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高考英语一轮单元总复习讲义外研版必修2Module 2

高考英语一轮单元总复习讲义外研版必修二 Module 2
知识详解 ①reduce vt. 减少;缩减;约束,限制;使降低,降职; 使……变为(某个状态)(回归课本 P12) reduce...to...把……减少到……,reduce...by...把……减少了……,reduce sb.to doing sth.迫使某人 做某事;使某人不得不做某事,reduction

n.缩小,减少;缩版,make a reduction 减价 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】 ① The expenses have been reduced to 1,000 yuan one month. 每月的费用已降到 1,000 元。 ② The expenses have been reduced by 200 yuan one month. 每月的费用已降了 200 元。 ③ Eventually Charlotte was reduced to begging on the streets. 最后夏洛特被迫沦落到沿街乞讨。 ④ We can make a reduction if you buy in bulk. 如果你大批购买,我们可以降低价格。 1.Many students have dropped out of school and now the number of our class has ________50. A.reduced by B.reduced to C.increased to D.increased by 解析:选 B。reduce...to 后面数字指减少后的总量,reduce...by 后面数字指纯减少的量或比率。 由上面说到 drop,故排除 C、D。 【即境活用】 2. Since then the number of people stopping smoking ________10%. A.has reduced to B.reduces by C.has reduced by D.reduces to 解析:选 C。由 since then 可判断主句应用现在完成时,排除 B、D 两项;再根据句意“自从那 时戒烟人数减少了 10%”,强调差额用介语 by,故选 C。 ②likely adj. 很可能的,看来要发生的;(像是)可靠的,可信的;似乎有理的 adv. 很可能 (回归课本 P9) Drug users are more likely to get into trouble at school. 吸毒者更有可能在学校遇到麻烦。 【归纳总结】 ① It is likely that he will be late. =He is likely to be late.他可能会迟到。 ② “He said you’d be giving them a lift.” “Not likely!” “他说你会让他们搭便车。”“绝不可能!” ③ It is likely that you could suffer from bad health if you keep smoking. 如果继续吸烟,你很可能会健康状况不佳。 ④ That means the price is likely to go down because of the competition.这意味着价格有可能因为 竞争而下降。 【例句探源】 likely,possible,probable 三者都有“可能的”之意,区别如下: (1)likely 是形容词, 表示某事很可能发生, 与 probable 意思相近, 但主语可以是人也可以是物。 常用于“It is likely that...或 sb./sth.be likely to do...”句型中, 但不能说“It is likely for sb.to do sth.”。


(2)possible 可能性相对小, 作表语时, 主语不能是人, 常用句式为“It is possible for sb. to do sth.” 或“It is possible that...”。 【易混辨析】 (3)probable 带有“很可能”的意味,语气比 possible 强,作表语时不能用人或不定式作主语,常 用句式为“It is probable that...”。 ① It isn’t likely that I should accept such an offer as that. ② It’s possible_to break with old habits. ③ It is _probable that he will succeed. 3.Young Americans who don’t go to university ________get jobs which bring low income. A.are likely to B.are possible to C.were able to D.liked to 解析: 选 A。 句意是: 没有上大学的美国年轻人可能做一些低收入的工作。 likely 可用于 sb./sth.is likely to do 而 possible 不能。 【即境活用】 4.(山东青岛质检)A senior firefighter said it was__________that the fire,which broke out at midnight,was caused by someone on purpose. A.possibly B.likely C.probably D.obviously 解析:选 B。根据 It is likely that……句型得出答案,其它三个词都是副词,不能用于该句型。 ③affect vt. 影响,对……有坏影响;(疾病)侵袭;假装;喜欢 (回归课本 P9) Smoking in a park doesn’t affect other people in the same way. 在公园吸烟不会以同样的方式影响别人。 【归纳总结】 【例句探源】 ① Peter Taylor finds out how computers and the Internet are going to affect our lives. 彼得· 泰勒试图弄清计算机和互联网将如何影响我们的生活。 ② (牛津 P31)They were deeply affected by the news of her death. 她死亡的消息使他们唏嘘不已。 ③ (高考辽宁卷)The experiment showed that our body clocks are affected by light and temperature. 这项实验表明我们的生物钟受光线和温度的影响。 ④ She was affected with high fever. 她发高烧。 affect,effect,influence 三个词都有“影响”的意思。 (1)affect 指“产生的影响之大足以引起反应”, 着重“影响”的动作, 有时含有“对……产生不利影 响”的意思。 (2)effect 作“影响”讲时,通常用作名词,构成 have an effect on“对……有影响”。effect 作动词 时,指“使(某事物)产生;使发生;引起”,着重“造成”一种特殊的效果。 (3)influence 指“通过说服、 举例等对行动、 思想、 性格等产生不易觉察到的、 潜移默化的影响”。 【易混辨析】 ① ② Influenced by a high school biology teacher,he took up the study of medicine. ③ This book effected a change in my opinion. 5.Critics believe that the control of television by mass advertising has ________the quality of the


programs. A.lessened B.declined C.affected D.effected 解析:选 C。句意为:批评家认为电视被大量的广告所控制,这影响了节目的质量。affect 常 指不好的影响;lessen“减少”;decline“降低”,指力量、权力、数量等的削减;effect“引起;产 生”,只有 affect 符合句意。 【即境活用】 ④recognise vt. 辨认出;认出;认识到;认知 (回归课本 P19)Participants learn to recognise smoking triggers... 参与者学会分辨吸烟的诱因…… 【归纳总结】 recognise sb./sth.as/to be 承认某人/物是……;认出某人/物是…… It’s recognised that...人们意识到…… ① Salera came home so thin and weak that her own children hardly recognised her. 赛莉娅回家时又瘦又弱,连她自己的孩子都几乎认不出她来了。 ② He is recognised as the head of the company. 他被认为是公司的领导。 ③ It was recognised that he was not qualified for the work. 人们认识到他做这项工作不合格。 【例句探源】 recognise,know (1)recognise 指把原来认识的人/物再次“辨认出”,是非延续性动词。 (2)know“认识并熟悉某人/物”,是延续性动词。 ① Sometimes we can’t recognise,_one’s voice on the phone even though we know him/her. ② I know him so well that I can recognise his steps. 【易混辨析】 6.(高考辽宁卷)Alexander tried to get his work________in the medical circles. A.to recognize B.recognizing C.recognize D.recognized 解析:选 D。句意:Alexander 试图使自己的工作在医学界得到认可。本题考查非谓语动词作 宾补。get sth.done 表示使某事物被做,如 get my hair cut 表示理发;get her finger burnt 表示她 的手指被烧伤。 【即境活用】 7.—Oh,it’s you,Alice.I________you.You look much thinner than before. —Not surprising.I’m on a diet. A.didn’t recognize B.hadn’t recognized C.haven’t recognized D.don’t recognize 解析:选 A。本题强调是刚才没认出,故用一般过去时态。 ⑤break into 闯入,破门而入;突然……起来 (回归课本 P13) The next day,I broke into a house and stole a television and a video recorder. 第二天,我闯入一户人家,偷了一台电视机和一台录像机。 break out 突然爆发 break up 打碎;拆散;分解 结束,break in 打断(谈话); 突然闯入(in 是副词) break through 突破


break down 瓦解,损坏,分解;机器坏了;失败;身体垮了 break away from 摆脱(束缚);克服(习惯) break off 中断,折断,突然停止 【归纳总结】 ① Thieves broke into our house while we were away on holiday. 我们外出度假时,小偷闯入了我们家。 ② On hearing the news that the war was over ,the old woman broke into tears. 听到战争结束的消息,老人突然哭了起来。 ③ Don’t break into their conversation;they are discussing something important. 不要打断他们的谈话,他们正在讨论重要的事情。 【例句探源】 break into,break in 两者都有“闯入”之意。break into 中,into 是介词,后需接宾语;break in 是不及物动词短语, 其中 in 是副词, 不接宾语。 另外, break into 还有“突然……起来”之意, 相当于 burst into; break in 还可以表示“插嘴”等。 ① We had to break_into the house as we had lost the key. ② Never break_in while others are talking. 【易混辨析】 8.(海南三亚模拟)You’ll________sooner or later if you keep working like that. A.break off B.break down C.break into D.break out 解析:选 B。句意:如果你继续那样工作,身体迟早会垮掉的。break down“垮掉”,符合题意。 【即境活用】 9. Scientists hope to________soon in their fight against the H1N1 flu virus. A.break up B.break out C.break through D.break in 解析: 选 C。 句意为: 科学家们希望能尽快在应对甲型 H1N1 流感病毒方面有所突破。 break up“分 解,打破”;break out“发生,爆发”;break through“突破”;break in“闯入,打断(谈话)”,据句 意可知答案为 C。 ⑥give up 放弃;交出,让出;认输 (回归课本 P13)And here are some ideas to help people to give up smoking. 这儿有一些帮助人们戒烟的方法。 give away 分发;放弃;泄露 give back 归还;恢复 give forth 发出(气味、声音等);发表 give in 屈服;让步;同意 give off 发出(蒸汽、光等) give out 分发,发出(气味、热等);发表,用完,耗尽;精疲力竭 【归纳总结】 ① When Ed left ,she gave up hope of ever marrying. 埃德离开时,她彻底放弃了结婚的希望。 ② In the crowded bus ,the young people gave up their seats to the old people. 在拥挤的公共汽车上,年轻人把座位让给老年人。 ③ The doctor told him to give up smoking and drinking.


医生要他戒烟戒酒。 ④ She has never given up her secrets to others. 她从不把秘密透露给别人。 【例句探源】 10.We haven’t heard from her for long,so we give her________for dead. A.out B.in C.up D.away 解析: 选 C。 give out“用完, 用尽”; give in“让步, 投降”; give up“放弃, 不抱希望”; give away“泄 露,分发”。由句意可知,此处指“对她不抱任何希望”,故答案为 C。 【即境活用】 11.He pretended to be a German,but his Swedish accent gave himself________. A.away B.up C.off D.out 解析: 选 A。考查 give 的固定短语。 句意: 他假装是德国人,但他的瑞典口音使他暴露了。“暴 露”应用 give away。give up 指“放弃”;give off 指“放出,发出”;give out 指“发出,分发”。 句型梳理 ① 【教材原句】 Now I work in a centre for drug addicts,helping others to stop taking drugs.(P13) 现在,我在一个戒毒中心工作,帮助其他吸毒者戒毒。 【句法分析】 本句中的 helping others to stop taking drugs 是 形式在句子中作状语,表 示方式或伴随情况。 ① The little girl stood there,crying for milk. 这个小女孩站在那儿,哭着要牛奶喝。 ② He worked late into the night,preparing an important report. 他工作到深夜,在准备一个重要的报告。 ③ The teacher stood at the entrance,blocking the children’s way. 老师站在入口处,挡住了孩子们的路。 12.(高考四川卷)The lawyer listened with full attention,________to miss any point. A.not trying B.trying not C.to try not D.not to try 解析:选 B。句意:这名律师全神贯注地听,尽力不错过任何要点。本题考查非谓语动词作伴 随状语。不定式作状语时和前面的部分如用逗号隔开,表示意想不到的或事与愿违的结果, 不定式前通常加 only 或 never,所以动词不定式在结构和题意上都不符合本题的要求,D 项被 排除;A、C 两项结构错误,也被排除。 【即境活用】 13.(高考重庆卷) The news shocked the public,________to great concern about students’ safety at school. A.having led B.led C.leading D.to lead 解析:选 C。句意:这条新闻使广大民众感到很震惊,引起了人们对在校学生安全的担忧。考 查非谓语动词作结果状语。首先排除 B 和 D 两项; having done 指动作先于谓语动词发生, 在此不符合语境,故只能选择 C。 ② 【教材原句】 Whatever you’re doing when you want to smoke—do something else!(P19) 无论你在做什么,当你想抽烟时,做点别的事吧! 【句法分析】 考查 whatever 的用法。(1)引导让步状语从句,在从句中作主语或宾语,其含


义相当于 no matter what,意为“无论,不管”,其位置可在主句前,也可在主句后。 (2)引导名词性从句(宾语从句或主语从句), 可看作是 what 的强调说法, 其含义相当于 anything that 或 all that,whatever 在句中起双重作用,既起先行词与关系代词的作用,又在从句中作主 语、宾语等。 (3)however/whenever/wherever 只引导让步状语从句,相当于 no matter how/when/where 引导的 从句。 (4)whoever/whichever 同 whatever 一样,既能引导状语从句也能引导名词性从句。 ① Whatever he did,his parents supported him. =No matter what he did,his parents supported him. 不管他做什么,他父母都支持他。 ② I don’t believe whatever he said. 我不相信他说的一切。 ③ I’ll take whatever help I can get. 任何帮助我都接受。 14.(高考浙江卷)—How about camping this weekend,just for a change? —OK,________you want. A.whichever B.however C.whatever D.whoever 解析:选 C。句意:“这个周末我们换一下去野营怎么样啊?”“好的。你想做什么就做什么。” 答语为省略句式,全句应为:OK,whatever you want to do.whichever 不论哪个;however 无论 怎样;whatever 无论什么,不管什么;whoever 不论是谁。 【即境活用】 15.The lawyer seldom wears anything other than a suit ________the season. A.whatever B.wherever C.whenever D.however 解析: 选 A。 句意: 无论什么季节, 这位律师除了一套西装以外, 很少穿其他的(衣服)。 whatever 引导让步状语从句,whatever the season 即 whatever the season is。wherever 无论什么地 方;whenever 无论什么时候;however 无论怎样,均不符合语境要求。


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