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【名师导学系列】2013年高考英语人教版第一轮精品配套练习必修5 Unit 2 The United Kingdom

Unit 2 核心词汇

The United Kingdom 联合王国

1 . The students were puzzled with the problem , but the teacher’s explanation____________(澄清)it. 2.If they want to ____________(完成)all that in two days,they’ll have to work day and night. 3.The ____________(冲突)between the employer and the employees led to a strike last week. 4. Call me when you arrive at the airport.I’ll ____________(安排)for a car to pick you up. 5.The little girl was t____________ when the film star kissed her cheek. 6 . The staff at the hotel spared no effort to ensure that our stay would be ____________(令人愉快的). 7.The couple often ____________(吵架),which annoyed their neighbors. 8. words are always ____________(一致的)with his actions, His which has led to him having a lot of close friends. 9.He was ____________(不乐意)to face the fact that he had lost,and left without a word. 10.After writing the letter,he ____________(折叠)it,and put it into an envelope. 11. He____________the robbery in detail to the policeman and his ____________was very valuable—the police caught the robber in a short time.(describe) 12.用 unite 的适当形式填空 (1)The Trade____________Movement works to obtain higher wages and better conditions. (2)Police chiefs called on the local people to ____________ against the drug dealers. (3)The ____________ Kingdom consists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 1.clarified 2.accomplish 3.conflict 4.arrange 5.thrilled 6.enjoyable 7.quarreled 8.consistent 9.unwilling 10.folded 11.described;description 12.(1)Union (2)unite (3)United

1.________________ 2.________________ 3.________________ 4.________________ 5.________________ 6.________________ 7.________________ 8.________________ 9.________________ 10.________________ 11.________________ 由……组成 把……分成 挣脱(束缚);脱离 为……带来荣誉;值得赞扬;在……名下 省去;遗漏;不考虑 代替 (机器)损坏;破坏 谈到,说到;参考;涉及 把……列出清单 在特殊场合 对……感到骄傲

1.consist of 2.divide...into 3.break away(from) 4.to one’s credit 5.leave out 6.take the place of 7.break down 8.refer to 9.make a list of 10.on special occasion 11.feel proud of

1.Now when people refer to England you __________________ as well. 现在当人们说到英格兰时,你会发现威尔士也包括在其中。 2.____________ the time available,Zhang Pingyu had made a list of the sites she wanted to see in London. 由于担心时间不够,张萍玉早就把她想要在伦敦参观的地点列了一张清单。 3. ________________the man who had developed communism should have lived and died in London. 这似乎是一件怪事: 这位发展了共产主义的人竟然在伦敦生活过,并且在伦敦去 世。 4.________________ the industrial cities built in the nineteenth century do not attract visitors. 十九世纪建的工业城市不能吸引游客,真是遗憾。 5.It looked splendid ____________! 刚建成时,它(圣保罗大教堂)看起来真是金碧辉煌! 6. You must keep your eyes open if you are going to ________ your trip to the United Kingdom __________________. 如果你想使你在英国的旅行有意义而且有价值,你必须睁大眼睛。 1.find Wales included 2.Worried about 3.It seemed strange that 4.It is a pity that 5.when first built 6.make;enjoyable and worthwhile

1attract vt. 吸引;引起 (回归课本 P10)It is a pity that the industrial cities built in the nineteenth century do not attract visitors. 可惜的是,这些建于 19 世纪的工业城市不能吸引游客。 [归纳拓展] [例句探源] ① (牛津 P112)I had always been attracted by the idea of working abroad. 我总是向往去国外工作。 ② (牛津 P112)What first attracted me to her was her sense of humour. 她首先吸引我的是她的幽默感。 ③ The company is starting a new advertising campaign to attract new customers to its stores. 这家公司发起了新一轮广告活动来吸引新的顾客到其商店来。 ④ Attracted by the beauty of nature,the girl from London decided to spend another two days on the farm. 被大自然的美所吸引,来自伦敦的小女孩决定再在农场住两天。 ⑤ This is one of the most attractive places I’ve been to. 这是我到过的最迷人的地方之一。

1.(2010 年高考江苏卷)Thousands of foreigners were ________to the Shanghai World Expo the day it opened. A.attended B.attained C.attracted D.attached 解析:选 C。句意:上海世博会开幕当天就吸引了成千上万的外国游客。本题考 查动词。attend 参加,出席,在此处不应用被动语态,故可排除;attain 达到, 获得;attract 吸引;attach 贴(系)上;使附属;使依附,根据句意可知答案为 C 项。 [即境活用] 2.—Have you ever been to Mount Tai? —Yes.It is one of the most famous ________in Shandong. A.attractions B.expressions C.instructions D.attentions 解析:选 A。答句句意:是的。它是山东最著名的景点之一。 2convenience n. 便利,方便;便利的事物;便利设施 (回归课本 P10)England is the largest of the four countries,and for convenience it is divided roughly into three zones.英格兰是四个国家中最大的,为方便起见,它大 体上分成三个区。 [归纳拓展] ① (朗文 P441)I’ll call in two weeks to arrange a meeting at your convenience. 我会在两周后打电话来把会议安排在您方便的时候。 ② (朗文 P441)Convenience foods let you spend more quality time with your family. 方便食品使你拥有了更多与家人在一起的幸福时光。 [例句探源] ③ Many people enjoy the pleasures and convenience of living in a city centre.许多人 享受住在市中心的乐趣和便利。 ④ Come and see me whenever it is convenient to you. 只要你方便,随时可以过来看我。 ⑤ They abruptly disappeared into a convenient hole in the wall.他们突然一下子就消 失在墙壁附近的洞里去了。 3.Would it be________for you to pick me up at four o’clock and take me to the airport? A.free B.vacant C.handy D.convenient 解析: D。 选 句意: 四点钟接我并把我送到机场, 对你来说方便吗?It is convenient for sb. to do sth.某人做某事很方便。 [即境活用] 4.If it is quite________to you,I will visit you next Tuesday. A.convenient B.fair C.easy D.comfortable 解析:选 A。此题考查词语辨析。If it is convenient to you 如果你方便的话……。 3arrange v. 筹备;安排;整理;布置;排列 (回归课本 P13)They had no time to arrange their own wedding,so they had it organized by a company.他们没有时间筹备自己的婚礼, 因此他们让一家公司代为

组织。 [归纳拓展] ① The secretary arranged an appointment for me with the manager.秘书替我向经理 预约。 ② The travel agency has arranged for a double room for my family and myself. 旅行社已为我和我的家人安排了一间双人房。 ③ arranged to meet at the cinema at 7∶ We 30,but he failed to turn up.我们约定 7 点 30 分在电影院见面,但他没来。 [例句探源] ④ The manager arranged that the meeting (should)be put off for a couple of days. 经理安排会议推迟几天。 ⑤ (全国高考)As far as I know,everyone is happy about this new arrangement of things. 据我所知,每个人都对事件的新安排表示满意。 5.完成句子 (1)父母没有必要为孩子安排好一切。 It’s not necessary for parents to ________ ________ ________ their children. 答案:arrange everything for (2)当地报纸安排对斯坦教授进行专访。 The local newspaper ________ ________ ________ an interview with Professor Stein. 答案:made arrangements for [即境活用] 4delight n. 快乐,高兴,喜悦 vt.& vi.(使)高兴,(使)欣喜 (回归课本 P14) Her first delight was going to the Tower. 她最先想参观的地方是伦敦塔。 [归纳拓展] ① (牛津 P528)She won the game easily,to the delight of all her fans. 这场比赛她赢得很轻松,令所有的崇拜者大为高兴。 ② (牛津 P528)He takes great delight in proving others wrong. 他以证实别人出错为一大快事。 ③ often delighted his children with funny stories. He [例句探源] 他时常以滑稽可笑的故事使他的孩子们高兴。 ④ cannot tell you how delighted I was with the beautiful birthday present you gave I me.我无法告诉你我收到你赠送的漂亮的生日礼物的时候,我是多么的高兴。 6.As teachers,we should be ________of our students’ feelings.And then they will trust us. A.anxious B.afraid C.delighted D.considerate 解析:选 D。形容词辨析。be considerate of 固定搭配,意思是“体谅”。句意: 作为老师,我们应该体谅学生(的感情),这样他们才会相信我们。 [即境活用]

7.Much to her ________,her son didn’t fail the exam.Instead,he passed. A.attraction B.delight C.error D.view 解析:选 B。句意:令她高兴的是,她儿子没有考试不及格。相反他通过了。to one’s delight 令某人高兴的是……。 5consist of 由……组成 (回归课本 P9)How many countries does the UK consist of?联合王国由几个国家组 成? [归纳拓展] [例句探源] ③ job consists of helping old people who live alone. His 他的工作包括帮助独居的老人。 ④ Happiness does not consist in how much money you have. 幸福不在于你拥有多少金钱。 8.New Zealand is a country lying off the eastern coast of Australia,________ ________ ________ ________ ________(包括两大岛屿)and many smaller ones. 答案:consisting of two big islands [即境活用] 6divide into 把……分开 (回归课本 P9)England can be divided into three main areas. 英国可以划分为三个主要地区。 ① Let’s divide these students into small groups for oral practice.让我们把这些学生分 成小组做口语练习。 ② This examination is divided into two parts and covers the following subjects.这次考 查分两个部分,包括下列科目。 [例句探源] ③ (浙江高考)As the work can be divided among several people,it can be done efficiently. 因为工作可以由几个人共同分担,所以可以做得很有效率。 ④ (陕西高考)There is much work to do,so we’ll have to divide it between us. 有那么多工作要做,因此我们必须在我们中分配一下。 divide into,separate...from [易混辨析]

divide(...into...)常指把某个整体划分为若干部 分

separate(...from...)表示“将……与……分开”, 指把原来连在一起或靠近的分隔开来


① How can you divide this line into 20 equal parts? ② England is separated from France by the English Channel. ③ we joined the big crowd,I got separated from my friends. As 9.学生被分为四组,开始做游戏。 The students in the class ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ before they started the game. 答案:were divided into four groups [即境活用] 7take the place of 代替 (回归课本 P12)All of the words below can take the place of said,but they are used under different conditions and in different situations. 下列所有单词都可以取代 said,但它们用于不同的情况和语境。 [归纳拓展] [例句探源] ③ (辽宁高考)Important changes took place in the lives of women in the 19th century. 在 19 世纪,妇女的生活发生了重大变化。 10.用 take the place of;take place;in place of;in place 填空: (1)We instructed her to leave everything ________________________,just as she found it. 答案:in place (2)Mr.Smith will go to Beijing next month,when a new English teacher will teach us______________________him. [即境活用] 答案:in place of (3)Sending email has almost ____________________writing letters. 答案:taken the place of (4)Can you tell me what changes have ____________________ since the telephone was invented? 答案:taken place 8break down (机器)出故障;破坏;(谈判、希望、计划等)失败,破裂;(化学) 分解;(身体)垮掉 (回归课本 P13)On my way to the station my car broke down. 在去车站的路上,我的汽车坏了。 [归纳拓展] ① (牛津 P229)The elevators in the building are always breaking down. 这幢楼里的电梯总是出故障。 ② (辽宁高考)Then his health broke down,and he had to take a long holiday abroad. 之后他的身体累垮了,得去国外休一段长假。 [例句探源] ③ (全国高考)News reports say peace talks between the two countries have broken down with no agreement reached. 据报道两国的和谈破裂了,没达成任何协议。 【高效记忆】

11.(2009 年高考四川卷)—How about your journey to Mount Emei? —Everything was wonderful except that our car________twice on the way. A.slowed down B.broke down C.got down D.put down [即境活用] 解析:选 B。考查动词短语辨析。句意:“你的峨眉山之行怎样?”“除了路上车 出了两次故障外,一切都很好。”break down(车等)出故障,谈判破裂,(健康等) 垮掉,(计算机等)崩溃,分解等。slow down 减速;get down 从……下来,下车; put down 写下,记下,镇压,放下。 12.(2009 年高考江苏卷)—I’m surprised to hear that Sue and Paul have ________. —So am I.They seemed very happy together when I last saw them. A.broken up B.finished up C.divided up D.closed up 解析:选 A。根据语境可以知道,题干想表达“Sue 和 Paul 已经分手”的情况。选 项 A 是不及物动词,意为“结束”;选项 B 是及物动词,意为“结果成为,以…… 告终”;选项 C 是及物动词,意为“(使)分开”;选项 D 是及物动词,意为“合上, 合拢”。根据语境,选项 A 正确。

1【教材原句】 It seemed strange that the man who had developed communism should have lived and died in London.(P14) 这似乎是一件怪事: 这位发展了共产主义的人竟然在伦敦生活过,并且在伦敦去 世。 【句法分析】 should 用在 that 从句中表达感情、意志,意为“竟然,居然”。 ① surprised that you should speak in that way. I’m 我很惊讶你居然用那种方式说话。 ② glad that your story should have won the first prize. I’m 我很高兴你的小说居然赢得一等奖。 【温馨提示】 should have done 还可以表示过去该做某事,意为“本应该……; 要是已经……就好了”。 ③ (2009 年高考全国卷)We should have studied last night,but we went to the concert instead. 昨晚我们本应该学习,但我们却参加音乐会去了。 ④ (全国高考)I was really anxious about you.You shouldn’t have left home without a word. 我很担心你。你不该一句话没说就离开家。 13.(2011 年石家庄质检)—Did you punish him for that? —Yes,but I don’t think I________. A.should have done so B.need to have done so

C.should do that D.ought have done that 解析: A。 选 从上下文的语境可以看出是发生在过去的事情, 用“should have done” 结构在本句中表示“本不该做而做了某事”。 [即境活用] 14.Since you have made such good preparations,there________be any problem about passing the coming exam. A.mustn’t B.shan’t C.shouldn’t D.needn’t 解析:选 C。shouldn’t 表示“不应该”,符合语境。 2 【教材原句】 Worried about the time available, Zhang Pingyu had made a list of the sites she wanted to see in London.(P4) 由于担心时间不够,张萍玉早就把她想在伦敦参观的地点列了一张单子。 【句法分析】 (1)worried about...为过去分词短语作状语,表原因。 ① Well known for his expert advice, was able to help a great number of people with he their personal affairs. 他的足智多谋广为人知,因此他能帮助很多人解决私事。 ② Deeply moved by the story,the children began to cry. 被故事深深地感动,孩子们开始哭了起来。 ③ When I opened the door, found him seated in the chair, I absorbed in his magazine. 当我打开门,发现他坐在椅子上,专心看杂志。 (2)available adj.可以利用的;有用的;有空的 ④ the library available during the summer vacation? Is 图书馆在暑假期间开放吗? ⑤ There is only a little money available for the trip. 这次旅行只有少数钱可供使用。 ⑥ regret to inform you that there are no tickets available for Friday’s performance. I 我很遗憾地通知你,星期五演出的票没有了。 15.There are plenty of jobs________in the western part of the country. A.present B.available C.precious D.convenient 解析:选 B。句意:在那个国家西部地区有许多工作供你选择。present 目前的, 现在的(前置定语);出席的,在场的(后置定语);available 可用的,可得到的, 可达到的;precious 宝贵的,珍贵的;convenient 方便的,便利的。 [即境活用] 16.(2011 年重庆第二次诊断)Shella forgot all about the dog and the TV set, ________in the new magazine that had come in the mail. A.deeply lost B.deeply losing C.was deeply lost D.and deeply lost 解析:选 A。考查非谓语动词。deeply lost 为过去分词作状语,表示原因。句意: 由于 Shella 沉迷于邮件中的新杂志,所以她忘记了狗和电视。 3【教材原句】 It looked splendid when first built!(P14) 刚建成时,它(圣保罗大教堂)看起来真是金碧辉煌! 【句法分析】 当从句的主语与主句的主语一致或主语为 it,且谓语部分含有动

词 be 时,这时可把从句的主语(或 it)连同谓语动词 be 省略掉,省略后的部分为 “when+分词/介词短语/形容词/名词短语等”。 (1)when+现在分词 ① Look out for cars when(you are)crossing the road. 在过马路时要注意车辆。 (2)when+过去分词 ② Metals expand when(they are)heated. 金属加热时,会膨胀。 (3)when+介词短语 ③ When(you are)in trouble,ask him for help. 遇到困难时可向他求助。 (4)when+形容词(短语) ④ When (they were) young,they moved to Pairs. 年轻时他们就移居巴黎了。 (5)when+名词(短语) ⑤ When(she was)a girl,she wrote a novel. 当她还是个女孩时,她写了一部小说。 17.(2011 年福建毕业班检查)—Will the match be cancelled because of the bad weather? —No.Rain or shine,the match will be held as________. A.schedule B.scheduling C.scheduled D.to schedule [即境活用] 解析:选 C。考查非谓语动词。非谓语动词的解题关键在于找到逻辑主语,然后 判断与此动词的逻辑关系。此处逻辑主语是前面的 the match,与 schedule 构成 动宾关系, 所以用过去分词形式 scheduled, 其实此处也可以看作是 as the match is scheduled 的省略,故答案选 C 项。 18.We all know that,________,the situation will get worse. A.not if dealt carefully with B.if not carefully dealt with C.not if dealt carefully with D.not if carefully dealt with 解析: B。 选 考查状语从句的省略。 此状语从句完整结构应为“if the situation is not carefully dealt with”。选项 A、C、D 结构错误,均可被排除。


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