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book1 unit5 Nelson Mandela-- a modern hero

Unit 5 Nelson Mandela — a modern hero
I. 单项填空 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 1. Mary cut the cake into four ________ pieces so that each of her four children could get one piece of the same size. A. correct B. equal C. proper D. small

2. It’s not good for children to see films with too much ________ in them. A. violence B. strength C. power D. force

3. Peter got a new bike from his parents as a (n) ________ for passing his exam. A. pay B. prize C. reward D. award

4. The fisherman ________ being drowned when he was saved by a passing ship. A. risked B. feared C. considered D. escaped

5. The last place ________ we visited that day was the Summer Palace. A. which B. that C. where D. it

6. His father works in a factory ________ bicycles are made. A. that B. which C. where D. there

7. I’ll never forget the days ________ we worked together. A. when B. that C. which D. where

8. This is the best hotel in the town ________ I know. A. which B. that C. where D. it

9. The professor and his achievements ________ you told me about are admired by all his students. A. which B. who C. that D. whose

10. I’ll show you a store ________ you can buy all ________ you need. A. in which; / II. 完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳 选项。 In the human history, struggles for all kinds of rights have never stopped. First there was the struggle of 1 people in America who fought for their rights. After the American Civil

B. where; which

C. which; that

D. that; that

War, slavery was did not want to people had to 4 6


. Slaves were now


people by law, but the southern states 5 black

black people their rights. For more than a hundred to be given the right to vote, choose 8 7

to live, study and black Americans in

work. Martin Luther King, Jr., who was a great freedom fighter, their struggles for their rights. At about the same time the There was a time when 10 9

movements for the rights of the weaker sex started. 11 12 or choose rights.

had no right to vote, could not go to

their jobs. In the nineteenth century, women all over the world started to ask for In 13

times there are still organizations that fight for the rights of children,

people with AIDS and prisoners. There are also action groups that struggle for the rights of plants, 14 , the oceans and the earth. There are already people 15 whether we should

fight for the rights of robots and machines. 1. A. white 2. A. respected 3. A. free 4. A. take 5. A. days 6. A. ask 7. A. where 8. A. stopped 9. A. national 10. A. women 11. A. streets 12. A. big 13. A. past 14. A. insects 15. A. wondering III. 完成句子 B. black B. discussed B. happy B. put B. weeks B. fight B. how B. prevented B. international B. men B. stores B. small B. old B. birds B. discovering C. rich C. started C. sad C. give C. months C. rebel C. when C. watched C. regional C. old people C. squares C. rich C. modern C. fish C. imagining D. poor D. ended D. bad D. return D. years D. threat D. why D. led D. personal D. children D. universities D. equal D. future D. animals D. writing


1. Only then ____________________ our dream of making black and white people equal. (achieve) 直到那时我们才实现使黑人和白人平等的梦想。

2. Once he has made up his mind, nothing can ________________________ the organization. (stop; join) 一旦他下定决心,没有事情人阻止他加入这个组织。 3. The thief _________________________ after he was caught by the police. (prison) 在被警察抓住之后,这个小偷被投入了监狱。 4. The year of 1949 ___________________ the foundation of the People’s Republic of China. (see) 1949 年见证了中华人名共和国的成立。 5. The terrorists __________________ many government buildings in the last three months. (blow) 在过去的三个月,恐怖分子炸毁了许多政府的办公楼。 6. Only when I left my parents for Italy ______________________ how much I loved them. (realize) 只有当我离开父母去意大利,我才意识到我是多么爱他们。 7. The two drivers could do nothing but ____________________________ the truck. (turn) 那两个司机什么也不能做,除了轮流开车。 8. I ____________________ telling her the truth. (equal) 告诉她事实,我感到胜任不了。 9. ---- I wonder if I could use your telephone. ---- Sorry, __________________________. (order) ---- 我想知道我是否可以用你的电话。 ---- 对不起,电话出故障了。 10. This is the hotel __________________________ last month. (stay) 这是他上个月住的旅馆。 11. You are lucky to ___________________________. (escape) 你逃过了惩罚,真幸运。 12. His _______________________ is plain to see. (devotion) 他对音乐的献身精神是平常可见的。 13. You __________________________ even though you failed this time. (lose) 即使这次失败了你也不应给灰心。 14. In her opinion, the thief should ________________________________. (sentence) 在她看来,小偷应该被判死刑。 15. He ____________________________________ being the best singer. (award) 他作为最佳歌手被授予一等奖。 IV. 汉译英 用定语从句将下列汉语译成英语(1--5)。

1. 这是我所看过的最好的电影。 ____________________________________________________________________________ 2. 水是一种液体,其沸点是摄氏 100 度。 ____________________________________________________________________________ 3. 他们在出发前买了一张地图,没那张地图他们会迷路的。 ____________________________________________________________________________ 4. 我住了十年的房子已拆除。 ____________________________________________________________________________ 5. 我们把野炊推迟到下星期,那时天气会不错。 ____________________________________________________________________________ 6. 他们砸开了门,从失火的房子里设法逃了出来。(escape) _________________________________________________________________________ 7. 这座老房子曾经有过很风光的日子。(see) ___________________________________________________________________________ 8. 第一次遇到她的时候,她就给我留下了很好的印象。(the first time) ____________________________________________________________________________ 9. 只有我们再次研究了这些数据后才意识到其中有一个严重错误。(only) _____________________________________________________________________________ 10. .那个国家自从 1964 年独立以来该党一直在执政。(in power) ______________________________________________________________________________ V. 短语翻译 1.丧失勇气或信心 _________________ 3.把?投入监狱 ____________________ 5.失业 ____________________________ 7.爆炸;使充气______________________ 9.设立;建立 _______________________ 11.愿意做某事_____________________ 13. 建议某人做某事________________ 15.为做某事而自豪__________________ 2.处于困难中_______________ 4.担心_____________________ 6.事实上____________________ 8.当权;上台_________________ 10.被判处徒刑_______________ 12.积极从事_________________ 14.继续做某事_______________


VI. 填上合适的关系代词或关系副词。 1.I still remember the time _____ we stayed together. 2. I still remember the time _____ we spent in Beijing. 3.The reason _____he told a lie was unknown to all.. 4. .The reason _____he explained in the meeting was known to all.. 5.The house ______ Lu Xun once lived has become a place of interest. 6.The room _______ we had a party was dusty. 7.The school _____ I learned judo was very large. 8.The school ______they are building is very large. 9.This is the pen ______I wrote the letter with. 10.This is the hero _____ we are proud of. VII. 填上合适的介词使句子完整。 1.This is the book ____ which I paid 10 yuan. 2.I remember the day ____ which I first came to this school. 3.He was generous with time, _____ which I was grateful. 4.The person _____ whom I lived was a good friend of mine. 5.The house ______ which I was staying was far away from my work. 6.The address ______ which all my letters were sent was South Africa. 7.The company _____ which I worked was founded five years ago. 8.The team _____ which I did research is the best in China. 9. The person ______ whom Tom turned for help was Johnson. 10.This is the book ____which I spent 10 yuan.


Unit 5 Nelson Mandela — a modern hero 参考答案
I. 单项填空 1. B 根据后面 of the same size 可知:蛋糕是分成“相等的”四份。 2. A 儿童不宜看过分暴力的电影。①strength 表示力气。②power 表示权力,电力。③force 表示外力,自然力。 3. C reward 奖励;prize 和 award 则表示预先设的奖金或奖项。 4. D ①escape doing sth. 表示“逃脱· · · · · · 的命运” 。②risk doing sth. 表示“冒险去做· · · · · · ” 。 ③consider doing sth. 表示“考虑做· · · · · · ” 。 5. B 先行词 place,是在定语从句中做 visited 的宾语,并引导定语从句,所以不用 where, 因为 place 有 last 修饰,所以不用关系代词 which。 6. C factory 在定语从句中做状语。 7. A days 是先行词,关系副词 when 在定语从句中做状语。 8. B 定语从句 I know 修饰先行词 hotel,关系代词在定语从句中做 know 的宾语, 因为先行 词 hotel 有 the best 修饰,所以不用 which。 9. C 定语从句 you told me about 的先行词既有人 the professor,又有物 his achievements, 所以关系代词用 that。 10. A 修饰先行词 store 的定语从句中可用关系副词 where,也可以用“介词+关系代词” 形式 in which 做状语;另外一个定语从句 you need 中,关系代词 that 做宾语,可以省略。 II. 完形填空 1. B 文章第一段讲美国“黑人”为了自由和平等而进行的斗争,所以选 B。 2. D 美国内战结束后奴隶制度被“废除”了,所以选 D。 3. A 美国黑奴在法律上是“自由”了,所以选 A。 4. C 南方各州不愿“给”黑人应得的权利,所以选 C。 5. D 美国黑人的斗争持续了 “一百多年” , 而不是一百天或一百星期或一百个月, 所以选 D。 6. B 美国黑人只得通过“斗争”获得平等。rebel 反叛;threat 威胁,意思不符,所以选 B。 7. A 美国黑人希望有选择“居住地”等的权利,所以选 A。 8. D Martin Luther King, Jr. “领导”美国黑人进行斗争,所以选 D。 9. B 妇女解放运到是“世界范围的” ,所以选 B。 10. A 这段讲“妇女解放运动” ,上句中的 the weaker sex 指的就是“女性” ,所以选 A。 11. D 从四个选项看只有“大学”在当时不招收女性,所以选 D。 12. D 妇女是为了争取和男子“平等的”权利而斗争,所以选 D。 13. C 第三段讲的是“现在的”一些组织和个人为一些弱势群体的权利和保护环境而做的努 力,所以选 C。 14. D 与 plants 相对应的是 animals,所以选 D。 15. A 只有 wonder 可表示“在‘考虑’是否应该争取机器人和机器的权利” ,所以选 A。 III.完成句子 1. did we achieve / realize 2. stop him from joining 3. was put / thrown into prison 4. Saw 5. have blown up 6. did I realize 7. take turns to drive 8. do not feel equal to 9. it’s out of order 10. where he stayed 11. escape punishment/ escape being punished 12. devotion to music 13. shouldn’t lose heart 14. be sentenced to death 15. was awarded the first prize for IV. 汉译英 1. This is the best film that I have ever seen. 2. Water is a liquid, whose boiling point is 100 degrees centigrade.

3. They bought a map before starting out, without which they would get lost. 4. The house where / in which I lived for ten years has been pulled down. 5. We put off the picnic till next week, when the weather will be fine. 6. They managed to escape from the burning building by breaking down the door. 7. This old house has seen wonderful days. 8. She left me a good impression the first time I met her. 9. Only when we studied the data again did we realize there was a serious mistake. 10.That party has been in power since the country won independence in 1964. V. 短语翻译 1.lose heart 2. be in trouble 3. put ?into prison 4. worry about 5. out of work 6. as a matter of fact 7. blow up 8. come to power 9. set up 10. be sentenced to 11.be willing to do sth 12. be active in ? 13. advise sb. to do sth. 14. continue to do\doing sth 15. be proud to do sth VI. 填上合适的关系代词或关系副词。 1.when 2. that/which 3.why 4. that/which 5. where 6. where 7. in which/where 8.that/which 9. that/which// 10.that/who/whom/ VII. 填上合适的介词使句子完整。 1.for 2.on 3. for 4. with 5. in 6. to 7. in 8. in 9.to 10.on


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