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Unit 5 Listening, Speaking and Writing

Stress and Memory
Listening, Speaking and Writing

Listening and Speaking

Depression is a state of low mood. It is a normal reaction to certain life events.

br /> Learn some new words before listening.
1. commit v. 犯罪,承诺,委托,托付 They committed outrages on innocent citizens.

He committed suicide rather than sell out to the enemy. He didn't commit himself to anything.
The girl was committed to the care of an aunt.

commitment n. 承诺,保证 If you are serious about our relationship, you should make a commitment. His political commitment is only skin-deep.

Once you make the commitment, you need a vision to change the world.

2. reward n. 报答,赏金,报酬 vt. 奖赏,给 ... 报酬
An act of kindness deserves a reward.

By rights, half the reward should be mine.
You have received a just reward. They rewarded the winners with gifts of fruits and flowers.

rewarding adj. 有报酬的,有益的,值得的 Teaching is not very financially rewarding. Gardening is a very rewarding pastime.

It is very rewarding to keep a diary of daily happenings. She finds motherhood very rewarding.

3. power n. 力量, 能力, 权力 v. 使有力量,给 ... 提供动力 A man should rely upon his own power. Sitting out here, you really can feel the power of the sun. The powers of the police need to be clearly defined. So you need to power up your lymph system.

powerful adj. 强有力的,强大的,有权的, 强健的 This defeat was a powerful blow to the enemy. She redeemed her reputation with a powerful speech to the party convention. This athlete has a powerful frame. powerless adj. 无力的, 无权的, 无效能的

We are powerless in the face of such forces. They were powerless to resist.

4. potential adj. 潜在的,可能的
These potential effects must be studied carefully.

The most perceptive of the three, she was the first to realize the potential danger of their situation.
He hasn't realized his full potential yet. Education develops potential abilities.

5. tolerate vt. 容许,忍受,容忍

The school cannot tolerate cheating on exams. I cannot tolerate your rudeness. We definitely can not tolerate such carelessness.
tolerant adj. 宽容的,容忍的 As a man, you should be tolerant and magnanimous. He is not very tolerant of criticism.

Read the following words and guess which words will appear in the following recording. Then, listen and check your guess. 1. commitment stressed abandon active negative 2. challenge rewarding failure benefit disadvantage 3. control powerful powerless able weapon

4. opportunity danger productive potential competition 5. stressful highest normal measure


Listen again and complete the sentences.

1.Mark great ___________ commitment and be ______ active to accomplish the activity you’re __________ stressed by. challenge and a 2.View change as a _________ rewarding experience instead of seeing it __________ as a problem.

3. Take _________ control of the situation instead of feeling _________, powerless for a sense of control is the best ________ weapon again stress. opportunity which can 4. See stress as an ____________ help you reach your full _________. potential 5. Change __________ stressful situations into positive ones and you will be truly stresstolerant ________.

How to express feelings of depression? 1. Things are getting me down a bit.事情使我有 点沮丧。 2. I feel very miserable.我觉得很沮丧。 3. I’ve got a lot on my mind.我觉得心头沉重。 4. Things always go wrong.事情老是出毛病。

5. Everything’s always in a mess.什么事都一 团糟。 6. It’s just been one of those days.真是倒霉的 日子。 7. I’m so depressed.我很郁闷。 8. I feel so upset.我觉得很沮丧。 9. I’m in a bad mood today./I’m moody today. 我今天心情不好。 10. I feel kind of blue today.我今天有点郁闷。

11. I feel low today.我今天心情低落。 12. I’m so down.我心情很低落。 13. I’m a bit down in the mouth today.我今天有 点闷闷不乐的。 14. I’ve been down in the dumps recently.我最 近很郁闷。 15. I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong.我不 晓得什么地方不对劲儿。 16. Sorry,I got up on the wrong side of the bed today.抱歉,我今天心情不好。

Work in pairs to express your feelings of depression or despair based on the following chart. Using some of the sentences above.
Scale of stressful events The chart below shows how much stress is caused by different events in a student’s life. Events Amount of stress Death of a parent 100 Divorce of parents 70 Change in health of a 45 family member

Scale of stressful events The chart below shows how much stress is caused by different events in a student’s life. Outstanding personal 30 achievement Beginning or ending 26 school Change in living place 20

How to write an argumentation?
Argumentation ? Introduction: an introduction to the essay, topic sentence ? Body: Supporting sentences, evidence to support the idea( pros and cons) ? Conclusion: concluding sentence, state or restate your idea

1. Recently, we had a discussion about … 2. we carried out a survey of … 3. When it comes to the topic whether … 4.Nowadays , … play a more and more important role in our daily life. 5.What calls for special attention is that... 6.Nothing is more important than the fact that... 7.what’s far more important is that...


Supporting sentences

1. Some may hold the idea that… because / firstly.. But others have a completely opposite attitude. From their point of view,… 2. some people are against the idea of because …while some are for the idea of … 3. Firstly….( first of all), secondly… thirdly… , the last but not the least, …

4. what is more/in addition/ furthermore/ moreover, what is worse 5. on one hand…. on the other hand, on the contrary

6. compared with/In contrast to ….

…in the first place, ______(原因一). Furthermore, in the second place, _____(原因 二). So it goes without saying that _______(观 点一). …Some people hold the idea that_______ (观点 二). In their point of view, on the one hand, ______(原因一) . On the other hand, ______ (原因二). Therefore, there is no doubt that ________(观点二).


Concluding sentence

1. Taking all these factors into consideration, we may reach the conclusion

2. Therefore , it is easy to draw the

conclusion that …

3. To sum up / in a word / in conclusion /in short/ above all/ in general/ generally speaking , I still hold the view that …Therefore, we have the reason to believe that... 4. All things considered 5. It may be safely said that... 6. From my point of view, it would be better if...

? When it comes to the topic of…, the majority of people seem to get accustomed to the idea that …


? However, attitudes towards…vary from person to person. some people firmly believe that…, there are some factors contributing to this attitude as follows, in the first place,…in the second place,... On top of that,…As a matter of fact, it is not often the case. Others have a preference of…, there are several remarkable reasons. For one thing…, for another… Body ? Taking all these factors into consideration, we may reach the conclusion that… Conclusion

Read Paragraphs 7-10 of the text, find out the topic sentence of each paragraph and write it down. Then discuss with your partner whether any words in these sentences have helped you a lot. Para. 7: First, we need to learn how to relax and breathe slowly and smoothly. Para. 8: We can also take some time out or our worried, busy schedule to notice the small things in life.

Para. 9:

We also need to take care of our bodies.

Para. 10: Finally, we need to find what is causing the stress in our life.

Discuss how you can handle stress in your daily life, and note down the key words.

1.Identify your stress triggers. 2.Write down your stress. 3.Ask for help. 4.Just say no. 5.Practice yoga. 6.Go on vacation. 7.Get a massage. 8.Purge your life.

Complete the following chart with your ideas. Then write a fluent article. Making Use of Stress
Topic sentence Supporting ideas It is possible to make the definition of stress Para. 1 use of stress in our daily listing some of the life. advantages of stress We actually have a lot of 1. __________ Para. 2 ways to reduce or remove 2. __________ stress. 3. __________ We can enjoy our lives 1. __________ Para. 3 better by making use of 2. __________ stress.

When we feel stress in our daily life, it shows that we find something which needs to be finished and improved urgently. Therefore, if you treat stress correctly, it can help you a lot in both your life and work. First, when feeling stress, take a deep breath and think carefully what are the carefully what are the causes and what can be done to do away with it. After you have come up with a solution

and removed the stress from your life, it means that you have made some progress on what you are doing at that moment. Secondly, change the stress into stimulus which can compel you to try your best in your present work. Without stress, human society can never move ahead and so do you. Finally, smile to your life. Everyone may come across stress in his life. What makes one’s life superior than others’ is his ability to face the stress bravely rather than avoid it.

Consequently, the very thing you can do is to smile. No matter how serious the stress is, it will melt away in front of a bright smile. In conclusion, as long as you can hold on your belief, any stress will be defeated by you. And it can add more color and flavor to life itself as well.

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