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2012 年高考英语语法专题复习讲义(2)

高三英语语法专题复习讲义(2) Part 1 高考高频短语(2)
1. (2011浙江卷)12. He decided that he would drive all the way home instead of ______ at a hotel for the night. A. putting down B. putting off C. putting on D. putting up (2011福建卷)28.I’d prefer to____ my judgement until I find all the evidence. A.show B. express C.pass D.reserve (2011福建卷)31.Born into a family with three brothers, David was____ to value the sense of sharing. A.brought up B.turned down C.looked after D.held back (2011四川卷)7. To get a better grade, you should __________the notes again before the test. A. go over B. get over C. turn over D. take over (2011四川卷)14. I often _____ the words I don’t know in the dictionary or on the Internet. A. look up B. look at C. look for D. look into (2011辽宁卷)22. What are you doing out of bed, Tom? You're ______ to be asleep. A. supposed B. known C. thought D. considered ,

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

(2011辽宁卷)24. You are old enough to _____ your own living. A.win B. gain C. take D. earn 8. (2011辽宁卷)26. The exam results will be _____ on Friday afternoon. A. put down B. put off C. put up D. put away 9. (2011天津卷)6.I _______ a bank account after I made﹩1 000 by doing a part-time job during the summer vacation. A.borrowed B.opened C.entered D.ordered 10. (2011天津卷)8.She ________ an old friend of hers yesterday while she was shopping at the department store. A. turned down B. dealt with C. took after D. came across 11. (2011陕西卷)25.Some insects ________the colour of their surroundings to protect themselves. A. take in B. take off C. take on D. take out 12. The workers ______ the glasses and marked on each box “ This Side Up” (全国Ⅰ) A. carried A. attended B. delivered B. attained C. pressed C. attracted D. packed D. attached 13. Thousands of foreigners were______ to the Shanghai World Expo the day it opened. (10 江苏) 14. The experiment has_________ the possibility of the existence of any life on that planet, but it does not mean there is no life on other planets. A. found out harder. A. next to B. far from C. out of D. due to B. pointed out C. ruled out D. carried out 15. So far we have done a lot to build a low-carbon economy, but it is________ ideal. We have to work still

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.



2012 年高考英语语法专题复习讲义(2)

Part 3 Grammar: Subjunctive Mood(2)
虚拟情况 与现在事实相违背 与过去事实相违背 主句结构 ________________+ 动词原形 ________________+过去分词 从句结构


______________________ + 动词原形 ___________________________________

I Analysis

虚拟语气的其他情况 1. Should +do 型虚拟语气

It + be +形容词/ 名词 + that 从句("should + 动词原形"或是"动词原形")。

常见的形容词/ 名词: ____________________________________________________________, 例如: It is strange that he ______________( say) so .他居然会这样说,真是奇怪。 It is a great pity that you ____________( think) so . 他居然会这样想,真是一件憾事。 ? ? It is important that enough money _____ collected to get the project started. A. is B. be C must be D can be C. be arranged D. would be arranged It’s necessary that a meeting _____ before the final decision is made. A. will be arranged 2)主语从句 ? ? ? ? B. must be arranged

It + be +done + that 从句("should + 动词原形"或是"动词原形")。

It is _________that ?(根据命令、) , It is _____________that ? (人们要求??) It is _____________ that ? (有人建议??) , It is_______________ that ?(有人推荐??)

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.



南京群英学校 2010 年秋季班高二英语辅导讲义 13
It is ordered that all the troops (should) withdraw three miles away.

3) 在宾语从句中: 主语+ 原形")。

_______________(要求)+ that 从句("should + 动词 ______________(坚持), ____________(提议) _______________(推荐), _______________(建议) _________________(命令)

? ? ? ?

His mother insisted that he _____ the coat when going out. A. put on B. puts on C. to put D. putting on The doctor advised that Mr. Malan _____ an operation right away so as to save his life. A. had B. would have C. have A. finished B. be finished D. was going to have C. should finish D. finish The teacher demanded that the work _____ before 4 o’clock. --- What did the doctor say about your mother’s illness?--- He suggested that she _____ an operation at once. A. must have B. had C. have D. had had

Note ? ? You pale face suggests that you__________________(be) ill. I insisted that you______________________(be) wrong.

4) 在表语从句 The +n+be/look/seem+that 从句("should + 动词原形) 同位语从句 The +n + that 从句+ 谓语动词+。。 。。
常 用 名 词 : _____________ ( 建 议 ) ,____________ ( 提 议 ) , ____________ ( 命 令),___________(推荐) ,_______________(指示、指令)等等。例如: My idea is that we______________________________________.我的想法是让更多的人来参 加会议。 I make a proposal that ______________________________.我提了个建议,下周我们开个会。 ? ? ? It’s his suggestion made yesterday that we A. delaying A. would hold A. try ? __________________ (现在未能实现的愿望、 意愿) 主语+wish/would rather+that 从句 愿) (注意: wish 自身的时态并不影响从句谓语动词的形式。 )

the sports meeting. D. delay

B. delayed B. hold B. tries

C. must delay C held D. had held D. can try

I make a proposal that we ______________hold a meeting next week. His suggestion that you _____ once more sounds reasonable. C. must try

2. did 型虚拟语气

_________________ _________________

(过去未能实现的愿望、 意愿) (未来不大可能实现的愿望,意

南京群英学校 2010 年秋季班高二英语辅导讲义 13
Eg. I wish I _____________________as tall as you. 我希望和你一样高。 He wished he ________________ that. 他希望他没讲过那样的话。 I wish it _____________________ tomorrow. 我希望明天下雨就好了。 1). She wishes she _ __ to the theatre last night. A. went B. would go C. had gone D. were going 2). We wish we ___ _ what you did when we were at high school. A. did B. could have done A. has ? B. had C. have done D. should do D. had had 3) How I wish every family __ a large house with a beautiful garden! (2002 上海春) C. will have

在 If only?从句中: "If only?从句"表示一种愿望或是向往的假设, 其意义是"要是??
就好了"、"但愿??"。其谓语动词的虚拟式与 wish 后面宾语从句中谓语动词的虚拟式 相同。例如: If only she could _______________(understand) my real feelings now. If only my mother____________________-(survive) the disease and lived till now. If only he_________________( find) a satisfactory job after his graduation. If only I ______ there. a. have not been b. would not been c. will not be d. had

not been 比较 if only 与 only if 句式: I wake up ___________ the alarm clock rings. 只有闹钟响了,我才会醒。 If only the alarm clock ____________. If only he ________________ early. ? 的时候了"。例。 1) It is time that we )________________(ge)t ready for the final examination. 2) It is high time we _____ __ home. went 3) Let's finish our homework in a few seconds; it's time we __________. A. played football ? B. will play football C. play football D. are playing football 主语+谓语动词+as if /as though从句(与wish从句相同) He treated me as if I _______________ a stranger. 他那样对待我,好像我是陌生人似的。 1). He acted as if he ______ everything in the world. A. knew A. breaks B. knows C. has known D. won't know D. had been broken 2). When a pencil is partly in a glass of water, it looks as if it ____. B. has broken C. were broken A. will go B. would go C. have gone D. 当时闹钟响就好了。 但愿他早点回来。

It is (high) time that?从句中:( "过去式"/should+do)。 这个句型表达的意思是"该是??

II Practice
1.(2011 全国卷,32) They A.will B.can have arrived at lunchtime but their flight was delayed. C.must D.should

2.(2011 北京卷,28)——Where are the children? The dinner’s going to be completely ruined.


南京群英学校 2010 年秋季班高二英语辅导讲义 13
——I wish they A. weren’t always late. B. hadn’t been C. wouldn’t be D. wouldn’t have been

3(2011 天津卷,15)I ______ sooner but I didn’t know that they were waiting for me. A. had come B. was coming C. would come D. would have come

4.(2011 福建卷,34)——Pity you missed the lecture on nuclear pollution. ——I A.attended it, but I was busy preparing for a job interview. B.had attended C.would sttend D.would have attended

5.(2011 陕西卷,22)I__________through that bitter period without your generous help. A. couldn’t have gone B. didn’t go C. wouldn’t go D. hadn’t gone

6.(2011 江西卷 28)We _____John’s name on the race list yesterday but for his recent injury. A.will put B. will have put C. would put D. would have put

7. If only I _____ how to operate an electronic computer as you do. A. had known B. would know C. should know D. knew 8. He spoke in a quiet, distinct voice, as though his thought _____. A was far away B. had been far away C. were far away D. went far away. 9. It’s high time that we ___ to school. A. would to A. will to A. leave B. went B. is going to B. left C. go D. will go C. is to C. will leave D. were going to D. to leave

10. It seems as if it ___ rain.

11. I’d rather you ___ right away.

12. It is really strange that the girl ___ so early. A. has been married B. has married C. be married D. would marry 13. Look at the trouble I am in! If only I ___ your advice. (2003 上海春) A. followed B. would follow A. as though its culture. A. focus Competition. A. would not win B. would not have won C. would win D. would have won 18. Look at the trouble I am in! If only I ___ your advice. (2003 上海春) A. followed B. would follow C. had followed D. should follow

C. had followed D. should follow C. as D. since

14. The boy acted ____ he had never lived in Canada before. B. even if 16. George is going to talk about the geography of his country, but I’d rather he_______ more on B. focused C. would focus D. had focused the first prize in the English Writing

17(09 福建)But for the help of my English teacher, I

南京群英学校 2010 年秋季班高二英语辅导讲义 13
19. How I wish every family __ a large house with a beautiful garden! (2002 上海春) A. has B. had C. will have B.scored D. had had C.would score D.would have scored 20. He hesitated for a moment before kicking the ball, otherwise he ___a goal. (2001 上海春) A.had scored

Part 3 综合能力训练
(2011·全国 II)完形填空
There are times when people are so tired that they fall asleep almost anywhere. We can see there is a lot of sleeping on the bus or train on the __21____home from work in the evenings. A man will be__22____the newspaper, and seconds later it __23___ as if he is trying to ___24__it. Or he will fall asleep on the shoulder of the stranger___25__ next to him.___26___ place where unplanned short sleep __27__ is in the lecture hall where a student will start snoring(打鼾)so ___28____that the professor has to ask another student to___29___ the sleeper awake. A more embarrassing 尴尬) ( situation occurs when a student starts falling into sleep and the ___30___ of the head pushes the arm off the___31___, and the movement carries the__32___ of the body along. The student wakes up on the floor with no___33___ of getting there. The worst time to fall asleep is when __34___ . Police reports are full of ___35___ that occur when people fall into sleep and go__36_____ the road. If the drivers are ___37____ , they are not seriously hurt. One woman's car, ___38____ , went into the river. She woke up in four feet of __39____ and thought it was raining. When people are really ___40_____,nothing will stop them from falling asleep-----no matter where they are.

21. A. way 22. A. buying 23. A. acts 24. A. open 25. A. lying 26. A. Next 27. A. goes on 28. A. bravely

B. track B. folding B. shows B. eat B. waiting B. Every B. ends up B. happily

C. path C. delivering C. appears C. find C. talking C. Another C. lasts C. loudly

D. road D. reading D. sounds D. finish D. sitting D. One D. returns D. carelessly


南京群英学校 2010 年秋季班高二英语辅导讲义 13
29. A. leave 30. A. size 31.A. cushion 32. A. action 33. A. memory 34. A. thinking 35. A. changes 36. A. up 37. A. lucky 38. A. in time 39. A. dust 40. A. tired B. shake B. shape B. desk B. position B. reason B. working B. events B. off B. awake B. at first B. water B. drunk C. keep C. weight C. shoulder C. rest C. question C. walking C. ideas C. along C. calm C. as usual C. grass C. lonely D. watch D. strength D. book D. side D. purpose D. driving D. accidents D. down D. strong D. for example D. bush D. lazy

Part 1 Phrase: DDAAA Part 2 ADCBD C

1.【答案】 D【解析】考查虚拟语气的用法。句意为“他们本该午饭时到达,但他们的 航班推迟了。”will have done 将来可以完成;can have done 可能做过……吗?表示对过去 行为的怀疑,用于疑问句;must have done 一定做过某事,表示对过去事情的肯定推测;


南京群英学校 2010 年秋季班高二英语辅导讲义 13
should have done 本来应该做某事, 而实际没做。 their flight was delayed 这样的结果, but 说明他们本来该到达却没有到达,因此选 D。 2. 3【答案】 D【解析】考查虚拟语气的用法。句意为“我本来可以早点来,但我真不知 道他们在等我。 ”but I didn’t know 表示了过去时间,因此前句是对过去的虚拟,用主语 +should / would / could / might + have done 表达,故选 D。 4.【答案】 D【解析】考查虚拟语气的用法。句意为“——真可惜你错过了那场有关核 污染的讲座。——我本可以去听的,但我当时忙于工作面试。 ”对过去的虚拟,用主语 +should / would / could / might + have done 表达,故选 D。 5.【答案】 A【解析】考查虚拟语气的用法。句意为“没有你的慷慨帮助,我是不可能 度过那段痛苦的时期的。 ”that bitter period 表示过去的时间,对过去的虚拟语气用主语 +should / would / could / might + have done 表达,故选 A。 6.【答案】B【解析】考查虚拟语气的用法。句意为“要不是因为他最近受伤,我们本 应该把 John 的名字加进昨天的比赛名单中。”but for 是虚拟语气的提示,yesterday 表 示过去的时间。对过去的虚拟,用主语+should / would / could / might + have done 表 达,故选 B。
Part3 【答案】21----25ADCBD 26---30 CACBC 31----35BCADD 36---40BADBA


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