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高二英语大阅读 2014-6-9 46 Teacher's

高二英语大阅读 35 分钟 Class



高二英语大阅读 46 2014-6-9 Designed and Proofread by Geoffrey Wu Cloze 2012NMET2 /20
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Reading Comprehension: 8*

2 = 16 scores A (2012重庆A) One of my wonderful memories is about a Christmas gift. Unlike other gifts, it came without wrap (包装). On September 11th, 1958, Mum gave birth to Richard. After she brought him home from hospital, she put him in my lap, saying, “I promised you a gift, and here it is.” What an honor! I turned four a month earlier and none of my friends had such a baby doll of their own. I played with it day and night. I sang to it. I told it stories. I told it over and over how much I loved it! One morning, however, I found its bed empty. My doll was gone! I cried for it. Mum wept and told me that the poor little thing had been sent to a hospital. It had a fever. For several days, I heard Mum and Dad whispering such words as “hopeless”, “pitiful”, and “dying”, which sounded ominous. Christmas was coming. “Don’t expect any presents this year,” Dad said, pointing at the socks I hung in the living room. “If your baby brother lives, that’ll be Christmas enough.” As he spoke, his eyes filled with tears. I’d never seen him cry before. The phone rang early on Christmas morning. Dad jumped out of bed to answer it. From my bedroom I heard him say, “What? He’s all right?” He hung up and shouted upstairs. “The hospital said we can bring Richard home!” “Thank God!” I heard Mum cry. From the upstairs window, I watched my parents rush out to the car. I had never seen them so happy. And I was also full of joy. What a wonderful day! My baby doll would be home. I ran downstairs. My socks still hung there flat. But I knew they were not empty; they were filled with love! 56. What happened to the author on September 11th, 1958? A. He got a baby brother. B. He got a Christmas gift. C. He became four years old. D. He received a doll. 57. What does the underlined word “ominous” in Paragraph 3 probably mean? A. Impossible. B. Boring. C. Difficult. D. Fearful. 58. Which word can best describe the feeling of the father when Christmas was coming? A. Excitement. B. Happiness. C. Sadness. D. Disappointment. 59. What is the passage mainly about? A. A sad Christmas day. B. Life with a lovely baby. C. A special Christmas gift. D. Memories of a happy family. B (2009 辽宁 D) It is true that good writers rewrite and rewrite and then rewrite some more. But in order to work up the desire to rewrite, it is important to learn to like what you write at the early stage. I am surprised at the number of famous writers I know who say that they so dislike reading their own writing later that they even hate to look over the publishers’ opinions. One reason we may dislike reading our own work is that we’re often disappointed that the rich ideas in our minds seem very thin and plain when first written down. Jerry Fodor and Steven Pinker suggest that this fact may be a result of how our minds work. Different from popular belief, we do not usually think in the words and sentences of ordinary

Around twenty years ago I was living in York. degree, I could not find I was flat. I had say I did not 30 23 25 26 22 work. a school bus to make ends meet and

21 24

I had a lot of experience and a Master’s with a friend of mine, for I had lost my 27 ?” I thought painfully. 29 32 I should keep it to what was going 34 of fifty 38 a

five interviews (面试) with a company and one day between bus runs they called to the job. “Why has my life become so 28 31 a little girl, she handed me an earring me — I had been giving all of my 35

As I pulled the bus over to At first I got angry. Then it wrong with my call for My 21. A. As 22. A. successful 23. A. driving 24. A. working 25. A. prepared for 26. A. lose 27. A. hard 28. A. wave at 29. A. ordering 30. A. in case 31. A. hurt 32. A. feelings 33. A. opinions 34. A. list 35. A. connect 36. A. her 37. A. hospital 38. A. listen to 39. A. plan 40. A. operation
I believe I can fly! Go for it.

somebody claimed (认领) it. The earring was painted black and said “BE HAPPY”. 33 rather than what was right! I decided then and there to make a 37

things I was happy with. Later, I decided to 36 39

more things to the list. That night there was a phone . She asked me if I would

from a lady who was a director at a large

one-day lecture on stress (压力) management to 200 medical workers. I said yes. there went very well, and before long I got a well-paid job. To this day I know that it 40 that I completely changed my life. C. If C. satisfying C. taking C. discussing C. asked for C. find C. serious C. call on C. saying C. as if C. caught C. strength C. experiences C. check C. keep C. me C. restaurant C. give C. day C. employment D. When D. convenient D. designing D. living D. held D. get D. short D. look for D. showing D. now that D. moved D. interests D. life D. copy D. add D. my friend D. hotel D. talk about D. tour D. thinking B. Though B. extra B. repairing B. travelling B. attended B. like B. busy B. drop off B. promising B. or else B. hit B. attention B. education B. book B. turn B. a passenger B. factory B. review B. choice B. speaking was because I changed my way of

高二英语大阅读 35 分钟 Class



language but in symbols for ideas (known as “mentalese”), and writing our ideas down is an act of translation from that symbolic language. But while mentalese contains our thoughts in the form of a complex tapestry (织锦), writing can only be composed one thread at a time. Therefore it should not be surprising that our first attempt at expressing ideas should look so simple. It is only by repeatedly rewriting that we produce new threads and connect them to get closer to the ideas formed in our minds. When people write as if some strict critics (批评家) are looking over their shoulder, they are so worried about what this critic might say that they get stuck before they even start. Peter Elbow makes an excellent suggestion to deal with this problem. When writing we should have two different minds. At the first stage, we should see every idea, as well as the words we use to express it, as wonderful and worth putting down. It is only during rewrites that we should examine what we excitedly wrote in the first stage and check for weaknesses. 60. What do we learn from the text about those famous writers? A. They often regret writing poor works. B. Some of them write surprisingly much. C. Many of them hate reading their own works. D. They are happy to review the publishers’ opinions. 61. What do people generally believe about the way human minds work? A. People think in words and sentences. B. Human ideas are translated into symbols. C. People think by connecting threads of ideas. D. Human thoughts are expressed through pictures. 62. What can we conclude from the text? A. Most people believe we think in symbols. B. Loving our own writing is scientifically reasonable. C. The writers and critics can never reach an agreement. D. Thinking and writing are different stages of mind at work. 短文填词(共 10 题小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分)2009 福建 阅读下面短文,根据以下要求:1)首字母提示;2)语境提示;3)汉语提示,在每个空格内 填入一个适当的英语单词,并将该词完整地写在右边相对应的横线上。所填单词要求意义准确、拼 写正确。 Mr. Smith offers us some advice on how to write a good composition, which i the following steps. 76. includes Firstly, we should read the topic c and organize our ideas. 77. carefully Then we start to shape our thoughts our own word and finish 78. in our writing in the g time. After that, we have to check our 79. given compositions, paying attention to (语法) and spelling. It is very 80. grammar important to read them aloud to (自己) or someone else from 81. ourselves to end. Lastly, we had better ask our teachers or classmates for 82. beginning advice on how to improve our writing. If (可能), we may leave 83. possible them alone for some time before reading again, will help a 84. which great deal. I hope you will b a lot from the advice above. 85. benefit
I believe I can fly! Go for it. 2

Vocabulary and Grammar Verbs Subtleties 1. William found it increasingly difficult to read, for his eyesight was beginning to . A. disappear B. fall C. fail D. damage 2. According to scientists, our mental abilities begin to from the age of 27 after reaching the highest level at 22. (2012ZJ12) A. differ B. shrink C. fail D. decline disappear 1 [INTRANSITIVE] (+ adverb/preposition) to become impossible to see: The plane disappeared behind a cloud. Lisa watched until the train disappeared from view. fall DROP DOWN 1 [INTRANSITIVE] to drop down from a higher level to a lower level: September had come and the leaves were starting to fall. DECREASE 5 [INTRANSITIVE] to decrease in amount, number or strength: Their profits have fallen by 30 per cent. fail NOT SUCCEED 1 [INTRANSITIVE, TRANSITIVE] to not be successful in achieving something: Many diets fail because they are boring. OF HEALTH/SIGHT 健康;视力 5 [INTRANSITIVE] (especially in the progressive tenses 尤用于进行时) to become weak 衰退: Her eyesight is failing.她的视力日渐衰退。 damage to harm or spoil something/somebody: The fire badly damaged the town hall. differ 1 [INTRANSITIVE] to be different from somebody/something: French differs from English in this respect. 2 [INTRANSITIVE] to disagree with somebody: I have to differ with you on that. shrink1 to become smaller, especially when washed in water that is too hot: My sweater shrank in the wash. 2 to become or to make something smaller in size or amount: The tumour had shrunk to the size of a pea. decline1 to become smaller, fewer, weaker, etc. Support for the party continues to decline. 2 to refuse politely to accept or to do something: I offered to give them a lift but they declined. Key: 1. C; 2. D 2014-6-8

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