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Yushan National Park (玉山國家公園) is located in the Central Mountain Range of Taiwan. With the Yushan Main Peak being the center of the entire park, the park covers an area with a vast expanse. It crosses over the four couties of Nantou, Chiayi, Kaohsiung and Hualien, covering a vast expanse of area of over 105,000 hectares. It is a typical subtropical mountainous nation park(亚热带山区国家公园 )

Within the park, there are spectacular(壮观的) sights of peaks. Being 30 out of the Taiwan Hundred Mountains, they includeYushan Peaks and Siouguluan Mountain, Mabolashi Mountain, Dafenjian Mountain, Sinkang Mountain and Guan Mountain. Some are magnificently elegant with extensive vehemence(一些具有广泛的激 烈典雅壮观 ). Others are bizarre and marvelous(怪异 而奇妙 ) peaks, each with their own style. Naturally formed, such landscapes are extremely beautiful. Meannwhile, the park also covers the origin of the hydro system(水力发电系统 ) for the central, southern and eastern areas of Taiwan Province, making it a close relationship with the livelihood of the public at the public at the lower reaches of the river.

The ground area of Yushan ranges from the elevation of 300m to 3,952m. It possesses the entire eco-system that bears the breeds luxuriant, different kinds of forest vegetation. From the lowly elevated ground, vegetation that could be seen in the order of ascending elevation are: broad leaf forest, conifer broad mixed forest, spruce fir forest, humlock fir forest, the colossal alpine fir forest, the short entangled shrub and alpine naturally grown vegetation form by the Yushan single seed juniper and Yushan Azalea/rhododendron. On the main ridge of the Central Mountain Range there are numerous spreads of dwarf bamboo plains.
玉山地面的面积范围从海拔300米至3952米它具有整 个生态系统承受着品种茂盛,森林植被类型。从低等 高架地面,植被,可以在海拔为升可见,他们是:阔 叶林,针叶阔叶树混交林,云杉冷杉林,冷杉林,高 山冷杉的巨大森林,灌丛和高山短纠缠自然生长植被 类型由单一的玉山圆柏,玉山杜鹃花的种子/杜鹃。在 中央山脉主脊有无数的矮竹平原蔓延。


There are about 50 species of mammals(哺乳动物) in the park. Among Formosan serow(台湾长鬃山羊), Formosan sambar(台湾水鹿 ), Formosan black bear(台湾黑熊 ) and Formosan wild boar(台湾野猪 )are the most precious largesized animals within the park. Moreover within the park there is a complex bird kind of different species of about 151 species. This embraces almost all of the resident birds throughout the forests of Taiwan. Besides, according to surveying records, the park has approximately 228 species of butterfly, which takes up half of all the butterfly species in Taiwan. Reptilians(爬行动物 ) consist of 18 species. There are 13 species of amphibians(两栖类动物), among which the Formosan Salamander(台湾山椒鱼) and ? Salamander(娃娃鱼) are remnants fauna of the Ice Age that possess an unusually high value of academic research.

台 湾 长 鬃 山 羊


Batongguan Road


Yushan Mountain

Heavenly Lake

Heavenly Lake is a natural pond, there is no stream water, rain perfusion alone but all the year round endless seasons, hence the name Tianchi. Pool of small size, width of 20 meters, 50 meters long, clear green; lily season arrived, the mountains around, just like a lily valley. Without water, but all year round inexhaustible. 天池是天然水池,没有任何溪流水源,只 靠四时雨水灌注却终年不竭,故名天池。 池的面积不大,宽约20公尺、长约50公 尺,清澈碧绿;百合花季一到,满山遍布, 俨然是一个百合花谷。 没有水源,却终 年不竭。

Yushan Mountain is located in central Taiwan's Nantou County, Kaohsiung County's Taoyuan Township and Chiayi County, Alishan Township, the junction of the main peak is 3,952 meters above sea level, is the highest mountain in the mountains of Yushan is Taiwan's highest peak, is the western Pacific island group and East Asia (Northeast Asia) region the highest peak, Mount Fuji in Japan than even higher, therefore, the Japanese "new high mountain," said, and sub-alpine (mountain), to mountain and said, "Taiwan's three high." Among the famous Baiyue Taiwan, Yushan and snow-capped mountains, Hsiukuluan Hill, Nanhu, North Tawu collectively, the "Five Sacred Mountains", the most representative of Taiwan's five mountains, magnificent, Xiongbayifang.

玉山位於台湾中部的南投县信义乡、 高雄县桃源乡及嘉义县阿里山乡交 界之处,主峰海拔3,952公尺,为 玉山山脉中最高的山,也是台湾第 一高峰,更是西太平洋海岛群与东 亚(东北亚)地区的最高峰,比日 本第一的富士山还高,因此,日治 时期有「新高山」之称,与次高山 (雪山)、能高山并称「台湾三 高」。在著名的台湾百岳之中,玉 山与雪山、秀姑峦山、南湖大山、 北大武山合称「五岳」,为台湾最 具代表性的五座高山,气势磅礴, 雄霸一方。

Batongguan Road, was built in 1875, was built during the Ching Dynasty in Taiwan across the Taiwan Island, one of three roads east and west, is currently the only one. Road west of the Po Lin Qi (now Chushan Township, Nantou County), east Pu Stone House (now Yuli Township, Hualien County), total length of 152 kilometers, is the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of China was promulgated at the national level monuments.

八通关古道,建于 1875年,是台湾清治 时期所建横贯台湾本 岛东西部的三条道路 之一,也是目前仅存 的一条。该古道西起 林杞埔(今南投县竹 山镇),东至璞石阁 (今花莲县玉里镇), 全长152公里,是中华 民国内政部所颁订的 国家一级古迹。

Mabo Hsiukuluan mountains north of Las confrontation into a horn-shaped hill, south of Cave Hill Mausoleum flood pulse, a broad valley and the saddle is a flat plateau, where the original round Bosen Lin Yushan was thick, because it was the forest fires burned, dead wood residue under a white beads, white wood in Taiwan of the three famous view of one of Lynch, the other two were in the Xifeng and snow-capped mountains of Yushan. Yung magnificent Hsiukuluan Mountain, South Ridge and North Ridge Gap thin wide, whether from corn or from Shandong look Cave Hill Beitiao flood, the mountains are like a round convex on the plateau heights.

秀姑峦山北与马博拉斯山对峙成犄 角之状,南接大水窟山的陵脉,鞍 部是平缓宽广的秀姑坪,此处原为 茂密的玉山圆柏森林,因遭森林大 火烧毁,残留下一株珠雪白枯木, 形成台湾著名的三大白木林奇观之 一,另外两处则分别在玉山西峰与 雪山。 秀姑峦山山容壮丽,南脊峡瘦而北 脊宽阔,不论由玉山东望或由大水 窟山北眺,其山势都犹如高原上一 座圆凸的高峰。

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