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2015高考英语 语法专练 第三讲 形容词和副词总复习 外研版

2015 高考英语 语法专练 第三讲 形容词和副词总复习 外研版

1.(2014·济南名校诊断性测试 )Your statement is too general.Could you be more ________ about what you’re going to do in the future? A.special B.specific C.viv

id D.complex 2.(2014·安徽马鞍山高三统考)I can’t possibly take a holiday at the moment; I’ve got ________ too much on my plate. A.quite B.far C.fairly D.pretty 3.(2014·江西两所名校考试)—Would you like to go to the cinema with me now? —I’m sorry I won’t,because it is too late now.________,I would go with you. A.Besides B.However C.Otherwise D.Therefore 4.(2014·江西南昌模拟)The little girl is walking along the beach ,happy and joyful,________ bending down to pick up a beautiful seashell. A.approximately B.regularly C.apparently D.occasionally 5.(2014·哈尔滨高三模拟)I’m ________ about what I say because careless remarks are likely to hurt others’ feelings. A.enthusiastic B.curious C.doubtful D.cautious 6.(2014·陕西宝鸡质量检测)—You don’t seem to be quite yourself today.What’s wrong? —Oh,I’m suffering from a cold.Nothing serious ________. A.yet B.indeed C.anyway D.though 7.(2014·石家庄高中毕业班教学质检)—Have you seen the film Lost on Journey? —Yeah,amazing!It’s ________ than the films I have ever seen. A.any less interesting B.much less interesting C.no more interesting D.far more interesting 8.(2014·长春调研)—Lily did succeed at last! —Yeah,indeed,but she was ________ than successful,I think. A.more lucky B.much luckier C.luckier D.lucky 9.(2014·山东潍坊高三质量检测)The man talks as if he knew the truth about the car accident.________ he knows nothing about it. A.Actually B.Really C.Obviously D.Generally 10 .(2014·湖北荆州高中毕业班质量检查 )We use passwords to keep our personal information secret and safe,but some passwords’ we use may not be as ________ as we think. A.accurate B.appropriate C.complex D.reliable 11.(2014·合肥一中一检)Linda kept weighing herself to see how much ________ she was getting. A.heavy B.heavier C.the heavier D.the heaviest 12.(2014·天津南开中学测试)Look!Over there in the middle of the square stands

a ________ pole. A.red stone fifty?foot?high B.fifty?foot?high red stone C.stone red fifty?foot?high D.fifty?foot?high stone red 13.(2014·辽宁省实验中学月考)It’s difficult to survive in a foreign country, ________when you cannot speak its language. A.extremely B.naturally C.basically D.especially 14.(2014·北京重点高中尖子生综合素质展示)Mum likes this old house in downtown better than the huge one in the country,but it costs almost ________. A.twice as much B.twice as many C.twice so much D.twice so many 15.(2014·重庆一中模拟)—How about the concert last night? —Well,at least it’s ________ the one I saw last time with Joan. A.no worse than B.no better than C.not as good as D.as bad as

第三讲 语法专练·知能闯关 1.解析:选 B。考查形容词辨析。句意:你的陈述太笼统了。你能不能更具体地谈一下 你将来的打算?special 特别的;specific 明确的,具体的;vivid 生动的;complex 复杂的。 根据句意可知,应选 B。 2.解析:选 B。考查副词辨析。句意:我不可能现在休假,我有太多的事要处理。四个 选项都 有“很,非常”的意思,但只有 far 可以修饰 too(much)。 3.解析:选 C。考查副词辨析。根据答语语意“对不起,我不能,因为现在太晚了。否 则的话,我会跟你一起去的。”可知,应选 C 项。otherwise“否则,不然”,表示一个含蓄 条件,相当于 if it were not so late。 4.解析:选 D。考查副词辨析。句意:那个小女孩高兴地沿着沙滩漫步,偶尔弯下腰捡 一个美丽的贝壳。根据句意可知,此处应用 occasionally,表示“偶尔,间或”。 5.解析:选 D。考查形容词辨析。句意:我说话很谨慎,因为草率的评论可能会伤害他 人的感情。A“热心的”;B“好奇的”;C“感到怀疑的”D“谨慎的,小心的”。根据语意 可知 D 项正确。 6.解析:选 D。考查副词辨析。句意:——你今天看起来好像不大舒服。怎么了?—— 嗯,我感冒了。但是不太严重。though 可用作副词,意为“可是,不过”,常用于句末。 7.解析:选 D。由答语中的“amazing”可知,答话人对电影持肯定的态度,故 D 项符合 句意“它比我曾看过的电影有意思得多”。far 修饰形容词的比较级,意为“非常,远远,大 大”。 8.解析:选 A。根据句意可知,此处“more+adj.原形+than”是固定结构,表示“与 其说??倒不如说??”。所以选 A 项。 9.解析:选 A。考查副词。句意:那个人谈起来好像知道这次车祸的真相。事实上,他 什么也不知道。 根据句意可知, 应选 A, actually 意为“事实上”。 really“确实地, 的确”; obviously“显而易见地”;generally“通常地”。 10.解析:选 D。考查形容词辨析。句意:我们用密码来使我们的个人信息安全保密,但 我们所用的有些密码可能并不如我们所认为的那样可靠。accurate“准确的,精确的”; appropriate“恰当的,合适的”;complex“复杂的,难以理解的”;reliable“可靠的,

可依赖的”。根据句意可知应选 D。 11.解析:选 B。考查形容词的比较级。句意:Linda 不断地称自己的体重,想看看她胖 了多少。根据句意,含有两者间的比较,much 后应接形容词的比较级,不加定冠词 the。 12.解析:选 B。考查多个形容词修饰名词时的排序。多个形容词同时修饰一个名词时, 其排列顺序通常如下:限定词+表示观点词+大小或长短+年龄或新旧+形状或样式+颜色 +产地或来源+材料或种类+用途+名词。故 B 项正确。 13.解析:选 D。考查副词。句意:在国外生存是非常困难的,尤其当你不会讲该国的语 言时。especially“尤其”符合句意,故选 D。 14.解析:选 A。本句的后半句所要表达的意思是市中心的这座老房子的价格几乎是乡村 的那所大房子的价格的两倍,故答案为 A 项,相当于“but it costs almost twice as much as the huge one in the country”。 15.解析:选 A。考查形容词的比较级。句意:——昨晚的音乐会怎么样?——嗯,至少 不比我上次和 Joan 一起看的那个差。根据句意可知 A 项正确。


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