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Unit 6 复习
I. 单项填空 (共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 1. People didn’t know _________ during the night. A. what was happened B. what the murder happened C. what happened D. how the murder has happe

ned 2. _____ the police ______ any arrests? A. Have, made B. Has, made C. Are, made D. Is, made 3. One of the suspects is _________ schoolboy. A. a 18-year-old B. an 18-years-old C. a 18 years old D. an 18-year-old 4. The policeman is still not sure ______ the young man killed himself or was killed. A. if B. that C. whether D. weather 5. The kidnapping ________ between 9 p.m and 1 a.m. A. took place B. took the place C. took place of D. was taken place 6. If something is confirmed, it is _____. A. not sure B. not true C. proved to be true D. very hard to solve 7. Yesterday night someone ________ the shop and took away lots of watches. A. break out B. break up C. break off D. break into 8. — Do you know _____? — Sorry, I don’t know. You may ask the woman over there. A. when the shop opens B. when is the shop open C. when does the shop open D. when will the shop open 9. She _______ into the room, and got some money. Then she _______ shopping with her sister. A. come; goes B. went; came C. goes; come D. came; went 10. The young woman complained _____ the manager _____ the service there. A. of; to B. to; about C. of; about D. to; with Ⅳ. 填空与改错(共 25 小题;每小题 1 分,共 25 分) 46. The news was later _______ (证实)by the government. 47. If you find anything _______(异常), please tell the police at once. 48. Wherever you are, you can _______ (联系)me on this number. 49. The woman was so ______(恐惧的,惊吓的) that she couldn’t say anything. 50. It was said that a _______ (珠宝)shop had been robbed. 51. It is well-known that no ______(指纹) are the same in the world. 52. They met with a storm at sea. They had been _____(挣扎) until they were saved. B).根据句子意思,用括号中所给单词的正确形式填空 53. Her necklace has gone ______ (miss). 54. The witness was asked to give a ______ of the suspect. (describe) 55. Yesterday they________ (bring) me a new dictionary. 56. He was seen _______ his office at about 5:30, and after that, nobody knows where he has gone.(clean) 57. The hairdresser was charged with ______ the millionaire’s son.(kidnap) 58. The young superstar’s _______ is a great loss to the film industry. (die) 59. Does he have any criminal records for ________?(thief) 60.The policemen were checking the scene of the _____. (rob) C)从下面的方框中选择适当的词组并用其正确形式填入句子中,使句子意思完整与正确。: as a result, be guilty of, lead to, run out, be involved in

61. Do you know hard work______ success? 62. As the survey went on , more and more people _______ the case. 63. He worked hard. ______, he made great achievements. 64. Have the police arrested the man who _______ the murder? 65. Time is _______. We should take every chance. 阅读理解 Uncle Li and Uncle Wang are good friends. They live next to each other and their farms are both at the foot of the mountain. So they can help each other. But neither of them likes to use his head. They're both poor though they work hard. Most villagers have built new houses, but they still live in the low and broken houses. They never find out why. Once Uncle Li went to town to buy some medicine for his wife. In the town he heard the apples in a city were expensive. He told Uncle Wang about it as soon as he went back. They decided to carry some apples to the city. They borrowed some money from their friends and bought nearly 1,000 kilograms of apples in the villages and carried them to the city on a tractor. Bad luck! A lot of apples has already been carried there when they arrived. A few days later they had to sell them at a low price (价格)。They felt unhappy and returned to their village. "I can't understand why we sustained (蒙受) losses in business while others always profit (盈利)" Uncle Li asked one day. "The tractor was too small " Uncle Wang said without thinking. "We'll carry more apples on a truck next time!" "I agree!" said Uncle Li. "How foolish (傻的) we were !" ( )51. Uncle Li and Uncle Wang live in the low and broken houses because __________. A. they hope to save money B. they're both poor C. their farms are at the foot of the mountain D. they're not far from their farms ( )52. The two farmers carried the apples to the city to _________. A. make a journey B. visit some places of interest C. meet their friends D. make a profit ( )53. the tow farmers had to sell their apples at a low price because ________. A. theirs weren't as good as the others' B. theirs were much less than the others' C. a lot of apples had been already carried to the city D. they forgot to carry them on a truck ( )54. Uncle Li and Uncle Wang were unhappy because _________. A. they had sustained losses in business B. they had lost some money in the city C. something was wrong with the tractor D. other people profited in the city ( 55. Which of the following is true? A. The two farmers found out why they were poor. B. The two farmers will soon get rich. C. Neither of the farmers is clever. D. The two farmers decided to buy a truck. Ⅴ. 阅读填空(每小题1分,共10分) 根据短文内容及首字母提示,填写所缺的单词。将答案按序号填入下面的表格内。 Policemen were called by a shop early one Christmas morning. When they arrived, they found two burglars(破门偷盗者) were kept in a lift w__71___ a heavy box of money. The two men were in their twenties. They b____72___ into an office in the shop and t____73___ the money box and ran into the lift. They were in such a h__74____that they did not see the s___75___ on the door saying that it carried no more than two people. “They were trapped b____76___ the floors because they had a heavy box,” the police said, “they w___77___ there for six hours, sitting on what they hoped to be their Christmas p___78___. They were doing this at a time when people were at home for Christmas with their families. It was a very special m____79____ when the policemen opened the door and they walked out holding our arms. They said they had never been so p___80____ to see policemen.”The policemen said they were glad to see them too.

阅读理解 51—55BDCAC 1 6 Key: Ⅰ.1-5 CA DCA Ⅱ.11-15 CBADD 6-10 BBACB 16-20.CCABB 21-25.ADBAC 2 7 3 8 4 9 5 10

71. with 72. broke 73. took 74. hurry 75. sign 76. between 77. waited 78. present(s) 79. moment 80. pleased

Ⅲ. 26-30 BDDBC 31-35 CBA DC 36-40 DCABC 41-45 CACBC Ⅳ A)46. confirmed 47. unusual 48. contact 49. scared 50. jewellery 51. fingerprints 52. struggling B)53. missing 54. description 55. brought 56. cleaning 57. kidnapping 58. death 59. theft 60. robbery C) 61. leads to 62. were involved in 63. As a result 64. was guilty of 65.running out D) 66. C solved →worked out 67. D bleed→bled 68. C. well-pay→well paid 69.A high→highly 70. C lonely →alone Ⅴ. 71. with 72. broke 73. took 74. hurry 75. sign pleased Ⅵ. One possible version: My mother got along well with all our new neighbours except the man who lived next door. My mother said he didn’t look like a nice man. One day, when my mother came home from work, she realized that she had lost her new necklace which she had bought the day before. She was very worried. She wondered where she had been just then. She thought that perhaps the man who lived next door had stolen her necklace. We planned to call the police at once. Just then, someone was knocking at the door. It was the young man, our new neighbour. I was shocked that my mother’s necklace was in his hand. He told us that he found it at the doorway. And he thought it must be my mother’s. so he came to return it. Yes, that’s true. It is the necklace my mother lost. My mother was very thankful. She told our new neighbour that we could be good friends later. 76. between 77. waited 78. present(s) 79. moment 80.


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