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Lambda Meter LA4
SMB Device for Measuring Lambda, A/F Ratio and O2

Functions at a Glance
? ? ? ? ? ? ? Wide measuring range of lambda, A /F ratio, and oxygen content Fast

measuring response due to the sensor‘s short warm-up time Fast reaction of the measuring system to exhaust gas modifications Analog output of the physical value (parameter setting) Supported by the INCA measurement and calibration system Download of characteristic curves for specific fuels Analytic approach - Use of different fuels (H/C, O/C ratio) - Adaption to air pressure, air temperature, and air humidity - Compensation for sensor dispersion or aging ? Suitable for use with BOSCH LSU 4.2, 4.7, and 4.9 ? Additional display available

The Lambda Meter LA4 is ETAS’s high-precision measuring device for emission levels. It allows cost-effective exhaust gas measurements on gasoline, diesel, and natural gas engines – each optimized by using fuel-specific characteristic curves. In addition to simple measurements of lambda values in the vehicle, long-term measurements to check the sensor accuracy can be conducted. The Lambda Meter is optimized for use with the Bosch broadband lambda sensor LSU. The LSU sensor is installed as an additional measuring sensor in the exhaust system. This allows the user to determine lambda values, oxygen content, and air/fuel ratio, as well as internal resistance, pump current, and heater voltage of the lambda sensor. In addition to the LSU sensors 4.2 and 4.7, the LA4 also supports the model range 4.9. The different sensors can be easily calibrated by using switchable internal resistances. LSU sensors with manufacturer-specific connectors are easy to integrate. The measured value (λ, O2 or A /F) can be continuously displayed on the LCD. A membrane keyboard allows quick and easy switching between the measured variables. Independently

from the display, measured values can be transmitted to other devices via an analog output (configurable by parameters). Its small size, robust design, and high-quality workmanship make the LA4 ideal for installation in the vehicle. An additional display can be installed separately to facilitate the handling of specific installation requirements at the test bench or in the vehicle. After power-on, the device conducts a self-test using internal references. An optimized heater control ensures that the sensor quickly reaches its operating temperature while preventing overheating damages, even at highly fluctuating exhaust gas temperatures and different supply voltages.

Analytical Approach
In addition to the static calculation method based on characteristic curves, the Lambda Meter can also be adapted flexibly by direct input to changing fuel or environmental conditions.

Planar Broadband Lambda Sensor LSU
The LSU broadband lambda sensor is a planar two-cell limit current sensor. The modular design in conjunction with planar technology allows the integration of several functions. The two major components of the LSU sensor are a Nernst concentration cell (sensor cell) and a pump cell transporting oxygen ions. Both of these sensors are tuned individually, and their measuring accuracy, even at the stoichiometric point (λ = 1) is achieved by using the compensation measuring technique.

solutions for the capture and analysis of lambda values, you will find other modules for measuring analog voltages, temperatures and barometric pressure changes in our product range. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us. You can find our contact details on the right-hand side of this page. Our specialists will be delighted to give you further information.

With the Lambda Meter LA4 and its less expensive alternative, the AWS2 Signal Conditioning Unit, ETAS offers a range of exhaust gas meters for various requirements. In addition to Technical Data
Item Housing Power supply λ-sensor heating Characteristics Dimensions Weight Input voltage Current consumption Input voltage Max. current consumption Heating Supported sensor types Sensor cable Pumped reference (LSU 4.9) Lambda O2 Air/Fuel ratio Internal resistance of λ-sensor Transient time measuring system Analog output

Contact addresses:
120 x 155 x 60 mm WDH; 4.7“ x 6.1“ x 2.4“ WDH 1125 g; 39.7 ounces 6 to 30 V DC, reverse-voltage protected (cascading possible) 400 mA at 12 V 6 to 30 V DC, reverse-voltage protected 5A Integrated heating control via digital PID controller 80 ?, 100 ?, 200 ?, and 250 ? Universal code 1 plug, K113 (other types available on request) 0 to 100 ?A 0.7 to 32.767 0 to 24.41 % 10.29 to 327.67 0.0 to 1000.0 ? 2 ms transient time 0 V to 8.2 V (parameter setting) Short-circuit proof and extraneous-voltage protected up to 40 V Output resistance 2 k? V24 (RS232), 38400 Baud, cascadable with other devices 8-digit backlit LC display with contrast control to configure defaults 119 x 48 x 62 mm WDH; 4.7“ x 1.9“ x 2.4“ WDH 230 g; 8.1 ounces -40 to +80 °C (display -25 to +75 °C)

ETAS GmbH Borsigstra?e 14 70469 Stuttgart, Germany Phone +49 (711) 8 96 61-102

+49 (711) 8 96 61-106

Sensor connection

sales@etas.de www.etas.de ETAS Inc. 3021 Miller Road Ann Arbor, MI 48103, USA Phone +1 (888) ETAS INC

Inputs Measuring ranges

λ-sensor LSU; Measuring accuracy ±1.5 % (depending on sensor)

+1 (734) 997-9449


sales@etasinc.com www.etasinc.com ETAS K.K. 9-1, Ushikubo 3-chome Tsuzuki-ku Yokohama 224-0012, Japan Phone +81 (45) 912-9550

Serial interface User interface External display (optional) Ambient conditions Display Membrane keyboard Dimensions Weight Temperature range

+81 (45) 912-9552

Ordering Information
Order Name Scope of Delivery Lambda Meter LA4 Lambda sensor LSU 4.2, SR4 Universal sensor cable for LSU 4.x, length 3 m Optional Accessories External display for LA3/LA4 Sensor cable for LSU 4.x, RB130 plug, length 3 m Universal sensor cable for LSU 4.2, length 5 m LA3_DIS K114 CBL110-5 F 00K 000 641 F 00K 001 607 F 00K 102 848 LA4 LSUS_4.2, SR4 K113 F 00K 001 855 0 258 007 151 F 00K 001 606 Short Name Order Number

sales@etas.co.jp www.etas.co.jp ETAS S.A.S. 1, place des Etats-Unis SILIC 307 94588 Rungis Cedex, France Phone +33 (1) 56 70 00 50

+33 (1) 56 70 00 51

sales@etas.fr www.etas.fr

Sensor cables with RB150 plug for latest versions of LSU 4.9 are in preparation.

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