworks in celebration of the 2500th Yangzhou City Anniversary.<据说政府计划在 第 2500 个扬州城市纪念日的庆典上燃放烟花> A. set off 释放 B. set out 出发 C. set up 建立 D. set about 着手干 23. I had just finished my housework ____D____ I heard cries for first aid(急救) the other day.<我一做完作业就听见了急救的呼声> (一· · ·就:1.as soon as 2.no sooner than· · · 3.hardly· · ·when 4.just· · ·when) A. as

C. since D. when




24. ____B____ a distinctive scenic spot worth ________, Yangzhou, a friendly city, appeals to visitors from all over the world. <

逻辑主语 扬州被认为(排除 CD )是一个独一无二的值得被 (be worth doing)参观的场所、一个友好的城市,吸引了(排除 AD)
来自全世界各地的游客>consider:考虑、认为 appeal to 吸引 A. Considered; visited B. Considered; visiting C. Considering; visiting D. Considering; being visited

25. As the principal puts it, “No one ___B_____ the campus without the permission of the head teacher.”<正如校长表达的, “没有人能在没有班 主任的许可下离开校园”>without 独立结构作状语 campus 校园

be to do 按计划(命令/约定)做某事 put
it 表达 is to leave 一般现在时在条件状语从句与时间状语从句中表将来

将来时 态表达之一,表示注定,一定会。 。

A. is leaving

B. is to leave

C. will leave

D. leaves

26. Jack Ma, founder and executive chairman of China's Alibaba Group, has a $28.6 billion fortune, ____B____ making him the richest person in China.<马云, 中国的阿里巴巴集团的创建者和执行主席, 拥有 286 亿的资产,

一笔使它成为中国的首富的资产>one=a fortune(泛指一笔资产)
it(特指) one making him· · ·=

One( a fortune) which makes him· · ·
D. which

that 不引非限定从 which 不加非谓,可引非限定从 A. it B. one C. that

27. A recent survey shows that the question ___B_____ New Year's Eve should be included in the three-day New Year's holiday sparked heated discussion among the Internet users.<最近一份调查表明:元旦前夜是否应 该被包含在三天元旦假期之内在英特网使用者之间爆发了热烈的讨论> whether 是否,引导同位语从句,对其前面的抽象名词 question 进行解释说明 A. that B. whether C. how D. where 28. We first met in the Slender West Lake in 2010, and both of us felt immediately that we ___D_____ each other for years.<2010 年我们第一 次在瘦西湖(扬州)相遇,我们两个都立即觉得好像已经互相认识许多年了> met 一般过去时,表过去事实 had known 过去完成时,

D. had known

动作 felt 之前
A. knew B. know C. have known 29. It would actually be more cruel to __A______ young people of the chance to experience another lifestyle.<剥夺年轻人对经历另一种生活方式的选 择实际上会更加残忍> Deprive sb of sth 剥夺某人某物 actually 实际上 adv. A. deprive 剥夺 B. cheat 欺骗 C. suspect 怀疑 D. accuse 指控 30. Joint development plan of Nanjing-Zhenjiang-Yangzhou __C______, residents in the area will enjoy a happier life.<南京-镇江-扬州的联

合发展计划被发表了,区域内的居民将会享有更快乐的生活> resident 定居的 adj./居民 n. joint 联合的 adj. (Joint development plan of Nanjing-Zhenjiang-Yangzhou released)名词加 过去分词构成独立主格结构作状语

A. was released B. being released C. released D. having released 31. I hope that the little __C____ I have been able to do has been of some use.<我希望我已经做的这点事有点用途> I hope (that 引宾语从句 that the little has been of some use),在宾语从 句中 that I have been able to do 作 the little 的定语,且在定语从句中 作宾语,可换用 which、可省。

先行词 little 不定
C. that D. as

代词,定语从句只能 that
A. what B. which 32. ___D_____ his broken legs, Tom was forced to abandon the coming provincial sports meeting, which made him very depressed.<由于他受 伤的腿,tom 放弃即将到来的省运动会,这使他十分沮丧> which 引非限定从先行词为前面的主句 Tom was· · ·meeting A. In case of 以防万一 B. In terms of 根据 C. On top of 除了· ·以外 D. On account of 由于、因为

33. In case anyone present at the meeting tonight ___C_____ need any help, here’s my number for you to contact me.<万一一些出席今天晚上的会议 的人需要帮助,这是给联系我的号码> A. can B. shall 表承诺 C. should 表推测 D. must 34. ___C_____ to the current education system of China, the Ministry of Education should make some changes to make it more efficient for selecting talents.<虽然我们大多习惯了当前的教育系统,教育部仍然应该 使之在挑选人才方面更有效> select 挑选 v. efficient 有效的 current 当 前的 accustomed 习惯的 As 引 导 让 步 状 语 从 句 , 必 不 为 句 首 (

as/though 主 语

( 形 容 词 /’ 名 词 is : 倒 装 , 等 于

Although 主 语 is 形 容 词 /’a,an 名 词, )
A. Most of us are so accustomed C. Accustomed as most of us are B. So are most of us accustomed D. As most of us are accustomed 35. — I heard that some police didn’t allow suspects enough sleep to get so-called criminal evidence in America —___D_____? This certainly goes against the rule of law. .<我听说 在美国一些警察为了得到所谓的犯罪证据不允许犯罪嫌疑人有足够的睡眠。 为什 么这样?这实在违反了法律规则> So-called 所谓的,号称的 adj. A. Who cares 谁关心 B. Why bother 为什么妨碍 C. What for 为了什么 D. How so 为什么这样


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