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Non- finite Verbs in Writing 非谓语动词在写作中的应用
新会一中 邓伟桃老师

Sharing & Guessing

? 1) It is a popular reality show (真人秀) in China.

? 2) Five Star-dads take their young children on an overnight trip without the company of moms.

? 3) It has won high ratings (收视) since it was broadcast on Oct 11.
Do you know what it is?

Watching this TV show, we had a lot of fun.

How many actors are there in the show? Who are they?

爸爸: 郭涛 爸爸: 田亮 爸爸: 王岳伦 爸爸: 张亮 爸爸: 林志颖 儿子: 郭子睿 女儿:田雨橙 女儿: 王诗龄 儿子: 张悦轩 儿子: 小小志 (Kimi) (Angela) (石头) (天天) (Cindy)

Do you remember some unforgettable moments?

Task 1:Making sentences according to key words Use non-finite to describe these pictures



1. doing 和done作时间状语

1) Seeing Kimi, see Xiao Huangtaken takenaway, away, Kimi felt 1) Xiao Huang feel heart-broken heart — broken. 2)the Taken by the crew, the toy dog Xiao 2) toy away dog Xiao Huang, take away, by the Huang was put into a bag. crew, put into a bag

2. doing 和done作条件状语
1) Turning to to the they, turn left, theyfind will the find the left, the path to farm the path to the farm. 2) more 2)Given children, give chances, children can more chances, can perform performbetter. better

3. doing 和done 作原因状语 1) Being such a brave girl, Cindy is my favorite kid among them five.

1) Cindy, is such a brave girl, is my favorite kid among them five.
2) 2) Cindy, Encouraged encourage, by her by father, her father, Cindy decide decided toto slide slide on on sand sand herself. herself.

4. doing 和done 作伴随状语

1) Standing Angela, stand in front in front of the ofbed, the bed, Angela was having have lunch. lunch. 2) Comforted by her father, Angela 2) Angela, comfort, by her father, stop crying. stopped crying.

5. doing 和done作方式状语

1) Tian Tian, Tian showed show his his love love for for his his mom, mother, send hersending a flower her a flower. 2) Guided Tian Tian, byguide, his father, by his Tian father, Tian slide slided on sand sand.

6. 1)doing作结果状语,表自然而然的结果。

1) 1) Shi Shi Tou Tou, broke break his arm, his arm, causing cause him him to use to use only only oneone hand. hand. 2) to 2) Shi Shi Tou Tou,hurried hurry to the the kitchen, kitchen, only findto find there iswater no water there is no for for cooking. cooking.
2). to do 作结果状语,表意料之外的结果。

7. to do作目的状语 。

five star-daddies , relationship build up a better ? ?To build up a better with relationship with their kids, decide to their kids, five star-daddies decided join the TV show join the TV show.

Task 2:Sentence Pattern Transformation (句型转换)

Use non-finite to describe these pictures ——Oral Practice

When they had a birthday part for Kimi, kids are happy and excited. Having a birthday part for Kimi ________________________________, kids are happy and excited.

As long as she saw a camel, Angela would touch it immediately . Seeing a camel ___________________________, Angela would touch it immediately.

Tian Tian was criticized by his father. So he looked unhappy. Criticized by his father _________________________, Tian Tian looked unhappy.

Kimi held chopsticks and a plate in the hands. He was running. Holding chopsticks _________________ and a plate in the _________________ hands _________________, Kimi was running.

They got some food for dinner by catching fish in the lake. Catching fish in the lake _______________________________, they got some food for dinner.

Lin Zhiying broke the egg and made Cindy cry.
making Cindy cry Lin Zhiying broke the egg,_______________.

Kimi hoped to play with Cindy, so Kimi asked Angela to help him take care of his sheep. Hoping to play with Cindy ______________________, Kimi asked Angela to help him take care of his sheep. To play with Cindy ______________________, Kimi asked Angela to help him take care of his sheep.

Group work and Sharing:
? Share what you have learned with others, and try to make a summary. ? 1) When can we use non-finite verbs? ? 2) What kind of non-finite verbs can we use to make sentences? Simple: 写作时,需要表示时间 关系,可以用v-ing (主 动)和done (被动) 作时 间状语。

Task 3:
The use of non-finite in writing task 非谓语动词在写作中的应用 分析题目,写句子

Writing task:
《爸爸去哪儿》(Dad,Where Are We Going) 这个电视节目广受欢迎。这个节目走红有以下 几个原因:1. 因为五个孩子很可爱,所以招人 喜爱。2.为了让孩子成长、发展,节目组为他 们提供了许多探索的机会 。3.通过沟通,父亲 和孩子们建立了亲密关系,值得大家学习。4. 与唱歌类的选秀比赛相比,这种亲情类节目反 而更受关注和喜爱。
写作要求:非谓语doing , done, to do 至少各一个。

要点1. 因为五个孩子很可爱,所以他们招 人喜爱。

Being lovely ________________, the five kids are admired by many people.
要点 2.为了让孩子成长、发展,节目组为 他们提供了许多探索的机会 。
In order to let the kids __________________________ grow and develop _______________________, the show provided them many chances to explore.

要点3. 父亲和孩子们通过沟通,建立了亲 密关系,值得大家学习。
______________________________, Communicating with each other fathers and kids set up a close relationship.

要点4. 与唱歌类的选秀比赛相比,这种亲 情类节目反而更受关注和喜爱。
Compared with other shows __________________________like singing competitions, this kind of show about family is more popular.

Task 4:
The use of non-finite in writing task 非谓语动词在写作中的应用 分析题目,写文章

Write a composition and share it with others. 写作内容:高考临近,为了让自己放 松,我们班决定今天去春游。一大早我们 就出发了,由一个有经验的爬山者带领着。 我们说着笑着爬上山。当我们到达时,我 们就开始烧烤了。我们吃着大餐欣赏美景。 虽然累但是我们很开心。 写作要求:根据以上内容,用5个句 子写一篇日记。题目、开头和结尾已经给 出。要根据实际情况多使用非谓语动词。

One possible version

Our Spring Outing
National College Entrance Examination is coming. To relax ourselves, our class decided to have a spring outing. We set off early in the morning, guided by an experienced climber. We climbed the mountain, talking and laughing . When we arrived, we began to barbecue. Having a big dinner, we enjoyed the beautiful view. We were tired but happy.

Homework: Write a composition after class and share it with others next time.
(2008年广东省高考基础写作题) 请根据以下中文提纲,编写射击项目的英语介绍: 背景:射击最初只是生存工具,19世纪末才发展成为 一项体育运动。1896:第一次成为奥运项目1904:中 断1928:中断1932:重回奥运会1968:第一次允许妇 女参加奥运射击比赛现状:稳步发展,1896奥运会只 有三项射击项目,现今有17项。 写作要求: 1)使用5个句子(含至少一个非谓语动词) 2) 结构准确,内容完整,结构连贯。

Practice makes perfect!

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