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编稿:和桥高级中学备课组 审稿:张健 陈福仙 Advertising
一、 语篇复习 1、 根据 Reading 课文回答问题,并将问题的答案连成一篇课文简述短文 a. What is an advertisement ? b. How many main types of advertisements are there?

c. Does an advertisement tell people the complete truth? d. Does all ads play tricks on us? e. What should we do when it comes to advertisements? 2.根据 project 课文改写填空 An ad campaign is a planned program of advertisements using various kinds of ads to reach a particular audience. In an ad campaign, you have the chance to advertise using different kinds of m____________ including p____________, newspapers, magazines, radio and televisions, etc. When s______________ a successful campaign, you must have a clear goal and t_________ audience in mind and consider the following things. Firstly , it is very important to d____________ the audience you want to reach, or your target audience so that you can c_____________ the right message for the right people. Secondly, it is important to decide what you want your audience to know or think about and try to a__________ to the way the audience will r___________. Lastly , to determine what a____________ you want to get your message a_______________ when putting together an ad campaign is also of great importance. This decision should d____________ mainly on your target audience and which kinds of ads reach that group best. 二、 重点词汇复习 1.persuade vt. 说服,劝服,使相信 persuade sb.to do sth.=persuade sb.into doing sth.说服某人做某事 persuade sb.not to do sth.=persuade sb.out of doing sth.说服某人不做某事 persuade sb.of sth.说服某人信服某事 persuade sb.+thatclause 使某人相信…… He persuaded me to study hard.=He________ me________ studying hard. 他说服我努力学习。 易混辨析 persuade 与 advise persuade sb.to do sth.表示成功地说服某人去做某事; 其中 try to persuade sb.to do sth.表示试图 说服某人做某事,含有没有成功的意思。 advise sb.to do sth.表示建议某人做某事,对方是否采纳则不一定。 ① Jack finally persuaded his father to give up smoking. 杰克终于说服他父亲戒了烟。 ② We________ ________ _________her to go out with us,but she refused. 我们试图说服她和我们一起出去,但被她拒绝了。 ③ I advised them to start early so that they could arrive there before dark. 我建议他们早一点动身,以便能天黑前赶到那儿。

反馈(1).The boy was ______ to follow his friends' idea and was pleased to see it worked better than expected. A.advised B.allowed C.forbidden D.persuaded 反馈(2) I ______ her to kick the habit of smoking,but she wouldn't listen. A.tried to persuade B.persuaded C.suggested D.expected 反馈(3)I ______ him not to smoke,but he didn't follow my advice. A.persuaded B.suggested C.advised D.hoped 2. cure vt.治愈;解决;矫正 n.[c]药物;疗法;对策 cure sb of+疾病名称 治愈某人的疾病 cure sb of +不良的行为 矫正某人的不良行为 a cure for sth. 治疗…….的方法 The fresh air and exercise _______ him _______ his sleeplessness. 新鲜空气和锻炼治好了他的失眠。 The parents tried to _______ the child ______ his bad habits. 父母尽力纠正这个孩子的不良习惯。 Friendship is _______ _______ _________ any injury in life. 友谊是一剂良药,能治疗生活中的种种伤痛。 cure 和 treat 的辨析 cure 强调结果,意为“治疗,治愈”常与 of 连用 treat 表示治疗过程,不表示结果 选择以上单词填空 The doctor ________ her headache with an expensive medicine, but did not ______ her of the disease. 3.comment n.评论,评价 vi&vt 评论,议论 make a comment/comments on/upon/about sth 对……作出评论 No comment!无可奉告 comment on/upon 评论,注释 comment that 从句 ------What do you think of the novel written by the well-known writher? ------Sorry, no_________! A. wonder B. doubt c. comment D. way 4. benefit vt.有利于,使……受益 n. 利益,福利,好处 benefit sb./sth.使某人/某物获益 benefit from... 从……中获益 for the benefit of... 为了……的利益 be of benefit to sb. 对某人有益 beneficial adj. 有益的,有利的 be beneficial to(=be of benefit to)对……有益 ① Do you really_______ ______ playing computer games every day? 你真的能从每天玩电脑游戏中获益吗?

② This project _______



______to everyone.

这项工程对每个人都大有好处。 易混辨析 benefit,interest,profit 与 advantage benefit 为普通用词, 指通过正当手段从物质或精神方面得到的任何好处或利益。 它的复数形 式 benefits 表示“救济金”; interest 作“利益”讲时, 多用复数形式, 既可指集团、 群体的利益, 又可指个人的利益。 interest 作不可数名词时,意为“利息”; profit 着重收益,尤指从物质、钱财等方面获得的利益; advantage 指因某方面占优势或利用某机会以及对方弱点而获得利益与好处。 ① The interests of the individual must be subordinated to the interests of the collective. 个人利益必须服从集体利益。 ② All his wealth did not profit him. 他所有的财富并没有使他受益。 The new Law of Labour will ______ more people and especially the workers will______ it. A.benefit;benefit from B.benefit;benefit C.benefit from;benefit from D.benefit from;benefit 从 benefit 和 advantage 中选词填空。 ① The new medical care system will bring lasting______ to the people. ② Mary speaks good English,so she has a(n)______ over others. 反馈 3.4 根据汉语提示完成句子。 (1)I came here to argue with them______ ______ ______ ______(为了)you. (2)Sunshine______ ______ ______(对……有益)plants. 5. determine vt.& vi. 决定;确定; (使)下定决心 determine to do sth.决定做某事(表示动作,非延续性动词短语) be determined to do sth.决心做某事(表示状态,可与表示时间段的状语连用) determined adj.坚决的,有决心的 a determined man 一个意志坚定的人 a determined look 坚决的表情 determination n.决心 a man of determination 有决断力的人 表示“决定干某事”的短语还有:decide to do sth.;make up one's mind to do sth.等。 The boy, ______ to make a living on his own, left his hometown, and ______ aboard, ______ to make a big fortune. A.determining;went;hoped B.determined;going;hoping C.determining;went;hoping D.determined;went;hoping A ______ and strongwilled man is what it takes to achieve the task. A.determining B.determined C.deciding D.decided She was full of ______ to achieve her goals. A.idea B.determination

C.patience D.responsibility _______ to train his daughter in English, he put an ad like this in the paper,“________ , an English teacher for a ten-year-old girl .” A. Determined ; Wanted B. Determined; Wanting C. Determined; Wanted D. Determined; Wanting 6.promote vt.宣传,推销(产品) ;提升;支持;促进 be promoted to 被提升为…… promote a product/service 推销产品、服务 promote economic growth/understanding 促进经济增长、了解 promote sb from sth to sth 把某人提升到,晋升到 promotion n.宣传,提拔,促销活动 promotion of friendship 友谊的增进 gain promotion 得到提升 7. .appeal vi.恳求,呼吁;有吸引力;上诉 n.呼吁;恳求 appeal to sb.for sth./to do sth.呼吁/ 要求/恳求某人做某事 appeal to sb.=attract sb.吸引/引起某人的兴趣 appeal against 为……上诉;诉诸 appeal to the law 诉诸法律 appeal to the higher court 向高级法院提出上诉 appeal n. 呼吁;恳求 make/launch an appeal to sb. 向某人发出紧急呼吁 appealing adj. 动人心弦的,有魅力的,有感染力的 Our English teacher's sense of humor________ _______ every student in our class. 我们英语老师的幽默感吸引了班里的每一位学生。 He ________ ______the judge's decision. 他不服法官判决而上诉。 The teacher listened to his appeal.老师倾听了他的要求。 She _________ ______us _______ ______ with her.她恳求我们和她同行。 The idea of working abroad,together with your proposals,never ______to me. A.attracts B.attract C.appeal D.appeals The Republican candidate ______ to the young people to vote for him and make a difference to the country. A.called B.requested C.asked D.appealed —How did you like Nick's performance last night? —To be honest,his singing didn't ______to me much. A.appeal B.belong C.refer D.occur 三、重点词组复习 1.be meant to do sth 旨在,目的是;应该做某事 mean to do sth.打算做某事

mean doing sth.意味着…… sth be meant for…打算将某物给予……,某物意欲给…… had meant to do sth.本打算做某事(实际未做) mean sb to do sth 打算让某人做某事 These rooms_______ _________ _______ the children’s centre. 这些房间是打算用作儿童活动中心的。 I ________ __________ _________ help you, but I was too busy at that moment. 我本想去帮你的,但当时我确实太忙了。 2.deal with 涉及,关于;处理,应付;与……打交道;论述 deal with 和 do with 辨析 deal with 常与 how 连用 do with 常与 what 连用 In many people’s opinion, that company, though relatively small, is pleasant__________ . A. to deal with B. dealing with C. to be dealt with D. dealt with 3.figure out 计算出;弄明白 make out 理解;辨别出;声称 hold out 坚持,维持;伸出,拿出 turn out 结果是;生产 work out 解决;算出;锻炼;制定计划;进展 ----Have you __________ how much the trip will cost? ----I’m working on it; just have a little patience. A. added to B. counted on C. added up to D. figured out 4.get sth across 传达,使…….被理解/领会 用法拓展含有 get 的短语 get ahead of... 领先 get along 进展,过活,相处 get away 逃掉 get away from... 避免,摆脱,离开 get behind 落后 get down 记下来 get down to doing 认真做 get in 收割庄稼;进来 get off 起飞,下车 get on... 上车/船/飞机等;继续进行;相处 get over... 克服,摆脱 get rid of... 消灭,摆脱,除掉 get around 传播;流传 get round... 绕过,回避 get somewhere(口语)有结果/成就 get through...做完,结束;看完,用完 get up 起床,站起 ① He got away just before the enemy came.他在敌人来之前逃掉了。 ② I'll get back at 10 o'clock.我 10 点钟回来。 ③ Get it back for me and quickly!把它给我取回来,要快! ④ We have not been able to get hold of him.我们一直没能抓住他。 ⑤ They were busy getting in the crops.他们正忙着收割庄稼。 ⑥ Streets were widened so that fire engines could get in.

街道被加宽以便消防车能进来。 ⑦ How did he get himself into such an awkward situation? 他怎么会陷入这种窘迫的境地? 反馈 10.1The final examination is coming up soon.It's time for us to ______ our studies. A.get down to B.get out C.get back for D.get over 反馈 10.2 (2012?安徽安师大附中摸底) The volcano erupted violently, yet the village at the foot of it should ______. A.come through B.go through C.get through D.pass through 反馈 10.3 —How are you managing to do your work without an assistant? —Well,I ______ somehow. A.get along B.come on C.watch out D.set off 反馈 10.4 If we can ______ our present difficulties,then everything should be all right. A.come across B.get over C.come over D.get off 反馈 10.5 In China,nobody is to ______ with killing someone. A.get across B.get through C.get away D.get over 5.be used to doing sth 习惯于做某事 used to do sth 过去常常做某事 be used to do sth 被用来做某事 be used for doing sth 被用来做某事 be used as 被用作…… Dad ________ a lot of alcohol, but now he has given that up and________ soft drinks. A. used to drink; used to drinking B. was used to drinking; used to drink C. used to drink; is used to drinking D. was used to drink; is used to drink 表示“习惯,适应”的还有 Be/become/get accustomed to doing sth. Adapt sb/sth to Adapt oneself to Adjust to doing sth 6.be aware of 觉察到,意识到,明白 be aware that …意识到 be well aware of 熟知……. make sb aware of 使某人意识到 awareness n.意识 raise /increase one’s awareness of environmental protection 提高某人的环保意识 an increasing awareness of environmental protection 日益增长的环保意识

四、 重点句型复习 1. What’s your opinion of advertising in public places?你对公共场所刊登广告有什么看法? How do you like…? How do you find…? What do you think of…? What’s …like? ---How do you find your new pen? ---_____________. A. Quite by accident B. I found it in my drawer C. It writes well D. It was kept by my mother 2.There are even PSAs to teach us how to live healthy lives.甚至还有一些公益广告教我们如何 健康的生活。 “ 疑 问 词 + 不 定 式 ” 的 用 法 ; 疑 问 词 包 括 疑 问 代 词 ( who,what,which ) 和 疑 问 副 词 (when,where,how)此结构可作主语,宾语,表语等。 Where to hold the meeting has not been decided.还没决定在哪里举行会议。 “疑问词+不定式”结构可转换为从句 The boy is too young to know what to do in trouble. =The boy is too young to know what he should do in trouble.孩子太小,不知道在困境中该做些 什么。 3.According to the publisher, readers do seem to be interested in this new novel.根据出版商的说 法,读者的确是对这本新小说很感兴趣。 do “的确,确实”,用在谓语动词之前,起强调作用。 He did go abroad, which was unexpected.他的确出国了,这让大家感到很意外。 Do tell me what’s happening。务必告诉我现在发生的事情。Abd fubakk If you have a job,_______ yourself to it and finally you will succeed. A.do devote B. don’t devote C. devoting D. not devoting 4.Not all ads play tricks on us though.但并非所有的广告都跟我们玩花招。 与 not 连用, 表示部分否定的词还有 both,each,always,altogether,entirely,everything,everywhere 等 Though 此处是副词,放在句末,意为“然而” Money is not everything._____________________. Both of them are not here.______________________.

五、巩固练习 (一) 、单词拼写 1. This dictionary is just the one he r_________________ to me the other day and I think it is quite good for a middle school student. 2. He is d______________ to leave and nobody can change his decision. 3. Our teacher has been p_______________ to headmaster. 4. One or two glasses of wine a day can be very b_______________ to us. 5. She oiled her words in order to sound _________________(有说服力的). 6. I’m not in a position to _________________(评论) on the matter. 7. The government is a_________________ to everyone to save water (二) 、根据汉语完成句子 1. 过了几分钟我才意识到正在发生着什么。 It was several minutes __________ I _________ _____________ __________ what was happening. 2. 一位好教师会想尽各种办法让学生听懂他的意思。 A good teacher will try lots of different ways to ________ his meanings ___________ ________ the students. 3. 高质量的产品能够大大地吸引顾客。 Goods ________ ________ ________ can ________ ________ customers largely. 4. 公益广告目的在于教我们,帮我们过上更好的生活。 PSAs ________ ______________ ________ teach us and help us __________ ________ ________. 5. 我过去常常骑车上班,但现在我习惯开车去。 I ________ ________ cycle to work, but now I ________ ________ ________ driving there. 6.并非所有的人都在这儿。 _________ __________ students are here. (三) 、句型转换 1. I advised him to stop smoking, but failed. I __________ ___________ _______________ him to stop smoking, but failed. 2. You will find taking a walk everyday very beneficial to improving your health. You will find taking a walk everyday _____ ______ ________ to improving your health. 3. The book about the growing pains is popular among teenagers. The book ____________ ____________ the growing pains ___________ _________ teenagers. 4. We strongly recommend they take effective measures to prevent people from being taken in by those tricks. We strongly recommend ________ ________ ________ effective measures to prevent people from ____________ ________ those tricks. 5.I hardly know what I should say before you. I hardly know________ ________ _________ before you.

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