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【成才之路】2015高考英语 1.3 Cultural Corner Task课后强化作业 外研版必修5

Cultural corner
Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.He made an ________(努力)to pass the exam,but it was too difficult. 2.His character is a ________(组合)of strength and kindness. 3.We are sure we can change the ________(面貌)of our village with our own hands. 4.Believe it or not there's no such thing as ________(标准)English. 5.The novel has been ________(简化),so it is much easier for children to read. 6.The male bird has ________(与众不同)black and white markings on its head, which people can tell from others. 7.The teacher thought it was wrong of Betty not to finish her homework on time, so he ________(批评)her. 8.The library contains a large number of foreign language ________(参考)books. 答案:1.attempt 2.combination 3.look 4.standard 8.reference

5.simplified 6.distinctive 7.criticised Ⅱ.同义句转换

1.In English the spelling of words does not always stand for the sound. In English the spelling of words does not always ________ the sound. 2.He looks like spending too much time studying English. He ________ ________ spend too much time on English. 3.With the help of the teacher,John made great progress in his English study. ________ ________ the teacher,John made great progress in his English study. 4.She created a piece of new music,which made her very popular. She created a piece of new music,________ her very popular. 5.We don't want to go to Huang Mount for vacation,instead,we'll go to Qinhuang Island. We’ll go to Qinhuang Island ________ ________Huang Mount for vacation. 答案:1.represent 2.seems to 3.Thanks to 4.making 5.instead of Ⅲ.完成句子 1.他们向学院赠送了一大笔钱以纪念他们的儿子。 They ____________________________________ the college in memory of their son. 2.就我自己而言,我赞成这个计划。 Personally speaking,I'm ________________ the scheme. 3.英国食物乍一吃很不习惯,但不久你就能适应了。


The food in England is strange at first,but you'll soon ______________ it. 4.他在巴黎时学会了法语。 He ____________________French while he was staying in Paris. 5.这一版的词典新增了很多新词。 Many new words have been ________________this edition of the dictionary. 答案:1.presented a large sum of money to up 5.added to Ⅳ.单项填空 1.________the new computer,passengers at the offices of the CAAC can now buy their airplane tickets much faster. A.Because C.Thanks for B.For D.Thanks to 2.in favour of 3.get used to 4.picked

答案:D thanks to 为固定词组,意为“多亏,由于”。A、B 项为连词,用来连接句子; C 项表示“因某事而感谢??”。故选 D 项。 2.The open?air celebration has been put off ________ the bad weather. A.in case of C.instead of 答案:D B.in spite of D.because of

此题考查固定短语。句意:因为天气不好,露天的庆祝活动被推迟。 in case

of“假如;如果发生”;in spite of“尽管,不管”;instead of“代替,而不”;because of“因为,由于”。根据句意选 D 项。 3.One of the ________ features of this book is its ________ illustrations. A.distinct;distinct C.distinct;distinctive B.distinctive;distinctive D.distinctive;distinct

答案: D distinctive 此处的意思是“与众不同的, 有特色的”; distinct 的意思是“分 明的,明了的,清楚的”。 4.Stewardesses on planes should be employed for their ability,not for their ________. A.looks C.temper B.sight D.talent

答案: A looks“相貌, 容貌”; sight“视力, 视觉”; temper“性情, 脾气”; talent“才 干,才能”。句意:应该根据能力而不是容貌来录用飞机上的女服务员。 5.He cheated in the examination and was severely ________ by the teacher. A.criticised B.simplified




答案:A 句意:他考试作弊受到老师的严厉批评。criticise“批评”。 6.The questions in the tests are more and more flexible,and many of them don’t have ________ answers. A.cute C.confusing B.steady D.standard

答案:D 句意:考试的题目越来越灵活,许多题目都没有标准答案。standard 意为“标 准的”。 7.In our daily life, everyone fails every now and then. It is how you react that makes a ________. A.development C.progress B.difference D.point

答案:B 句意:日常生活中,每个人都会偶尔失败。真正重要的是你对此的反应。 make a difference 表示“重要”; progress 和 development 是不可数名词; make a point 表示“提 出看法”。 8.More highways have been built in China,________it much easier for people to travel from one place to another. A. making C. to make 答案:A B. made D. having made

考查非谓语动词用作结果状语。 句意:在中国更多的公路被建起,这自然使

得人们从一地赶往另一地更加方便快捷。英语中用现在分词短语做结果状语,表示自然而然 的结果,而不定式表示出乎意料的结果,首先排除 B、C 两项;另外,该结果伴随前文动作或 者在之后发生,所以用现在分词的一般时,故排除 D 项。 9 . Barbara is easy to recognize as she's the only one of the women who ________evening dress. A.wear C.has worn B.wears D.have worn

答案:B 考查时态和主谓一致。句意:芭芭拉很容易被认出,因为她是唯一一个穿晚礼 服的妇女。题干中的先行词为 the only one,定语从句中 who 作主语,谓语动词的形式应与 先行词保持一致,所以应该用单数形式;根据句意,时态应该是一般现在时。故选 B。 10.—I've not finished my dinner yet. —But our friends________for us. A.will wait C.have waited B.wait D.are waiting


答案:D 考查时态。句意:——我还没有吃完饭。——但我们的朋友正在等着我们。根 据句意是朋友正在等着,选用现在进行时。故选 D。 Ⅴ.完形填空 When I was 16 years old, I made my first visit to the United States. It wasn't the first time I had been __1__. Like most English children I learned French at school and I had often __2__ to France, so I was used __3__ a foreign language to people who didn't understand __4__. But when I went to America I was really looking forward to __5__ a nice easy holiday without any __6__ problems. How wrong I was! The misunderstanding began at the airport. I was looking for a __7__ telephone to give my friend Danny a __8__ and tell her that I had arrived. A friendly old man saw me __9__ lost and asked __10__ he could help me. “Yes,” I said, “I want to give my friend a ring.”“Well, that's __11__,” he explained. “Are you getting __12__? But aren't you a bit __13__?” “Who is talking about marriage?” I replied. “I __14__ want to give a ring to tell her I've arrived. Can you tell me where there's a phone box ? ” “Oh ! ” he said, “There's a phone downstairs.” When at last we __15__ meet up, Danny __16__ the misunderstandings to me. “Don't worry,” she said to me. “I had __17__ misunderstandings at first. There are lots of words which the Americans __18__ differently in meaning from __19__. You'll soon get used to all the funny things they say. Most of the __20__ British and American people understand each other!” 1.A.out C.away B.aboard D.abroad

答案:D 由第一段首句“I made my first visit to the United States”以及“I had often __2__ to France”可知,这不是“我”第一次出国。abroad“在国外,到国外”; aboard“在(飞机、船)上”。 2.A.gone C.got B.been D.come

答案:B 根据语法以及句意,此处用 had been to 表示“去过什么地方”。 3.A.to speak C.to speaking 答案:C B.for speaking D.speaking

be used to“习惯于”,to 为介词,后接动名词、名词作宾语。 B.French D.Latin

4.A.English C.Russian


答案:A 作者是英国人且此处为经常去国外,故此处表示“我”已经习惯同不懂英语的 人讲外语。 5.A.having C.giving B.buying D.receiving

答案:A 表示“度假”应用 have a holiday。 6.A.time C.language B.human D.money

答案:C 根据第二段的内容可知作者遇到的是语言问题。 7.A.perfect C.public B.popular D.pleasant

答案:C 根据常识,作者寻找的应该是机场里的公用电话。 8.A.ring C.word B.letter D.message

答案:A 由 telephone 及 tell her...可知,作者是想给在美国的朋友打个电话。 9.A.to look C.looked 答案:B B.looking D.looks

see sb. doing sth.“看见某人正在干某事”,符合题意。 B.if D.when

10.A.that C.where

答案:B 这位友善的老人询问是否他能帮助“我”。 11.A.well C.nice B.strange D.funny

答案:B 此处老人将 ring 理解为戒指,故他对作者的回答感到很奇怪。 12.A.to marry C.to be married 答案:D B.marrying D.married

get married“结婚”,为固定搭配。 B.smart D.young

13.A.small C.little

答案:D 根据上文可知作者很年轻,还没有到谈论结婚的时候,而现在就要送别人戒指, 故这位老人对此感到很奇怪。 14.A.very C.so B.just D.just now

答案:B 作者向老人解释,自己只是想给朋友打个电话,而不是送结婚戒指。 15.A.did B.could




答案:A 助动词 did 用于肯定句,表示强调。 16.A.described C.talked B.explained D.expressed

答案:B 根据下文内容可知,作者的朋友对老人的误解作出了解释。 17.A.so much C.too much B.so many D.too many

答案:B misunderstandings 为可数名词,故排除 A、C 项;too many“太多”,不符合 题意。 18.A.write C.use B.speak D.read

答案:C 产生误解的原因是这两个国家的人们对很多词语在含义上的使用不同。 19.A.us British C.we Britain 答案:A B.British us D.we British

from 是介词,后用代词的宾格;British 表示“英国人”,作 us 的同位语。 B.place D.time

20.A.chance C.people 答案:D most of the time“大多时候”。

Ⅵ.阅读理解 Many English learners have difficulty deciding what kind of English accent they want to have. A US accent, perhaps modeled on the way a Hollywood star speaks? Or maybe you want to imitate the British accent of a BBC newsreader? Young British people find the US accent attractive while young US people like a British accent. Especially when the person speaking is of the opposite sex! Let's listen to what they have to say. Stephen Yang, 17, from London, UK: A US accent is cute, especially when a girl speaks it. Whether it's Jessica Alba speaking or the girl?next?door, the way US girls speak has a sweet tingle that is really sassy(时髦).A girl from Texas recently moved into our neighborhood. Her Texan twang(鼻音) had all the boys here on their knees within seconds of meeting her. To me, accents reflect the attitudes, characteristics and lifestyles of the people. Jennifer Sun, 14, from New Jersey, US: From watching English actors like Daniel Radcliffe, my friends and I have


developed a soft spot for British men. Some are attracted to the qualities of English males, while others admire their sense of style. Everyone, however, agrees that the most appealing aspect of an English man is his accent. For example, many American girls watch Harry Potter movies over and over again just to listen to the actors speak. The_English_accent_seems_almost_like_art. 1.From the passage, we learn that ________. A.British and American accent each have their advantages. B.British accent is quite different from American accent. C.American accent is more attractive than British English. D.American and British accent each have their disadvantages. 答案:A 纵观全文,文章主要讲述了美式口音和英式口音各有千秋,故选 A 项。 2.How does an American learn the British accent? A.By watching English actors like Daniel Radcliffe. B.By modeling English actors like Daniel Radcliffe. C.By saying a sweet tingle that is really sassy in Britain. D.By meeting British people and talking with them. 答案:A 根据文章的倒数第三段第一句,可知美国人,特别是年轻人,获悉英国口音的 途径是通过观看英国的演员,即 A 项。 3.What does the underlined sentence mean? A.Speaking British English is very difficult. B.Speaking American English isn't very easy. C.The British accents have its own styles. D.American and British accent look like a picture. 答案:C 此处指美国年轻人喜欢英式口音的原因,即英式英语有自己的风格,故选 C 项。

写一篇介绍性的说明文 写作技巧 说明文是以说明为主要表达方式的一种文体,主要用于介绍事物、说明事理等。说明文 文体主要用于对科普知识、产品等的介绍以及广告宣传等。 一、说明文的写作特点 1.说明文的命题形式多数是提纲式的,但也有图表或图画式的。 2.说明文要求语言要简明扼要,内容要有层次性和条理性。

3.说明文通常采用第三人称,时态一般以一般现在时为主。 二、说明文的写作技巧 1.首先要根据提示组织好文章的内容,然后使文章的层次安排得当,前后衔接连贯。 2.说明文中有时也会有时态的变化,在写作时要给予充分的考虑。 3.说明文的结构可遵循“引子——正文——结束语”的模式。 三、写说明文应抓住说明的顺序 对于不同的说明对象,要有不同的说明方法。常用的写作顺序有: 1.按照空间位置进行 说明;2.按照时间顺序进行说明;3.先举例,后总结;4.先总结,后举例。 四、常见的介绍地点或事物的说明文的句式 1.Paris is the capital and largest city of France,situated on the River Seine. 2.Hurricanes are strong tropical storms,and they usually occur in the southern Atlantic Ocean... 3.The Three Gorges Dam,which is the biggest construction project in China since the building of the Great Wall and the Grand Canal , has been built to control flooding... 4.Our school lies at the foot of the mountain and has a history of 50 years. 5. English is widely used in the world and plays an important part in communication, work and so on. 典题示例 你的英语成绩很好,英语老师让你向全班同学介绍你学习英语的情况,内容要包括以下 三个方面: 1.英语学习的目的; 2.英语学习的方法; 3.课外自学的途径。 根据内容提示可以适当拓展。词数:120 左右; 注意:开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 Dear teachers and classmates,_____________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________ Thank you for listening. 【审题谋篇】 1.这是一篇提纲式作文,提示要点一定要包含在内。 2.要根据提示内容进行适当拓展,但切记不要偏离主题。 3.时态要用一般现在时。


【写作关键】 1.很荣幸能在这儿演讲。 很荣幸能做某事_______________________________________ 2.我对英语很感兴趣,希望将来能做??。 ①对??感兴趣_______________________________________ ②希望能做??_______________________________________ 3.我每天背诵 20 个单词,并尽可能经常地使用它们。 ①背诵_______________________________________________ ②尽可能经常地_______________________________________ 4.为了有正确的发音,我经常听电视上的英语节目。 为了有正确的发音_____________________________________ 【连句成篇】 ____________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 参考答案: 写作关键 1.It’s a great pleasure to do.../It’s an honor to do... 2.①be interested in/be crazy about/be fond of ②hope to be/become.../hope that I will be/become... 3.①memorize/learn...by heart ②as often as possible/as often as I can 4 . in order to have correct pronunciation/in order that I can have correct pronunciation 连句成篇 Dear teachers and classmates,it's a great pleasure for me to be here today and share my experience of learning English with you. I am interested in English and hope to be an English teacher in the future.As a result ,it's of great importance for me to learn English well.As we all know , vocabulary is an important part of a language , just like bricks in a building.Therefore,I usually learn twenty new words by heart every day and put them into use as often as possible.After class,I often listen to English programs on TV and on the radio in order to have correct pronunciation and improve my listening.Besides,I have learned a lot by reading short English stories.


Thank you for listening.

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