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Module 2 Unit 5 Lesson 3 Experiment in Folk

Module 2 Unit 5 Lesson 3 Experiment in Folk 班级 一、根据课文完成填空 Kong goes for folk! The famous classical pianist, Kong Xiangdong, surprised his fans last week by giving a concert combining classical music with Chinese folk music. Kong explained that he tried this because he wanted to create something new. “As a musician, playing the same music in different cities of the world is very boring,” says Kong. He also feels that playing Chinese folk music on the piano can help bring it to the rest of the world. Music has always been part of Kong’s world. As his mother was a great music lover, he lived with music from birth. But it wasn’t always easy for the young Kong Xiangdong. His mother couldn’t buy him a piano until he was seven. She had to draw piano keys on a piece of paper so that he could learn to play as early as possible. The 5-year-old Kong would practise on the paper piano as his mother clapped the rhythm. He was made to practise the piano so much that, at times, he thought about giving up. However, he didn’t quit, and he became a great pianist. In 1986, at the age of 18, he became the youngest prize winner in Moscow’s Tchaikovsky International Competition. He went on to win awards in competitions across the world. Because of Kong’s talent and hard work, he became famous worldwide. But after years of performing, he felt that in some ways he had lost his identity. This is why he went back to his roots and rediscovered the beauty in Chinese folk music. He began experimenting with different styles and his Dream Tour Concert is the result. Kong’s new experiment in Chinese folk music is so important to him that he even changed his appearance. When he arrived at his concert last week, he had shaved off all his hair! Since his music style was new, he decided his hairstyle had to be new too! Whether Kong is changing his appearance or transforming his music, he is a pioneer in music today. The concert last week was such a success that Kong’s Dream Tour Concert is expected to run for the next two years in Beijing, Shanghai, and other main cities before going to Paris and New York. 二、根据句意和单词首字母或括号里的中文提示写单词, 完成句子。 1) I am going to q 2) A famous m 3) He showed a t because the work is too bad for me. will perform in the city hall tomorrow evening. for acting at an early age. . of the cars on show.


4) She enjoys wearing a fashionable h 5) The customers are quite satisfied with the a

6) After years of performing, he felt that in some ways he had lost his i 7) She enjoys playing the piano and hopes to be a p 8) B 10) The movie 9) We have offices in over 56 countries (全世界).


when she grows up.

without modesty is not beautiful but, at most, good-looking. (beauty) (转化)her almost overnight from an unknown schoolgirl into a star.

三、用所给单词的适当形式完成句子。 1) Early of a disease can prevent death and illness. (identity) and Kong’s Dream Tour Concert is expected to run instruments. (music) . (beautiful) in two seasons for Southampton, scoring 37 times. (appear) . (talent; piano) 2) The concert last week was very 3) The drum is one of the oldest 4) Everyone admired her elegance and her 5) Keegan made 68 6) Lang Lang is a 四、翻译下列句子。 1) 所有的国家无论它们强大与否都应该平等。 2) 他这次考试失败的原因是他没有好好努力学习。 3) 教书育人一直是他生命中重要的部分。 4) 他每天都得练习跑步。他太累了, 他想放弃。 5) 那场音乐会太美妙了, 我想再去听一次。 6) 尽管音乐厅很冷, 但是观众还是欣赏张学友的演唱。

for the next two years in Beijing. (success)

五、根据文章内容, 用所给单词/短语补全短文。 until, when, since, as, because, while, in, so, by, as a result of A shopkeeper was sentenced to eight years in prison 1) powder that killed 13 babies and made another 189 ill 2) he had sold fake milk a central eastern province.

The People’s Court found the shopkeeper guilty of selling more than 20 bags of fake milk

powder to a village family whose baby later died of a disease caused by drinking milk made from the powder. The factory owner and shopkeepers who sold the milk powder did not care about people’s lives 3) they tried by all means to make money and profits, 4) the court decided to punish them 5) fining each of them 1, 000 yuan and ordering them to hand

over all their illegal earnings from their sales. Many of the victims were newborn babies of poor farmers in the rural areas. The parents took no notice 6) growing rather big 7) they found, to their great surprise, that their babies’ heads were their arms and legs remained very thin. failing to prevent the

In August, two factory owners were arrested for having produced and sold the fake milk products and in September, two officials received jail sentences 8) incident. 9) November, 2004, China has determined to punish local officials responsible for such cases. Chinese authorities have ordered the shutdown of 54 milk powder factories 10) _______ they are not up to the quality standards. 补充阅读 For some people, music is no fun at all. About four percent of the population is what scientists call “amusic.” People who are amusic are born without the ability to recognize or reproduce musical notes(音调). Amusic people often cannot tell the difference between two songs. Amusics can only hear the difference between two notes if they are very far apart on the musical scale. As a result, songs sound like noise to an amusic. Many amusics compare the sound of music to pieces of metal hitting each other. Life can be hard for amusics. Their inability to enjoy music set them apart from others. It can be difficult for other people to identify with their condition. In fact, most people cannot begin to grasp what it feels like to be amusic. Just going to a restaurant or a shopping mall can be uncomfortable or even painful. That is why many amusics intentionally stay away from places where there is music. However, this can result in withdrawal and social isolation. “I used to hate parties,” says Margaret, a seventy-year-old woman who only recently discovered that she was amusic. By studying people like Margaret, scientists are finally learning how to identify this unusual condition. Scientists say that the brains of amusics are different from the brains of people who can appreciate music. The difference is complex, and it doesn't involve defective hearing. Amusics can understand other nonmusical sounds well. They also have no problems understanding

ordinary speech. Scientists compare amusics to people who just can't see certain colors. Many amusics are happy when their condition is finally diagnosed(诊断). For years, Margaret felt embarrassed about her problem with music. Now she knows that she is not alone. There is a name for her condition. That makes it easier for her to explain. “When people invite me to a concert, I just say, 'No thanks, I'm amusic,'” says Margaret. “I just wish I had learned to say that when I was seventeen and not seventy.” 1. Which of the following is true of amusics? A. Listening to music is far from enjoyable for them B. They love places where they are likely to hear music C. They can easily tell two different songs apart D. Their situation is well understood by musicians 2. According to paragraph 3, a person with “defective hearing” is probably one who . A. dislikes listening to speeches B. can hear anything nonmusical C. has a hearing problem D. lacks a complex hearing system 3. In the last paragraph, Margaret expressed her wish that . A. her problem with music had been diagnosed earlier B. she were seventeen years old rather than seventy C. her problem could be easily explained D. she were able to meet other amusics 4. What is the passage mainly concerned with? A. Amusics' strange behaviours B. Some people's inability to enjoy music C. Musical talent and brain structure D. Identification and treatment of amusics


1.1) quit 2) musician 7) pianist

3) talent 4) hairstyle

5) appearance 6) identity

8) Beauty 9) worldwide 10) transformed

2.1) identification 2) successful 3) musical 4) beauty 5) appearances(基冈为南安普敦队踢了两个赛季, 共上场 68 次, 进球 37 个) 6) talented (=gifted);pianist 3.1) All the nations should be equal, whether they are powerful or not. 2) The reason why he failed in the exam is that he didn’t study very hard. 3) Teaching has always been part of his world. 4) He was made to practice running every day. He was so tired that he wanted to give up. 5) It was such a beautiful concert that I’d like to listen to it again. 6) Although the concert hall was cold, the audience still enjoyed Zhang Xueyou’s performance. 4.1) because 2) in 3) when 4) so 5) by 6) until 7) while 8) as a result of 9) since 10) as 答案: A 解析: 由文章第一句 “music is no fun at all” 及第二段首句 “As a result, songs sound like noise to an amusic.” 可知对 amusic 而言,音乐并不是一种享受,故正确答案为 A。 答案: C 解析: 由文章第三段第二句“The difference is complex, and it doesn't involve defective hearing. Amusics can understand other nonmusical sounds well.” 可知虽然 amusic 的 大脑与常人有些不同,但他们能够听清楚非音乐的声音,由此推知他们大脑的不同 不包括听力障碍,所以 defective hearing 指的是听力障碍,故正确答案为 C。 答案: A 解析: 由文章最后一句 “I just wish I had learned to say that when I was seventeen and not seventy.” 可知 Margaret 希望自己的 amusic 能够早点被诊断出来,故正确答案为 A。 B 解析:

文章主要讲述了 amusic 的不能欣赏音乐的障碍,B 项符合文意。A、C、D 项均太 片面,故正确答案为 B。


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