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(一) Dear editor, I’m sorry to occupy your precious time, and I really want to tell you anything about the problem of some people keeping too many pets nowadays. I take the problem more and mo

re seriously for the following reason. First of all, as it is known to people, pets make so much noise that trouble residents a lot. What’s more, it is widely accepted that animal waste pollutes the environment, where makes people quite uncomfortable. Many owners like taking their pets to public place where they may frighten children or even bite people. The mostly important is that pets can spread some diseases and this has attracted much attention. Take all these factors into consideration, I sincerely hope that I can get help from you and expect the media do something for this. Yours truly, Wang Lin (二) My classmate, Joseph, is at present in hospital with a breaking leg. He was walking to school the other day when he let a bicycle ran right into him. He never watches where he is going, so he often gets into the trouble. And he is having a nice time there. He has a comfortable room, patiently nurses, and a great deal of time to read. Some friends of him go to see him every day, and they take him lots of good book and fresh fruit. He is not losing any time from school because he is busy studying which he has missed in classes. The doctor says he is recovering fast than expected and will be out of hospital a few weeks.

(三) One afternoon, when I was on my way home, the weather changed suddenly. Darker clouds were gathering. I began to feel worried so I didn’t have both a raincoat or an umbrella with me. It soon started to rain. Just as I was hurrying up home, I heard someone calling me from behind. I turned to have a look and find that he was Liu Wei, good neighbor of mine. He offered to share her umbrella with me. We walked all the ways home. With Liu Wei’s help, I would have got wet to the skin. How thankfully I was for his help. (四) I’m quite familiar your situation. As computers become increasingly popular, some student can’t help play online games or chatting. It was not only a problem of wasting time, but a seriously problem which does harm to their health. What you should do first is to find out what make them addicted with computer games. Lack of love from parents? Poor test scores? Then having a heart-to-heart talk with them. Secondly, you should help them build up their confidence and make them interesting in studies. Thirdly, to find something else for them to do instead of playing computer games. Your efforts will surely make a difference and help change their lives. (五) Dear fellow students, There is a serious phenomenon in our school that many students crowded in the school store to buy snacks and some students even eat snacks in class. Eating snacks are a bad habit and is also waste of money. In addition to, most snacks are unhealthy food, for they contain too many fat and sugar. Eating snacks improper may lead to fatness and illness. What’s more, some students throw the wrappers everywhere, that pollutes our campus.

Dear fellow students, it’s high time that we pay attention to this phenomenon. Our high school students, should develop good eating habits. Remember that three regular meals a day as well as a balance diet is essential for us.



一. 【小题 1】and→but 【小题 2】anything →something 【小题 3】reason→ reasons 【小题 4】去掉 it 【小题 5】trouble→troubles/they trouble 【小题 6】where→which 【小题 7】place→places 【小题 8】mostly→most 【小题 9】Take→Taking 【小题 10】do→to do/will do 【解析】 试题分析:本文是一封信,讲述了当今人们养的宠物过多的情况。 【小题 1】and→but 考查连词以及对文章的理解。I’m sorry to occupy your precious time,与 I really want to tell you anything about the problem of some people keeping too many pets nowadays 之间是转折关 系,所以用 but 。 【小题 2】anything →something 考查代词。Anything 任何事,something 一些事,陈述语气,所以

用 something。 【小题 3】reason→ reasons 考查名词。理由,可数名词,故用 reasons。 【小题 4】去掉 it 考查代词。As is kno wn to...众所周知,固定句式,故去掉 it 【小题 5】trouble→troubles/they trouble 考查动词。Noise 不可数名词,用第三人称单数形式,也可以 增加主语,用 tro ubles/they trouble。 【小题 6】where→which 考查关系词。非限制性定语从句,用 which 引导,故用 which。 【小题 7】place→places 考查名词。地点,可数名词,用 places。 【小题 8】mostly→most 考查形容词。Most 此处是最高级,最重要的是,mostly 表示大多数,所以用 most。 【小题 9】Take→Taking 考查动词。与主语之间是主动关系,用 Taking。 【小题 10】do→to do/will do 考查时态。Expect sb to do /will do 希望某人做某事,用 to do/will do。 【难度】一般 【答案】 二. 【小题 1】breaking- broken 【小题 2】ran- run

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【小题 3】去掉 trouble 前的 the 【小题 4】And--But 【小题 5】patiently- patient 【小题 6】him--his 【小题 7】book- books 【小题 8】which--what

【小 题 9】fast--faster 【小题 10】hospital 后面加 in 【解析】 【小题 1】breaking- bro ken 【小题 2】ran- run 原形,作宾语补足语 【小题 3】去掉 trouble 前的 the 考查固定搭配。get into trouble 意为“陷入困难、麻烦”,为固定搭配, 不加定冠词 the 【小题 4】And—But 【小题 5】patiently- patient 阅读。 【小题 6】him--hi s 【小题 7】book- books 【小题 8】which--what 考查形容词 。句意:每天 有他的朋友去看他。 考查名词。lots of 修饰 book 要用复数,表示“许多书” 考查定语从句。句意:他没有失去在学校的时间因为他忙于学习, 考查连词。句意:但他玩的高兴。表示转折。 考查形容词 。句意:他有一个舒适的房间,耐心的护士和大量时间 考查形容词 。过去分词作定语,意为“断了的,摔坏了的” 考查动词的用法 。let sb./sth. do.“让某人做……”,使役动词后用动词

这是他所丢失的。Which 引导定语从句; 【小题 9】fast--faster 副词要用比较级 【小题 10】hospital 后面加 in 院。in a few weeks 在数周之内。 【难度】一般 考查介词 。句意:医生说他比想象的恢复地快在数周之内就能出 考查形容词。由 than 连接的从句表示“比……更”,前面的形容词或

三. 【小题 1】Darker—Dark 【小题 2】so—because 【小题 3】both—neither 【小题 4】去掉 up 【小题 5】find—found 【小题 6】good 前加 a 【小题 7】her—his 【小题 8】ways—way 【小题 9】With—Without

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【小题 10】thankfully--thankful 【解析】 【小题 1】Darker—Dark 【小题 2】so—because 【小题 3】both—neither 【小题 4】去掉 up 【小题 5】find—found 【小题 6】good 前加 a 【小题 7】her—his 【小题 8】ways—way 【小题 9】With—Without 考查形容词 。句意:黑色的乌云正在聚集; 考查连词。句意:我开始感到着急因为我没有雨衣也没有伞; 考查代词。Neither nor 即不……也不……; 考查动词。Hurry home 匆忙回家; 考查动词的时态。And 连接 turned 与 found 并列,故时态保持一致; 考查冠词。A good neighbor of mine 我的一个好邻居,表示泛指; 考查代词。句意:他把他的伞分享给我。He 表示是男性,故用 his; 考查名词。All the way 一直; 考查介词 。句意:没有他的帮助,我肯定会淋湿。

【小题 10】thankfully—thankful 考查形容词 。be thankful for 对。 。表示感谢。

四. 【小题 1】familiar 后加 with 【小题 2】student 改成 students 【小题 3】play 改成 playing 【小题 4】was 改成 is


【小题 5】seriously 改成 serious 【小题 6】make 改成 makes 【小题 7】with 改成 to 【小题 8】having 改成 have 【小题 9】interesting 改成 interested 【小题 10】去掉 to find 前的 to 【解析】 【小题 1】短语“对某事熟悉”be familiar with,因此 familiar 后加 with 。


【小题 2】学生是可数名词,some “一些”修饰名词复数,因此“学生”student 改成“学生们”students。 【小题 3】短语“忍不住做某事”can’t help doing,因此 play 改成 playing 。 【小题 4】通篇是一般现在时,因此 was 改成 is。 【小题 5】形容词修饰名词“问题”, 因此 seriously 改成 serious 。 【小题 6】what 后面的谓语动词用单数,因此 make 改成 makes。 【小题 7】短语“对某事沉迷”be addicted to。因此介词 with 改成 to 。 【小题 8】祈使句用动词原形开头。因此 having 改成 have。 【小题 9】人对某事感兴趣用 interested。因此 interesting 改成 interested 。 【小题 10】祈使句用动词原形开头。因此去掉 to find 前的 to。

五. 【答案】

【解析】 : 试题分析:本文是一篇小作文,作者指出了学校不文明的现象:许多学生聚集到学校小店里买零食, 有人甚至在课堂上吃零食,吃完零食又把包装袋到处扔。吃零食是个坏习惯,不仅浪费钱又对健康不 利。作者提倡养成良好的饮食习惯。 1. crowded →crowd 考察动词。crowded 为形容词,意思是拥挤的,塞满的,而此处应填动词 crowd, 意思是聚集,句意:在我们学校有一个很严重的现象就是很多学生聚集到学校商店里买零食,一些学 生甚至在课堂上吃零食。故把 crowded 改成 crowd。 2. are→is 考察 be 动词。这句话主语是 Eating snacks 吃零食,属于单数,所以 be 动词要用 is,句意: 吃零食是个坏习惯也浪费钱。故把 are 改成 is。 3. waste 前加 a 考察冠词。waste 是名词,意思是浪费,废物,要用冠词 a 来修饰,a waste of money 意思是浪费钱。故在 waste 前加 a。 4. 去掉 addition to 的 to 考察介词。in addition to 意思是除……之外(还) ,后跟名词或动名词。in addition 作为连词,意思是另外。句意:另外,大多数零食是不健康食物。故把 in addition to 的 to 去 掉。 5.many →much 考察副词。fat 作名词的时候是不可数名词,意思是脂肪,所以用 much 修饰。句意:

因为它们包含太多的脂肪和糖类。故把 many 改成 much。 6. improper→improperly 考察副词。 improper 是形容词, 意思是不正确的, 此处应用副词来修饰 eating, eating snacks improperly 意思是不正确地吃零食。故把 improper 改成 improperly。 7. that→which 考察关系代词。此处是要用 which 引导非限制性定语从句,只能用 which 引导。句意: 而且,一些学生到处扔包装纸,污染了校园。故把 that 改成 which。 8. we 后加 should 或把 pay→paid 考察固定搭配。it’s high time that sb. did(should do) sth.固定句型,属 虚拟语气的一种。意思是:是做……的时候了。句意:亲爱的同学们,是我们注意这一现象的时候了。 故在 we 后加 should/pay 改成 paid。 9. our→we 考察人称代词。we high school students 指我们高中生,而 our high school students 指我们的 高中生,作者此处表达 的是我们作为高中生的意思。故把 our 改成 we。 10. balance→balanced 考察形容词。balance 为动词,意思是平衡,balanced 为形容词,

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