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【2014届高三一轮复习英语精品资料(新课标专用)Book3 Unit1 Word版含解析

Book 3

Unit 1 Festivals around the world

Ⅰ.语境填词 1.It is ________ (明显的) that you should ________ (道歉) to the old man. 2.On their ________ (到达) in London,a ________ (celebrate) was held by their friends to welcome them. 3 . The people in that country held the ________ (believe) that they would gain ________________ (独立) at last. 4.The __________ (愚人) got lost in the forest and ________ (饿死) to death. 5.These young men look very ________ (充满活力的).They often ________ (聚集) to climb mountains. Ⅱ.选词填空 keep one's word, play a trick on, look forward to, hold one's breath, have fun with, dress up 1.The day we have been ________________________ has come at last. 2.She ____________________ to visit him regularly. 3.We all ________________ while the teacher read the exam results. 4.They ________________ in ancient customs for the fancydress ball. 5.The children ________________________ their teacher on April Fool’s Day. 6.The children were ________ so much ________________ each other that I hated to call them inside. Ⅲ.完成句子 1.那个小男孩打算将来当一名医生。 That little boy ______________________________ in the future. 2.被许多年轻人所了解的那位歌手将来我们市了。 The singer,________________________________, is coming to our city. 3.很明显他们没有和平的诚意。 ________________ they had no desire for peace. 4.他在美国的时候研究医学。 ________________________ he studied medicine. 5.想到他可能会错过火车,他就打了出租车。 ________________________________________,he took a taxi. Ⅳ.单项填空 1.In the school,some fans even don’t know the ________ of jazz. A.origin B.original C.discovery D.resource 2.The leaders of the factory should apologize ________ the villagers ________ the water pollution. A.for;to B.to;for C.to;to D.for;for 3.On her 60th birthday ________,the president made an important speech to the whole nation. A.congratulations B.celebrations C.challenges D.corporations 4. Don’t ________ what the man says.Work hard and ________ yourself, and you’ll succeed one day. A.believe in;believe in B.believe;believe

C.believe;believe in D.believe in;believe 5.She said she wouldn’t do it,and she did keep her ________. A.words B.word C.saying D.speech 6.He walked slowly ________ he had hurt his leg. A.as though B.even though C.even if D.as to 7.The old man’s poor heart condition makes him ________ breath. A.short of B.full of C.short in D.filled with 8.________ I was shopping in the supermarket,I came across an old friend of mine. A.As soon as B.Since C.While D.Unless 9.________ is true ________ the manager’s daughter was injured in the accident. A.It;that B.As;that C.What;as D.That;that 10.________ to reach them on the phone,we sent an email instead. A.Fail B.Failed C.To fail D.Having failed

1.trick n.诡计,恶作剧;窍门;vt.欺骗,诈骗 【归纳拓展】 play a trick/tricks on/upon sb.捉弄某人 be up to one’s old tricks 故伎重演 trick sb.into doing sth.哄骗某人去做某事 trick sb.out of sth.骗取某人某物 Some politicians often use this trick.(2008· 全国Ⅱ,阅读理解 C) 一些政客常用这个伎俩。 【活学活用】 (1)Watch out for Joe;for he is up to ____________________ again. 小心乔,他又要耍旧花招了。 (2)The girls ________________________________ their teacher. 这些女孩子总是捉弄她们的老师。 (3)They had earned a lot of money together,so her partner tried to trick her________ her share. A.into B.on C.out of D.for 2.remind vt.提醒;使想起 【归纳拓展】 remind sb.to do sth.提醒某人做某事 remind sb.of...提醒某人……;使某人想起…… remind sb.that...提醒某人…… She reminded me that I hadn’t written to mother. 她提醒我还没给母亲写信。 【活学活用】 (1)That ________________________ the happy days I had spent there. 那件事使我想起我在那里度过的快乐日子。

(2)The sight of the clock________ me that I was twenty minutes late for the interview. A.informed B.noticed C.reminded D.suggested 3.admire vt.钦佩;羡慕;赞美 ________ n.钦佩;羡慕 ________ adj.可钦佩的 【归纳拓展】 admire sb.for sth.因某事钦佩某人 admire sb.as...钦佩某人是…… express admiration of 表示赞美、夸奖 Fight in the snow with your kids,walk beside a stream or climb to a high place and admire the view.(2009· 上海,阅读理解 B) 和你的孩子们在雪地里打雪仗,在小溪边散步,或者爬上高地去欣赏风景(都是一种乐 趣)。 【活学活用】 (1)I have to ________________________ her persistence. 我不得不佩服王楠那种坚韧的精神。 (2)The school is widely ________________ its excellent teaching. 这所学校教学优秀,远近称誉。 (3)We ________ the old scientist ________ his contributions ________ the country. (2011· 天水调研) A.admire;for;to B.admire;at;to C.respect;on;for D.respect;on;at 4.apologize v.道歉 ________ n.道歉 【归纳拓展】 apologize to sb.for sth.因为某事向某人道歉 apologize to sb.that...向某人道歉…… make an apology to sb.for sth.因某事向某人道歉 owe/give/offer sb.an apology 应向某人道歉 The fact that she never apologizes says a lot about what kind of person she is.(2008· 山东, 28) 她从不道歉这个事实就清楚地表明了她是一个什么样的人。 【活学活用】 (1)________________________ what I said—it was a fair comment. 我没有为自己说过的话道歉,我的评论是公正的。 (2)I apologized ________________________ her foot.我因踩了她的脚而向她道歉。 (3)—Have you made an apology ____________ him ________ breaking his MP5? —Yes,I did yesterday.(2010· 黄冈统考) A.for;to B.to;to C.for;for D.to;for 5.in memory of 纪念;追念 【归纳拓展】 have a good/poor memory for...对……记忆力好/差 in search of 寻找 in honor of 为表达敬意 in favor of 支持 She has a good memory for dates. 她对日期有很好的记忆力。

【活学活用】 (1)The committee came out ________________ the minister’s proposals. 委员会决定支持部长的建议。 (2)They started off at once________ the missing girl. A.in praise of B.in search of C.in favor of D.in place of 6.turn up 出现,到场;调高(音量) 【归纳拓展】 turn away 不准进入;拒绝;打发走 turn down 拒绝;(声音等)调小 turn out 生产,制造;证明是;结果是 as it turned out 果然如此 She turned up at the doorstep of my house in Cornwall.(2010· 北京,阅读理解 A) 她出现在我在康沃尔的家门口了。 【活学活用】 (1)The hall was full,and hundreds of fans had to ________________________. 大厅内挤满了人,数百名歌迷不得不被拒之门外。 (2)—What are you reading,Tom? —I’m not really reading,just________ the pages.(2011· 平凉月考) A.turning off B.turning around C.turning over D.turning up 7.hold one’s breath 屏息;屏气 【归纳拓展】 take/draw a deep breath 深呼吸 out of breath 气喘吁吁 catch one’s breath 屏息;歇口气 in the same breath 同时;异口同声地 Alice held her breath.In the soft light inside the car,something moved. (2010· 江西,完形填空) 艾丽斯屏住呼吸。在车内柔和的光线中,有东西在动。 【活学活用】 (1)We ______________________ while Mr.Evans read the exam results. 埃文斯先生宣读考试成绩时,我们都屏息静听。 (2)When he dashed back,he was already ________________. 当他冲回来时,已经是上气不接下气了。 (3)Eric came running into the room,________. A.out of breath B.under his breath C.in the same breath D.taking a deep breath 8.have fun 玩得开心,作乐,玩乐 【归纳拓展】 for/in fun=out of fun 开玩笑地,不是认真的 make fun of sb.? ? 嘲弄,取笑 laugh at ? have fun ?

? ? 玩得开心 ? have a good time?
enjoy oneself

(1)I’m not saying it for/in fun.

我讲这话不是开玩笑的。 (1) So don’t feel sorry for the disabled or make fun of them. 因此不要可怜残疾人,或者取笑他们。 【活学活用】 (1)For me it was like a holiday because we were going to ________________ all day long.(2010· 重庆,阅读理解 B) 对我来说,这就像一个假期,因为我们打算高高兴兴地玩一整天。 (2)—We will go to Beijing for our holidays next week. —________ A.Go ahead,please. B.Have fun. C.Good luck. D.Help yourself. 9.Some festivals are held to honour the dead or satisfy the ancestors,who might return either to help or to do harm. 译文 ___________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 句式提取:either...or... either...or... 连 接 句 子 中 两 个 并 列 的 成 分 , 意 为 “ 或 者 …… 或 者 …… ; 不 是 …… 就 是……”;若连接两个主语时,其谓语动词应与最近的一个主语在人称和数上保持一致,即 取“就近原则”。 【活学活用】 (1)When the girl is happy,she ____________________.那个女孩高兴时,不是唱就是跳。 (2)________________________ going there tomorrow.明天要么你去那里, 要么我去那里。 (3)It is ____________________ by the gases in the upper atmosphere. (2008· 江苏,阅读理解 B) 它要么被大气层上部的空气反射要么被吸收。 (4)I’m either to be given a chance or________ there.(2010· 长春统考) A.go B.going C.to go D.gone 10. It was obvious that the manager of the coffee shop was waiting for Li Fang to leave... 译文 ___________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 句式提取:It is+adj./n.+that 从句 句式中的 it 是形式主语,真正的主语是 that 引导的从句。 常用于这一句式的形容词:possible,strange,natural,important... 常用于这一句式的名词:a pity,a fact,an idea,an honour,no wonder... 当形容词为 important/necessary/possible/better/best 等,名词为 suggestion/advice/proposal 时,that 从句的谓语动词常用 should+动词原形,而 should 可以省略。 【活学活用】 (1)________________ that he will live to 90. 他一定能活到 90 岁。 (2)______________ that we will go skating this Sunday.本周日我们去滑冰,这是个好主 意。 (3)________________________ we (should) master at least one foreign language. 我们有必要掌握至少一门外语。 (4)—Things in the market are getting more expensive now. —It’s________ that the prices will continue to________.(2011· 拉萨统考) A.certain;rise up B.certain;go up C.sure;raise D.sure;be raised up

[写作句型公式] 1. There be 句型: There seems to be, There happens to be, There used to be, There is likely to be,There have been/has been 等。 There seems/appears to be much hope of our team winning the match. 我们队赢得比赛好像有很大希望。 2.There be 句型的独立主格结构作状语。 There being no buses,we had to walk home. =Because there were no buses,we had to walk home. 由于没有公交车,我们不得不走着回家。 3.There be 句型的非谓语形式。 It is common for there to be a generation gap between parents and children. 孩子和家长之间存在代沟是普遍现象。 What is the chance of there being a general election this year? 今年举行大选的可能性有多大? [日常交际用语] 21.absolutely:to say that you completely agree with someone 正是;当然 Oh,yes,absolutely!I think it’s a great idea. 噢,当然!我看这绝对是个好主意。 22.as you see it:according to someone’s opinion of a situation 依某人的观点 As they see it,I’m the one to blame. 他们认为该被怪罪的是我。

课前准备区 Ⅰ.1.obvious;apologize 2.arrival;celebration 3.belief;independence 4.fool;starved 5.energetic;gather Ⅱ.1.looking forward to 2.kept her word 3.held our breath 4.dressed up 5.played a trick on 6.having;fun with Ⅲ.1.is meant to be a doctor 2.known by many young people 3.It was obvious 4.While he was in America 5.Thinking that he might miss the train Ⅳ.1.A [origin 意为“起源”,符合句意。] 2.B [apologize to sb.for sth.意为“因某事向某人道歉”。]

3.B [celebrations 在本句中的意思为“庆祝活动”。] 4.C 任”之意。] 5.B [keep one’s word 为固定搭配,意为“守信用”。] 6.A [as though 意为“好像,仿佛”。] 7.A [short of breath 呼吸急促,喘不过气来。] 8.C [while 引导状语从句,意为“正当……的时候”。] 9.A [本句为 it 用作形式主语句型,真正的主语为 that 引导的主语从句。] 10.D [考查非谓语动词,having failed 是现在分词的完成式,表主动。] 课堂活动区 1.活学活用 (1)his old tricks (2)were always playing tricks on (3)C [句意为:他们在一起挣了很多钱,因此她的同伴试图骗取她的份额。trick sb.out [believe sb./what sb.say(s)意为“相信某人/某人的话”;而 believe in 为“信赖,信

of sth.骗取某人某物。] 2.活学活用 (1)reminded me of (2)C [此处意为“表提醒我,面试我迟到了 20 分钟”;remind sb.that...提醒某人……。] 3.admiration;admirable 活学活用 (1)admire Wang Nan for (2)admired for (3)A [admire sb.for sth.因某物羡慕某人;contribution 后用介词 to。故选 A 项。] 4.apology 活学活用 (1)I made no apology for (2)to her for stepping on (3)D [make an apology to sb.for doing sth.因做某事向某人道歉,为固定用法。] 5.活学活用 (1)in favour of (2)B [由 the missing girl“失踪的女孩”可知,应选 in search of“寻找”。] 6.活学活用 (1)be turned away (2)C [由语境可知,下句句意为:我不是在真的阅读,只是在随便翻翻。turn over 翻 转,符合句意。] 7.活学活用 (1)held our breath (2)out of breath (3)A [由前面 running into the room 可知,应是“气喘吁吁”,故选 A 项,介词短语作 状语。] 8.活学活用 (1)have fun (2)B [Have fun.祝你玩得开心。常用于口语,向对方的娱乐活动表示祝愿。] 9.有些节日,是为了纪念死者,或者使祖先得到满足,因为祖先们有可能回到世上(给

人们)提供帮助,也有可能带来危害。 活学活用 (1)either sings or dances (2)Either you or I am (3)either reflected or absorbed (4)C [either...or 连接两个并列成分,either 后为不定式,or 后也应是不定式。] 10.很明显,咖啡店的经理在等李芳离开…… 活学活用 (1)It’s certain (2)It’s a good idea (3)It is necessary that (4)B [sure 的主语必须是人,故排除 C、D 两项,且 rise=go up,故选 B 项。]

Ⅰ.单项填空(建议用时 8′) 1.A growing anxiety is disturbing the public________ the economy will continuously decline. A.which B.that C.why D.where 2.This book tells ________ life story of John Smith,who left ________ school and worked for a newspaper at the age of 16.(2011· 黄冈模拟) A.the;the B.a;the C.the;/ D.a;/ 3.________ tricks________ others is something we should never do. A.Play;on B.Playing;on C.Take;of D.Taking;of 4.—Excuse me,could you tell me where I could make a call? —Sorry,I’m a stranger here. —________. A.Thanks a lot B.That’s a pity C.Thanks anyway D.I’m sorry to hear that 5.The story________ me of an experience I once had in the forest.(2011· 青岛模拟) A.mentioned B.informed C.reminded D.recalled 6.I ________ her,but I never could. A.ought to help B.must help C.must have helped D.ought to have helped 7.After she made herself up,she ________ herself in the mirror.(2011· 东营调研) A.found B.admired C.showed D.enjoyed 8.I owe her an apology ________ what I said yesterday. A.for B.to C.of D.with 9.This is a book________ the construction workers. A.in need of B.in praise of C.in case of D.in search of 10.None of us expected the chairman to________ at the party.We thought he was still in hospital. A.turn in B.turn over C.turn up D.turn down 11.Jack________ and then dived into the water. A.held his breath B.took a deep breath C.caught his breath D.was out of breath 12.This is not a match.We’re playing chess just for________. A.habit B.hobby C.fun D.game 13.________ worries me is the way he keeps changing his mind. A.This B.That C.What D.It 14.In some parts of London,missing a bus means________ for another hour. (2010· 威海统考) A.waiting B.to wait C.wait D.to be waiting

15.She looks forward every spring to________ the flowerlined garden. A.visit B.paying a visit C.walk in D.walking in Ⅱ.完形填空(建议用时 17′)

It is a very interesting story that I heard. A young man longing to __16__ the beautiful daughter of a farm owner came one day to the __17__ to make the proposal(求婚). The farm owner looked at him __18__,saying, “All right.Let’s go to my pasture(牧场). I’ll __19__ three bulls one by one.If you can catch any one’s __20__,you’re qualified to marry my daughter.” Then they came together to the pasture.The young man stood waiting __21__ for the first bull to appear.A few minutes later the cattle shed(牛棚) opened and a bull rushed out __22__ him.It was the largest and ugliest bull he had ever seen.He thought maybe the __23__ one would be better,so he stepped aside to let it __24__ the pasture to the back gate of the shed. The shed __25__ again and the second bull came rushing out.It was not only very big but also unusually __26__.It stood with its hoofs (蹄子) kicking and its throat muttering (咕噜). “How terrible it is! The next cannot be as __27__ as this.” He was so scared that he hurried to __28__ behind the railings (栏杆).It rushed away to the back gate. Soon afterwards,the shed opened for the third bull to come out.__29__ it,the young man became very happy.It was not only small in __30__ but also thin and weak in strength—the __31__ type of a bull for him.When it rushed toward him he was ready to __32__.With a jump he stretched his hands to catch its tail but __33__ —it simply had no tail at all. It goes without saying that the young man __34__ to marry the farmer’s beautiful daughter.He had been given __35__,but they had all gone in a flash.(2011· 济南模拟) 16.A.meet B.know C.date D.marry 17.A.farm B.village C.town D.country 18.A.up and down B.here and there C.again and again D.little by little 19.A.set out B.give out C.let out D.take out 20.A.head B.leg C.body D.tail 21.A.anxiously B.sadly C.happily D.patiently 22.A.from B.over C.upon D.toward 23.A.last B.next C.other D.another 24.A.cross B.pass C.leave D.enter 25.A.closed B.locked C.opened D.turned 26.A.fierce B.gentle C.lovely D.cruel 27.A.exciting B.surprising C.frightening D.amazing 28.A.fall B.sit C.wait D.hide 29.A.Looking at B.Seeing C.Watching D.Observing 30.A.size 31.A.just 32.A.act 33.A.in astonishment B.length B.very B.behave B.in ange C.weight C.only C.run C.in trouble D.number D.quite D.perform D.in vain

34.A.tried 35.A.luck

B.decided B.chances

C.failed C.bulls

D.managed D.time

Ⅲ.阅读理解(建议用时 8′) Bedford Castle: The Home of Bedfordshire Royalty

Bedfordshire had its fair share of royal visits from the early stages of the 10th century onwards and the importance that the county placed on this is evident in the monuments,country houses,churches and any number of other structures that are still present there to this day.Bedford Castle is one of those structures and,although it is nowhere near its former glory today,it is an essential attraction to visit if you really want to grasp what its heritage means to the county! Bedford Castle was built initially as a fortress (要塞) to help protect Bedfordshire on the south of the River Ouse after the people in the local towns and villages had already been subdued.It was built in 919 on the orders of King Edward the Elder,although it was destroyed by a Danish invasion years later.This was when it was rebuilt as the castle,of which the ruins exist today! There is a long history behind the castle that involves several kings as a result of the Duke of Bedford being a devoted royalist (保皇党).Bedford Castle repeatedly offered the kings of England refuge (避难所) against various storms in the form of attacks from abroad and various domestic threats against them, and this is where much of its fame lies, even though the castle itself is no longer there.There are various tours of the ruins that you can take when you visit though and all of the guides are extremely knowledgeable.They will happily tell you tales of the mound and the castle that preceded (先于) it. The mound is open to the public all year round and is a proud part of the area’s heritage.It is recommended that the majority of people should visit Bedfordshire because it tells you much about why the county is currently how it is.You can view the river from the mound and the surrounding settlements as well as the remains of the castle,and every moment spent there is worth it,so enjoy the history and the very nature of the county itself! 36.What do we know from the first paragraph? A.The royals pay regular visits to Bedfordshire. B.Bedfordshire has a history of about 10 centuries. C.Most of the ancient buildings are in use today. D.Bedford Castle represents the heritage in the county. 37.The underlined word “initially” in Paragraph 2 probably means ________. A.first of all B.at the beginning C.for one particular purpose D.for a short time 38.The kings of England came to Bedford Castle ________. A.to seek temporary protection B.to visit the Duke of Bedford C.to enjoy the beauty of nature D.to escape from the bad weather 39.Why are visitors recommended to visit Bedfordshire? A.It is the major heritage in that region. B.It reflects the history of Bedfordshire. C.The ancient castle is well worth visiting. D.The castle is still in good condition.

40.The purpose of writing the text is ________. A.to introduce Bedford Castle B.to tell the history of Bedfordshire C.to attract tourists to Bedfordshire D.to show where the kings used to go

Ⅰ.单项填空 1.B [考查名词性从句。that 在句中引导同位语从句与前面的 anxiety 构成同位语, 解释说明前面的 anxiety 的内容。] 2.C [前一空表特指,故用定冠词;leave school 意思是“离校,毕业”,不用冠词。] 3.B [play tricks on...固定搭配,此处为动名词短语作主语。] 4.C 5.C [remind sb.of sth.使某人想起某事。] 6.D [ought to have done 本应该做某事而没有做。] 7.B [admire oneself in the mirror 照镜子,为固定搭配。] 8.A [为……而向某人道歉,用 for。] 9.B [in praise of 赞美。] 10.C [turn up 出现。] 11.B [由常识可知,跳水前应是先做“深呼吸”,故选 B 项。] 12.C [for fun 娱乐;不是认真的。] 13.C [what worries me 为主语从句,且 what 在从句中作主语。] 14.A [mean to do sth.打算做某事;mean doing sth.意味着……。] 15.D [look forward to 中的 to 是介词,后用动名词形式;pay a visit 后应加 to。] 得分策略 得分点 10:辨清分隔问题,避免误选失分 [经典例题] The chance came last year ________ I could go to visit China with my parents. A.that B.when C.which D.where 错因分析 有些考生把空格后面的句子看作定语从句,从而误选 B。其实,后面的句子 是主语“The chance”的同位语,因此正确答案选 A。 [得分笔记] 在英语中,主语部分太长,而谓语部分较短时,为了避免“头重脚轻”的 现象,将主语中的修饰部分移到谓语部分之后,从而使句子平衡。本句的正常语序是 “The chance that I could go to visit China with my parents came last year.”。 Ⅱ.完形填空 16.D 儿。] 17.A [从常识可知,农场主的女儿肯定生活在 farm(农场)。] 18.A [农场主上下(up and down)打量这个年轻人。] 19.C [农场主告诉年轻人他会一头一头地放出(let out)三头公牛,只要年轻人能抓住 任何一头牛的尾巴,他就把女儿嫁给她。] 20.D [从 33 空所在句子可知,年轻人要抓的是牛尾巴,故用 tail。] [从下文的 make the proposal 可知,这个年轻人想要娶(marry)农场主漂亮的女

21.A [根据上下文可知,年轻人焦急地(anxiously)等着第一头公牛的出现。] 22.D [几分钟后,一头牛朝他冲过来,介词用 to/toward。] 23.B [这是他见过的最大、最丑的一头牛。年轻人想下一头可能会好点儿。这里 the next one 表示“下一头牛”。] 24.A [年轻人不去抓第一头牛,让它穿过(cross)牧场。] 25.C opened。] 26.A [但第二头牛又高大又凶猛(fierce)。] 27 . C [年轻人想第二头牛真是太可怕了,下一头(第三头)应该不会这么可怕 (frightening)。] 28.D [他害怕得匆忙躲(hide)在了栏杆后面。] 29.B [很快第三头牛出来了,看到(seeing)它,年轻人很高兴。] 30.A [这头牛不仅体型小,而且力气小。与前面两头牛相比,第三头牛体型小,故 用 size“大小”。] 31.B [此处 very 是形容词,“the very+名词”表示强调,意为“正是……”。这里指正 是适合他的牛。] 32.A [牛冲过来时,年轻人准备行动了。act 采取行动。] 33.D [但他没有抓住尾巴,因为这头牛没有尾巴,一切都是徒劳。in vain 徒劳地。] 34.C [fail to do sth.没能做到某事。] 35.B [给了他机会(chances),他没有抓住,机会稍纵即逝。] 得分策略 做完形填空题时应从哪几个方面来考虑,平时练习需要注意什么? 完形填空题主要从四个方面设空:词法:主要考查考生对词义辨析、各种词的搭配及习 惯用法的掌握程度; 句法: 主要考查考生对所学基本语法的掌握程度及运用能力; 行文逻辑: 主要考查考生把握上下文逻辑关系及整体阅读的能力; 文章主旨: 主要考查考生理解文章的 表层含义及深层含义的能力。 [经典例题] A young man was getting ready to graduate from college.For many months he had 36(admired) a beautiful sports car in a dealer’s showroom, and 37(knowing) his father could well 38(afford) it,he told him that was all he wanted. On the morning of his graduation day his father called him into his own study and told him how 39(proud) he was to have such a fine son.He handed his son a beautiful gift box.__40__ but slightly disappointed,the young man 41(opened) the box and found a lovely book. 40.A.Nervous B.Serious C.Careful D.Curious 答案解析 D 考查行文逻辑。文章第一段提到年轻人希望得到 “a beautiful sports car”,但父亲把他叫到书房却给了他一个漂亮的礼盒,因此这里表示他感到“好奇但又有点 失望”。nervous 焦虑的;serious 严肃的;careful 精心的,均不符合行文逻辑。 Ⅲ.阅读理解 36.D 表。] [细节理解题。根据第一段的最后一句话可知,参观贝德福德城堡可以使我们 了解贝德福德郡的遗产对该郡意味着什么。由此可见,贝德福德城堡是该郡遗产的主要代 [根据上文判断,第一头牛过去了,第二头牛要出来,牛棚肯定又要开了,用


[词义猜测题。根据第二段可知,King Edward the Elder 下令建造 Bedford

Castle,起初它是作为军事要塞用的,后来被丹麦入侵者毁掉了。画线单词 initially 意为“起 初,开始”,故选 B 项。] 38.A [推理判断题。根据第三段可知,在历史上,贝德福德公爵是忠心耿耿的保皇 党, 所以,每当国王遭到来自国内外敌人的攻击时, 他们都会来到贝德福德城堡寻求庇护。] 39.B [推理判断题。根据最后一段的第二句可知,人们被推荐参观贝德福德郡,因为 它可以使游客了解当地的历史。] 40.A [写作意图题。根据全文内容可知,文章的写作目的是介绍英国贝德福德郡的 一个古代城堡遗址:贝德福德城堡。] 得分策略 在阅读理解中遇到词义猜测题,如何进行猜测?(二) 2.掌握并利用构词法知识进行猜测 合成法: 合成词是由两个或两个以上的单词构成的。 遇到这类生词时可根据合成法来猜 测词义。英语的合成词有合成形容词、合成名词、合成动词等。 派生法:即在词根的基础上加上前缀、后缀,便可构成另一单词。只要掌握了词根和前 后缀的意义,就可猜测出它们组成的新词的词义。 转化法:指词类的互相转化,如名词转化为动词、形容词转化为动词、动词转化为名词。如 better 是 good 或 well 的比较级形式,意为“较好的”,而转化为动词后则意为“改善”。

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